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Good bye to Alps and off to Albania, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Good bye to Alps and off to Albania

A travel blog entry by ahlquist


Sandy and I are saying good-bye to the Alps today. There are many things/hikes/walks that we would have loved to do, but it is time to end leg 1 of our journey. Yesterday we took another of those cable cars that Sandy likes to a high spot and hiked ...

The end or the beginning, Lausanne, Switzerland travel blog

The end or the beginning

A travel blog entry by gregsbigshimmy


and like that, she began.  It could so easily have been a year or two long extravaganza but where one of lifes journeys ends, the next begins. Its been truly a trip of a lifetime, generally at a fast pace though that's as much how I live life as a ...

Bears, the chindlifresser and a country is born, Bern, Switzerland travel blog

Bears, the chindlifresser and a country is born

A travel blog entry by elizabessie


Bern is a town named for the first animal killed within the new town's borders. (A bear). Since then, the city has kept bears in a bear pit (like in the zoo) down by the river, for public enjoyment. Kind of like a little mini-zoo that is free. Sort of. ...

the end of the beginning, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

the end of the beginning

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti


I am in Zürich and it's snowing like crazy. I love it! I am in winter again... Ahh, the bitter sweetness of a cappucino! fresh baked bread! a hot shower! just as there's nothing like embarking on a journey, there's nothing like coming home :) ...

Matted., Zermatt, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


We all jumped in the van after the hotel fellow tried to bust us for camping outside their door. Somehow we were able to convince him that we were paying customers. We wound our way up to a town called Tasch, where we left bigwig trustily with some ...

CANYON JUMPING!!!, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by dolphintherapy


I was so incredibly delirious and tired yesterday I could not write much.......but the beauty of Interlaken, and Switzerland overall is indescribable!! The majestic snow covered Swiss Alps surround us on all sides, and a crystal clear glacier ...

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen, Schweiz travel blog

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A travel blog entry by kaylatravels


As we embarked on a 9 hour journey towards the snowy peaks of Switzerland, we were introduced to something more commonly known as "the wake up song" on the these tours. So as we travel around on the bus all day, there is a requirement for a 15 minute stop ...

Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcarlso2

Innsbruck was a beautiful place. Coming in from Austria to Switzerland the alps didn't change that much but what did change was the amount of lakes. Switzerland was full of lakes. Around every turn was a new lake surrounded by a town of some kind. It was ...

Kloten (Airport), Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Kloten (Airport)

A travel blog entry by andy-swiss

Departure in ...

Goodbye Switzerland, Mannedorf, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Goodbye Switzerland

A travel blog entry by caroladele


... from the huge selection they have here. I have visited the Fhiehfelden which is an enormous waterfall on the border of Switzerland and Germany. They have had an extraordinary amount of rain plus the melting snow, so the water was ...

My first white Christmas, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

My first white Christmas

A travel blog entry by jlwallace8140


... and enchanting Christmas markets. The snow capped rooftops, lights strung across buildings, and ornaments hanging in every window, made Switzerland the quintessential look of Christmas, like the whole city had just jumped straight out of a jigsaw puzzle. ...

Day OFF, Sierre, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cpiotto

Day ...

Day 28, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Day 28

A travel blog entry by mikaylalebo2


... train to Zurich for about 4 hours. We ordered a drink and chips at the bar, and the total was $6! We REALLY were headed to Switzerland. Once we arrived, we went to the ATM, and tried taking a taxi to our hostel, however, the taxi driver said it was too ...

Basking in the Basel Sun, Basel, Switzerland travel blog

Basking in the Basel Sun

A travel blog entry by janelle-daniel


... , some hills and some blonde swedish girls. There wern't many hills in Basel and swedish girls are in Sweden but hey, we're in Switzerland right. Nestled on the border of France and Germany (meters away) is the quant country town of Basel. We stayed in a ...

Travel To Interlaken, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Travel To Interlaken

A travel blog entry by shearers


This was an executive decision, missing out Lugano and going straight to Switzerland at the benefit of having the extra day on Garda. We knew it would be a longer day at our 85 km/h cruising speed plus comfort stops plus traffic plus the queue for the St ...

