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HOME!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by tonydd

home ...

Victoria, Victoria, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by barbo

We tried a very common form of transport here in Vancouver - the float plane.  We went to Victoria which is the capital city of British Columbia on Vancouver island.  It is a 30 minute journey by floatplane but a 4 hour journey by boat.  We ...

The Apartment, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The Apartment

A travel blog entry by pauloandab


... bit of an ordeal. We remembered at the last minute to book a U-haul van - the only available pick up location was North Vancouver - which is particularly inconvenient! but we didn't have a lot of choice at that late stage. So we talked our friend Ping ...

River city, Campbell River, Canada travel blog

River city

A travel blog entry by a_d_smith


A quick one night stop-over here after a 5 hour bus journey from Victoria. A nice little fishing town with pretty scenery and a bus stop! Stayed in a place by the sea with a fab view across the harbour. Ate in a wonderful restaurant that specialised in ...

Port McNeill, Port McNeill, Canada travel blog

Port McNeill

A travel blog entry by a_d_smith


We had great plans for this short one night stop over - there is a first nations island full of culture only a 40 minute ferry trip away.  But we (usually I could blame Alan but not this time) managed to sleep in and miss it all - how many miles ...

No turning back now...., North Vancouver, Canada travel blog

No turning back now....

A travel blog entry by sashaj

The countdown has begun! We packed up the suite and moved out this week. Everything I own is now packed into four suitcases and a rubbermaid container and I feel I still have too much stuff. Once again I am living out of suitcases, hmmm, there seems to ...

The final countdown, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The final countdown

A travel blog entry by alexbicknell

... of a big experience, the last few days seem to slip from your fingers. Suddenly, without any apparent warning, I was stood on Vancouver harbour in the dawn light, staring out at my last American morning. The cruising cruise ships, hovering helicopters and ...

Back in Vancouver!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back in Vancouver!

A travel blog entry by sktoledo

Back in ...

Stuck at the Airport, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Stuck at the Airport

A travel blog entry by kategreen


So I am currently sitting in the domestic side of the Vancouver airport. My flight in from Auckland arrived half an hour early, and then I breezed through immigration and transfer to the domestic side, so I have a long 5.5 hour wait until my flight to ...

Every trip begins at , Victoria, Canada travel blog

Every trip begins at

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


... to do my best and update the site when I can. The ferry is just about to arrive at the terminal in Tswassen (near Vancouver) so I need to be head for my car.  I'll be spending the weekend in Vancouver so the next update should come somewhere next ...

Heading the Alaska !, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Heading the Alaska !

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Reisebericht 1 (Mail), Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Reisebericht 1 (Mail)

A travel blog entry by roman


... weise die zeit nur so verflog und wir uns schon fast ein bisschen ueberwinden mussten, endlich wieder mal nach vancouver zurueck zu kehren. schliesslich wollten wir auch wieder mal schauen, ob sich die schneesituation zwischenzeitlich verbessert hat, ...

Tour de Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Tour de Vancouver

A travel blog entry by mattandjen


... run to work off a small amount of the dim sum lunch and along with another beautiful sunset, that draws to a close Vancouver. A beautiful city which feels a lot like Melbourne and contains just about as many Australians. Goodbye Canada and thanks to Julie ...

Relaxed Day in Vancouver B.C., Victoria, Canada travel blog

Relaxed Day in Vancouver B.C.

A travel blog entry by cdrjgreen


This was a free day for us although some others on the coach had booked excursions. Our first stop was the laundry facility in the hotel. So a bit after 10 we hit the pavement and joined the Hop on Hop off bus. (London double decker with open top). ...


The "V" in Vancouver stands for "Vegetarian"

A travel blog entry by srb013


... box and assured me it wouldn't hurt... Later that evening, we watched the Canucks lose. On Friday (4th), we visited the Vancouver aquarium (my first time since 1991)!  Most of the animals were out of commission (as the tortoises were so kind ...

