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It's a long way from here to there..., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

It's a long way from here to there...

A travel blog entry by rawhideone


It's amazing how your attitude can do a 180 turnaround in an instant. I arrived yesterday afternoon…kept it together thru the 33 hours of transit…. 24 of them sitting in an airplane seat - after less than 5 hours, my tailbone driving its way ...

Isoja aaltoja, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Isoja aaltoja

A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


Reilun viikon Ubudin loman jälkeen hovikuskimme P vei meidät etelään Legianin Tune Hotelliin odottamaan H:n, P:n ja E:n sekä tuttavaperheen saapumista.Oikeasti ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa tämä eteläisen Balin häsläys ja levoton meininki. ...

BALI TOuring, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

BALI TOuring

A travel blog entry by annomalay

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Bali Bombers causes delay!.., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bali Bombers causes delay!..

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


... rental car – and along the way we were blocked by a swarm of police and police vehicles.  The entire main road (Jalan Legian) was blocked off – which means we would not be able to get our rental car back to the hotel.  I asked some ...

Waterbom Park, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Waterbom Park

A travel blog entry by zozo99


Today we went to Waterbom Park which was right across the road from our hotel.  It was so fun.  I went on most of the rides except the really scary ones.  Kate and I were going to go on the corkscrew, but the line was too long. Dad and ...

Wednesday, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by leandglenn


after a leisurely breakfast (watching it rain again)...we set off to the laundry and put our washing in. Bit dearer....55 000 ($6) Lovina was only costing between 17 000 and 20 000rp LOL. Jumped into a taxi and headed up to Bintang again to change money. ...

Cooking up a storm in the countryside, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Cooking up a storm in the countryside

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... today for a cooking experience. I love cooking classes in countries that I visit. After researching what was on offer around Legian and Seminyak I realised that the classes that were being offered were to 'touristy' and not exactly what I was looking ...

Arrival, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 3montys


A big day for all. First the travel down to Sydney airport, than the plane ride. Yeah, we ...

water bomb park, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

water bomb park

A travel blog entry by rosie_blog

Today best day ever I'm going to water bomb park. I woke up this morning feeling pumped and ready to go. First I had breakfast then myself my mum and my brother all caught a taxi to water bomb park. When we got there we had to wait in line for 20 ...

Warned not to do that - but we did it anyway, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Warned not to do that - but we did it anyway

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... , bargaining hard and coming away happy. I have to say that the sellers on Kuta beach are much pushier and harder than up Legian way, something to consider if you don't like 'bargaining' or the hard sell or if you don't like being surrounded by gaggles ...

Legian, Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Legian, Bali

A travel blog entry by smileyriley


... and headed straight to bed, as it was past midnight. The following day, we quickly knew we would not be huge fans of the Kuta/Legian area of Bali, as there are a lot of tourists and hawkers (people trying to sell you things, give you a ride in their ...

Beatles Night + fashion victim!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Beatles Night + fashion victim!

A travel blog entry by loadersonthego


The gang all went for a wander into town today - we toured the market stalls for t-shirts and tat, and then dropped off some washing at a local lady round the corner from the hotel - excellent value. We stopped carried on shopping while the Aussies went ...

boxing day, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

boxing day

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


... he lays down in the very back seat of the kijang. We set off as soon as possible and make the 1 1/2 hour or so journey to Legian. By the time we arrive....he is not feeling good but goes to the toilet and I stock him up with special isotonic drinks. He s ...

Dad's Birthday, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Dad's Birthday

A travel blog entry by zozo99


Mum and I woke up at 6am in the morning and went to the airport to pick up my friend Emily and her family.  It is her first time on a plane.  We got to the airport at 7:45 and the plane landed at 8:21, but Emily was the last one out - they ...

Surfin n Sunbathing, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Surfin n Sunbathing

A travel blog entry by hullick

... the oldest standing place on the beach. The location was great, 10 meters to the sand central with all the best restaurants Legian has to offer. Families occupied this area of the beach..mostly Australian families. Heidi and I quickly got into a routine ...

Day 2, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by john.wroblewski


It's been a busy time. Checked in around midday and my accommodations were simple but lovely - a gorgeous little collection of villas with engraved doors. Simple and rustic yet elegant. Last night was a fun time. Gorgeous little bars along the beach, ...

