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Full Version: Weather in Uyuni, SLR camera and traintrack
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Hello fellow travellers

Can you please advise me on 3 questions?

1. Any idea about the weather-spesifically how cold it can get on the salt lakes in Uyuni during December

2. Whats your opinion about taking a SLR camera with us on travelling, regarding saftey, practicality and danger of getting wet or damaged??

3. Anyone knows if the traintrack between Oruro-Uyuni has been fixed??

Thank you!
Wikitravel says that you should bring warm clothing no matter what time of year, because of the differences in altitude:

Here's a little graph of the average temperatures in Uyuni from Lonely Planet too:

I think that will help.

As for the SLR, unless you are a professional photographer, or plan on framing your photos, I'd advise you to leave it at home. You'll take more photos with a pocket-size camera and technology these days means your photos turn out pretty great anyway.

Here's the website for the trains in Bolivia (I think) ...looks like the site's incomplete though...

I can't read it, but if you can, it should help you with the train situation.
I think Louise has answered your questions.

Here is some additional information. According to the timetable (undated), it seems trains are running from Oruro to Uyuni and on the the Chilean border. There are phones if you would like to call them. How's your Spanish or Aymara?

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Try Kantuta Tours, I've done the Salar trip 6 times and through trial and error found them to be the best. That said, keep your expectations low. Food is basic, accommodation is basic and flat tyres are very normal. Email them but don't expect a reply. When you get to Uyuni, just go to their office and you can usually arrange for a trip leaving the next day.

There is only one way to get from La Paz to Uyuni. Take a bus from La Paz to Oruro and then take a train from Oruro to Uyuni.

You will have to leave La Paz at 8am LATEST. You will get to Oruro at about lunch time and the train leaves at 2pm if I remember correctly. If you miss the train, here isn't one until the same time the next day. You arrive in Uyuni at about 11pm so make sure you have your hotel booked. The best hotel in Uyuni is the Tonito Hotel, run by Chris and Suzi, amazing couple and seriously, the best pizza in he Southern Hemisphere, if not the world.

Enjoy the trip, it's amazing!

Access this web site for absolutely stunning photos of the salt flats.
Thank you both very much!!!Only 10 weeks to go before our amazing trip starts and still so much to do!Keep you posted

You are welcome. Yep, I'd love to know how the trip and your preparations work out.

(I'm subscribing to your blog as we speak)
Hey Globetrotter, it's our pleasure to help in any way we can. In exchange we ask that you create a travel bog of your trip so that everyone in the world can share your experiences. Deal or no deal?
Hey guys, yep I will 100% get myself into gear and get on with the travelblog as soon as possible!!!!Would love to update everyone on the fantastic trip that lies ahead. This is literally occupaying so much of my mind these days, as my friends and I are reading up loads, starting to buy our stuff and looking at different companies and guides in various places. Most of the trip is finalised now, so keep a lookout for the blog, as I will get right on to it. Going back to South Africa (i am living in London) for 2 weeks, and after that the things will start to happen as we will only have 6 weeks left then!Keep you posted!
Cool, that's awesome how excited you are!
Hi guys, just to let you know I have changed my profile-I am no longer under GLOEBETROTTER, but instead under louisehonck. We are 4 days into our 8 weeks South America look at my blog to see what we do....x
Thanks Louise, first I would like to compliment your parents on their choice of name.

Second, I just subscribed to your blog, so don't forget to send out notifications!
Goodness, however are we going to deal with two Louises. At least you live an Atlantic apart!
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