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> Where to start?? Florida? New Mexico?, This is just the beginning of a RTW
post Sep 27 2008, 11:42 AM
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I already live in Oregon, been to some states in the US haven't been to them all and so why not see all the states first?

I'm going to keep this extremely short unlike my uber legnthly introductory post (for any of those who saw it, probably only read the first paragraph and then quit! biggrin.gif).

I have travelled when I was younger, and would like to travel again but this time travel and see everything (although I'm not really into the arts, culture, festivals, cookouts, crowds, parades, etc all that much).

I have about $2,000-$2,500/month to spend and I'm having difficulty trying to figure out how people are actually able to spend $1,000 per month to travel along with that difficulty I'm having trouble figuring out how to get tour/hotel packages so I can get cheaper hotels. Ever since the idea stuck with me I've been getting less sleep but this is what I've figured out so far:

On the cheap side I figured a hotel will cost me anywhere from $40-$75/night plus tax (actually if you start going $65 upwards I'd say we're talking about not so cheap anymore) granted if I could find a decent hotel for $40/night I'm looking to spend roughly $1,100/month in lodging plus some change for tax so I based it on some averages about $50-$55/night plus tax I'll look closer to spending $1,300-$1,500/month in lodging on average for hotels and thats rediculously high! Hostels only let you stay 28 days max, but I'm not necessarily staying in one place every 3-5 days and extended stay hotels are just as costly as regular hotels.

Hostels will only let you stay 28 days, but I haven't found a hostel in the south/southeast sad.gif, I could also stay at an extended stay hotel although after some brisk research some brands are just as expensive as a regular hotel (though I did find extended stay rates in Panama City FL for $28.43/night plus tax which is considerably better than $38-$55).

To be honest I want to do things at my own pace, pick up tours when I want them as I need them rather than not get a full package even if I have to buy myself a self guided tour package to get cheaper hotel rates that is fine with me.

I thought about starting off in Florida, but I can start off anywhere really as I plan to do this all year long and Florida for the winter sounds warm enough for me smile.gif. I don't want to start off in Nevada because there are certain attractions I want to see but they only operate during the spring/summer and so I didn't want to backtrack (and that seems to be likely to happen no matter where I go).

If anybody has ideas/options that I haven't considered please throw them on the table, it will help me put it together smile.gif. Thanks in advance! smile.gif
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post Sep 30 2008, 10:02 AM
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Rolling Stone

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If I was from North America, and a first time traveler in the US, I would not book a guided tour.

If you were going to another continent and expressing these same fears, I would say yes, absolutely book a guided tour.

You are already deeply familiar with the culture in the U.S. It seems like you are doing tons of research and that you have the confidence to do it yourself. Even though your mom is expressing doubts, it's "only because she loves you" and she's worried about you. I'm sure she wants you to fulfill your travel goals as much as you do. It seems like she's just criticizing you because she wants you to look at the challenge from every angle. (Like you are already doing anyway)

For you, I would recommend you try it the way you initially wanted to. Hopping Greyhound buses and figuring out public transit when you get there. I find that usually, my first impulse is the best one.

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