Een eerste kennismaking, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Een eerste kennismaking

A travel blog entry by cb_goes_again


Midden in de nacht kom ik na meer dan 14 uur vliegen aan in een warm en vochtig Bali. Buiten staan tientallen mannetjes met kaartje en namen om mensen op te pikken, met daaromheen een zwerm mannetjes die hun taxi's en hotels proberen te slijten. Sorry ...

The softest sheets ever, Legian 101, Indonesia travel blog

The softest sheets ever

A travel blog entry by djunamnie


... ride, getting extremely seasick and people on deck got a good heavy shower and came down soaking wet) we had ourselves drop at the Legian 101 hotel.  We thought the hotel was in a quiet part of Seminyak but with too much heat in our heads we mixed ...

The Ogilvie's Hit Kuta, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

The Ogilvie's Hit Kuta

A travel blog entry by zozo99


I woke up early and went to the shops with Mum.  Sophie, Leila and Dad packed all the stuff up because today we moved the the Bali Garden hotel in Kuta. Mum and I went to the shops because Mum was trying to find some knives and forks that she saw at ...

Week 32- Legian, West Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Week 32- Legian, West Bali

A travel blog entry by eshaw15


... and bustled. "Hey you look" every time you walk past a shop, trying to be ushered into each bar or restaurant. Seminyak, Legian and Kuta are three towns, north to south about 20 minutes apart, Kuta being the Ibiza town during peak season, however the ...

1st day off, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

1st day off

A travel blog entry by kickstart


nach gewitter in der nacht und leichtem regen in der früh heut den tag nur am strand verbracht. was soll ich auch anderes machen, wenn ich schon solche blasen von den Flips hab? :) die heutige Bekanntschaft des tages: Iwan, surflehrer aus Java (und ja, ...

Sydney to Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Sydney to Bali

A travel blog entry by sgregory


... "Shin kah kah" means " no worries" in Balenese.....and so it is the culture here in Bali.  I've been staying in a little place in Legian on the southwest coast of Bali.  I wasn't sure what to expect in Bali but I did think it would be more of a ...

PARTIE SANS LAISSER D'ADRESSE, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by idabagus


 Mauvaise surprise à Legian (Bali) : la marchande de satés* chez qui j'aimais me rendre a disparu.  A la place de son stand, le vide, la gargote s'est envolée. Du calicot qui signalait sa spécialité, de la fumée qui s'échappait du ...

I'm in Bali!, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

I'm in Bali!

A travel blog entry by abbytravels


So I arrived in Bali at about 6pm after the flight from Singapore was delayed. My first observation is it is so cheap! My 45 minute taxi journey from the airport cost me £5 and the taxi driver basically gave me a run down of what to do and where to ...

Scams and lies, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Scams and lies

A travel blog entry by welpje


Actually, that is the perfect introduction to Indonesia; let it be Bali, Lombok, the Gilis, whatever. Scams and lies all over the place. Oh, and let's not forget about the robberies, but that belongs to the 'Kuta' part so more about that later. I got ...

Surf's Up with a Kuta Cowboy, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Surf's Up with a Kuta Cowboy

A travel blog entry by raniroo

Not wanting to abandon my ailing friend, we decide to stay close to 'home' and hangout at the hotel.  After a leisurely brekkie, we laze in the sun for a bit reading our books before I set out on my first surf lesson. My surf instructor looks like a ...

I like your skin, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

I like your skin

A travel blog entry by skiyoulater


Dagens kompliment blev uden tvivl leveret, til Signe, af taxichaufføren, der kørte fra vores "lufthavnshotel" til hotellet i Legian, lige syd for Kuta Beach... Kuta er crazy! Biler, scootere og mennesker alle vegne. Hver gang en taxi eller ...

Arrived in Bali - Late at night!!!, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Arrived in Bali - Late at night!!!

A travel blog entry by pat_and_joel

Arrived in Bali after a 3.5 hour flight from Perth (non-eventful); too bad we weren't able to make use of our tickets out of Darwin!  Guess that is the thing about those cheap non-refundable ...

The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way

A travel blog entry by swilson79


Welcome back, The adventure has taken us to beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a classic holiday destination, and in recent years has started to be avoided due to it's overwhelming success. This sadly leads to a cookie cutter, inauthentic touristy ...

Bali! The Island Nation of Bali..., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bali! The Island Nation of Bali...

A travel blog entry by catherinewalker

After a short flight from Singpore I arrived in Bali in the early evening. I had stupidly not left myself any remaining Malaysian money to pay the visa fee so it was a good job that I had some Aussie dollars with me that work had given me as part of my ...

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