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> Volunteering in Mongolia?, If you want to volunteer in Mongolia, come in
post Jun 27 2008, 10:23 AM
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I am a Mongolian girl. Live in Ulaanbaatar.
And I would like to know how much men want to volunteer in Mongolia. No matter what they will do: teaching, nursing,...
And If you like to volunteer and would like to find your volunteering place i will help you to find any information for you. I will try the cheapest or free.
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post Jun 27 2008, 10:42 AM
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how are you??
i know u asked for men, but i would love to know more information about volunteering in Mongolia for women.
Maria A
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post Jun 28 2008, 07:12 AM
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QUOTE(malejaperez @ Jun 27 2008, 10:42 AM) *

how are you??
i know u asked for men, but i would love to know more information about volunteering in Mongolia for women.
Maria A

Hello Maria.
I am sorry. Women can. What kind of volunteering would like to know? I am writing the general information below. But this is just example. I hope I can find cheaper than below.
But this is just example I found. If your request definite, I will ask all expenses for your volunteering.

Teaching English in Mongolia
For years the Soviet Union's political domination of Mongolia did not allow for students of this country to learn the English language. Therefore, most Mongolian students have never encountered English. Today, the ability to speak English provides countless job opportunities and easier advancement in many facets of life for those in developing countries.
Our Teaching English in Mongolia Project creates opportunities for eager Mongolian students to learn the beauty of the English language from native speakers or volunteers who are fluent in English. Mon-Offset’s volunteers work in language elementary schools, language centers, colleges, and summer camps. All volunteer projects are located in the capital city of Mongolia. Ages of students vary with each project.
Our Teaching English in Mongolia Project is not always available.

But first you should inform us about your volunteering request (the duration) and then we will arrange your accommodation, location and position. You will receive the photos of you will live, work and others.

Program: Volunteer- Mongolia
Projects: Teaching English
Start dates:
Departure and End Point: Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport
Language Requirement: English
Accommodation and meals: Mostly host family and local foods two times/day by host family (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Working hours: 20-30 hours per week
Special Need: Knowledge of English
*Only available for individual joining volunteer project

