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Day 6, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Day 6

A travel blog entry by dzasta


I know what you are thinking. This is a 5 day trip how can there be a day 6? I lost my passport????? I had it Saturday morning and didnt have it on Sunday morning. I went to the tourist poice and they couldnt help so had to go to the Kuta police in ...

Bali Wonderful Land, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bali Wonderful Land

A travel blog entry by bali_transport

During july and august, it is a high peak season. Here, i would like to share with you perhaps you would need some infos about Bali. My activity is a tour driver who speak french for some villas. so, do not be hesitate If you way have question about ...

And so the journey begin, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

And so the journey begin

A travel blog entry by hoolstravels


So after a whirlwind November that included a great leaving do in London, nice meal in Notts and then at Gatwick with the family night before I left, I was all for the off at 6.30am, got to the airport and was subsequently told the flight was delayed for ...

So excited for Bali Bliss, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

So excited for Bali Bliss

A travel blog entry by travel.bug279


It was a relatively early morning, out the door by 7am to be at the airport for our 10am departure. The tension was building with the constant traffic we were caught in, as none of us were uually travelling that way so early in the morning we forgot to ...

Bye miserable Melbourne Hi beautiful Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bye miserable Melbourne Hi beautiful Bali

A travel blog entry by alanjanuk


Thank goodness the winds were blowing the volcanic ash away from Bali last Wednesday and our flight was on schedule, We left  11 degrees and rain and arrived to 28 degrees, slight breeze and beautiful  sunshine. It was a bit stressful leading ...

Will I ever get there!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Will I ever get there!

A travel blog entry by raniroo

Leaving work on a half day leave was good but the weather was shocking and although I got to the airport early to have a look around the shops and feed my face, I needed had bothered.  An hour before my flight was due to depart, Sydney was hit with ...

I'm a baliever!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

I'm a baliever!

A travel blog entry by baggywiggles


... all happy hours and garish discos Seminayak is at the opposite end of the spectrum with slick cocktail bars and 5 star restaurants. Legian sandwiched between these is somewhere in between – we figured a happy medium and so decided to base ourselves ...

Surf 'til you Bleed, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Surf 'til you Bleed

A travel blog entry by marciad


... on her way for a visit home after being in Malaysia for a year. Small world! I landed in Bali at 3pm and was in the ocean at Legian by about 430. Woot! The next day I surfed until I had worn all the skin off my knees and one hand. Since your skin softens ...

A Cultural Day (and a very unCultural Day), Legian, Indonesia travel blog

A Cultural Day (and a very unCultural Day)

A travel blog entry by wanderlust1516


So as I mentioned before we spent a very unCultural (yes I know it's not a word) Day at Potato Head Beach Club. Despite its funny name the place was packed. We had to wait in line at 10:45am for it to open. Luckily though there were still sun beds still ...

We Payed $30 for This?, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

We Payed $30 for This?

A travel blog entry by chrisandrach

As our flight from Yogyakarta was arriving late in the evening we wanted to book some accommodation for when we arrived. This led to a search on hostelworld and hostelbookers for the cheapest room we could find in the vicinity of the airport. This lead ...

It's a long way from here to there..., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

It's a long way from here to there...

A travel blog entry by rawhideone


It's amazing how your attitude can do a 180 turnaround in an instant. I arrived yesterday afternoon…kept it together thru the 33 hours of transit…. 24 of them sitting in an airplane seat - after less than 5 hours, my tailbone driving its way ...

Isoja aaltoja, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Isoja aaltoja

A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


Reilun viikon Ubudin loman jälkeen hovikuskimme P vei meidät etelään Legianin Tune Hotelliin odottamaan H:n, P:n ja E:n sekä tuttavaperheen saapumista.Oikeasti ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa tämä eteläisen Balin häsläys ja levoton meininki. ...

BALI TOuring, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

BALI TOuring

A travel blog entry by annomalay

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Bali Bombers causes delay!.., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bali Bombers causes delay!..

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


... rental car – and along the way we were blocked by a swarm of police and police vehicles.  The entire main road (Jalan Legian) was blocked off – which means we would not be able to get our rental car back to the hotel.  I asked some ...

Waterbom Park, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Waterbom Park

A travel blog entry by zozo99


Today we went to Waterbom Park which was right across the road from our hotel.  It was so fun.  I went on most of the rides except the really scary ones.  Kate and I were going to go on the corkscrew, but the line was too long. Dad and ...

