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Sorry we haven't posted, lion's den, Australia travel blog

Sorry we haven't posted

A travel blog entry by kublerfamily


... South to North we were coming down Big Red (thank god). Damo and Shan lead out, in the Zoomobile (purchased from Australia Zoo) followed by the Beast (renamed Munji, after the Rhino in Jumungi that runs at the end of the stampede panting ...

Wrapping it up, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Wrapping it up

A travel blog entry by kuhlman5


Curtis(in poem form...):   In Port Douglas there is many places to go Here at the tennis courts just across the street, you can take lesson, for twelve bucks each! Just next door, there are baketball or lose be a good sport! Also, out ...

The telegraph track - south section, Degarra, Australia travel blog

The telegraph track - south section

A travel blog entry by williamrichards


Yesterday I left Ollie and Naomi in Coen as Oliver's spokes still haven't arrived after 6 days of waitin and upon further investigation and looking up the tracking number, we discovered that the parcel was sent to NSW and was being returned to the ...

A world of its own, Helenvale, Australia travel blog

A world of its own

A travel blog entry by davelynne


Surprisingly we are awake early. We had one of those nights you would only expect from a Back Packer's place. Someone had too much "jungle juice" and decided to play up until quite late. Eventually it was all sorted and the peace and quiet of 03:00hrs ...

Cape Tribulation, Daintree Forest, Australia travel blog

Cape Tribulation

A travel blog entry by eve-michael


... surprise. We also encountered a Cane Toad along the way which the guide promptly tortured. Cane Toads are seen as dirty vermin scum in Australia. After the night walk we had a few drinks at the bar and then headed off to bed. Somehow we all managed to ...

Daintree day trip, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree day trip

A travel blog entry by traveltragic

Daintree ...

The Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas, Daintree & Cape Tribulation, Australia travel blog

The Daintree Rainforest

A travel blog entry by hockers19


The Bloomfield Track to Cooktown To Bloomfield, Bloomfield, Australia travel blog

The Bloomfield Track to Cooktown To Bloomfield

A travel blog entry by kezzacain


Phase 10: Daintree, Daintree National Park, Australia travel blog

Phase 10: Daintree

A travel blog entry by brandon_t


... small beauties if you looked closely enough. After getting to explore around the Cape a bit we were escorted back into our 4WD and ferried back across the river before heading back to the hotel. All in all a fitting end to our time in tropical Australia! ...

"Luxury in the rainforest" - Bloomfields

A travel blog entry by shaneandsarah


After a small flight up the coast - with the Barrier Reef on one side and the Rainforest on the other - and a short boat ride we arrived at Bloomfields Lodge for 4 days of "luxury in the rainforest". Day 1 ===== This was spent lazing by the pool, a ...

Daintree Forest Tour, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree Forest Tour

A travel blog entry by domian

7am pick for our Daintree Forest Tour by Ricky. 8 of us in total for this one. We get picked up by Ricky. Seems a nice guy. Then pick 6 others up, including 2 Americans who talked a lot, and make our way to the forest. It takes about an hour to get to the ...

Three crocodiles and some more flat whites, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Three crocodiles and some more flat whites

A travel blog entry by huw.davies


Drove an hour north of Port into the Daintree Tropical Rain Forest.  This is the oldest in the world, calculated at over 100 million years having avoided cataclysm and ice ages.  Joel and Huw took a boat ride on the Daintree river and ...

extremes, Daintree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gilligun89


... hav'nt made up my mind on her, however, despite the rumors I was told, I have no quarms and therefor my thoughts are clear. Daintree is punded by rain my first week, relentless and for what is seems unstoppable. Within 5 minutes your feet are wet from the ...

Daintree, Daintree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by catandtim

We drove to Daintree from Cairns and had to use a car ferry to cross the river and enter Daintree Rainforest. The lodge we stayed in was incredible, all the rooms were cabins set within the rainforest connected by boardwalks. The place was ...

Platypus (ornithorynque), Kimberley, Australia travel blog

Platypus (ornithorynque)

A travel blog entry by evyrouba

... 233;, on a fait quelques courses avant de descendre vers la mer. On a dû prendre le ferry pour traverser la rivière Daintree et arriver dans la partie Cape Tribulation du Daintree NP. Pour arriver au camping il y avait encore 5 km de piste. On ...

An Environmentalists Wonderland!, Daintree National Park, Australia travel blog

An Environmentalists Wonderland!

