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I made it.........FINALLY!!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

I made it.........FINALLY!!!

A travel blog entry by chelseaj


... from one flight to the next, but some how my suit case made the flight (at least one of us made it!). In the end I arrived in Montreal at 7:40am and it has been a long day. A meet a couple of lovely ladies in Toronto who were in the same situation as me ...

Anticipating My Departure!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Anticipating My Departure!

A travel blog entry by conorsmith

hey all- this entry is just to try things out. i'm getting so excited about the trip. leaving in less than three weeks now! ahhh!!! i still have so much to get done before i go. my next entry will probably be the day before i leave or else ...

La fin - The End, Montreal, Canada travel blog

La fin - The End

A travel blog entry by hamishandjulie

C'est la fin... ou plutot le debut de notre prochain grand voyage, s'installer a Montreal! Je suis donc revenue a Ottawa (moins cher billet que j'ai du racheter lorsque Zoom a fait 'Bye Bye voyageurs') lundi soir. Hamish est revenu vendredi soir, avec ...



A travel blog entry by perpignan

La valise ne ferme plus, comme lors de mon depart au scout je ne vais pas pouvoir mettre mon sac a dos sur le dos sans tomber sur le lit....ainsi a 19 ans on a toujours besoin de papa et maman pour nous aider! jpars dans 5 heures a l aeroport! Adios ...

To Montréal! (Part 1), Montreal, Canada travel blog

To Montréal! (Part 1)

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


We left early(ish) the next morning to get to Montréal in good time - which meant a hasty HI breakfast and a quick nip to the truck. The underground parking lot didn't look any less like the Batcave this morning than it did yesterday. But I digress. We ...

BINGO!!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by chelseaj


BINGO, BINGO, BINGO!!! Yes thats right on Thursday night Michelle, Angie, Angie's Mum and I all went into Lachute and played Bingo. It was so fun and very intense and best of all Michelle won $ joke! It was so great and we still cant believe it. ...

First Impressions, Montreal, Canada travel blog

First Impressions

A travel blog entry by jess1833


... was pretty shocked to roll over and find it was 9am. 9 AM! That's the latest I've slept since I've been in Canada. Anyway, I woke up hoping Montreal would change my first impressions and that's when the next blog comes in.        ...

Less than a month to go, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Less than a month to go

A travel blog entry by segacs

Wow, it's been way too long since I've travelled anywhere.  Less than a month to go, and counting. The trip's shaping up.  Plans are deliberately loose, but I've secured a free patch of floor to crash on, and a personal tour guide with ...

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A travel blog entry by bigadventure05


Spent a week relaxing (after the many previous 3-4 day stops) and exploring a new city. Highlight was two full days of bike riding since the city is very bicycle friendly. You can even ride across the verrry wide St Lawrence river on a bridge with no ...

The other half..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

The other half...

A travel blog entry by cubalma


... enough to have my new found friend Christelle join me half way into my stay. Being with both Maude and Christelle made my Montreal experience very special to me. My hostel Auberge Saint-Paul was located in the old and more touristy part of Montreal, ...

Test, Montréal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by eloise75

Test. ...

Montreal - Day 4, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal - Day 4

A travel blog entry by ozdan_2006

... a French accent and it sounds even better) It is a theme park owned by Six Flags that is located just on the outskirts of Montreal. There was a thunderstorm coming through later in the day so I made sure I got in as many rides as I can. The park was ...

Victoriaday Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Victoriaday Montreal

A travel blog entry by caasie


... nbsp; Most of the cabin remains in a catatonic state for the duration of the flight, lucky for those reclining seats.  Montreal greets us with an Arrivals Hall crammed solid with weary and resigned people; which brings the first part of our journey ...

Busy week in Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Busy week in Montreal

A travel blog entry by nalddo

... I was feeling as if I had lived there for many years. I am not sure if when I will come back in Canada, for a long period I mean, I will elect Montreal (for my job, Vancouver or Calgary may be better bets, even if I signed a paper telling I would settle ...

Hitting the road for the Epic Road Trip Adventure!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Hitting the road for the Epic Road Trip Adventure!

A travel blog entry by jennydavey


Here goes! My first blog. Please be patient as it may take some time to figure out the ins and outs of blogging (what a lame verb). But I thought it would be a good way to keep friends and family posted on our adventures. Enjoy! (we hope!) After a ...