Wednesday, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by leandglenn


after a leisurely breakfast (watching it rain again)...we set off to the laundry and put our washing in. Bit dearer....55 000 ($6) Lovina was only costing between 17 000 and 20 000rp LOL. Jumped into a taxi and headed up to Bintang again to change money. ...

Cooking up a storm in the countryside, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Cooking up a storm in the countryside

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... today for a cooking experience. I love cooking classes in countries that I visit. After researching what was on offer around Legian and Seminyak I realised that the classes that were being offered were to 'touristy' and not exactly what I was looking ...

Arrival, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 3montys


A big day for all. First the travel down to Sydney airport, than the plane ride. Yeah, we ...

water bomb park, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

water bomb park

A travel blog entry by rosie_blog

Today best day ever I'm going to water bomb park. I woke up this morning feeling pumped and ready to go. First I had breakfast then myself my mum and my brother all caught a taxi to water bomb park. When we got there we had to wait in line for 20 ...

Warned not to do that - but we did it anyway, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Warned not to do that - but we did it anyway

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... , bargaining hard and coming away happy. I have to say that the sellers on Kuta beach are much pushier and harder than up Legian way, something to consider if you don't like 'bargaining' or the hard sell or if you don't like being surrounded by gaggles ...

Living like Kings in Bali :), Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Living like Kings in Bali :)

A travel blog entry by wanderlust1516


It is 8:30am on our third day in Bali. Niall is still fast asleep as we watched the rugby last night (a trip to Bali would never stop Niall from following the world cup). We watched the pretty epic Japan vs Samoa match until 11:45pm. I fell asleep and ...

Legian, Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Legian, Bali

A travel blog entry by smileyriley


... and headed straight to bed, as it was past midnight. The following day, we quickly knew we would not be huge fans of the Kuta/Legian area of Bali, as there are a lot of tourists and hawkers (people trying to sell you things, give you a ride in their ...

Beatles Night + fashion victim!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Beatles Night + fashion victim!

A travel blog entry by loadersonthego


The gang all went for a wander into town today - we toured the market stalls for t-shirts and tat, and then dropped off some washing at a local lady round the corner from the hotel - excellent value. We stopped carried on shopping while the Aussies went ...

boxing day, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

boxing day

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


... he lays down in the very back seat of the kijang. We set off as soon as possible and make the 1 1/2 hour or so journey to Legian. By the time we arrive....he is not feeling good but goes to the toilet and I stock him up with special isotonic drinks. He s ...

Dad's Birthday, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Dad's Birthday

A travel blog entry by zozo99


Mum and I woke up at 6am in the morning and went to the airport to pick up my friend Emily and her family.  It is her first time on a plane.  We got to the airport at 7:45 and the plane landed at 8:21, but Emily was the last one out - they ...

Surfin n Sunbathing, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Surfin n Sunbathing

A travel blog entry by hullick

... the oldest standing place on the beach. The location was great, 10 meters to the sand central with all the best restaurants Legian has to offer. Families occupied this area of the beach..mostly Australian families. Heidi and I quickly got into a routine ...

Day 2, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by john.wroblewski


It's been a busy time. Checked in around midday and my accommodations were simple but lovely - a gorgeous little collection of villas with engraved doors. Simple and rustic yet elegant. Last night was a fun time. Gorgeous little bars along the beach, ...

Een eerste kennismaking, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Een eerste kennismaking

A travel blog entry by cb_goes_again


Midden in de nacht kom ik na meer dan 14 uur vliegen aan in een warm en vochtig Bali. Buiten staan tientallen mannetjes met kaartje en namen om mensen op te pikken, met daaromheen een zwerm mannetjes die hun taxi's en hotels proberen te slijten. Sorry ...

New hotel...same....same....same, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

New hotel...same....same....same

A travel blog entry by alanjanuk


After one week at the Puri Rajah Hotel we moved to a different one in Legian when quite a big group of friends joined us.  The Rama Garden is quite small, close to, but not on the beach and is right amidst the main shopping area of Padma Street. (Who ...

The softest sheets ever, Legian 101, Indonesia travel blog

The softest sheets ever

A travel blog entry by djunamnie


... ride, getting extremely seasick and people on deck got a good heavy shower and came down soaking wet) we had ourselves drop at the Legian 101 hotel.  We thought the hotel was in a quiet part of Seminyak but with too much heat in our heads we mixed ...

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