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Boaco, Boaco, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by simonjames


... in the middle of the park, Alvaro, has been looking out for me. He found me the family i´m at now. So the plan is to stay here at least 2-4 weeks, then try and get out to the carribbean in Nicaragua and Honduras. que bueno adios muchachos, ...

nicaragua, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by chriscaro


Ojo de Agua and A Sore Butt, Ojo de Agua, Omtepe, Nicaragua travel blog

Ojo de Agua and A Sore Butt

A travel blog entry by travel.junkie


I slept hard for 10 hours, but since i went to bed at 8pm, that means i was up at 6am. i lay in bed and listened to Spanish flutter in and out of the windows. It took us 14 hours to get here, but today was our full day and we were going to make it worth ...

The Afternoon Heat and Jungle Trekking, El Castillo, Nicaragua travel blog

The Afternoon Heat and Jungle Trekking

A travel blog entry by hadsrobinson

... Tammy´s place and then headed onward and upward to Costa Rica. Helen sort of directed me across a very little known border crossing into Nicaragua which just goes to show that we are in a very very remote part of the world. A part that very few people ...

Stop over again, Managua, Nicaragua travel blog

Stop over again

A travel blog entry by poledd

Bonjour tout le monde! desole pour ces 10 jours passes sans alimenter le blog mais la connection internet au nicaragua est tres anecdotique.. yo yo bref, nous rattrapons le temps perdu. Apres un trajet en bus sans souci et des sacs bien proteges sur le ...

There's something in the water here..., San Juan de Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

There's something in the water here...

A travel blog entry by jamesjames


... after a hellish off road trip north, sunning, swimming, and surfing (i actually caught some waves!) on a beautiful deserted beach.. Nicaragua certainly isn't going to last long in its current state - its too beautiful to avoid the marauding (c) Whittaker, ...

Masaya, Masaya, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


Took in the biggest artesanias market in the country & then wandered off to the malecon that runs along Laguna Masaya with views over the smoking volcano. Hopped on some local buses to explore some of the pueblos blancos - Masatepe & ...

A bit of sea air, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

A bit of sea air

A travel blog entry by missemilygray

Decided to stop for a night in this small surfy beach town en route to the Costa Rican border. Travelled with a few people from the Bearded Monkey (last night's hostel). The journey from Granada was hectic: we had to wait an hour and a half for the first ...

climbing the Maderas volcano, Maderas volcano- Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua travel blog

climbing the Maderas volcano

A travel blog entry by hilde


for english text scroll down Volgende dag zelfde scenario als gisteren. Opstaan om 5u30, zodat we weer kunnen vertrekken om 06uur. Evenals gisteren is Ramón op het appèl. Deze keer nemen we wel de wagen want we moeten naar het andere schiereilandje ...

Isla de Ometepe - Finca de Magdalena, Moyagalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Isla de Ometepe - Finca de Magdalena

A travel blog entry by jotoon


Beste thuisblijvers We zijn ondertussen aangekomen op het vulkanisch eiland met de ferry.  Het eiland bestaat uit 2 vulkanen, la Concepción en la Maderas. De eerste nacht hebben we geslapen in een veel te heet hotelletje met onvriendelijke ...

Last week of my Spanish course, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Last week of my Spanish course

A travel blog entry by worldtrip_kp


... What was a bit of a waist of time as she was talking all the time.. One small part was interesting, as she spoke about Nicaragua and the politics. She made a bit of a political statement in her story.. She is pro the current government ;) After my lessons ...

Move via Taxi to Rivas, Rivas, Nicaragua travel blog

Move via Taxi to Rivas

A travel blog entry by thomasgillam

Take a 7:30 AM Taxi to Rivas for $10 ...

Dec 8:  The beach and las Penitas, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Dec 8: The beach and las Penitas

A travel blog entry by sstrauch

... this was nothing compared to the ride back! Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day to visit. Being the saturday after purisma, all of nicaragua had the day off and according to dennis ´all of leon goes to the beach´. We wanted to spend the night at ...

finally, colonial and style, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

finally, colonial and style

A travel blog entry by tempesh


... who worked the last 4 years in the states and had a long chat over some beers. (victoria is the beer to drink in nicaragua).He gave us lots of good information about South America and we rewarded him with tips for the Oktoberfest and how we Germans cope ...

Ometepe: Isla de dos Volcans, Moyogalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Ometepe: Isla de dos Volcans

A travel blog entry by truetravelerare

... in Iran. I wonder what kind of coverage it is getting in the States?   Ç Now that swine flu has spread to Nicaragua, with cases among university students in Managua, the hype has spread, too. On the ferry, someone handed me a "mask" composed of ...

Paradise!, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by our_oyster


We made it to Little Corn alive after a ferry trip that could rival most theme park rides. The panga boat, as they call it, was a small open boat holding about 25 people plus luggage. They said we would get wet. This was a total understatement. It was ...

