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A surprising visit, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

A surprising visit

A travel blog entry by friendlycanuck


... the guide told us) and is so clean. There are beaches not far from the dock and the guide told us you can stay in Kusadasi for under $20 US a night (nice hotels).   The trip to Ephesus seemed short but it could be because our guide informed us ...

Ephesus, Temple of Artemission (Diana) Aegean Sea, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ephesus, Temple of Artemission (Diana) Aegean Sea

A travel blog entry by douglasmad815


... of Artemission ( Diana to the Romans) this was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, three more were in Turkey.  this is still a magnificent city, in Roman times it had an estimated population of two hundred thousand inhabitants. It had a ...

Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by r-k-worldtrip


... privately by family – as deal negotiated to allow relative to be buried there), commercial marketplace, largest theatre in Turkey (seated 25,000 people). Similar to Pergamum library – no parchments found, although maybe for less intriguing ...

Kusadasi via Troy, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi via Troy

A travel blog entry by gothard


... food might not sound exciting but you are really ready for it when meal times come and it tastes great. Back on the road to Kusadasi and all was quiet till 4pm when we decided to have a few drinks while travelling. The fridge on board is brilliant and ...

May 08, 2011, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

May 08, 2011

A travel blog entry by clintandgayejen


Storied Historical Ruins,, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Storied Historical Ruins,

A travel blog entry by painterlaura2


... or that so many different cultures left their mark on the area, the Ottomans, the Byzantines and Romans especially,  Of course, Turkey as a country has only been designated with this name in relatively modern times.  When you get to the pictures ...

Selcuk, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by theworldisabook


With Tim resting back at the hotel, the rest of the group headed by Dolmus to the town of Selcuk, home if St. John's Basilica. Another beautiful, sunny day, we toured the ruins of the Basilica and then headed to a tea house for a riveting game of ...

Bedbugs Be Gone!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Bedbugs Be Gone!

A travel blog entry by mleff


This morning, Jill and I left the COMFORTS of our comparably luxurious room at the Doubletree in Istanbul.  As we were eating breakfast, it began snowing, no kidding.  It was only a little bit though.  We drove to the airport and it was ...

unexpected surprise, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

unexpected surprise

A travel blog entry by reanna

... bracelets that we bought!! We also tried some of there famous apple tea, which reminds me of Tim Horton's Apple cider, very good!!!!!! Turkey was quite fun considering that when we first thought of that port we laughed at it. In the afternoon we docked in ...

Our first Port of Call, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Our first Port of Call

A travel blog entry by mjt4662


Our first port of call was Kudasasi Turkey.   This is the port to get you to Ephesus which contains the ruins of a city dating to 3000BC. Brad and I had been to Ephesus two years earlier and decided this day would be used to get use to the ship and ...

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

A travel blog entry by nahury1


Arrival at the coast. Will travel inland to where the coast used to ...

turkey so far, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

turkey so far

A travel blog entry by kallima

... structred australıan servıce. After ANZAC day we got back together wıth our tour drop and started headıng towards the south of Turkey. On out way weive seen many ancıent greek and ottoman (turkısh) cıtıes and structures ın the towns of pergamum ...

Aegean Coast, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Aegean Coast

A travel blog entry by amygz


... , and then us girls browsed the jewellery. I was very tempted to buy some but resisted!! From here it was a 5 hour journey south to Kusadasi. Our hotel was really nice and flash and it was nice to be in a hotel and have ncie hot showers! That night we ...

Aphrodisias, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ahartry


... I have been under the weather. We think that the water in Bulgaria combined with general exhaustion caused it. But Turkey is a fascinating country. We particularly enjoyed the underground cities of Cappadocia. Today, we explore Aphrodisias. It has been ...

Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by hingstontribe


The taxi arrived at ten to nine and we hurried out the door into the most luxurious taxi ever. It was more like a limousine, so we traveled in comfort today. We have decided to book the same taxi for our trip to Pergamon on Sunday. We were ...

Rug's anyone?, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Rug's anyone?

A travel blog entry by wms090359


We enjoyed a fun filled day walking the streets of Kusadasi..... Located on the Southern Aegean and one of the most developed parts of Turkey. Rolling hills, Mountains and glorious sandy beaches. Tomorrow ...