Sun, Snowboarders and Smiles, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Sun, Snowboarders and Smiles

A travel blog entry by monahan


... bus to the downtown Vancouver waterfront where we caught the "SeaBus" (i.e. ferry) for a trip across the inner harbour to North Vancouver.  Once there, we boarded another bus which took us up the closed-to-the-public road to the Cypress Mountain Ski ...

Jun 04, 2009, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Jun 04, 2009

A travel blog entry by dczuchry


Queen Victoria Hotel, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Queen Victoria Hotel

A travel blog entry by jamesinjapan


After we went to the Saanich Fair, we drove to the Queen Victoria Hotel right across from the Royal British Columbia Museum. (Royal BC Museum for ...

Vancouver, lots of it, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver, lots of it

A travel blog entry by seal


... a map I got a really good Birds eye view of it so I could easily find it afterwards. So I went to Gastown, Vancouver Tower,The Hudson Bay Company Store which has been around for over 100years,the High Court and really just walked around Vancouver ...

Back on land in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back on land in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by katta7


... to the grizzly bear enclosure, a raptor show including a young bald eagle, a chairlift to the lookout at the summit, a Vancouver film and a lumberjack show (woodchop/logrolling demonstration).  A full day of fun. Jasmine's view - My favourite part ...

Fireworks Competition - SPAIN, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Fireworks Competition - SPAIN

A travel blog entry by johnterry_oz


There is a Fireworks Competition each year in Vancouver and the three constesting countries were SPAIN, CANADA, and CHINA this year. This entry is for ...

Day 133 - Vancouver, BC, Canada/ Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Day 133 - Vancouver, BC, Canada/ Stanley Park

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


... do while here.  The RV park is about 9 miles from the Sky Train and then a 40 minute ride to the Waterfront area of Vancouver.  But, unfortunately we decided to drive (big mistake) and it took us forever.  Our GPS took us on the route from ...

Bedwell Hbr to Montegue Hbr, Montegue Harbor, Canada travel blog

Bedwell Hbr to Montegue Hbr

A travel blog entry by erickandrachel


We woke in the morning and took a great hike to a small lake and cliff that looks out over the Strait of Georgia and San Juan Islands. Neither Rachel and I had done this hike before. It was stellar and definitely on the "must do" list for future trips. ...

Vancouver, the Good and the Bad, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver, the Good and the Bad

A travel blog entry by meganholley


... flight attendant slam the overhead bin door for the 5th time on the buckles of Richards new MEC backpack. We have made it to Vancouver without incident! But now it's time for the running shoes, our plane leaves in 20 minutes and we have just landed. They ...

Back on Our Way, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back on Our Way

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels

We left Vancouver in the direction of Athens.  Having thinned out our belongings while at home, we are now feeling like we are travelling pretty light.  With our travel experiences from the two month's prior, it took us no ...

Beautiful Nanaimo, Nanaimo, Canada travel blog

Beautiful Nanaimo

A travel blog entry by alvrez


Auntie Sue & Uncle Kurt came around to our 5th wheel this morning, and then we headed off to the Nanaimo waterfront. We saw some beautiful scenery there, with maple & oak trees in all their array of colours ranging from almost luminious red to dark ...

Fun Day at Downtown, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Fun Day at Downtown

A travel blog entry by martartu


Гуляем по ...

Tofino, Tofino, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by kaybe


After an interesting Ferry ride to Vancouver island we found out that there's still six kilometers to overcome to finally get to the bus station of Nanaimo. So we tryied hitch hiking and a very friendly lady picked us up and brought us all the way to ...

Rain in Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Rain in Vancouver

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo

... and it is still raining. We did a quick trip into China Town. But most stores were closed. Wir sind gestern Abend in Vancouver angekommen und es regnet immer noch. Mit dem Bus sind wir dann in die Stadt gefahren um die China Town zu besichtigen. Aber ...

Go West, Young Woman!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Go West, Young Woman!

A travel blog entry by jo21


... . For some reason (most likely its distance from Alaska) we didn't encounter a single American tourist in Winnipeg. Winnipeg 3, Vancouver 1. We decided to get off in Stanley Park to sample some of the city's natural highlights. This gave Scottie ...

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