Pre-departure, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by segacs


The idea for the trip to Costa Rica began with an idle MSN conversation with Cathy last September. With last July's trip to Israel over and done with, I was itching to begin planning the next adventure. I casually mentioned an interest in Costa Rica, and ...

Hot hot hot!!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Hot hot hot!!!

A travel blog entry by chelseaj


Hello everyone, Well its another hot day in Montreal and I have just spent an hour or so in the pool. I wrote an entry the other day bbut it didn't send out a notification thing so just so you know I did do an update the other day and there are some ...

A Day Late, A Buck Short, Montreal, Canada travel blog

A Day Late, A Buck Short

A travel blog entry by segacs


... to avoid on this trip, but oh well, small price to pay. Then, the home stretch: a short-hop commuter flight from Philly to Montreal. That one was easy as pie. I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw the Olympic Stadium come into view as we approached for ...

Montreal, PQ, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal, PQ

A travel blog entry by ybslob

Montreal, ...

Home Sweet Home, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Home Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by shaher


Et non, je ne me suis pas trompé dans la date, le 27 au matin je regardais le Pacifique, et je suis remonté sur ma monture pour parcourir les kilomètres inverses jusqu'à Vancouver. J'ai déposé ma moto dans un pick-up, pour la reprendre à la fin de ...

C'est un nouveau départ..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

C'est un nouveau départ...

A travel blog entry by juni

... vers une terre et un peuple inconnue rempli de surprises et de nouveaux défis. Je vous tiens au ...

Mundo Lingo, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Mundo Lingo

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

I got myself on a bus to Montreal which was a pretty painless 2 and a half hours. However, Greyhound bus company. IS. THE. WORST. BUS. COMPANY. IN. THE. WORLD. If i never sat on another one of their buses, I would be happy. The drivers ...

La route du retour!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

La route du retour!

A travel blog entry by toadsaga


En trois jours, avec 11h de route par jour!! :) ...

Exploring Montreal, or at least the art--, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Exploring Montreal, or at least the art--

A travel blog entry by lrandal

Sigh.  I wrote today's blog about exploring Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts and the lost the entry.   Love the city, residents friendly, lead with French, switch to English, Canadian painters can really do snow.  Friendly neighborhood ...

On attend, Montreal, Canada travel blog

On attend

A travel blog entry by xjiefx


Salut tous! Nous sommes présentement à l'aéroport en attente d'embarquer dans notre Airbus 330-300.  Il nous reste environ une heure d'attente.  L'embarquement est à 20:35 et le décollage est supposé être à 21:35. En attendant notre ...

À l'aéroport, Montreal, Canada travel blog

À l'aéroport

A travel blog entry by voyagedenoces


Bonjour tout le monde! Nous sommes présentement en attente de notre vol pour 19h15. Tout s'est déroulé numéro un jusqu'à date, aucune attente nulle part. Nous avons même déjà soupé. Là nous sommes assis devant les fenêtres et regardons notre ...

Sayonara Japan, Bonjour Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Sayonara Japan, Bonjour Montreal

A travel blog entry by segacs

Departure day Woke up early and repacked my entire bag before grabbing breakfast and setting out for the airport. Narita is well outside of Tokyo, and since my railpass was expired, I took the slower train to save some money. It took about 90 ...

Retour à la maison, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Retour à la maison

A travel blog entry by jfortin


C'est avec beaucoup de tristesse que j'ai quitté, aujourd'hui, ce merveilleux pays qui est le Japon. J'aurais passé beaucoup plus de temps, mais je n'ai pas des vacances éternellement. J'ai pris l'avion en après-midi pour le retour à la maison. ...

Nous sommes arrive a Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Nous sommes arrive a Montreal

A travel blog entry by rachnharry


... too long and it was time to head on to the second largest French-speaking city in the world. The drive to Montreal was along the Trans-Canada highway we have been following for a couple of days but, understandably, this section is a big dual carriageway, ...

Taking the VIA home and the Montreal basilica, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Taking the VIA home and the Montreal basilica

A travel blog entry by starlagurl


... I followed the sounds to the place where I thought the music was coming from. It turned out to be coming from the Basilica of Montreal. It seems that everytime I am bored in a strange city, I am always lured to a local religious venue by some sort of ...

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