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The Past Comes Alive in Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

The Past Comes Alive in Hampi

A travel blog entry by cstarkweather


... day in Hampi finding accommodations, napping and eating, knowing that we had a few more days to see the MANY historical sights. Hampi was a bustling city of over 500,000 people by the 15th century. It had many opulent palaces, temples, baths, markets, ...

Bedrock (aka land of the flintstones), Hampi, India travel blog

Bedrock (aka land of the flintstones)

A travel blog entry by mellowmantaray


... Hampi as we hopped off the coach to find our muddy soggy bags waiting for us on the ground. Our first impression of Hampi was that it's pretty amazing, you'll understand why from the photos. A small village surrounded by strewn boulders amongst a muddle ...

Blessed by an Elephant, Hampi, India travel blog

Blessed by an Elephant

A travel blog entry by leahb82


... can be a quite stressful experience, though it has yet to get the better of me. The guidebook I've been using describes Hampi as 'bewitching', and I can't really think of a more suitable word for the place. Imagine massive hills of boulders among palm ...

Magical mystery tour, Hampi, India travel blog

Magical mystery tour

A travel blog entry by ridgway


... to myself! after six mystical days in paradise it was time to board my train and leave this awe inspiring oasis behind. hampi will forever remain a major highlight on this journey and i only hope that some day i'll return to discover what dynasties ...

Hampi!, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by emilynics


... in weeks there was no engines, no chaotic traffic just the peaceful slow pace of uninterrupted Hampi Life. Hampi is the most important religious site in India (as well as Varanasi). All Hindus should make the pilgrimage to Hampi once in their  ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by mylifeinasia


Ouah ! Hampi est vraiment magnifique ! Entouré de ruines, de multiples temples, des palmiers partout, des paysages dignes de décors de cinéma, des beaux couchers de soleil. On n'est pas déçu du voyage ! On loge dans un petit bungalow, ...

Twice blessed in Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Twice blessed in Hampi

A travel blog entry by moronsontour


... view of rice paddy fields from our porch.  Very oddly, there is a classic car club doing a tour of India camping at Hampi down by the river. Here's me artistically draped on one of their cool cars Their camp is AMAZING ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by lathajoa

I don't feel as though I am India, this place is sooo chilled out - there are ancient ruins, rice paddies, banana plantations, a river and we are staying in a really cool place with hammocks outside our doors! visited the ancient ruins and on the way ahd ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo


... ride for 3 hours which was nice - but that is all! We ate a very cheap thali and i have been battling with a sore throat so have had plenty of Hot Lemon Ginger Honey! Tomorrow i say goodbye to Hampi and Amber for another overnight journey to ...

January, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by moolander


... the river against a backdrop of several hundred festival goers also having their morning wash in the river - only in India lol. We stayed in Hampi for a few days and then moved onto a place called Badami which someone had recommended for its caves ...

Hampi Adventures, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi Adventures

A travel blog entry by claireanddave


... spiritual stuff that we don't seem to be able to take on board. It is unlikely that we will be returning from India as Hindu converts.  Hampi will take some topping. It really is a great place to visit. It's another one of those places that people ...

Palolem- Nature's nest-Badami-Pattadakal-Hampi, Goa - Badami - Hampi, India travel blog

Palolem- Nature's nest-Badami-Pattadakal-Hampi

A travel blog entry by syam0312


... have gone through the previous night and felt very happy that we made it to Badami.Around 4 pm we started our journey to Hampi via Kustagi,Munirabad,Harlapur,Sanapur and finally arrived at Virupapur Gadde, 136 km from Badami around 6 pm.    Our ...

Very serene amidst the ruins and the boulders, Hampi, India travel blog

Very serene amidst the ruins and the boulders

A travel blog entry by tipep


... century and wild giant granite boulder formations that seem to go on forever, rice paddies and banana plantations. The little community called Hampi Bazaar, located south of the river, is where we stayed for the first 2 nights. This place is crammed with ...

Hippy Heaven, Hampi, India travel blog

Hippy Heaven

A travel blog entry by ben.taggartryan


You can forget Font or Stanage plantation, Hampi has got to be one of the best places to boulder anywhere in the world. I had heard before i got here how the whole city is just one huge boulder field but nothing could perpare me for what is actually here. ...

Tour de Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Tour de Hampi

A travel blog entry by donna.greg


... by the beauty continually surrounding us. As beautiful as it is it is hot and draining. We ride back to town for lunch and we don’t leave, the Hampi lifestyle absorbs us again as we get sucked into the chilled rooftop restaurants. This is the life ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by wizandjeremy


... we ditched our bikes at the hire palce and spent the afternoon at the Mango-tree cafe, relaxing away our grumpiness. Our time in Hampi, however, was relatively brief and at 5am the next day we headed back to the train station to get our 6.30 am train, ...

