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Paradise, Boracay, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by liamb

what a ...

Borocay island - beach life's a dream, Malay, Philippines travel blog

Borocay island - beach life's a dream

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


... the wonders of Cambodia. Therefore we looked at where we could fly to for the least amount of money from Hong Kong. Philippines was the destination of choice as most flights to Thailand/Cambodia etc went through Manila anyway. After little/no research we ...

Sep 27, 2014, El Nido, Philippines travel blog

Sep 27, 2014

A travel blog entry by vincentsoleil


Conquering our fears, Baguio, Philippines travel blog

Conquering our fears

A travel blog entry by alandrach


... some transport down to the south of the Philippine and the famous Boracay Island for some R&R. One more thing about the Philippines that we should mention, everything is dirt cheap! For example the last 4 days from Manila to Sagada has only been ...

Shooting the Rapids and Eating Exotik, Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines travel blog

Shooting the Rapids and Eating Exotik

A travel blog entry by bluesummit


Our day's adventure  started in Alabang where we all met up to catch a bus to Sta. Cruz.I waited for Ate Almina and Evelyn at Metropolis mall...they sent me an sms that they're both gonna be late. So I decided to have breakfast at Jollibee while ...

Trekking Up The Worlds Smallest Volcano, Talisay, Philippines travel blog

Trekking Up The Worlds Smallest Volcano

A travel blog entry by venoth


... board the flight until he paid the money. Somehow, I managed to excuse myself and got into the car. From my observation, daylight in Philippines starts around 5 am and the sun sets again at 5 pm. Quite early compared to Malaysia. By 5 am, the traffic ...

Charlotte's Birthday, Coron Town, Philippines travel blog

Charlotte's Birthday

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... to watch the end of Hannibal which is so fucking turd when you sit it next to SOTL. Charlotte had a nice day, perhaps the night wasn't what she hoped for but I had prepped her for the potential of a not so crazy night. Thanks alot Philippines ...

Goodbye Helldivers, Coron Town, Philippines travel blog

Goodbye Helldivers

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

The staff here had been pressing us about a check out time. We assumed that this was because they are wanting to get the next lot of people in. Well you're nice people but you can fuck right off, we are leaving the room at one second before 12pm. In ...

Lake Taal, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Lake Taal

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


We all went to Lake Taal and Tagaytay (Eddie, Anna, Annie and us); we had brunch at their favorite restaurant overlooking the lake. We also went to President Marcos's summer mansion that he was in the process building, located on the tallest hill ...

A short stop off in Baguio, Baguio, Philippines travel blog

A short stop off in Baguio

A travel blog entry by paul_karen


Our trip to Baguio was aboard a very luxurious coach with extra wide comfy seats and even wifi. We actually booked our accommodation online whilst on the bus!  The five hour journey flew by due to the good company (Ashley & Anna), great scenery ...

The Remaining Days, Tacloban, Philippines travel blog

The Remaining Days

A travel blog entry by elsat


Hi Everyone, My last few days in Tacloban have been absolutely packed finishing up every project I have started over the past 5 months and saying my goodbyes to everyone I have met, which has been by far the worst part of my trip. I woke up Sunday ...

Rest days, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Rest days

A travel blog entry by jonandrose

It has been 11 weeks since I set off from the uk and perhaps time to re charge my batteries, I am spending the next 5 days here in Manila and will sort out my washing ( getting short on clean undies ) amongst other things!! When I first visited Manila it ...

Stairway to heaven, Sagada, Philippines travel blog

Stairway to heaven

A travel blog entry by alandrach


... we were on a mountain pass heading through the Banue Rice Terraces region. They are the only UN protected heritage site in the Philippines. The pictures don't do them justice! We didn't get much sleep after that as the bus winded its way through the hair ...

No Matzos in Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

No Matzos in Manila

A travel blog entry by davemyers


... together at the hotel restaurant and had a good opportunity to share observations of the state of the churches here in the Philippines. If I haven't said it before, the brethren in Asia are very fortunate to have such a fine and diligent Regional ...

Two Weeks in Lezo (Part two), Lezo/Kalibo, Philippines travel blog

Two Weeks in Lezo (Part two)

A travel blog entry by ksuter


... up shop about a block away from the house. Obviously a May September romance these two men are the definition of gay in the Philippines. It is kind of strange set up for gays here. A gay man here is the very effeminate, cross dressing stereotype that ...

