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Did you say 'felucca'?, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Did you say 'felucca'?

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


Only 8 more restless nights and I'll be soaring my way to the land of the pharaohs. Today's tasks: making sure my iPhone is set up for international calls and emails ( I have a blog to maintain after all!); figuring out where I left my sunglasses (no, ...

The Lion and more weirdos, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Lion and more weirdos

A travel blog entry by sarahjoyce

I think I fell asleep about 2 minutes after setting off on the bus and when I woke up we were pulling in to Kingston bus station. It really looked like it was in the middle of nowhere and it was. We ended up having to get a taxi to the University where we ...

off we go tomorrow................, Kingston, Canada travel blog

off we go tomorrow................

A travel blog entry by adnannie

So, approximately 21 hours from now we will all be on a veeeery long flight to South Africa. Not sure we are as excited for that part as we are to get there. It will be Monday afternoon when we actually arrive at the Moholoholo Wildlife Reserve. Sure ...

Rumble in the Jungle, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Rumble in the Jungle

A travel blog entry by emmycanada


Hallo lieve mensen, Deze week was mijn laatste week met lessen. Het was echt zo raar, ik kan me nog zo goed herinneren dat ik de eerste lesweek had. Komende anderhalve week heb ik drie tentamens en twee deadlines voor papers. Maar dat gaat helemaal ...

Awkward Turtle, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Awkward Turtle

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... make friends. I know I have to meet someone so I have the motivation to initiate conversations and bond.  But here in Kingston, I am very comfortable with my social circle. (which compromises basically of me and Xinyi) We have lots of fun, we ...

Yet another boring travel day ..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Yet another boring travel day ...

A travel blog entry by aspqrz

... says. A boring travel day - from Toronto to Ottawa. A long boring drive. No pictures. Nothing really of interest. Went through Kingston, didn't get off the Expressway - maybe after I return the car in Toronto and head up the coast to Quebec. Move right ...

Get excited with me!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Get excited with me!

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


So - it's finally April and we're on the "so many sleeps to go..." countdown. Today makes it 10! I have to get out today and pick up some of those last minute items for my travel kit... Despite the beautiful weather we're having this Easter weekend, ...

The Visa Run-Western Style, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Visa Run-Western Style

A travel blog entry by mycanadianyear


... it was certainly cold enough and the snow was plenty, I would have quite liked a week or so of the intense winters you always hear Canada having...maybe next winter! I guess I was only here for the last 6 weeks or so of winter! But for now it looks like ...

All-day goodbye play date, Kingston, Canada travel blog

All-day goodbye play date

A travel blog entry by thebartons99


A super fun day - with three of Natalie's best girlfriends   ...

Eastbound and Down, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Eastbound and Down

A travel blog entry by aircor


... the L&V outdoor patio, while Ford gets all of the attention. It’s a nice 4 level split, in a built up area of Kingston, as Lisa says on the train track side of town, that is the whistle as apposed to the other half which has some other ...

Second Outing, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Second Outing

A travel blog entry by winniestravels


For our second camping trip we headed out to Rideau Acres campground near Kingston.  A nice campground although we we placed on the main road so a fair amount of traffic.  Set up was much eaisier this time (we're learning) and we had a nice ...

Lake Ontario en karaoke, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Lake Ontario en karaoke

A travel blog entry by emmycanada


Hee lieve mensen, Deze week was een vrij rustige week. Ik had een paar deadlines, maar verder is er niet heel veel spectaculairs gebeurd. Dinsdagavond heb ik geyogaad, dit keer was ik wel op tijd. Woensdagavond was er een pubquiz in de pub op de campus. ...

Christmas Feast, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Christmas Feast

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... is used.               Adapted from “The Flavours of Canada” by Anita Stewart (Denise Schon Books, 2000).              ...

Dors avec Lions, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Dors avec Lions

A travel blog entry by ethansethobrien

Salut ses  moi ethan  il me reste 29 jour avan que je par en Afrique.Je suis tres exiter et peur parce que JE DORME AVEC DES LION! Mes je suis le plus exiter de voir des ELEPHANT et des GIRAFE et de boire le sang de vache. Ha - cèst pas vrai! ...

This can be our checklist, Kingston, Canada travel blog

This can be our checklist

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel One by one, year by year we shall check them off.  Love ...

