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Full Version: Alabama's Gulf Coast
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I read a lot about travel in the US, and there are so many articles on visiting Florida for its sandy beaches and attractions that you'd think it's the only state worth visiting in the Southeast for beach-related activities. The Atlantic Coast of Florida is beautiful. And so is the Gulf Coast of Florida. And, the Gulf Coast extends from Florida, west to the panhandle, into Alabama, through to Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

I happen to live on Alabama's Gulf Coast, in Gulf Shores. The sand here is sugar-white; the beaches pristine; the locals are laid back and fun. There is offshore and chartered fishing here, and lots of restaurants and hotels and attractions. It's a great beach town!

Just thought I'd add my two cents.
Glad you love your hometown so much, are you interested in becoming a TravelPod Local Expert?
I used to be a die-hard Destin fan -- until a friend brought back a ziplock bag of sand from Gulf Shores to prove to me it was as beautiful (and 2 hrs. closer!) to my hometown of Shreveport, LA.

I've been at least 5 times in the past year, and have stayed from Fort Morgan to Orange Beach.

I love beachcombing for shells, however on some trips, there is nothing to be found. My last trip though, there were so many, I wanted to rent a 4-wheeler & a wagon so I could gather them all!!!!!! There were huge crashing waves for 2 days, then on the 3rd, millions of shells appeared. It would seem obvious that they were washed in with the big waves, however, on previous trips, we've experienced the same type of weather/tides/wave heights and still no shells. Is it the time of year perhaps? Or a combination of all ?
Maybe it's a combination of factors. There also is an upswing in shells when there has been a tropical system passing through. With this season's hurricane activity, the waves brought in lots of shells -- and unearthed a shipwreck! Apparently the ship was partially unearthed a few years ago, but this time, it was completely uncovered. It's still warm enough now to splash in the surf during midday when the sun is out -- but you do want to have a heavy beach towel handy to fend off the breeze when you're ready to walk back to your accommodations. As for February, it just depends on the year. Sometimes it is warm enough to slip on some shorts for a couple of hours. And there are some locals who wear shorts virtually year-round. I could go on and on (and on), but really, you need to see it for yourself. The Alabama Gulf Coast is spectacular. Check out for details on sites, events, etc.
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