Colonial City, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Colonial City

A travel blog entry by matt81


So this one will have to be quick,stayed two days in Granada, beautiful colonial archittecture.  Saw a crazy nicaraguan pro baseball game, hilarious.  Lots of fun, dollar beers in the stands, dogs wandering around cleaning up peoples´ left ...

Leon in Leon, Nicaragua, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog

Leon in Leon, Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by mtrm


Sorry, the Czech translation only for now, EN one will come later. Naše stará známá dobrá Nikaragua. Při naší druhé návštěvě této země se zde citíme jako doma. Známá místa, známé fígle, jaké prodejci ...

Colonial Central America, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

Colonial Central America

A travel blog entry by miller.time


Upon arriving in Granada I found a place to get a much needed haircut. Granada is a city full of restored Spanish Colonial buildings. The next few days were spent wandering around the picturesque city admiring the landscape and the occasional ...

Day 25 - Choluteca Honduras to Nandaime, Nicaragua, Nandaime, Nicaragua travel blog

Day 25 - Choluteca Honduras to Nandaime, Nicaragua

A travel blog entry by guruzers


... at customs.  The feeling has been very good and the people genuinely want to help.  Again, our helper at the Nicaragua border was prepared with our paper work before we arrived which made things go as smooth as possible.  The main roads ...

A few small islands and some monkeys, Granada, Nicaragua travel blog

A few small islands and some monkeys

A travel blog entry by chris74


... so the plazas tended to be full of locals hiding from the sun. A few of us hired a boat and went for a trip on Lake Nicaragua to Las Islestas.  These are a bunch of 365 small islands created 10,000 years ago when the local volcano erupted.  A ...

Volcan La Concepcion., Moyogalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Volcan La Concepcion.

A travel blog entry by astralcars

... San Juan del Sur, we took a bus to Rivas, a cab to San Jorge and a ferry to Moyogalp on Isla Ometepe in the Lago de Nicaragua. So far Isla Ometepe has been really neat. We found it much more difficult and expensive to get to the Volcan Madera side then we ...

Tortles!, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by loganandkatie


... the shirt, the shirt bearer let him know it was his favorite shirt.  *shudder*  I guess we're not in...Nicaragua?...anymore?  Just a bit of a change from most of the Americans we'd encountered previously.  Not to mention everybody ...

corrrrecto, Juigalpa, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry by ldegolia


yet another rainy day here in juigalpa...REAL shocker! although a community member told me that on July be will stop raining for one month exactly.  Amazing how good they are at predicting the weather.  I went to visit a ...

Escuela de Español (My head hurts), Esteli, Nicaragua travel blog

Escuela de Español (My head hurts)

A travel blog entry by interwebme


After returning to Antigua yet again we left the the horrible time of 4am to get to Guatemala City to get a bus to Esteli Nicuagua. After hanging around on the street with all our luggage in the notorous Guatemala City, third most dangerous city in the ...

San Juan Del SUr!!! my favorite place in Nica!!!, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua travel blog

San Juan Del SUr!!! my favorite place in Nica!!!

A travel blog entry by katie.egeland


... /restaurant there in San Juan Del Sur and had such an amazing time!!!! I met so many people from all over Europe and Nicaragua.  Plus Samer, a 23 year old guy from Boboyo, Nicaragau who mind was filled with nothing but catching the best waves and ...

Nica to Tico, Sapoa, Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua travel blog

Nica to Tico

A travel blog entry by smyth

As much as we have loved Nicaragua, we head to Costa Rica now. It´s a bit earlier than anticipated, but San Juan is not the type of place we want to stay for a long time. Our top three reasons for moving on are as follows... 3. The water in the ...

Ab durch den Canyon, Somoto, Nicaragua travel blog

Ab durch den Canyon

A travel blog entry by janinger


Somoto in Nordnicaragua, ein Strohbueschel weht ueber die leere, verstaubte Strasse, die Sonne brennt herab auf die kleine Stadt, irgendwo schreit ein Esel.  Was macht man nur in Somoto? Richtig, man besucht den Canyon. Hunderte von Jahren ...

Two Volcanos & A Big Lake, Playa Venecia, Nicaragua travel blog

Two Volcanos & A Big Lake

A travel blog entry by guy.everton


On Sunday morning we took the early ferry to Ometepe. Lake Cocibolca, or Lago de Nicaragua, is the largest lake in Central America - zoom in to any map of the region and it'll be the only lake you see. In it is something that sounds like it comes from a ...

After Esteli, we took the high road, Jinotega, Nicaragua travel blog

After Esteli, we took the high road

A travel blog entry by thomasgillam


... on the bus. This went on for hours. We finally passed through Concordia and then came to San Rafael, the highest city ion Nicaragua. It was a very pretty town perched on a ridge in the high mountains. It was the home of Augusto Sandino, and there is a ...

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