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De camino al Atlántico, Atar, Mauritania travel blog

De camino al Atlántico

A travel blog entry by diegoloson


En esta etapa únicamente recuerdo haber estado bebiendo whisky con el grupo por la noche. Estaba previsto que durmiéramos al raso, pero cuando estábamos de sobremesa tertuliera tras la cena, en un momento dado me giré para coger algo de la mochila y ...

Mad Max in Mauritania, Nouadhibou, Mauritania travel blog

Mad Max in Mauritania

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... danced with some others. Happy snaps all-round before we made our departure. My general impression after 24 hours is that Mauritania was much poorer than Morocco but the locals were friendly, colourful and generally helpful, boding well for the next week ...

Off the West Coast of Africa, Mauritania , Mauritania travel blog

Off the West Coast of Africa

A travel blog entry by beverlyndavid


Saturday 15/2 - Everyone was back on board in good time despite our late arrival.The  Captain announced that we were in for a rough 24 hours with high winds and high seas, so we set off from Mindelo earlier than planned.The wind was very strong as ...

Días de playa, Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania travel blog

Días de playa

A travel blog entry by diegoloson


Pues por fin llegamos a la playa. Pudimos dar un paseo en una barca con unos pescadores y un vigilante del parque, que parece ser tenía la obligación de acompañarnos. Compramos pescado, que posteriormente fue lavado en el mar por el hijo de uno de ...

Sahara, Sahara, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by isidor


I have very problems with my Land ...

A beautiful oasis and some thoughts, Terjit, Mauritania travel blog

A beautiful oasis and some thoughts

A travel blog entry by meltin4


... almost completely surrounded by sand for the past few days, made Terjit all the more beautiful. But even so, if you're ever in Mauritania, I advise you to go! The small village is set in between huge copper coloured cliffs. I stayed in a kind of camp a ...

ITALIAN INFLUENCES..., Nouadhibou, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by bellag

... and sandy beaches of the city we made our way to Casablanca lovely, leisurely train to potentially pick up our visas for Mauritania. Making our way south seemed like it would be a bit harder than we had anticipated as we were actually ...

afscheid van Sub-Sahara Afrika, Guerguarat, Mauritania travel blog

afscheid van Sub-Sahara Afrika

A travel blog entry by nikenkatrien

Na onze laatste nacht op Senegalese bodem is het weer tijd voor grensformaliteiten en het moet toegegeven worden dat we hier best wel goed in geworden zijn tijdens de voorbije maanden. Zowel aan Senegalese als Mauritaanse kant moeten we betalen voor het ...

Deuxièmes impressions..., Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

Deuxièmes impressions...

A travel blog entry by marco


Salut tous! Je suis dans la capitale d'un pays de moins de 4 millions de personnes, étalées sur un vaste territoire de sable principalement. Y’a de l’espace et ça se voit dans la conceptions urbaines, comme au Canada : les rues sont ...

Desierto total, Ouadâne, Mauritania travel blog

Desierto total

A travel blog entry by diegoloson


Dejamos (más) las ciudades y nos adentramos en el desierto. Ni siquiera hay carretera, vamos por en medio de la arena. El guía parece tener claro hacia dónde vamos. No lleva GPS ni mapa ni nada. Es cierto que un mapa tampoco hubiera sido útil, pero ...

nouakchott, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by loelai

nouakchott ...

Arriving ATAR Mauritania, Atar, Mauritania travel blog

Arriving ATAR Mauritania

A travel blog entry by valentin83

A few hours of direct flight (charter) from Paris, we get to Atar. Sudden rise in temperature ! We feel a bit exhausted as the night in the airport was loooooooooong. We thought we could sleep on the benches and as a matter of fact were able to lay down ...

How do you pronounce that place???, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

How do you pronounce that place???

A travel blog entry by timshazz

We had a fairly uneventful trip down to the capital of Mauritania...the unpronounceable Nouakchott?? We were making excellent time, despite the numerous police checks...25 in all!!!...until we hit the outskirts of town and the trip notes let us down. ...

Mit Autoschmugglern durch die Sahara, Nouadhibou-Sahara-Nouakchott-Fleuve du Senegal, Mauritania travel blog

Mit Autoschmugglern durch die Sahara

A travel blog entry by juttachris

xxx ...

IRON ORESOME!, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by bellag

... trip to date. We were piled onto the trailer of a Toyota truck and taxied to Atar in the Adrar region of Mauritania. Making it through the sand storms, strong winds that feel like giant hairdryers and hills to our accomodation was an amaaaazing feeling. ...