What You Will Get For the Program Fee
we remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the program and the safety of all volunteers involved. Here is a brief summary of the services that Mon-Offset offers:
· Food: Mon-Offset offers three foods a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). We offer locally available, fresh and nutritious food.
· Accommodation: Depending upon the volunteers' particular country, location, and situation, volunteers will either stay with a host family, within a rented house, within a hostel, or within a cabin. We offer clean, comfortable living spaces, and volunteers will stay either in a single or shared room (depending on the host situation). Volunteers need to bring their own sleeping bags and other accessories.
· Airport receive: Upon the receipt of the flight information, our country coordinator or other project staff will meet volunteers in the airport. The address and telephone number of the local contact hotel will be given before departure just in case volunteers miss our representative in the airport. Please make sure to send your flight information to the coordinator's office.
· In-country transportation: Global Crossroad manages one-way transportation to project. Volunteers will be responsible for their personal and return travel.
· Support of Country coordinator: From the very beginning to the end of the project, Mon-Offset’s coordinator will help volunteers by supporting them and regularly visiting them.
· Other Services: Mon-Offset’s staffs are always willing to support volunteers by answering all of the volunteers' questions and providing the best advice on fundraising and other issues, like health, culture, excursions, travel, safety, and special events.
· Emergency support: Mon-Offset will provide you with 2-3 mobile telephone numbers of the English well known staffs and the staffs for emergency support (these numbers are available for use at all times-24/7). Volunteers will also get contact details to pass along to your family before departure.
What the program fee does not cover:
· Any entrance fee during sightseeing and travel (applicable to mini-adventure and Language program)
· Airfare
· Visa and Visa extension fee
· Airport tickets, airport taxes
· Any personal expenses on food and travel· Mineral water and soft drinks
· Gifts to project staffs and host family
· Laundry
· Telephone
· Immunization
FAQ – Mongolia
What should I expect for living conditions during my stay in Mongolia?
The living conditions of your placement depend on the area to which you are assigned. Although a charming and friendly country, you should not expect luxurious accommodations in Mongolia. As part of a volunteer program, you will be placed within a host family who will do everything possible to assure that your stay in Mongolia is comfortable. If you volunteer for either the Mini-Adventure or a customized program, you will be staying in a ger—a traditional Mongolian tent. Most placements will have electricity. Our host families are, on the whole, educated and well-respected people who are experienced in interacting with international visitors. Additionally, some members of host families may speak English.
Ulaanbaatar has a number of supermarkets stocked with Western goods, including food, drinks, and toiletries.
When I'm packing for Mongolia, what should I remember to bring?
What you pack will depend on the season during which you will be visiting Mongolia. However, regardless of the season, you will almost always need warm clothes, a flashlight, a sleeping bag, sunglasses, a hat, a warm jacket, a sweater, boots, a raincoat, a first-aid kit, sun block, and mouthwash. Before you arrive, we will clarify details based on the season.
Can I volunteer in Mongolia at any time, or are there certain dates the program is offered? Are the dates fixed or open?
You may volunteer in Mongolia at any time, as long as you don't mind cold weather. In Ulaanbaatar, the winter (October to March) is long and cold with temperatures often dropping into the range of minus 20-35 C. Some of our programs are only offered in certain seasons and, thus, the dates are fixed.
Do I need to make my own arrangements to travel from the airport once I am in Mongolia?
When you arrive in Mongolia, one of our staff members will be waiting for you at the airport terminal. S/he will be holding a sign with your name (or your group leader's name) on it. Please remember to send us your detailed flight itinerary so this arrangement can be made.
Will I have enough time to explore Ulaanbaatar during my volunteer program?
There will be plenty of time for you to explore Ulaanbaatar during your volunteer program.
Will I need extra money? If so, how much?
Global Crossroad manages food and accommodations all of our volunteers, so you shouldn't need any more money for these expenses. However, you'll need to bring extra money for snacks or treats. Approximately $2.50 (U.S.) per day will be more than sufficient. You will need extra money for souvenirs, nightlife, intra-country travel, and any events/festivals you may want to attend.
Mongolia’s airport departure tax is about $12.50 (U.S.) and visa extension fees are about $75 (U.S.). Our in-country coordinator will organize these services.
What forms of communication will be available for me to access in Mongolia? Will I be able to gain access to the Internet, telephones, or a post office?
Your placement will be in Ulaanbaatar, which is both the capital and largest city of Mongolia. Unless you are taking a trip to the countryside or any historical sites outside the city, you will have no problems gaining access to the Internet, telephones, or a post office. Ulaanbaatar’s internet facilities are numerous and extremely cheap.
In some cases foreign mobile phones will work in Ulaanbaatar. (Please check with the service provider in your country before departure.)
Can I bring a friend with me as a volunteer? Will it be possible for us to stay together?
Yes, but you should each apply separately to Mon-Offset and pay necessary application fees. Please be sure to note on your application that you would like to live and/or work together.
Joint living arrangements can be made with no problems.
What would happen if I decided not to stay for the entire duration of the program?
Once a volunteer pays the program fee, Mon-Offset WILL NOT issue a refund. Thus, if you decide to leave before the end of your program, your fee WILL NOT be refunded. Moreover, any additional transportation costs.
What is your policy regarding payments? Are there any deadlines?
All payments must be made at the beginning of the volunteer program. We do not accept payment in installments or in parts. If you want to stay longer than your committed period, you will have to inform Mon-Offset and pay accordingly.
What kinds of food and accommodations should I expect while volunteering?
In collaboration with a host family, Mon-Offset manages food and accommodations from the first to the last day of the program. We are also able to cater to vegetarian diets. Though the Mongolian diet is heavily meat based, vegetarians can enjoy rice, noodles, vegetables, and tofu, among other foods.
Volunteers who choose to arrive earlier than their initial program start date or those who wish to stay past their last volunteer date will be responsible for funding their extra meals and accommodations. However, Mon-Offset will help volunteers to find affordable and adequate food and lodging.
How much do visas cost, and how would I be able to get one?
Any traveler to Mongolia can stay up to 1 month with a tourist visa. You can get a tourist visa at the Mongolian embassy in your country. It is the responsibility of all volunteers to purchase and manage their own visas.
These details will help you To help determine which visa you need, please see the details below:
4 weeks – apply only for a "J" category visa (a tourist visa)
4-12 weeks – apply only for an "O" category visa
12 or more weeks – apply only for an "HG" category visa
Can I get a visa extension?
It is possible to obtain a visa extension from the Office of Immigration and Naturalization of Foreign Citizens in Ulaanbaatar. You are allowed to stay for up to 30 days with a tourist visa. After that, if you wish to obtain an extension for more than a month, you must pay a visa extension fee of about $75 (U.S.).
What do I need to know about traveling and sightseeing in Mongolia?
Some of our programs have traveling and sightseeing included in them. However, on such programs any additional excursions are your responsibility. For programs that do not have any traveling or sightseeing included, the volunteer is responsible for paying for such trips. If you want to see museums, concerts, or circuses, you will need some extra money. Indeed, if you wish to purchase souvenirs, these are at your own expense.
Where is my arrival destination?
The only international airport in Mongolia is in Ulaanbaatar. Thus, all international flights arrive and depart from there. Volunteers are responsible for their tickets, but once you are in the country, a representative will meet you at the airport. Please send us your travel itinerary so that we can arrange to meet you.
Another option is the Trans-Siberian Railway, the train that runs between St. Petersburg (Russia) and Beijing (China) and stops in Ulaanbaatar. Many visitors to Mongolia prefer this method of travel. The main boarding points in Russia are St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Irkutsk (near Lake Baikal in Siberia) and in Beijing, China. The train travels in both directions and runs about twice a week in the summer. Remember that you will need extra visas if you use the train—either from Russia, China, or both if you intend to do the entire journey. Please also remember that Russian visas require a letter of invitation.
What is the best season to visit Mongolia?
The best seasons to visit Mongolia are late spring, summer and autumn (from May to October). Mongolia is a country of four seasons with the annual fluctuation being almost 75 degrees! This means summer in the Gobi Desert can be +40 C while winter in the north can be minus 35 C.
Is it very cold in Mongolia? Should I pack very warm clothes for this?
You will need to pack warm clothes if you come between October and March. You'll need a scarf, gloves, beanies, sweaters, a jacket, a hat, and warm boots. However, you will probably need some warm clothes in the summer also because summer mornings and evenings can be cool.
If I get lost, whom should I contact? Is there an emergency number that I should know?
Please be sure to take the telephone number of Mon-Offset’s coordinator before you leave for your destination. Once you arrive in Mongolia, we will take care of you. Ulaanbaatar is a small city (population 800,000) so you not likely to get lost.
Mon-Offset is not responsible for any damage resulting from your negligence in failing to take appropriate travel advice offered by your home country.

