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The adventure begins!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The adventure begins!

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


It's a beautiful day to be traveling today! Sunny with light cloud cover and a fresh breeze. Looking forward to connecting with the rest of the group in Toronto. A ...

Pronounced: 'Kwis - Pam - Sis', Quispamsis, Canada travel blog

Pronounced: 'Kwis - Pam - Sis'

A travel blog entry by normandsharon


Quispamsis is a suburb of Saint John, N.B. and this is home to my Aunt Joyce and Bob. Joyce is the one and only girl from my Dad’s side and second youngest of the 9 children Grandma and Grandpa had.  We were backing into their property and ...

No to kayaking, but yes to Halifax!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

No to kayaking, but yes to Halifax!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

Well, it turns out my weekend of kayaking got cancelled...which is good, because it's probably going to rain all weekend. However, since I already booked time off from teaching, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go out to Halifax to get ...

York and Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom travel blog

York and Edinburgh

A travel blog entry by jae

May 4 Got up relatively hangover free amazingly enough. Just a bit of a headache and feeling a tiny bit 'off'. Packed up and checked out and headed down to the shambles. I think you get a much better experience of the place if it's not busy. Wandered ...

The NonStart of the Epic Canoe Trip on the Rideau, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The NonStart of the Epic Canoe Trip on the Rideau

A travel blog entry by burtonx2


... guests of Rick Hatton and Anne Coward, my very gracious and charming hosts...Rick and Anne are world travellers who moved to the Kingston area after being in South Africa for three years. Many of the people that I having been coming into contact with in ...

Lakes, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by judy.ohalloran


... off onto Route 33 which was beautiful! Vineyards and along side Lake Ontario. Part of the road was a free ferry. Drove through Picton and Wellington without getting our tyres wet! Spent the night at Kingston on the mouth of the St Lawrence ...

Time to go home, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Time to go home

A travel blog entry by saiklor_abroad

Returned to the frigid north. OMG it's so ...

Today's the day, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Today's the day

A travel blog entry by jae

So today is the day. We've mostly packed the van up. I've got a list of things to finish off around the house today, and then we're hoping to leave right after work at 5 or so. We'll drive to mom's house tonight, and leave bright and early tomorrow to ...

Isle of Lewis, isle of lewis and stornaway, United Kingdom travel blog

Isle of Lewis

A travel blog entry by jae

... had. Apparently some man bought the whole Island of Lewis and whole villages were evicted and put on boats for places such as Canada. Some sort of uprising eventually won them the right to own land. We also went to the Callandish Stones. This is ...

Starting my journey early from Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Starting my journey early from Kingston

A travel blog entry by hallett

The journey starts in Kingston, goes through Toronto to Bejing and then on to Chengdu.  Should be in Chengdu by 8:30 pm local time on ...

One week!!!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

One week!!!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

... the road. So just for those who are keeping track of my movements: this weekend is Hayley's wedding in Athens, then back to Kingston on Sunday, stay here until Tuesday then leave for Toronto. In TO I'm staying with Greg for a night, then getting on ...

Tomorrow!, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mgbmdri

We leave tomorrow! There's been an addition to our group. It's now me and three friends heading down to NYC :) We're pretty much all ready to go. We have to stop and get our health insurance before leaving tomorrow. I think that's the only thing we ...

Don't make these life regrets, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Don't make these life regrets

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


     I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself. Not what others expect of me.  ~honour my dreams  ~health brings a freedom that few realize I wish I didn't work so hard. ~live in the moment ~don't miss important ...

April 29th, Toronto - Airplane - London, United Kingdom travel blog

April 29th

A travel blog entry by jae


... on time. The food was actually okay - I was quite surprised. No sleeping though. We flew across Ontario just north of Lake Ontario! We've never done that before. We saw Kingston - it looks tiny from the air. It was hard to even tell what we were ...

Takin it on Home, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Takin it on Home

A travel blog entry by aircor


... up still being evasive as we had one more stop to make. That would be back to where we started, at Vince and Lisa’s in Kingston. We did not park beside their house this time, but just left the bus on the street for the night, and slept in it there. ...

San Fran So Soon...., Kingston, Canada travel blog

San Fran So Soon....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

I woke up this morning and realized in two weeks, Ross and I will be in San Francisco! It's about time - I'm really getting the itch to hit the road again.  Our friend Greg has graciously agreed to drive us to the airport in Syracuse.  It's ...

