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Rock Lobster, Bar Harbor, United States travel blog

Rock Lobster

A travel blog entry by nklenske


Klenske, Ink. Pulled into Ba' Haba on saturday, set up our camp, went down to see the sea and then went into town to find some food. Great salmon and halibut. Then to bed. Woke up to rain, and it rained off and on all day, but that didn't stop us. ...

Time To Run...., Harrison, United States travel blog

Time To Run....

A travel blog entry by jordancp

So yea I've been lazy, I'll admit it, any time I've managed to get online I couldn't be bothered to update as I didn't have enough time and probably had better things to do! So the final countdown for camp is on, the teaching is pretty much over as ...

Day 11 - Part 2, Ellsworth, United States travel blog

Day 11 - Part 2

A travel blog entry by hms_travel


The bus ride was about four and a half hours. But there were two bathroom breaks for Kiana to freshen up. Finally we reached Ellsworth. Dinner was at the Kona's Seafood and Steak, although didn't have any seafood or steak to eat there. The butter had ...

Ba Habaa, Acadia National Park, United States travel blog

Ba Habaa

A travel blog entry by brandonibologna


... routes through out the park, many right on the ocean. A note to Ari, Z and Josh: summer climbing trip in Acadia? Think about it. Later that night I found myself in the middle of no-where Maine and got some sleep in a Walmart parking lot.  Good ...

Big Mama's, Portland, United States travel blog

Big Mama's

A travel blog entry by msouliere

... showing a nice range of customer types from a bygone era (early 90s?) portraying in a hybrid realistic/caricature style. Very Portland, Maine. The back wall sports no less than 13 clocks, ranging from Zippy the Pinhead to Elmo, to Elvis, to Ozzy. In ...

I Scream U Scream, Boothbay Harbor, United States travel blog

I Scream U Scream

A travel blog entry by ahousey


... . We left Vermont behind and wound our way across New Hampshire.   Around 7 PM we finally reached Boothbay Harbor Maine. What a cute and beautiful little town. Exactly what you'd picture Maine to be. Beautiful blue water filled with sailboats and ...

Acadia National Park, Acadia National Park, United States travel blog

Acadia National Park

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... ' lidi přijíždějící z Kanady s francouzským jazykem, jako kdyby se tam snad ani anglicky nemluvilo. Stát Maine je největším na severovýchodě, docela divoký kraj, hluboké lesy, pohoří, jezera, velmi málo ...

Uncle Andy's, 170 Ocean Street, South Portland, United States travel blog

Uncle Andy's, 170 Ocean Street

A travel blog entry by msouliere


... of the diner, and on the side we're on there are original paintings and photographs for sale from a few artists, focusing on Maine-related subject matter. MICHELLE orders: a 3-Cheese Scramble (with broccoli added) & 7-Grain Toast, plus hot green tea, ...

im here!!!, Augusta, United States travel blog

im here!!!

A travel blog entry by kathyh99

so ... im here!!! two days travel later and ive finally got here! its really beautiful here. there isnt very many people yet, there are two other horseriding counsellors here. one from england and one from sweden, they are all really nice. there are a ...

Durch das Hinterland von Maine, Bethel, United States travel blog

Durch das Hinterland von Maine

A travel blog entry by olih


... Continental Breakfast in der Kineo View Lodge (Bagel, Muffins, Cereal), dann geht es auf Nebenstraßen durch das ländliche Western Maine. Die größte Stadt, durch die wir kommen, ist Skowhegan am Kennebec River, den wir auf dem Weg nach Bar Harbor bei ...

27 hours to go, York, United States travel blog

27 hours to go

A travel blog entry by k8eandco


Well... Here we are! Just one day left and we'll be on our way to Sao Miguel for five days, and then on to Palmela, outside Lisbon... Needless to say, we can't wait! For now, though, the Board of Selectmen is calling me... More to come! Join us ...

Day #3....., Bar Harbor, United States travel blog

Day #3.....

A travel blog entry by mckelsos


... touristy shops and almost all left with a priceless overpriced made in Maine gem. Colette got a Maine sweater, Jay got a trapped in Maine t-shirt, Heidi got a coloring book and dad got some sideways glances due to his right eye growing a red twin. We all ...

Now I'm here!, Harrison, United States travel blog

Now I'm here!

A travel blog entry by jordancp


Hey all, Well I managed to arrive here safely, got in about 10pm last night to the camp, which is 3am UK time. I've only been here one day but it seems like ages since I've seen you all!! Found out I'm the only archery instructor on Camp but my ...

Really great RV park, Harrington, United States travel blog

Really great RV park

A travel blog entry by brentandjo


Well it was starting out well today.  Brent still was not well and we talked about just staying in Phippsburg for another day or move on for a short distance. To get to the Canadian Border was just to far for us in one day so we found a RV campground ...

Northern New England, Freeport, United States travel blog

Northern New England

A travel blog entry by andyfreshwater


... domes and spires set against the green of the mountain slopes. Montpelier is one of the leading hospitality centres in the States and there are several establishments including a bakery which are staffed by students from the college. We chose the ...

