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Dubh Linn - Black Pool, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dubh Linn - Black Pool

A travel blog entry by neason


just a few photos of where i'm living. i share an apartment with 5 other international girls, they're all really great! ...

Learning to speak Irish day 2, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Learning to speak Irish day 2

A travel blog entry by drewduhon


... madrid landed at 11 pm. We took a bus from the airport to the city center, found our hostel, and climbed into bed. Zzzzz. Dublin day 2 - brian - our second day in Dublin we woke up in time for the free breakfast and we were well rested and in high ...

The view of the City half asleep, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

The view of the City half asleep

A travel blog entry by rachaelandtrish


... !-----Then we got tired again, so we headed back and met our roomies.  Nice ladies that are a mother daughter team tracing their ancestry across Ireland and into Germany.    Please enjoy the photos and we will write more later when we can. ...

Fish n chips, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Fish n chips

A travel blog entry by schmengie


COD fish n chips were good! 8€ which was half the price of the ...

The Emerald Isle, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

The Emerald Isle

A travel blog entry by galavanttravel


... US Ambassador to Ireland...with it's beautiful 12 acre parcel of land.  We stopped to see the President of Ireland's residence.  There was a candle burning in one windowpane for fallen Irish soldiers.  The President of Ireland serves ...

Modern, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lucinate


Beweleys Hotel Dublin Airport ...

Dublin: rain, rain, go away!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dublin: rain, rain, go away!

A travel blog entry by mjenespana

... sandwich, or fish and chips. That night the four of us met up with some friends from Spain. Both of them are from Ireland so they came to Dublin to show us around during our stay. It was nice getting a tour from someone who we know.      The next day ...

You Don't Need to Know How to Jig to Jig, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

You Don't Need to Know How to Jig to Jig

A travel blog entry by jhenley87


... we were having so much fun.  The walking tour was called the Theocratic Trail because it traced the history of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ireland.  A lot of what we saw we had already seen on our first day, but now we could actually learn a little ...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by tennille

Dublin ...

Dub what Dub Lin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dub what Dub Lin

A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope


... our tour of the docks of Dublin we get some Mexican food and play some card games till its dark. Good few nights in town full of history. The rest of Ireland is Promising much much more. Stay in touch   (too late but photos will come soon) ...

Leaving home, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Leaving home

A travel blog entry by paulandlin

And so begins the journey - the long wait is over. Tears in the airport but nothing but excitement once we land in Heathrow to wait for flight to Delhi. No hassle in Heathrow like we were ...

Who'd have thunk it?, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Who'd have thunk it?

A travel blog entry by fergalokeeffe

I've had 2 months since I finished work and I am only setting this sort of stuff up now. My organisation will have to get better on the trip or I'll might miss everything. Either that or i'll outsource the organisation to some lackey - yeah that's a ...

One third down!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

One third down!

A travel blog entry by ellaradcliffe

... get it until this conference. Pardon me while I hop on my soap box for just one quick paragraph: The healthcare system in Ireland is two-tiered, one public, technically universal sector, and one private sector. Anyone who has any money has private health ...

The Weekend, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

The Weekend

A travel blog entry by colwood


We had a nice weekend.  Caroline, Meghan and I made some Irish and Aussie friends Saturday who showed us the best places to get a pint.  Sunday all us Americans headed down to the Australian Bar, Major Tom's to catch some playoffs ...

The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, United Kingdom travel blog

The Guinness Storehouse

A travel blog entry by thesaxman


... gotta say, me 30 minute conversation with Dave the Irish boozer was one of the most refreshing exchanges i'd had with anyone, certainly in Ireland, but probably on the whole trip. Dave and i talked about rock n roll, our love for early Bon Scott ACDC, ...

Dublin to Frankfurt, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dublin to Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by azcelt

After an absolutely perfect visit to Ireland Wifey's sister Geraldine is kind enough to give our travelers a lift to Dublin Airport. After an always tearful goodbye, Wifey and AzCelt board their flight bound for the city they know and consider a second ...