Skiing and Snowbarding in the Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland travel blog

Skiing and Snowbarding in the Swiss Alps

A travel blog entry by davefrendy

... which is the highest train station in Europe from which you can see into neighbouring countries or a cheaper option with views of Switzerland and skiers etc. At this stage, we were planning to do Jungfrau tomorrow, so the plan was to do the smaller ...

Lotschental, where time stood still...., Fafleralp, Switzerland travel blog

Lotschental, where time stood still....

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


   We left the campsite in Grindelwald with some reluctance.   How often do you get the chance to camp at the foot of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.  It would have been easy to spend much longer there, in the mountainous region ...

City of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

City of Nations

A travel blog entry by davefrendy

After a rather uninspiring (stupid winter) train ride along the banks of Lake Geneva, we arrived in the peace capital of the world. The aim was basically to see the UN headquarters, and any free museums that might be of interest. We weren't sure how ...

Bern, Bern, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by anniebenham


... a large amount of money on things I didn't really need I figured that I better go and buy some food.  One downside of Switzerland is it is stupidly expensive, the prices in Italy weren't low but this country is just nuts. For example if I looked in ...

Last ride / Letzte Fahrt, Cham, Switzerland travel blog

Last ride / Letzte Fahrt

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


... the night before a beer together. After a half hour I'm going through a little rain shows. A clear sign that I'm back in Switzerland. Later in the Hotel Sax Disentis I do stop to eat a Bratwurst with Rösti and unexpectedly meet my Godmother and other ...

+++ Welcome Back Home +++, Cham, Switzerland travel blog

+++ Welcome Back Home +++

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad

"Ich habe viel gesehen und doch nur so wenig"      "Ich habe das Abenteuer gesucht, und die Menschen, Kulturen und Geschichte gefunden"           "Ich wollte kurioses fotografieren und ...

Hike day, Mürren, Switzerland travel blog

Hike day

A travel blog entry by erblair


9/16/2011  RichWe have arrived in Murren in the swiss alps via train then large tram car then vernucular train.  It is a stellar sunny day, about 75 degrees and slight breeze.  There is a base jumping and base flying competition today. ...

Hot Hot Hot!!!, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Hot Hot Hot!!!

A travel blog entry by adamandelisa


     The heatwave that started while we were in Spain is in full effect in Switzerland also.  95+ every day which makes it no fun to be outside.  Not much more can be said about the inside either.  Our hotel A/C is doing good ...

Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


We decided to drive about 15 kms outside of Lucerne to visit Fortress Fürigen. It was built into the mountain side in 1941 to protect roads and rail lines that led along Lake Lucerne to the Berner Oberland in case of invasion. It was part of a series of ...

Lucerne to Heidelberg, Lucerne, Switzerland travel blog

Lucerne to Heidelberg

A travel blog entry by jenny-peter-g


From Lucerne, first stop was the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen still in Switzerland. Only 25 metres high, but an enormous amount of water pouring over being channelled between some rocky outcrops.   Next over the border into Germany and a drive through ...

Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by kescott


I set out to Schaffausen pretty early (for me) on wise advise from George so as to get a few towns into my day.  Schaffhausen is a small town with a cute but small old town.  Tourist office was closed when I got in so decided to follow signs to ...

Zurich Quick stop, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Zurich Quick stop

A travel blog entry by poohgirl1

Two hour stop in Zurich. We passed the time in the VIP lounge of course as we could not possibly sit with the common people who are in the "cattle" section of the plane as Noah and Jesse now call ...

Switzerland = Fun, Lauterbruunen, Switzerland travel blog

Switzerland = Fun

A travel blog entry by lorinthies


... . The next day, Jason found a place that had a camera charger, since my batteries weren't charging - aaaaaahhhhh.We got to Switzerland yesterday and it is WONDERFUL. The people are amazing and the views even better. Our room has a balcony facing a small ...

Legal Disclaimer..., geneve, switzerland, Switzerland travel blog

Legal Disclaimer...

A travel blog entry by traciellen

Sorry, in the previous entry I said to JP "when we leave the girls" I meant to say, "when the girls leave us" You never  know when the lawyers will get ...

Our last apartment stay in France, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Our last apartment stay in France

A travel blog entry by jayton

Back live as all the previous entries were written and saved until we got internet again. So we are staying in a small village called Thoiry-Marie which is about 45 minutes travel from Geneva if you catch the bus on time.  Marie is French for Mayor ...

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