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Kingston, primeira capital do Canadá, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Kingston, primeira capital do Canadá

A travel blog entry by regiferr


... pequena parte, pois a maior parte do tempo é para se ir e voltar. O passeio é meio decepcionante. A razão da escolha por Kingston e não qualquer outra cidade, foi existir um forte histórico bem próximo da cidade. Chegamos  direto no hotel, mas ...

Vermont's Green Mountains, New York's Adirondacks, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Vermont's Green Mountains, New York's Adirondacks

A travel blog entry by c_m_c_m

Drove through Vermont's Green Mountains and New York's Adirondacks. ...

NEWTS week, Queen's University and some travelling, Kingston, Canada travel blog

NEWTS week, Queen's University and some travelling

A travel blog entry by mariskamaessen


... dat het kon was opzich goed genoeg :). Verder zijn er meer squirrels dan birds; vandaar dat er vooral over de 'Kingston squirrels' wordt gepraat.    De eerste dagen ben ik vooral naar QUIC (Queen's University International Centre) geweest om ...

The Canadian Mothering, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Canadian Mothering

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... conversation. For example, when I asked where is a good place to have Poutine/ when will it start to get cold in Kingston. Instead of answering immediately, Kim will direct the questions to Alex and then he will answer while she comments at the end. She ...

Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by jae

... of that kind of p. L got me same change thankfully. I can proudly say that I have NEVER had to pay to pee in Canada (moment of homesickness over). Glasgow has some of the most beautiful buildings that I have ever seen. They also have some of the ...

Why am I such a stress-case??!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Why am I such a stress-case??!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


... So with that worry out of the way.... Our tentative plan is to start from Mallorytown, and then head down towards Kingston, stopping at Grenadier Island, then heading down towrads the Admiralty islands, and then finally back to Kingston. I think ...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


My first ever halloween.  Remember when I was small, whenever I watched kids dress up and collect candies for Halloween on American TV shows, I will be damn envious.  Now, I did it! Xin Yi and I bought 2nd-handed dresses (for 6CAD each) and ...

Dealing with Failure, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Dealing with Failure

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

Everyday I am reminding myself "I just need to pass" But I've decided to do away with it. Just be myself, be proactive, take everything seriously and enjoy the moment.  Yesterday was pizza day, I couldn't believe a week ago I has pizza too. It just ...

Épilogue, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jpdelisle

14 jours, 6 avions, 1 hélicoptère, 1 bateau, 1 Jeep. 1750 km de route en 41 heures (on roule pas vite sur ces routes qui zigzaguent) Températures entre 4 (lever du soleil sur le volcan) et 30 (28 chaque jour même sans soleil) eau chaude en mer, ...

York, York, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by jae


... interesting beers (L had a Jurys beer and I had a local York ale) but we did meet a nice couple from Leeds. They've never been to Canada and had lots of questions. We left that pub and made our way to Ye Olde Starre Inn (L had to tell me that because I ...

4th October Dear's 30th Birthday, Kingston, Canada travel blog

4th October Dear's 30th Birthday

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


Yes Yes... I know this is just the beginning of your manhood. So, happy 1st birthday <3  I remember 2 months ago, we were still planning how we can have a virtual celebration over Skype. We decided on having each a rich chocolate cake, sing song ...

Oh Canada!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Oh Canada!

A travel blog entry by 9lives


... . “Houseboat alert” sprang to my lips. There will be some who understand the significance of that remark! Thankfully Kingston hasn’t changed that much and we were last here thirteen years ago with the first “Masquerade“. The ...

Leaving Ottawa for Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Leaving Ottawa for Kingston

A travel blog entry by burtonx2


... of the Cataraqui River. During the war of 1812, naval strength was a major issue. The naval shipyards at Kingston were critical to Canada's defence, and a secure supply route from Montréal to Kingston was crucial to any war effort. After the war ended, ...

On the road agian, Kingston, Canada travel blog

On the road agian

A travel blog entry by 73magicbus


... in Kingston. A total of 162 km taking us 5 hours by bus. Told you it was slow. We held up in a park just outside of Kingston called Rideau Acres. This was a very nice campground. We had a beautiful spot next to the waters or the Rideau water way. As the ...

Aberdeen, Stonehaven and sleeper train, Stonehaven, United Kingdom travel blog

Aberdeen, Stonehaven and sleeper train

A travel blog entry by jae

May 14 After going to tourist information for a map and some information we caught a bus to Stonehaven. We walked down to the beach and walked to the harbour where we were told we would find the trail to Dunnottar Castle. The coastal walk was very ...

