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The Dragons of Komodo, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

The Dragons of Komodo

A travel blog entry by alexgoldschmidt


Komodo is another of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia and is the only place on earth where you can find the giant lizards that have come to be known as the Komodo Dragons.  The island itself is best described as rugged, a fairly unforgiving ...

Stuck in Lembar, Lembar, Indonesia travel blog

Stuck in Lembar

A travel blog entry by fergalokeeffe

So after meeting up with Servane and Domitille again, we headed to Sanur to get a boat to Nusa Lembongan - a place famed for diving with Manta rays, Sun fish and for getting wiped out on lethal shallow coral while surfing some monster waves. As before we ...

Salvation, East Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by itsagas


The traveller from hell arrived at our hotel yesterday, I am not sure how public this blog is so I better not say to much, suffice to say that this persons arrival had every body walking on eggshells. It is around four in the afternoon and I cannot begin ...

verschönerung, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


15.2.2013 was heute in mich gefahren ist, weiss ich auch nicht, bin ich doch um 6.15 uhr aufgestanden und am strand langspaziert. heinz war auch schon unterwegs, doch bei ihm ist das normal. als er mich sah, fragte er ganz entgeistert: was machsch denn ...

regentag, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg

16.2.2013 der ruhige seegang und der sonnige himmel versprachen gutes badewetter, doch am nachmittag zogen wolken auf, die immer dunkler wurden. der regen begann und entwickelte sich zu einem sturm, das meer spielte mit, die wellen donnerten an den ...

Living on a deserted island and Komodo dragons, Kanawa Island, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Living on a deserted island and Komodo dragons

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


Stranded on a deserted island One night in the port town of Labuanbajo was more than enough. Now that we knew we would need to fill in 4 days before our flight back to Bali, we figured we would base ourselves on a small island, Kanawa Island, about 45 ...

Anak Krakatau, Anak Krakatau, Indonesia travel blog

Anak Krakatau

A travel blog entry by alexbright


Sumatra - Anuk Krakatau The small boat armed with two large outboard motors was lurching about as we tried to board from the beach. Myself and Tweeks were almost immediately soaked to the skin as a wave overpowered the prow and sprayed us good ...

Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marco-2010


  Quelques heures de bus et me voilà arrivé à Bajawa. Sur la route j'ai eu droit à un magnifique coucher de soleil sur les montagnes et le superbe volcan Inarie ! Donc le lendemain, premier réflexe un scoot pour changer ! Après ...

Komodo and Flores, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo and Flores

A travel blog entry by paulandton


... populated compared to the other islands with less traffic on the roads but it is also a lot poorer than other parts of Indonesia. The scenery is quite impressive with literally volcanoes around every bend in the road. After 10 hours we arrived in Bajawa. ...

Manta! Manta!, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Manta! Manta!

A travel blog entry by babsworld


Labuna Bajo is a really small village, compared to all the other cities I saw in Indonesia. It's more or less just a small street along the coast with guest-houses, diving-shops, restaurants, bars and internt-cafe's on both sides. And in between the small ...

Wiedermal eine Busreise, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Wiedermal eine Busreise

A travel blog entry by thoooo

Habe mich entschieden von Labuan Bajo dann Richtung Gunung Kelimutu weiterzureisen und deshalb ein Busticket organisiert um nach Bajawa und dann nach Moni zu gelangen. Am Morgen um 7.30 gings los auf den Transflores-"Highway"... So eine Strasse wie auf ...

hot again, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

hot again

A travel blog entry by ian-sue


We have a few days here in Labuan bajo, before to head on a cruise back to Lombok. Not much to do here, the town is really small and not very clean, pity...because the surroundings are beautiful! I suppose we'll try to go to one of the closer islands for ...

Komodo National Park, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by jeneggener


Greetings!! After the overnight bus from Mataram, Lombok to Sape, Sumbawa and then an 8 hour ferry, I finally arrived in Labuan Bajo, Flores, the jumping off point to Komodo National Park.  I was lucky enough to get on a 3 day/2 night liveaboard for ...

Gili Trawagnan, hiking Mt. Rinjani, Komodo Cruise, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Trawagnan, hiking Mt. Rinjani, Komodo Cruise

A travel blog entry by j.mccrary

... for 3 days and 2 nights. The summit of Mt Rinjani is more than 10,000 feet and is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. I figured the exercise and being in the wilderness would be a great distraction. We took a two hour ferry to Lombok and ...

Flying Day., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Flying Day.

A travel blog entry by cimek


... Kupang, except flights via Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong, is to fly via Dili. Other connections within Indonesia were difficult and unclear so I bought the one flight only, in blind, and will try to find something when got ...

