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day to ourselves around Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog

day to ourselves around Palermo

A travel blog entry by oz09


... not open to the public.  Mont Pellegrino is famous for being the final resting place of Santa Rosalia, the Patron Saint of was also the place where someone found her mortal remains back in the 1600's and in a vision that same person ...

Anniversary, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by beckandbill

The scenery on the train ride from Agrigento to Palermo was really lovely, although slightly spoiled by the fact that we forgot to validate our tickets and were facing a 50 euro fine if caught - luckily Bill managed to jump of the train at a station and ...

Umbria to Sicily, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Umbria to Sicily

A travel blog entry by footloose-too


We were picked up by Francesco to drive us to Rome airport. His perfect English turned out be not surprising as he was born in Blackpool to an English mother an Italian father and was married to an American girl. When we got to the airport we found that ...

Taormina and blue balls., Palermo, Italy travel blog

Taormina and blue balls.

A travel blog entry by kurian

June 16th 2014. One of the reasons I chose Taormina as a destination was because of its proximity to Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano. I was excited at the prospect of a possible excursion to the crater rim and went about researching tours ...

Sunday in Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Sunday in Palermo

A travel blog entry by robynbee

It was a hot day and we decided to walk into the central city, avoid taking the car! We just wanted to see the culture and life and streets. We headed to the waterfront first , on the way we found a park with statues in a fountain, we stood in the water ...

Palermo a Gastronomical delight, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Palermo a Gastronomical delight

A travel blog entry by just_imagine


Tuesday16th - a 2 hour train  journey to Palermo, although Liam is always excited about hopping on trains he is a little over it today due to another early start. The trip was quite picturesque as it followed the north coast and it was nice to see ...

Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by melyandd


... allowed me to pass out while being fully aware).  We arrived so early that we were still able to trek around all of Palermo by foot and seeing a lot of the city. During the city’s closed hours (most of Italy shuts down between 1-4 give or ...

Palermo - don't be put off by first impressions!, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Palermo - don't be put off by first impressions!

A travel blog entry by gary_13.


... to Sicily's multicultural history. Next we headed to the wonderful 12th Century Cathedral of Monreale (Royal Mountain), above Palermo, which was built by Sicilian and Byzantine craftsmen, again resulting in a magnificent fusion of eastern and western ...

Day 9 - Palermo markets and street food, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Day 9 - Palermo markets and street food

A travel blog entry by sonpow


... such an incredibly vibrant city and nowhere is that more evident than at the markets. Today we experienced the delights of Palermo's street food with Marco Romeo who runs the StreatPalermo tour of Palermo's market district. Palermo's markets are both mind ...

Dia 6, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Dia 6

A travel blog entry by jordi3b


... que els reis feien servir. Després d'aquesta visita es dinarà a Ai Normanni Di Giulivi. Aquest restaurant és bastant conegut a Palermo pel seu plat especial: Sppaguetti ai Normanni. Aquest plat està format per gambes, albergínies, tomàquets, ...

Are you talkin to me??, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Are you talkin to me??

A travel blog entry by phillipcoleman


... on them, Ben explains that they are shops that refuse to pay the protection money, which many place still pay today.  That night we sat in the bar and watched a Palermo football match before getting an early night the catch the flight the next ...

Last Day, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Last Day

A travel blog entry by janbroom


... away.  We stopped at the airport (would you believe) for a toilet break as there were no Autogrills on the way into Palermo.  It was quite handy actually as we were able to see where we have to check in tomorrow and where the passenger assist ...

Sicily: Day 5 & 6 – Palermo/Piazza Armerina, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Sicily: Day 5 & 6 – Palermo/Piazza Armerina

A travel blog entry by ernstandretha


... thousands of mummies mounted against walls or lying in see-through caskets. Later that afternoon we took a stroll through Palermo’s historical city centre, with the Pretoria Fountain (probably not named after Andries Pretorius!) being a highlight. ...

ONE BAG, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by cutiebanana

The day of travel from Malaga to Palermo was unpleasant at times. First, we had a bit of time finding the airport bus when leaving Malaga. Then, the price of paying little to fly Easy Jet is that one feels persecuted by the luggage limitations. One is ...

Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by nettybu


... city of Palermo. From the 18th century to 1860, the fountain was considerd to be the representation of corrupt municipalities and Palermo nicknamed the square, including the nudity of the statues, the square of Shame. Here we also saw the Santa Catterina ...