A travel blog entry by kirsten_darren


... ; Daintree National Park! With amazing biological diversity and so many fauna and flora species that are endemic to this part of Australia it is no wonder that this area of wet tropics is World Heritage listed. Our desperation to see a Cassowary before ...

Spoilt!, Lower Daintree, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bennjaymie


Jaymie and I are spoiling ourselves for a night in a rainforest bungalow before we head off along The Savannah ...

A day at the races!, Maxwelton, Australia travel blog

A day at the races!

A travel blog entry by lloydsplus1


Left Julia Creek this morning intending to get to Richmond but had a slight detour along the way lol! Firstly saw a sign about someBrolga art works coupled with a handwritten 'stop, turn here' so we did and went to the tiny town of Nella recently ...

Daintree and Cape Tribulation, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree and Cape Tribulation

A travel blog entry by sellers2013-14


... in the Daintree Rain Forest today!  Cape Tribulation is the northernmost point you can drive to on a non-4WD road on Australia's east coast, and is an area discovered and named by Captain James Cook, who also discovered the islands of Hawaii. ...

På opdagelse..., Daintree, Australien travel blog

På opdagelse...

A travel blog entry by kristina-johnny


... nedsvis, ufremkommeligt terræn, giftige edderkopper, moskitos - you name it... Vi kom helt tæt på, da vi vandrede igennem Daintree Discovery Centre. Op mellem trætoppene og helt ned i bunden hvor solen næsten ikke trænger ...

Cool dry season, my arse!, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Cool dry season, my arse!

A travel blog entry by romsey_wanderer

Anne and I are parked up in a pull-in next to Cape Tribulation at the northern edge of the Daintree tropical forest in North Queensland. We're on our own with snakes, spiders and cassowaries stalking us in the dark. It is so hot, and humid. We are both ...

Nationalpark, Daintree Rainforest, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by franziska1989


Rain in Daintree, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Rain in Daintree

A travel blog entry by ecoodysseys


... (W instead of E). Backtracked to gully junction and went up a steep hill. Very hot and testing. At top, saw ridge and Daintree Valley. Followed cattle track which was good walking gradient (animals are not stupid). Some ups, direction E so good, then ...

Stinging Tree Country, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Stinging Tree Country

A travel blog entry by ecoodysseys


0630h woke to the aftemath of the flood. Rain had stopped but cloudy as we spent the morning spreading everything out to dry. Built a fire with difficulty. River rose considerably last night - washed away my pair of precious chopsticks which I managed to ...

New Year's Eve in Daintree, Daintree, Australia travel blog

New Year's Eve in Daintree

A travel blog entry by ecoodysseys


... . Walked along cattle track till hit the Smith Creek ridge, followed it down. It was a round trip on the ridges between the Daintree and Smith Creek. 1715h arrived back in BC to see support group arriving (the reason we chose  in opposite direction, ...

2 Go Missing, Daintree, Australia travel blog

2 Go Missing

A travel blog entry by ecoodysseys


... while waiting for others to set off. Humid but felt strong. Nicky in bad mood, slowing (us) down for attention. 1600h Arrived Daintree BC in bright sunshine. Set up fly, swam, washed and rained. Waiting for dinner that Jeanette, Annie (2 vain women I ...

Talei is cass-o-wary, Daintree Region, Australia travel blog

Talei is cass-o-wary

A travel blog entry by godboldsgonorth


... fan-palms in the Daintree rainforest. These were my favourite.  I also liked the huge tree ferns. At the Daintree Discovery Centre, I learnt about lots of the plants that are found in the Daintree, for example gigantic King ferns.  ...

G'day, Cow Bay, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ruttlem


Internet was hard to find in Northern Australia, so I don't have many pictures or updates, but we have been really busy up in Queensland! Dave met us in Cairns after our overnight flight there, we picked up our rental car, groceries and headed North to ...

Day 4, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by geoffandkarla


... . Will update throughout the day. Sitting at the daintree ferry waiting to cross. Bring on the dirt roads, yippee. Stopped at the daintree discovery centre and Eddie got a mascot, so every vehicle now has a Mascot. The 80 series with Maurits and Anita has ...

Daintree Rainforest, Cap Trib and Crocs!, Daintree, Australia travel blog

Daintree Rainforest, Cap Trib and Crocs!

A travel blog entry by tpanlener


What an amazing couple of days we have had up here in Queensland! Seeing the oldest rainforest in the world (Daintree), the only place in the world where two heritage sights (Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest) meet at Cape Tribulation and then to end ...

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