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Korte update, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Korte update

A travel blog entry by emmycanada


Hallo lieve mensen, Even een hele korte update. Zoals jullie weten ga ik straks naar Toronto toe voor een kleine week, dus deze week geen uitgebreide blog. Daarbij heb ik toch praktisch niets meegemaakt, op een pizza bestellen en een film kijken met Mea ...

Touring Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Touring Kingston

A travel blog entry by 2stoochsonthego


... 's first capital city. Another area we enjoyed was around the military college and Fort Henry. This fortification was built to defend Kingston from attack from the Americans. It was in a strategic position to control trade up the St. Lawrence and what was ...

Canada Day in Canada's First Capital, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Canada Day in Canada's First Capital

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

... over 12 hours later! I guess it really is the best spot in town to watch from. I, however, wasn't really that concerned with Canada day festivities. I've been to Ottawa six or seven times, and that was enough for me. I just wanted to spend some time ...

A beautiful day for a ride, Kingston, Canada travel blog

A beautiful day for a ride

A travel blog entry by dougyb


... and nice beach ... if you are looking for a day trip, consider Sharbot Lake, After lunch we followed the group into CFB Kingston.  This is where riders from other Ride for Dad chapters were converging before heading to Trenton on Thursday for the big ...

testing, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by shreeya.thakrar

hi there ...

No more Chicken Fried Chicken, Kingston, Canada travel blog

No more Chicken Fried Chicken

A travel blog entry by lolly


... radio, it pretty much sums up how we feel:  "If you look up Awesome in the dictionary, it will tell you to see Kingston".  If you want to read about how awesome Kingston is, check out my blog where I write about the city, surrounding area, and ...

Kingston, ON, CA, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Kingston, ON, CA

A travel blog entry by gantmj


Day 8, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by charlotte.vardy


Well the sun is out again!  A little nip in the air.  Time to move on to our next stop up the Valley. We left our campground around 1000 am and decided to go to the Evangeline Inn Restaurant for breakfast - lots of parking space this morning. ...

Davis family Christmas....In August, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Davis family Christmas....In August

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


My parents went all out for Christmas in August. The tree is up, and so are the various Christmas villages that dad really likes. They're miniature villages that light up, and some of them have little action figures that move around. It's quite ...

Soooo not ready..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Soooo not ready...

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

I leave for Kenya on Sunday.  I'm soooo not ready.  I just got my passport yesterday, and I don't have any Kenyan currency (don't even know what it's called!), don't have a LP Kenya, and don't really know anything about the country.  ...

Escaping TO, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Escaping TO

A travel blog entry by beanthere


Okay, this is a seriously short post.  Pretty much I left TO and headed to Kingston.  Didn't get into Kingston til 3pm is so just found a campground and chilled. I'm seriously bagged and will take some time in Ottawa to recharge.  I took ...

Getting Ready! and getting excited..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Getting Ready! and getting excited...

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


So it's just a few days before we set off. I've had all my shots (more than enough!), packed my hat and sunblock, but can't find bug spray in February - imagine! I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures and photos through postings and hope you ...

Clayton to Kingston, Kingston, Ontario, Canada travel blog

Clayton to Kingston

A travel blog entry by mcjip


... , Ontario by weaving our way through narrow ( sometimes 700 ft wide) channels, taking the scenic route to our destination. Kingston is a wonderful small city; lots of stores, brew pubs and restaurants close to the waterfront. Tonight we have dinner ...

Getting ready to leave, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Getting ready to leave

A travel blog entry by paulaw


Hello all, this is more of a test blog considering I havent actually gone anywhere, unless you count going to montreal this weekend. Anyways I am busy getting ready to go. I got a million shots and pills yesterday for all my immunizations. You would ...

Off to San Andres!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Off to San Andres!

A travel blog entry by saiklor_abroad

So we all (we all being myself, Mom, Dad, Ceci, Allison, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Paul and Nic) slept here last night and were up bright and early to take a hired van to Toronto to catch the plane to Colombia! Or at least, that was the plan. The stupid van ...

First she said no....., Kingston, Canada travel blog

First she said no.....

A travel blog entry by gilesnz2016


... ;Took some cold medicine, some NZ wine  and felt saved.So enjoyed all the section had to offer…..thanks Air Canada. Arrival in Sydney brought us to a six hour layover.  Some lovely sweet employee in arrivals suggested we try the American ...