Hampi et Goa, hampi, India travel blog

Hampi et Goa

A travel blog entry by clemstef


... , des temples, des palais, des marchés, des réservoirs d’eau et des murailles. Un royaume existait ici auparavant, Vijayanâgara (Hampi). Fondé au début du XIVème siècle, cet empire qui fut l’un des plus grands empires hindous n’a ...

the sights at Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

the sights at Hampi

A travel blog entry by sfk


... also appears very hilly; the hills are without exception massive piles of massive rocks. Granite granite granite. No surprise that Hampi is a climber's paradise. Sadly I won't have any firsthand knowledge of it, due to my ankle (apologies to Chelsea, to ...

Magical!!, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by donna.greg


... , and shift to another chill out restaurant, actually called "Chill Out Café", for more of the same, dinner and watch Zim almost beat India in cricket. It’s an incredibly chilled afternoon and evening and some much needed sleep is on the cards! ...

Rocks and some more temples, Hampi, India travel blog

Rocks and some more temples

A travel blog entry by mattandnicole


... worth it. It wasn't just the temples and ruins, it was the dramatic natural landscape too that was truely magical. Hampi has become a bit of a backpacker hangout, with the guide book saying many people stay for weeks....just hanging out and cruising ...

Worlds of Heavenly Hampi- Siff Sleeper bus collide, Hampi, India travel blog

Worlds of Heavenly Hampi- Siff Sleeper bus collide

A travel blog entry by donna.greg


... to a horror story. More about that to come. The day is begun with a short walk up Hemakuta Hill on the doorstep of Hampi with incredible panoramic views of the town and surrounding areas. Not only are the views breathtaking but it’s quiet and so ...

HAMPI, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by mark1979


... is an unbelievable place with scenery and history that takes your breath away. The Angkor Wat of India but better. Lonely Planet describes Hampi as 'unearthly and bewitching' and it's an accurate description. The natural landscape is mountains of huge ...

Every step gets us closer to Nepal..!, Munnar, Goa and Hampi, India travel blog

Every step gets us closer to Nepal..!

A travel blog entry by janeglover

... you have an old bum Phillipa, or even saggy for that matter). Am assuming that Munnar is perhaps most sexually frustrated town in India? Munnar was a holiday place for British high society (may explain the weird bum fetish) during the time of the Raj, ...

Trainspotting - first Indian train, Hampi, India travel blog

Trainspotting - first Indian train

A travel blog entry by meos


... rickshaw drivers we arrived in Hampi Bazaar surrounded by guest house owners we settled on one owned by India's answer to Peggy Mitchell. A quick jaunt to see what Hampi had to offer was cut short by savage rabies dogs chasing us out of a temple. The ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by glmyles


... ruins of another temple and monolithic Nandi (Shiva's bull) statue on another, where the hill rises. The incredible thing about Hampi is, not only the ruins of temples with incredible carvings in very good condition often, but the fact that the landscape ...

Boulders, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by bfaulman


I am sitting at the World Heritage Vittala Temple ruins in Hampi, Karnataka which was once the capital of one of the largest Hindu empires, the Vijayanagar Empire. For me the most interesting part of temple is that portions of the columns which support ...

Happy in Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Happy in Hampi

A travel blog entry by keelypark


... floor. Heaven. All that is missing in this picture is a nice cold beer but alcohol (and meat, happily) are banned in Hampi, because of the religious significance of the place. The detox is probably doing us good. Highlights of Hampi include: being chased ...

De relax entre palmeras y templos, Hampi, India travel blog

De relax entre palmeras y templos

A travel blog entry by patoysandrix


... . The bus journey was quite terrible (again coffin) but at the end we realized that it worth it, what an amazing place, Hampi! Lovely landscape, massive rocks, palm trees and old temples, where one can get lost for hours and be delighted with the views. ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by tonicastells


Kipling es deuria inspirar en aquest indret per escriure el llibre de la Selva i aixo que no he vist ni tigres, ni ossos, ni panteres, ni serps pero te la magia i l'encant suficients per haver inspirat a mes d'una dotzena d'escriptors. Es un lloc ...

Cows Touts and Temples, Hampi, India travel blog

Cows Touts and Temples

A travel blog entry by michelle05


... I need a fricken backyard sometime soon so I can make my own jungle hehe *** 10 hours later *** The thing about Hampi is it's supposed to be like "old India" or the "real"India. When you look around it kind of is, but its better outside the town. We ...

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