Amerikanische Geschichte und 1000 Inseln, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Amerikanische Geschichte und 1000 Inseln

A travel blog entry by anpro


... eine Zeitlang gewohnt hat. Mittwoch 16.07. Besuch des Penitentiary Museums ueber die Geschichte des grossen Gefaengnisses in Kingston. Danach zum Fort Henry, in welchem kostuemierte Darsteller das Fort Leben im 19 Jahrhundert ...

Home is Kingston!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Home is Kingston!

A travel blog entry by pvanasp


Hopped off the train in Kingston, Ontario for two days - just long enough to do laundry and repack and grab my Michael for our 15 day trip across the country to Vancouver ...


Practicing "non-attachment"

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

... stuff at my place? We figure the more shit we have, the more money we'll both make. However, he's not actually coming to Kingston until today, has no idea of what he's going to sell, and is completely unready for this garage sale. Could be a disaster. ...

If no one ever calls me

If no one ever calls me "ma'am" again......

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

it'll be too soon! :) I finished my outclearances today, so I'm all set for my release appointment on Monday. The closer I get to this, the better I feel about it. I remember six months ago, I was panicky, thinking about what job I should get, and how ...

Unser 1. Abenteuer in Kanada, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Unser 1. Abenteuer in Kanada

A travel blog entry by flo_yvette_eddy


... losgehen. Nach einem chaotischen Einkauf fuhren wir erstmal zurück Richtung Toronto, um dann auf dem Highway an der Küste entlang nach Kingston zu düsen, wo ja ein gebuchter Campingplatz auf uns wartete- get the next Night free if you stay here on 14th ...

Finally, Time to settle down, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Finally, Time to settle down

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

230PM We alighted from the train and Holah, welcome to Kingston! Kim and Alex (for 11 year's old son) were there at the platform waiting for us. I feel so blessed.  They are incredibly nice people. Very welcoming and warm, for the first time in ...

World's Most Novel Hostel ??, Kingston, Canada travel blog

World's Most Novel Hostel ??

A travel blog entry by pimpernel

... our Canadian family at some point so reluctantly the four of us (me, Steph and her Mum and Dad, Diane and Hugh) head for Kingston, a historic town on the St Lawrence River. Here we found what has proved to be the most novel hostel we've ever ...

Planning...preparations....trepidation!, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


I've decided to start my travel blog a little early. I want to record some of the process of getting ready for the trip as well as the actual trip. So far things are going well - my job is winding down, and I've got a few long-term research projects that ...

Packing List, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Packing List

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


Now I'm working on parring down what I'll actually bring on the road with me. Ideally, I'd like to take the smallest pack possible. 45L? I'm not sure if that is doable, or if I can go even lower....Stay tuned to see how this list evolves! After ...

Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by reisender

Kingston ...

I sure hope this is worth it...., Kingston, Canada travel blog

I sure hope this is worth it....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

I decided a while ago to pick up a third language - Spanish. This is, in part, why I'm travelling to Latin America. The other part of the reason is to visit some of the places that I've read about in my studies. The thing is, Spanish is a lot harder ...

Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by peter_denise


Friday 27/2 - Had a cheaufered look around Kingston today starting with Fort Henry and a good view down over the CBD. We could not get into the Fort itself as it's closed over winter. Back into the main street of the city then a walk down and back up the ...

The Sweet Potato Family, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Sweet Potato Family

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


We love sweet potatoes,  Steamed, BBQ-ed, Boiled, in Soup, Yellow, Purple, Orange, we love them all. I skyped my family just now, they were telling me there's one day, Dad bought a bag of sweet potatoes. He kept boasting that those he bought were ...

The Last Entry., Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Last Entry.

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


... will begin: After a nice weekend in Athens, I returned to Kingston to say goodbye to friends & family. Sunday night was spent pre-packing and having a family dinner, then Monday ...

Kind of behind, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Kind of behind

A travel blog entry by mariskamaessen


... update daarover, want er is genoeg te doen hier al is het klein.  Mijn nieuwe adres: 386 Alfred Street, ON K7K 4H9, Kingston, Ontario, Canada En ik heb nu ook een Canadees nummer! (mn NLse gebruik ik nu niet meer): +16134849435 Al moet je maar vooral ...

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