Jim & June's Odyssey 091029 - Kingston, ON, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Jim & June's Odyssey 091029 - Kingston, ON

A travel blog entry by jimcabay

... scenic unless you like muskeg, shrub trees and rocks. The city however, is stunning. KINGSTON, Ontario:   Probably the most historically significant city in Canada – it was the first capital of Canada.  Locally, the biggest tourist draw ...

Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by miranxx

Dag 11: We zijn vanuit montreal naar kingston gereden. In kinston aangekomen direct ingecheckt in ons hotel. We lagen aan de rand van kingston. Bij een klein winkelcentrum, daar een tijdje rondgehangen. Veel hebben we die dag niet meer gedaan. Bij ons ...

Presque la temps dÓller, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Presque la temps dÓller

A travel blog entry by ethansethobrien

ETHAN Je suis trÚs exiter pour aller en Afrique. Il y a moins que trois mois aven que je pare et j `ai u tous mais vaccin. SETH Bonjour la clsse de Mme Veronique Dans moins que trois mois je pare pour l' Afrique. J'ai pris tous mes vaccins de l'Afrique. ...

Daylight Saving Time, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Daylight Saving Time

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... ) On saturday night, DST ended. We have to adjust back one hour later. I didn't know about DST until I came to Canada.  Daylight saving time (DST)—also summer time in British English— is the practice of ...

Catch up day with mates and relatives, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Catch up day with mates and relatives

A travel blog entry by rmproct


... his teenage years. After a great lunch and visit we drove south to the 401 highway and traveled at warp speed east to Kingston. There we were reunited with cousin Ed Giffin and his lovely wife Shirley. We had such a wonderful time reminiscing about family ...

The journey begins..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

The journey begins...

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


at the train station in K-town, heading for an overnight on Toronto. Luggage contains the strangest blend of clothing I've ever packed; weather looks to be about 20 degrees cooler so we'll ...

Loblaws en Úchte kou, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Loblaws en Úchte kou

A travel blog entry by emmycanada


Hallo lieve mensen, Eigenlijk moet ik naar bed, maar onder het mom van 'vechten tegen de jetlag' ga ik toch nog een stukje schrijven.    Zoals ik volgens mij gisteren al geschreven had, had ik vandaag een introductiedag waarin ik over allerlei ...

FINALLY home., Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

Yesterday was a LONG day.  I woke up pretty early, after only about 4 hours of sleep.  I got dressed, had breakfast, and went to the airport.  I got there, and there was a huge  line outside the terminal.  It turned out to be ...

And we are off!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

And we are off!

A travel blog entry by untethered


Today is the day! Today we meet in Toronto to begin our Camino adventure. We have spent a long time planning the details, and talking about them with others, training for the walk, and obsessing over what to pack. More time than any other trip that I ...

May 2, York, United Kingdom travel blog

May 2

A travel blog entry by jae

May 2 Up and showered early again. The breakfast wasn't quite as good as yesterday's, but very good anyway. L asked one of the Indian persons there what the one thing was, and it was called opma. It was very different from anything I've ever eaten. It ...

May 24/Final Weekend, Kingston, Canada travel blog

May 24/Final Weekend

A travel blog entry by payukawa


... people, tarik emily diana sugar and jenny, helped to make this an amazing weekend. As well as all of you who are normally in kingston (couldnt forget that you were there). Two nights in a row of watching the sun come up, some spaced out food (Luke's), ...

Old Uni Town, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Old Uni Town

A travel blog entry by nomadland

Queen's! 4 great years here! Not a lot of pics from Uni days, but I do get to visit once in blue moon and reminisce. However if your visiting for the first time, Princess St. Goes all the way down to the water, which is a very nice place to stop for a ...

Kingston Penninsula, New Brunswick, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Kingston Penninsula, New Brunswick

A travel blog entry by charlotte.vardy


... my 5th great Aunt Amy Scovil (5th great grandfather's sister) is buried - She was married to the lst Anglican minister in Kingston - they were from Waterbury, Connecticut and immigrated to Kingston as loyalists. My birthday is Aug. 10th, and Aunt Amy's ...

Welcome to my plog!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Welcome to my plog!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

... are paying some weird way. Tina and Barrett arrived for dinner at 5:15 after spending the day wandering through Kingston. Barrett, according to most of our friends, is the male version of me. Amusingly enough, within about five minutes of ...

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