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I'm going to spend a week in a timeshare at Williamsburg Va and need ideas for how a single retired woman might spend time sightseeing anyplace that would let me return to Williamsburg to sleep each evening. I will have my own car and am not afraid of anything (except driving late at night since I don't see that well at night and it makes me tense - and should make all other drivers VERY afraid!!)

My time share people called me with a deal to rent a week very cheap anyplace in their system (going to Vegas in November) and gave me a free week at a limited set of destinations (that's why I'm going to Williamsburg). I know nothing about interesting things to see or do in the area, other than DC, which I visit regularly.

I'm going to be alone the whole week, and usually go to urban areas with lots of tours and people watching/dining/shopping opportunities; like New Orleans, New York City, DC, SanFrancisco, all visited in past 2 years. This is not my usual kind of place and I'm starting to worry I might regret the destination.

I think the historic Williamsburg stuff might hold my attention for about a day or two (and then only if I can find some kind of tour that will take me as a single addition to a group or in a group of singles. All I have found so far is tours for incoming formed groups who book in advance (like church groups or school groups). I know Richmond is close but know NOTHING about that town. I am going to drive to Chincoteague Island one day because I lived there briefly at age 6.

Any other ideas for someone who really likes adding to her memory banks?
Are you interested in history?

You could visit Jamestown and Yorktown...with Williamsburg these 3 towns make up the "Historic Triangle."

Jefferson's home, Monticello, is right outside Charlottesville.

In Richmond (besides the yummy BBQ), you'll find St. John's Church where Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death." You will also find in Richmond the Virginia Historical Society, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

There is a spa in Colonial Williamsburg if the history wears you out.

There are also a lot of plantations and other museums and historic houses to visit throughout the area.

There are several golf courses.

Try this website for more info:

Have fun! It's such a beautiful area.
thanks for the suggestions, and keep them coming please. I'm also interested in day trips which would allow me to return to W-burg to sleep each night.
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