Your life is too comfortable., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Your life is too comfortable.

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


There are a lot of things I really want to lecture the Landlady's son about.  1. Wasting Food - he doesn't finish his food - he feels nothing throwing food away 2. Wasting paper/ tissues/ etc - he used like 10 pieces just to wipe his hands dry 3. ...

Starting Out!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Starting Out!

A travel blog entry by kaitlinlewis


          So, I am sure most of you know by now but for those of you who don't, I will share with you my next adventure plans.              I loved writing my blog ...

Isle of Skye, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom travel blog

Isle of Skye

A travel blog entry by jae

May 8 When we woke up this morning the hostel was freezing. According to our guide we apparently only pay enough for a couple of hours of heat in the evening - idiot! The fire had gone out too so even the common room was cold. We were up early ...

Introduction to Canadian life: A hockey game, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Introduction to Canadian life: A hockey game

A travel blog entry by anouk03


... zero for maybe 24 to 48 hours in total. The game that I went to was between the Frontenacs (the local team of Kingston) and Oshawa. Literally having zero knowledge of hockey up until that point, I assumed that this was the highest league of the country, ...

Convenient Overnight Stop, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Convenient Overnight Stop

A travel blog entry by laura3849


... that had an outside patio.  (Of course, we soon learned that all the towns/cities in Canada have outside patios!)  Taking a look at Kingston from the visitors and downtown development perspective, it needs some sprucing up.  Litter was a ...

Did you say 'felucca'?, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Did you say 'felucca'?

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


Only 8 more restless nights and I'll be soaring my way to the land of the pharaohs. Today's tasks: making sure my iPhone is set up for international calls and emails ( I have a blog to maintain after all!); figuring out where I left my sunglasses (no, ...

The Lion and more weirdos, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Lion and more weirdos

A travel blog entry by sarahjoyce

I think I fell asleep about 2 minutes after setting off on the bus and when I woke up we were pulling in to Kingston bus station. It really looked like it was in the middle of nowhere and it was. We ended up having to get a taxi to the University where we ...

off we go tomorrow................, Kingston, Canada travel blog

off we go tomorrow................

A travel blog entry by adnannie

So, approximately 21 hours from now we will all be on a veeeery long flight to South Africa. Not sure we are as excited for that part as we are to get there. It will be Monday afternoon when we actually arrive at the Moholoholo Wildlife Reserve. Sure ...

Awkward Turtle, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Awkward Turtle

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... make friends. I know I have to meet someone so I have the motivation to initiate conversations and bond.  But here in Kingston, I am very comfortable with my social circle. (which compromises basically of me and Xinyi) We have lots of fun, we ...

Yet another boring travel day ..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Yet another boring travel day ...

A travel blog entry by aspqrz

... says. A boring travel day - from Toronto to Ottawa. A long boring drive. No pictures. Nothing really of interest. Went through Kingston, didn't get off the Expressway - maybe after I return the car in Toronto and head up the coast to Quebec. Move right ...

Get excited with me!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Get excited with me!

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


So - it's finally April and we're on the "so many sleeps to go..." countdown. Today makes it 10! I have to get out today and pick up some of those last minute items for my travel kit... Despite the beautiful weather we're having this Easter weekend, ...

The Visa Run-Western Style, Kingston, Canada travel blog

The Visa Run-Western Style

A travel blog entry by mycanadianyear


... it was certainly cold enough and the snow was plenty, I would have quite liked a week or so of the intense winters you always hear Canada having...maybe next winter! I guess I was only here for the last 6 weeks or so of winter! But for now it looks like ...

Eastbound and Down, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Eastbound and Down

A travel blog entry by aircor


... the L&V outdoor patio, while Ford gets all of the attention. It’s a nice 4 level split, in a built up area of Kingston, as Lisa says on the train track side of town, that is the whistle as apposed to the other half which has some other ...

Second Outing, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Second Outing

A travel blog entry by winniestravels


For our second camping trip we headed out to Rideau Acres campground near Kingston.  A nice campground although we we placed on the main road so a fair amount of traffic.  Set up was much eaisier this time (we're learning) and we had a nice ...

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