6. Nap -Palermo, Palermo, Olaszország travel blog

6. Nap -Palermo

A travel blog entry by komoroczy


Kényelmes ágy, kellemes idő, reggel 8. Szállásunkon nyolctol fél tízig van a reggeli szervírozása. ( Bence szerint 9-9:30-ig). :D Még tegnap este kérdezte a hölgy, hogy mit szeretnénk ...

Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by leandroop

Llegamos a la capital de Sicilia, por fin. Misteriosa, encantadora, ...

Last day of the cruise, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Last day of the cruise

A travel blog entry by angelinebright


Sadly today is our final day on the cruise ship. We have loved every second. It's a very relaxing way to travel. We went in a taxi straight to the beach as it was defiantly swimming in the ocean weather. The water was totally freezing tho so only our ...

First Day in Sicily--Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog

First Day in Sicily--Palermo

A travel blog entry by eldonsteeves


... ready for us.  What a treat.  We took our luggage to our room and set out to explore Palermo.  It looks different than mainland Italy.  It looks older and very disorganized.  Eldon can hardly wait to drive out of this town. ...

Mobile Update, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Mobile Update

A travel blog entry by netti89


Von meinem Sony Xperia(tm)-Smartphone ...

Cefalu and Palermo - Day 42, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Cefalu and Palermo - Day 42

A travel blog entry by kerrycrosbie


... by what we found. Where was the chaotic traffic, the crowds of people, all the unsavoury characters and rubbish? I really liked Palermo too and felt completely safe walking around. Tonight we had the best value meal we have had in Europe this trip, ...

Temples, Castles and Chocolates, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Temples, Castles and Chocolates

A travel blog entry by paulanddeb


Today we made it to Palermo, Mafia country. After consulting our Lonely Planet chapter on Palermo we decide that we could do with a change from baroque churches and museums in Italian. Also not wanting to spend a 'night with the fishes' we opted to take ...

On part pour la Sicile, Palermo, Italy travel blog

On part pour la Sicile

A travel blog entry by mguay


... pas une très belle vile: c'est très sale et tortueux. Les gens sont, par contre, assez gentils. Avant de partir de Palermo, nous avons visité le marché public qui est assez typique et spécial; plusieurs centaines de boutiques et d'étals tout le ...

Lively Markets and Dead Bodies, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Lively Markets and Dead Bodies

A travel blog entry by vdkinnard


We wanted to see a bit of Palermo in the daylight before picking up our rental car and heading to Cefalu, so we packed up, left our bags at the front desk, and headed out into the city. While less frightening by day it was more crowded and the filth was ...

warm day, Palermo, Italy travel blog

warm day

A travel blog entry by briankmcarthur

August 2nd… arriving this morning @ Palermo Sicily. Will be docking in the next hour or so. Plan to spend the day walking about the capital city of Sicily which is nearly  3000 years old. Weather looks very good from the ship balcony today. ...

Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by betger


Today we are in Palermo, we docked about 10 am and we went off at noon for a drive around the city. Palermo is the 5th largest city in Italy with a population of about 1 million. We drove around looking at the notable buildings and then went to ...

Falcone and Borsellino memorial day, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Falcone and Borsellino memorial day

A travel blog entry by pao.pao


... considered the first anti-mafia rebellion in Palermo. Moreover, he remembered how during the funerals of Borsellino the people of Palermo were yelling "Resistenza" - "Resistence" -, which is not a word that used to belong to the vocabulary of a person ...

Vivere da Zero starts in Palermo, Palermo, Italy travel blog

Vivere da Zero starts in Palermo

A travel blog entry by caseyzero

I'm starting my travel, my performance, my new life. A long trip through Italy by bike and without money starting from the south of Italy. Palermo it's the starting point. Write to me if you have any advice about people, food, life.. for free, or, better, ...

Agrigento, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by footloose-too


Today we drove from Palermo to Agrigento. The coast of Sicily around Palermo is quite barren. The mountains come quite close to the sea so there is a narrow strip of marginal land growing oranges and olives ( and houses) but to get to Agrigento we had to ...

Sicily!, Palermo, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by emilyandjann

We disembarked early this morning and had breakfast at a local restaurant.  Then we went to the Palentine Chapel and Monreale.  Later in the afternoon, we toured the Valley of Temples near Agrigento.  These are considered some of the best ...

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