To Bamako at 4am, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

To Bamako at 4am

A travel blog entry by exumbris

So I've bought my ticket to Bamako.  My flight leaves around 4am Tuesday morning.  I'll probably sleep at the airport.  Meanwhile I've been eating oranges and Hy-vee Cheze-eze and saying goodbye to some Mauritanian ...

Day 14: from Dakhla to Nouadhibou, Nouadhibou, Mauritania travel blog

Day 14: from Dakhla to Nouadhibou

A travel blog entry by martinn


Day 14 (Friday 20th of February)   Today we will leave Morocco and cross the border into Maurethania. Since this is quite a process we have a guide named Sidi. He would stay with us throughout our time in Maurethania.  We get out of bed at 5am ...

hosto, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by auroremarechal

hosto ...

¡¡¡Qué mosquitos taaaaan gordos!!!, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

¡¡¡Qué mosquitos taaaaan gordos!!!

A travel blog entry by diegoloson


¡¡JODER, no son mosquitos, son langostas!! Estas fueron mis palabras al aterrizar en el aeropuerto de Nouackchott, la capital del país. Sensación de estress. Militares en los puestos de control de pasaportes hablando en francés. Yo, ni puta idea de ...

Dakhla - Nouadhibou (Grens Marokko - Mauritanië), Nouadhibou, Mauritania travel blog

Dakhla - Nouadhibou (Grens Marokko - Mauritanië)

A travel blog entry by schorpioenen


... land is niet van mij maar wel iets erover te zeggen willen hebben doormiddel van landmijnen. Aangekomen bij de grenspost van Mauritani'' worden alle paspoorten verzameld en krijgen we een stempel op ons visum in het paspoort. 100 meter doorrijden moeten ...

Lets get some things straight, Mauritania, Mauritania travel blog

Lets get some things straight

A travel blog entry by seagirl1

... ; You see, my dad owns a ship, and it's sort of like a summer school and vacation spot for people all around the world.  Mauritania has so many beautiful histories, it's almost like a book you don't want to put down (well, I think that's how you put ...

Map pin only, Bamako, Mauritania travel blog

Map pin only

A travel blog entry by pinkkaz

Map ...

Nouadhibou – Nouakchott, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

Nouadhibou – Nouakchott

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


  Die marokkanische Grenze öffnet um 9 und Suze reiht sich mit dem Truck in die Lkw Schlange ein, während wir zu Fuß über die Grenze gehen, den Ausreisestempel erhalten und uns noch bei der Royal Marroc Police abmelden. Der Truck musste durch ...

West coast of Africa Central Atlantic Ocean, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

West coast of Africa Central Atlantic Ocean

A travel blog entry by beverlyndavid


Another beautiful day at sea, the sun is shining, everyone is in a happy holiday mood and  hoping that all the terrible weather back home will soon pass.After a leisurely breakfast I took a walk around the deck - 4 times round = 1 mile and as you ...

La ciudad comida por las dunas, Chingueṭṭi, Mauritania travel blog

La ciudad comida por las dunas

A travel blog entry by diegoloson


Chinguetti es una ciudad que se mueve. Como las dunas. Se podría decir que las dunas mueven a la ciudad. Nosotros estuvimos en el tercer emplazamiento de la misma. La 1ª ni se ve por estar enterrada, a la 2ª las dunas le están ganando terreno las ...

Arrivée en Mauritanie!, Nouakchott, Mauritania travel blog

Arrivée en Mauritanie!

A travel blog entry by conteursdumonde

Semaine de recherche administrative à Nouakchott... Ou comment faire quand t'as pas un rond... L'arrivée à Nouakchott s'est plutot bien passée... Nous sommes arrivés avec Ton et Nadine avec qui nous avons fait le trajet de Nouadibou. La route ...

Day 31 Dough balls and an aerobics session, Nouadhibou, Mauritania travel blog

Day 31 Dough balls and an aerobics session

A travel blog entry by churchill2020

... ’t type one! J So over the last week heaps as usual has happened as we traversed Western Sahara and entered Mauritania. Dec 1 Left Agadir after one last stop at the supermarket. Christmas hats, tinsel and Christmas carols were officially allowed. ...

Nema, Nema, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by isidor

This is ...

Oulata, Oualata, Mauritania travel blog


A travel blog entry by isidor


The village of the ...

Journée au Banc d'Arguin, Banc D'Arguin, Mauritania travel blog

Journée au Banc d'Arguin

A travel blog entry by ventalili


Nuit paisible sous un ciel très étoilé, où chacun, comme il faisait un peu frais, reconnait sa propre polaire. Richard et Yves D essayent d’accorder, l’un sa boussole l’autre son I-Phone pour vérifier que malgré tout le Nord est ...

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