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Full Version: Current protests and tourism
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Some of you may be getting news of the protests in Thailand.

Please don't be too concerned. Firstly you need to realise that many foreign journalists in Thailand spend most of their time sitting in bars or less reputable places and they really haven't got a clue about Thailand and nor do they care. There job is to sell papers.

There are some protests in Thailand at the moment. It is organised by a group called the PAD and they want the current government to resign.

This is simply democracy in action in Thailand. It may not be the same as your country and it may not be perfect - but that is OK. I haven't seen too many other perfect democracies around the world either.

Basically the majority of you won't be affected by it or even see any evidence of any of this. So just go on with your holiday plans.

There will be some affected. For a short time the airports at Krabi and Hat Yai were closed due to protests. They are open now. The airport at Phuket was and is still closed, although this probably won't continue too much longer.

The trains are also striking at the moment (not running) but again this isn't likely to go on for too long. In the mean time you can get a bus.

So, don't freak out. The situation is not dangerous and really won't impact on you as a tourist much.

See ya
I really wouldn't present this as Thai democracy in action. The PAD's call to have government "appointed" doesn't seem too democratic.

Passing by these protesters, relatively often, I will say that these aren't of the same ilk as those of a couple years ago. Previously the PAD hadn't hired goons, didn't ask for violence (literally), nor were they destructive. This is truly a nastier looking bunch.

Although I wouldn't suggest canceling any travel plans at this time, I wouldn't write this off too casually. Although most people shouldn't be in any danger, the measures taken to combat the PAD's antics just might become more than a minor inconvenience.

Hi guys, I just heard about the state of emergency, how will that affect the TravelPod meetup in Bangkok? Do you think the restrictions on public gatherings will be lifted by October? Do they even apply to such things as dinner parties?
Ha ha - it doesn't relate to dinner parties.

In the same day the PM said it would only be a few days and then later he said it might last over a month.

But either way, basically no effect on you, the meet up or dinner.

OK, good to know!

I know the Couchsurfers have stopped meeting up for the time being, I've been watching their discussion, that's why I'm asking.
Surely they are not using this as an excuse to stop meeting?

Here is some related news:

( - The Foreign Ministry explained to foreign diplomats the reason the Thai government issued the emergency decree on Tuesday, according to Director of the Department of Information and Foreign Ministry Spokesman Tharit Charungvat.

He said 27 ambassadors and 78 diplomats attended the meeting to listen to the clash between the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) and the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD). He said they were interested in the timeframe of the state of emergency and the prohibition of gatherings of more than five people.

Mr Tharit said the ministry explained to the diplomats that gatherings that are unrelated to politics can be held, and ambassadors to Thailand can travel to different places in the country as usual.

He said the decree will be lifted if the situation does not exacerbate. The officials will not use force or resort to violence to handle the situation, but they will abide by the law and look towards the parliament to solve the problem, Mr Tharit added.
I hope it's not an excuse for couchsurfers not to meet! They might be taking too many precautions by the sound of it. Thanks for the reassurances guys, and obviously, if any of you are in Bangkok, on or around Oct. 4 let me know and come out to the meetup!
Thanks all of you to understand the real situation is not affected to the tourist. I hope it would be cleared to normal soonest in order to less Thai citizen 's stress and back to the Land of smile .

It 's not affect your party.
Glad to hear it, I hope you can come, Nantawan.
Good good good, things are looking up.

Frank, did I invite you to the meetup in Bangkok yet?
Oh you don't know!? If you are around Bangkok on Oct. 4, I'm getting a few bloggers together at Tom Yum Gung restaurant:

See blogpost:

QUOTE(frank_bkk @ Sep 10 2008, 04:02 AM) *

Great, i'll see if i can be there. Will let you know!

Cool, I'll send you a message to remind you closer to the day.
Oh and I saw yesterday on the news that the "political situation took a turn for the worst" in Thailand because someone was on a cooking show??? Is that correct?
This post on Brave New Traveler helped me understand the situation a little better:
QUOTE(starlagurl @ Sep 10 2008, 07:41 AM) *

Oh and I saw yesterday on the news that the "political situation took a turn for the worst" in Thailand because someone was on a cooking show??? Is that correct?

The PM now has to step down because he had a day job. He didn't quit his TV (cooking) show quick enough. wacko.gif

The problem isn't solved though. The party in power will be responsible for picking a replacement. The odds of them picking someone acceptable to the PAD are nil. Besides, the PAD desires a complete purging.
Tomorrow is the bad day again they will voted by their parties to become a PM again then the crisis cannot solve.

The news tomorrow will report Thailand back to the crisis Samak never died.5555

Don't worry and afraid to come to Thailand it 's not the bad and dangerrous like the report. I'm sure that because I have a normal life get up , go to work , back home and sleep then the next day will see repeat news again and again till now is 3 months.

Hehehe, I'm not afraid, and I hope no one else is!

Nantawan and Curt, are you guys able to come to the meetup in Bangkok on Oct. 4?
Sure, You will see me at TomYamkoong, if I 'm free. Wish to see you all.
today the meeting to vote new PM is failed and cancelled.
The parliament members is not come enoung to vote it wil be held again on next Wednday.

Perhaps Thailand will have the new set cabinet minister. Yehhhh! the sun rise again.
QUOTE(lunthom @ Sep 11 2008, 09:33 PM) *

Sure, You will see me at TomYamkoong, if I 'm free. Wish to see you all.

Cool, hurray!

QUOTE(frank_bkk @ Sep 12 2008, 04:38 AM) *

Can i come too on the 4th October?

Of course you can, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys!

I'll send out an email closer to the date to remind you.
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