Catch-up blog #2: Flight to Cebu, Mactan Island, Philippines travel blog

Catch-up blog #2: Flight to Cebu

A travel blog entry by samrowles


... In-Community Orientation', before we would be moving in to our various host homes scattered around Cebu! First impressions of the Philippines (or what I have seen of it) is the massive disparities of wealth. The spanish influence has left sprawling ...

Light in Manila, Mandaluyong City, Philippines travel blog

Light in Manila

A travel blog entry by davemyers


... wood is used for the stairs, railings, furniture and decorative woodwork. The wood used here comes from the national tree of the Philippines - the narra tree. The wood from this hardwood tree is a deep golden color and reminds one of a lighter version of ...

Let the journey begin..., Manila, Philippines travel blog

Let the journey begin...

A travel blog entry by heli79


Well hello all from Manila! Glad to report i arrived here safe and sound on Thursday after a couple of days of travel. I stayed for the first few nights with my friend Hanne, who has a lovely apartment in one of the nicer areas of the city. Which has ...

Lezo, Aklan, Lezo, Philippines travel blog

Lezo, Aklan

A travel blog entry by ksuter


... a few stores.  However almost every second house has a store in front.  This is something that seems pretty normal in the Philippines.  Houses will have a little booth in front by the gate, or if the house is close enough to the road, there ...

Philippines - Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Philippines - Manila

A travel blog entry by elliegriffiths


I can't really say very much about Manila because we didn't spend very much time there and the time we did was mostly around the airport. I can certainly say it was a shock arriving from Japan and you knew you were back in a more developing county. It ...

Bacolod (Airport), Bacolod, Philippines travel blog

Bacolod (Airport)

A travel blog entry by andy-swiss

Arrive ...

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by davemyers


... Spanish arrived, they overpowered all local resistances (except in the far south) and in essence made a colony out of the Philippines. For the next four hundred years until the Philippines was sold to the United States in about 1898, the Spanish ruled ...

Night of Celebration, Quezon City, Philippines travel blog

Night of Celebration

A travel blog entry by davemyers


After our day out in the city, we came back to get cleaned up and prepare for the first of the Biblical Holy Days - the first Day of Unleavened Bread. This day begins with a night of celebration - The Night to be Much Observed" (Exodus 12:42). We were ...

Journey to Linda's Roots, Malinao, Philippines travel blog

Journey to Linda's Roots

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


Malinao is about 1 1/2 north of Legaspi; about 7km north of Tabacco. Really clean town that revolves around church. Saw where Linda's dad is buried; beautiful bronse plaque with WWIi veteren on it, now recently moved to the local church. Spent the ...

Welcome to the Philippines, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Welcome to the Philippines

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... less nice thing we have noticed in Manila, is that are many older Western men with young Filipino women. Manila, and the Philippines in general are big prostitution hotspots as over 70% of visitors to the country are single men, who come with only 1 ...

The Longest Day in Many Ways, Tagbilaran City, Philippines travel blog

The Longest Day in Many Ways

A travel blog entry by elsat


... We began the day at 4 am, waking up in our hotel room in Cebu City which is one of the largest cities in the Philippines.  After grabbing a quick breakfast we took a 2 hour ferry ride to Tagbilaran City in Bohol, a beautiful nearby island.  Upon ...

Running of ferries & chasing buses, Cebu City, Philippines travel blog

Running of ferries & chasing buses

A travel blog entry by jasmins_world

... came to my mind - whereas my journey had been rather straightforward for most parts it really turned adventurous when I got to the Philippines. I snoozed for most of the bus ride and was glad when we arrived in Cebu and the French guys invited me to stay ...

Underwater Paradise, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Underwater Paradise

A travel blog entry by kevinvandevyver


... 1594 by the Spaniards, making it world's oldest Chinatown and the perfect illustration of the good relations between China and the Philippines. It is an absolute must-see for everyone who visits Manila, not only for its historical value but also thanks ...

Ferrytales, Calapan, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by cyclingvietnam


Matka alkoi viiden tunnin lossi ylityksella caticlanista roxasiin. Siita sitten minivanilla nelja tuntia suuntana pohjoinen. pari tuntii oltiin ajeltu kun tajusin etta kaverilla joka istu mun takana on kukko kyydissa laatikossa. Voitte varmasti tai ehka ...

Arrival in Manila - trip 2, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Arrival in Manila - trip 2

A travel blog entry by big_d

As expected our line through imigration was amazingly packed.  We stood so long, our ride actually gave up and went and parked his card.  Finally we got through the mass inflow, grabbed our bags and Roy drove us back to the Flats in ...

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