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I'm visiting Los Angeles at the moment, and I planned a road trip along california, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon... starting this friday 29th. I'm renting the car for a week and hoping to find someone to split the costs (car, gas and hotels). I have a compact car, so I think I can take two more persons.
In order to find the right person: I am a Belgian 22year old woman, graduated from university. No specific music type, I like to watch movies/ tv shows (prison break, csi, grey's anatomy...) ,jogging and shopping. I prefer another girl (or 2) to come. If you are interested to come, let me know!!

Bye, katrien
I have been to grand canyon tours from las vegas just last month and I got to see and enjoy the beautiful scenes, it was really fun and knowledgable I have posted the link above hope you find it helpful.

Hope you enjoy your tour and Have a Great Day!
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