Irish fun, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Irish fun

A travel blog entry by sarah11011


Update coming ...

Home via Dublin., Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Home via Dublin.

A travel blog entry by scooterandlaura


... station and leave for Passing-Baden 9:30am: Arrive in Passing 10:30am: Take bus to Karlsruhe airport 12:55pm: Leave Germany for Dublin, Ireland. 4:00pm: Arrive in Dublin 5:00pm: Get on bus bound for city center of Dublin 6:00pm: Arrive in middle of ...

Dublin!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ssarkar88


Our flight to Dublin was our first experience with Ryan Air -- and everything went smoothly! We made it to our hostel (Kinlay House) around 10:30pm.  When we asked the receptionist for restaurant recommendations she suggested a great Italian place, ...

Eire has my heart., Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Eire has my heart.

A travel blog entry by therese.bubel


... was so excited I could barley stand it. Like Paris, it was somewhere that I have always wanted to see. I have heard stories about Ireland and the people and they really did not disappoint. Kelly and I ventured to the Temple Bar in the evening time where I ...

Airtransat - What a Deal, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Airtransat - What a Deal

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau

... hoot to hang out with. They were a mother and daughter from Kanata (she went to Earl of March and Ottawa U) going to Ireland for the week and neither felt obligated to sit next to each other and so talked over me the whole time. The mom was ...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by bluetriangle15

... Made a reservation for dinner in a traditional Irish restaurant, and later returned for the most enjoyable meal!!! chicken boxty (potato pancake) and Dublin Coddle (bacon, sausage, potato stew). Checked out early the next morning and flew to ...

Good craic in Southern Ireland!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Good craic in Southern Ireland!

A travel blog entry by canadianjulie


... wondering what was going on! I've seen realized that craic means fun, so there you's been good craic in Southern Ireland! Following my worst shower yet, I checked into my tour in the hostel lobby on Friday morning. This group was much larger ...

Shared B goes to Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Shared B goes to Dublin

A travel blog entry by lishinlondon


... was divine and I happily munched away as our hosts told us they planned to take us to the most famous attraction in all of Ireland-The Guinness Storehouse after a brief tour of the hotel. We were all sad to say goodbye to our coach when we arrived at the ...

Dublin - a destination for drinkers, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dublin - a destination for drinkers

A travel blog entry by vermaakjeanne


... to accommodate for drinkers, I do believe this to be very true. My mom and I arrived with a warm Irish welcome in Dublin's airport and without too much hassle managed to find our accommodation in Lower Gardiner Street. This, in retrospect, proved to ...

Dave's first Irish Christmas, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dave's first Irish Christmas

A travel blog entry by david.aileen


... we cuddled up at home with dinner and champagne and lots of chat and catching up.  It was Dave's first Christmas in Ireland.  He was surprised at the level of involvement at the children's mass in our parish, where they even sang Happy Birthday ...

Our final full day in the Emerald Isles, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Our final full day in the Emerald Isles

A travel blog entry by janet_and_ron


... we have Atlantic smoked salmon or full Irish? After a moment or two of deliberation (we had decided to stay in a hotel in North Dublin at Sutton, as it looks to be fairly close to the airport), making an assumption that at a hotel we are more likely to ...

Last day in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Last day in Ireland

A travel blog entry by woodsies


... and not as attractive as St Patrick's. It is officially claimed as the seat of both the Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic Church's archbishops of Dublin but has in practice only been used by the Church of Ireland since the Irish Reformation. The ...

heading back to London, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

heading back to London

A travel blog entry by jessica_caywood

... the computer lab. I just did one of my papers and am hoping to get one more done before the night is over. Also, when I was in Dublin I FINALLY got my pictures on a CD so I feel much better now. And I just posted a bunch of them to this website! Well, ...

Sunday in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Sunday in Dublin

A travel blog entry by giarratanom234


St Teresa's Carmelite Church Bewley's on Grafton St 1840 Kilmainham Jail is a former prison located in Kilmainham in Dublin. built in 1796 Ha'penny Bridge made in 1816 Winding ...

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