The aftermath of Hurricane Ike
September 24, 2008 by starlagurl

Texas residents are heading back home, nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc in the coastal areas of the state. A few TravelPod bloggers in the area found themselves face to face with the devastation.

Brilliant photographer Rnriggins went back home to Houston, to find his streets littered with the detritus of trees and some of his neighbours’ houses collapsed. His own car suffered substantial damage, and his garage door was blocked by debris.
"Garage behind my house"

IPB Image

You can find more of his photos in his latest entry: Houston

On her way to New Orleans, through Texas, Roadtripper Sackitoff observed an actual house, blown away by the high speed winds and plopped onto the highway.
Sackitoff eating a beignet in New Orleans

As we were leaving San Antonio, road signs still said “avoid Houston” and “limited fuel in and around Houston” but we did our research and figured we could make it through Houston and on to New Orleans. Once we got into eastern Texas, we could see the signs of the Hurricane everywhere, wrecked billboards and roofs that had been peeled back. But overall (since we were north of the hardest hit areas) we didn’t see anything too serious until we reached a sign that said “caution: house on road”. Then we looked over on the side road, which parallels the freeway, and saw just that–an entire house that the storm flooding had picked up and dropped on the middle of the road!

- Nawlins (New Orleans, in case that wasn’t clear) from New Orleans, Louisiana

Here’s an interesting blog to keep tabs on in the future. Cogliostro is an Alaskan paramedic, assigned to an internship in Texas. He arrives in Houston, just after the hurricane had passed through. He finds the city in a complete mess, but the people are hopeful.

I’m currently sitting in the parking lot of a TireMax store snagging their internet connection since the one in my hotel, along with the phones, is non-functional. Hurricane Ike has really messed things up for the people here, though that doesn’t seem to dampen their spirits … Bit by bit the power is coming back on in the city. The wind damaged a lot of property and there are a lot of signs that were blown down. Glass, debris and billboard cloth litters the streets of The Woodlands, where my hotel is located.

- Disaster in Houston from Houston, Texas