Born to Wander, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Born to Wander

A travel blog entry by heligypsy

... farmers field. When the second world war ended and folks were allowed to travel more or less freely, he was on a boat to Canada. In Canada he married and my Mother and little Keith got to travel as well. By the time I graduated from primary school I ...

First week of School, Kingston, Canada travel blog

First week of School

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Day 1: 09/09/13 Woke up at 4:30AM to cook my Sweet Potato for lunch and Oats for breakfast. Have to leave house early for my morning yoga lesson! So excited. Put on my yoga suit I am all ready.  Yoga session turned out to be not very challenging... ...

And it all begins...almost, Kingston, Ontario, Canada travel blog

And it all begins...almost

A travel blog entry by sicw

... I have a job in Japan with one of the countries largest English coverstaion schools. The contract is suspose to be arriving in Kingston some time this coming week and I cannot wait to get my hands on more information. Japan will begin at the beginning of ...

Jim & June's Odyssey 091028, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Jim & June's Odyssey 091028

A travel blog entry by jimcabay

... scenic unless you like muskeg, shrub trees and rocks. The city however, is stunning. KINGSTON, Ontario:   Probably the most historically significant city in Canada – it was the first capital of Canada.  Locally, the biggest tourist draw ...

I miss home, Kingston, Canada travel blog

I miss home

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Stay at home alone day. Because I skipped lesson. Decided I will not want to do that again, because staying at home alone is sad. Now I feel so homesick.  I am a lucky girl with a warm family, loving boyfriend, fun housemate and supporting friends ...

Test Post, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Test Post

A travel blog entry by mike_robinson19


This is a test ...

Brian and Laurie's Great Adventure, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Brian and Laurie's Great Adventure

A travel blog entry by brian_laurie


Hello Family and Friends, It has been suggested by more than a few, we start a blog on our new adventures.  I ran into a fellow traveler that has pointed me to this site. It will even print out a book of all entries when (if) we are done travelling! ...

Personal Space :'(, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Personal Space :'(

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Monday   I entered the house and the smell of pork chop overwhelmed me. Had serious craving for meat as I was exhausted and weak from having lost so much blood.  I saw 4 huge pieces of pork chops and kim asked me if Xinyi is reaching ...

Chicago to Kingston, Ontario, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Chicago to Kingston, Ontario

A travel blog entry by peter_denise

Saturday 11/4 - Our 1st news this morning was that our flight to Kingston (with Porter Airlines) had been cancelled and we were re-scheduled for a 2pm flight. After a quick calculation we could still make our bus connection from Toronto to Kingston, ...

Appreciating Yoga, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Appreciating Yoga

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Today we had a new teacher. She taught us how to appreciate yoga. Tree posture: what tree do you've in mind. Mine was a blossoming rain tree tree filled with life. There's this woman, she was unhappy with her life, her tree was a dying one. Direct ur ...

Why is the carpet floor all guey?, Somewhere after Kingston, Canada travel blog

Why is the carpet floor all guey?

A travel blog entry by rickyricardo

Only two hours of road done or so and we have to stop. Seems something greasy is leaking in the RV from the passengers side.... I initially though Michel was doing a bad joke but Alas! Yup something is up, My dad start disasembling the dash of the RV ...

KACHE DAY!!!, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by afmcdnl

So up at 6:30 am to get to Morrison's dinner for breakfast.. Met up with the others and off we went.. out to Lomite Point.  We had 3 FTF's!! it was a great start to the day.. we cached west then north and along around until 6 pm then off to ...

kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by amrita

kigston ...

Shots of campus, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Shots of campus

A travel blog entry by aberg83


After loading fresh batteries into my new Canon PowerShot A700, I decided to head down to campus. I had to hand in a design report to McLaughlin Hall anyways, so I figured, why not try the new camera out. It was a beautiful day and there are many great ...

Kingston, primeira capital do Canadá, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Kingston, primeira capital do Canadá

A travel blog entry by regiferr


... pequena parte, pois a maior parte do tempo é para se ir e voltar. O passeio é meio decepcionante. A razão da escolha por Kingston e não qualquer outra cidade, foi existir um forte histórico bem próximo da cidade. Chegamos  direto no hotel, mas ...

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