How do I apply?
>>Book/reserve your project at least 1 month prior to your departure date by mailing us the application form. Participants requiring expedited placements may be assessed an additional fee.
>> Payment of the $200 non-refundable program fee deposit and completion of your application guarantees you a placement in the country your choice and in either the first or second program of your choice. The program deposit is later deducted from your total program fee. Mon-Offset guarantees you a placement. If not, we will refund your $200 program deposit.
How does the application process work?
Global Crossroad follows 6 steps in completing your application process:
Step 1 >> If Mon-Offset receives any of your questions by e-mail, we reply with answers. A formal application may be attached, or you may either download an application from our website or apply directly online
Step 2 >> Complete the application form and submit it with your non-refundable $200 program deposit (check/money order/credit card in U.S. dollars). The program deposit is later deducted from the total program fee.
Step 3 >> After receiving your application and the $200 program deposit, we will notify you immediately, and your application will be ready to process. Please allow our local staff up to 2 weeks. During that time, we will process your application, match your interests, and determine the details of your project, arrangements for room and food, and answer any remaining questions you might have.
Step 4 >> Once you receive your placement details from Mon-Offset (or confirmation), you should begin preparing for travel by obtaining all necessary documents (passport, visa) and meeting immunization requirements.
Step 5 >> Purchase your ticket and fax a photocopy of your passport and itinerary to our office. Participants must make a full payment of the program fee at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
Step 6 >> Our coordinator or representative welcomes you at the airport and your Mon-Offset volunteer adventure begins.
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post Nov 28 2008, 01:29 PM
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QUOTE(uyangaaaad @ Jun 27 2008, 10:23 AM) *

I am a Mongolian girl. Live in Ulaanbaatar.
And I would like to know how much men want to volunteer in Mongolia. No matter what they will do: teaching, nursing,...
And If you like to volunteer and would like to find your volunteering place i will help you to find any information for you. I will try the cheapest or free.

hello, I'm really interested in it, is it okay now too ?
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