Okay - its cold again!!, Springvale, Australia travel blog

Okay - its cold again!!

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


Spent yesterday checking out some hot spots in Melbourne - St Kilda (not all its made out to be) and Brighton (beautiful even in the crappy weather - biiiiiigggg houses!!!) Stayed at the caravan park for the afternoon and then headed to Todds football ...

Exploring Southern Maine, Wells, United States travel blog

Exploring Southern Maine

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


... the two of them.  Snow would then give my dad an autographed copy of the latest book.  I actually have all of those and one of these days I will get around to reading them.  Enjoy this area of Boothbay Harbor....     ...

camp, Portland, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicoleduncan88

So I have now been at camp for 3 days although it seems waaaaay longer! On friday we spent most of the day cleaning up the beach setting up the water front and stuff like that.we also had a couple of talks and then at night everyone headed up to the ...

Appalachian Mountains, USA, North Newry, United States travel blog

Appalachian Mountains, USA

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... ;ezdívá, se táhne od jihu téměř z Floridy přes 16 států USA až sem, na sever do státu Maine u hranice s Kanadou. Vědecky je vlastně dokázáno, že geologicky je součástí Apalačského pohoří i ...

Ein Herbsttag in den Bergen, Bethel, United States travel blog

Ein Herbsttag in den Bergen

A travel blog entry by olih


... aus Vermont, dazu Bratkartoffeln mit karamellisierten Zwiebeln. Außerdem zur Wahl: riesige Pancakes, mit oder ohne (natürlich in Maine gepflückten) Blueberrys, und wem das alles nicht zusagt, dem brät er die Eier auch nach Belieben mit Speck oder ...

I've a ticket to Senegal, Belfast, United States travel blog

I've a ticket to Senegal

A travel blog entry by snowinsenegal


Hello Everyone, I'm counting down the days.  Exactly 8 days left! I have two days in Washington DC for orientation then...SENEGAL!  Am I excited? I can't even find the words to describe it.  One moment I'm focused on packing, ...

Terror Sweats, Bangor, United States travel blog

Terror Sweats

A travel blog entry by peteindira


... would call that a close call... From the gas station we decided to head for the US border in order to cut through Maine instead of returning down the same uninteresting highways through New Brunswick and Quebec.  This worked out well as our route ...

Lobsters and Lighthouses in Maine, Portland, United States travel blog

Lobsters and Lighthouses in Maine

A travel blog entry by paul_and_ness


... looked out across to Penobscot Bridge.   We couldn't pin point what it was that made Maine feel so different to the other coastal States we'd driven through in New England, but it's nickname Vacationland certainly seemed fitting as ...

LL Bean!, Freeport, United States travel blog

LL Bean!

A travel blog entry by wsult3


Today, we made our way to Bar Harbor, Maine, but decided we must stop at L.L. Bean. We love L.L. Bean! Freeport, Maine is the home of the L.L. Bean company; therefore, they have retail and outlet stores for shoppers to visit. I must say I was a bit ...

Flug nach Bangor, Bangor, airport, United States travel blog

Flug nach Bangor

A travel blog entry by johannesburges


... är. Ein ruhiger angenehmer Flug. Wolf übernahm den Funk ich flog und beendete den Flugtag mit einer ordentlichen Landung. Abends dann natürlich Maine Lobster und ein kühles Bier. Das erste (und einzige Mal) draussen sitzen beim ...

The Great Escape, Maine, United States travel blog

The Great Escape

A travel blog entry by atollafield


Wow, what a week. Where to start... Last friday was trip day, as  my junior girls were away i joined the middies and went to a waterpark. unfortunately we got rained out and ate cardboard pizza and sat on the school bus for ages before going to get ...

Day 33 - Bar Harbor to Eustis, Eustis, United States travel blog

Day 33 - Bar Harbor to Eustis

A travel blog entry by philipnaylor


... routine still ensured we were off, long before, we needed to be.   Our journey took us further toward the north of Maine, as we began to also head slowly back toward Quebec.    As we headed north, at the same time climbing, Chrissy ...

God Resting, Grand Lake Stream, United States travel blog

God Resting

A travel blog entry by fredchristman


There are five Machias (God Resting) lakes in this remote region. They were formed 10,000 years ago as a sheet of ice over a mile thick receded at the end of the last Ice Age carving the land and depositing enormous boulders and rocks along the ...

To Return To Relishing, Jackman, United States travel blog

To Return To Relishing

A travel blog entry by nearhelsinki


... bake everything they sell, and they care about what they’re doing, and they’re cheap.  We feel good omens from Maine.             By night we find a pull-off in the middle of nowhere ...

Foxboro à Wells, Wells, United States travel blog

Foxboro à Wells

A travel blog entry by ivan.robichaud

... 233;jeuner et la douche, temps de tout ramasser et démonter la tente-roulotte. Départ vers 11h30 pour Wells, au Maine. Arrivée au Wells Beach Resort, un camping ordinaire, surtout comparé à celui de Foxboro. Installés sur le ...

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