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Full Version: Typhoon Hagupit passes over bloggers
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Typhoon Hagupit is nearing Hong Kong today. Its route took it over some well-traveled areas of Southeast Asia, and some of our bloggers found themselves in the middle of some wet weather.

Bloggers Staffyandlyddy watched the sunset on the beach as ominous black clouds rolled in at dusk in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. They later found themselves in a mess of rain, thanks to the typhoon approaching the South China Sea.
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Just as we got to the beach, black clouds and gale force winds rolled in and it started to rain. It rained on the bus back to KK, still raining when we were going for dinner that night, still raining after dinner and still raining the next morning when we got up.

- Kota Kinbalu, Borneo, Malaysia from Sabah, Malaysia

Flying through typhoon weather can be quite nerver wracking, as Emilykamal found out during their recent stay in Hong Kong. Kamal writes that Emily feared for her life, sleeping on the 42nd floor in their friendís apartment.
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It seems that typhoons are quite serious and no one goes to work. So the streets of Hong Kong were deserted and the lovely Dom and Octavia Orchard were at home to greet us in their 42nd floor apartment. A great place to view the city and experience the high winds as they picked up over night. Everyone else slept through it and it was only Emily who thought her time on this earth was upÖ

- Typhoons, tunnels and scooters from Hanoi, Vietnam

Scot, of Scotsblog also writes a gracious thank you from Taiwan, to everyone who wrote him, expressing their concern for his well being during an earthquake warning and typhoon season. He describes the scene in detail in his blog:

Another typhoon has descended upon our island this weekend. This one has not been severe by any means (a category 2) and there has been very little wind. This typhoon has dropped a consistent amount of rain on our island for the past three days. It does stop raining occasionally for 10-30 minutes, but it has been kind of tiring being stuck indoors for such a long time.

- Safe and Sound from Taichung, Taiwan

On the other hand, Morpheous shows no fear as he shows excitement in anticipation of the massive waves that will be inevitably created by the inclement weather.

Iím sitting in a PC bong and am exhausted after two days of surfing. The waves have gotten bigger over the last two days. Not so big that a noob like me might not be able to ride but big enough to have power. Tomorrow will be even bigger. The typhoon we have been waiting for hit Jeju Island today and should be here tomorrow.

- Surfing in Busan from Seoul/Busan, Korea Rep.
not very serious,if somebody want travel to china,they can choose some routes in the north of china,such as BeiJing ,and Xi'an,there have no typhoon
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