Great day in the ruins!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Great day in the ruins!

A travel blog entry by abudebbie


... no longer in use. Even thought this country is 95% Muslim, they possess an incredible number of Christian holy places because Turkey is where many of the Christians went after the crucifixion. Apparently Mary lived the rest of her life in Turkey and many ...

Major theater, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Major theater

A travel blog entry by melcraig

... hands and knees. The rolling out of rugs went on for about 40 mins into the pile was half a meter high! You isn't come to turkey and return home without a rug! Personally I don't like the rugs, so we opt for something smaller we can hang on the wall. We ...

A Taste Of Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

A Taste Of Turkey

A travel blog entry by cr_vanderwolf


Today we walked along the streets that some of the disciples from the Bible walked along. In fact, we walked on the same blocks of marble they walked on. That was amazing. We went to several sites of Ephesus because there are at least four places ...

Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus

A travel blog entry by tamrin


... as delicious. Everyone cleared their plates and talking dropped to a contented murmur.   Then it was off to Kusadasi a seaside port which looks very Mediterranean. The setting is quite beautiful with old and modern mixtures of building styles ...

Ancient Ruins, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ancient Ruins

A travel blog entry by mandyjak


... 20 years so was very knowledgable and did not lose any of our group, which was a bonus! He explained how Greece and Turkey's relationship is like brothers - they hate each other at times, but love each other too. This relationship was easier for Turkey ...

Libraries and Magic Carpets, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Libraries and Magic Carpets

A travel blog entry by jegibbs


We are in dock by 6.30am this morning and the view out the window is onto Kusadasi town – the gateway to Ephesus and for me Turkey. We have an early breakfast, Pigeon Island the seaward fortification is close  and I set off for my expedition ...

Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimandi


... is not lost for current and future generations. We were shown the double knot weaving technique which is one characteristic that makes Turkey carpets unique to other handwoven products. We also saw cotton, wool and silk as well as blends, being woven ...

Where St. John the Apostle lived and died, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Where St. John the Apostle lived and died

A travel blog entry by prairiedropseed


... breakfast on board our gulet this morning and then disembarked at Marmaris.  Our bus was waiting for us to take us north to Kusadasi, on the Aegean Sea. It was a very beautiful drive, up and through the mountains with spectacular views all along the way. ...

Kusadasi en Efeze, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi en Efeze

A travel blog entry by niki72


... . Het is heel mooi en indrukwekkend maar ook heel erg warm en veel te druk. Er liggen 3 cruiseschepen in de haven van Kusadasi en de overgrote meerderheid van die passagiers komt Efeze bezoeken. Doe daar nog eens de vele dagjestoeristen uit de talrijke ...

Kusadasi, Turkey with day trip to Ephesus., Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi, Turkey with day trip to Ephesus.

A travel blog entry by docinga


... Roman city which is one the most preserved in the world and said to be one of the wonders of the world. Kusadasi has turned from a sleeping fishing village just 30 years ago to a major tourist destination following the slow uncovering of this magnificent ...

Window to the water, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Window to the water

A travel blog entry by sandgroper


Kusadasi was my first 'beach town' that I'd experienced in Turkey - a must see for big cruise ships, packed with bars and expensive restaurants. Still a cute little town none the less, and my 6:30am arrival was greeted with super friendly local ...

Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jak5


Spending the afternoon in Kusadasi Turkey: After touring the Ephesus ruins, the bus tour stopped by some local shops nearby for a snack and more shopping. We arrived back in Kusadasi after lunch where we were dropped off at the Matis rug shop for some ...

The Cruise ship, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

The Cruise ship

A travel blog entry by ksbx3


... , we were on tours to the various islands the ship stopped at.   Tuesday, we left Greece for a quick stop in Kusadasi, Turkey.  The big attraction was the ruins of Ephesus and Virgin Mary's house nearby.  The city of Ephesus was built ...

Don't always get a deal with ABT HOLIDAYS Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Don't always get a deal with ABT HOLIDAYS Turkey

A travel blog entry by skabu


... and that it is one of the best 4 star hotels in Town. TripAdvisor, however, rated it as the 49th out of 138 in Kusadasi and the on-line price per night for better rooms than ours including the breakfast and dinner that we were getting is $47US for the ...

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