Lembarta Island (Lebaleba anchorage), Lewolebe, Indonesia travel blog

Lembarta Island (Lebaleba anchorage)

A travel blog entry by tactical


... (the island of Lembata), formerly known as Pulau Lomblen, is the largest island of the Solor Archipelago, in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. It forms part of the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur. The length of the island is about 80 km from the ...

Timor Leste Consulate in Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Timor Leste Consulate in Kupang

A travel blog entry by cimek


... day is that I met Fernando, traveller biker, like me, from Madrid. He has the same problem and same bad fillings about East Timor. Like a two prisoners we went to the bar on the sea harbour and spent rest of the day exchanging experience and drinking ...

Katastrophen- Faehre / Desaster-Ferry, Atambua, Indonesia travel blog

Katastrophen- Faehre / Desaster-Ferry

A travel blog entry by pajas


Destination 175: km94'559 23.7.07 Rien ne vas plus! Heute, Montag dem 23.7., haette die Faehre gemaess der Angestellten des Tourist Information Centers in Ende (sie hatten mit der Betreiberfirma der Faehre ASDP telefoniert und die SOLLTEN es doch ...

Profugo, Ende, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by planetvale


... la sera mi invita anche a guardare con lui una partita di calcio alla televisione. Il match clou della giornata e' un fantastico Indonesia-Cambogia, arbitro malese. Ora, non e' per sminuire le qualita' calcistiche dei due Paesi, ma credo che anche l'FC ...

Clandestino, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by planetvale


... . Io non posso fare niente, ma quando arrivi al confine probabilmente ti chiederanno venti dollari per ogni giorno trascorso illegalmente in Indonesia, anche se non c'e' niente di ufficiale e dipende da chi ti trovi di fronte". Sono gia' un tantino piu' ...

Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by indoadventure


We were with a great group of people, most of whom have done a lot of travelling and had some great stories to tell about diving, mountain trekking, desert races, tall ship racing and so on. The oldest were Danish couple in their early 80's!    ...

The Consulate Part 3 : New Hope., Atambua, Indonesia travel blog

The Consulate Part 3 : New Hope.

A travel blog entry by cimek


At the morning I went again to consulate, this time with Fernando. I parked my bike on the same place, but security guy started grumbling. 2 metres backwards made him happy. The girl at the counter when saw me just vanished away and after minute, ...

Selamat Jalan! (Tot ziens!), Labuanbajo, Kuta Lombok, Gilis Air, Ubud, Lovina, Java, Indonesia travel blog

Selamat Jalan! (Tot ziens!)

A travel blog entry by charlotte-arne


... .    We vlogen direct door naar het verste eiland Flores en keerden per land en zee terug naar Java.  Indonesi'' was perfect als eindbestemming, er hangt een relaxed sfeertje, zo van niets moet en alles mag... nog even uitblazen voor onze ...

Back on Land!, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Back on Land!

A travel blog entry by clintandjulia


Am 18. Juli gings also los auf unsere Boottour Richtung Komodo National Park. In Senggigi im Nordwesten von Lombok versammleten sich ca. 40 weitere Touristen die wie wir mit Kencana Tours auf das Bootabenteuer kamen. Nachdem alle ihre Getraenke ...

The huge komodo dragons!, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

The huge komodo dragons!

A travel blog entry by cal_ipi


We flew from Borneo to Bali, stayed in Bali for only a couple of days and then headed East to a little island called Flores. The main, actually only reason for this long, long trip was to go see the mighty Komodo dragons on the islands of Komodo and Rinca ...

Our travelling security detail, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Our travelling security detail

A travel blog entry by itsagas


Ferry trip mark two began at seven with our now well known path to the ferry terminal. Things were looking a whole lot better than yesterday. The rather large crowd was a give away that something was on, also the large ferry sailing into view also ...

The Indonesian Moby Dick, Lewoleba, Indonesia travel blog

The Indonesian Moby Dick

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


... in the stifling humidity to our hotel 1 km from the port. We had decided that as we were so far east in the chain of Islands that makes up Indonesia, we would continue on to the Whaling village of Lamalera to meet some real life whale hunters. We ...

Une journee de reve..., Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Une journee de reve...

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


Ce matin je me reveille vers 4h15 a cause du putain d'encule d'imam qui baragouine ses conneries si fort que j'ai l'impression qu'il est dans ma chambre. Pour une ile a grande majorite catholique, ceci du aux portugais, ils se font pas chier ces cons ...

Dirt tracks and Dragons, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Dirt tracks and Dragons

A travel blog entry by ppworldtour


... his friends on the side of the street and hundreds of motorbikes constantly getting in our way. It was far from boring.   Indonesia has totally served its purpose in helping us slow down the pace and I would be more than happy to extend our ...

huge prawns..., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

huge prawns...

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


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