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Into the Tatry, Nová Lesná, Slovakia travel blog

Into the Tatry

A travel blog entry by phill_day

Ahoj! Just a quick one! I§ve arrived in Nová Lesná and I§m using a very strange Keyboard, so apologies if half of this doesn§t make sense... what the hell kind of a symbol is§??? This is too complicated fo rme at the moment at the moment! It§s ...

presov, Presov, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gorgino

dadada ...

Ik zit vast.. .:-(, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Ik zit vast.. .:-(

A travel blog entry by joepio


Ik denk een beetje teveel gepland en gesproken over dan en dan thuis motor is ermee gestopt vandaag,, :-(. Tijdens het rijden, blob....terugschakelen...blob....nog meer terug, nog meer blob....tja daar sta je dan te kijken. Gisteren hadden ...

Last climbing, Hranovnica, Slovakia travel blog

Last climbing

A travel blog entry by thailon


Posledna dedina pred Popradom, posledne stupanie, napriec Kozimy chrbtami. Vcelu svieze stupanie, no ked je clovek chory, totalna dorazka :( Valer melie z posledneho :( Kopcu niet konca kraja. Nakoniec vsak prichadzame k lomu, tu Valera pritlaci velka ...

A train back to Kosice, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

A train back to Kosice

A travel blog entry by thailon

Sme na stanici v Poprade. Vlak nam ide o 15 minut, to je akurat cas nato, kupit listky na rychlik a bicykle. Skoda toho celeho, od zaciatku nam neprialo. Nevadi vsak, aspon vieme, ze sa to da zvladnut. A to s prehladom ! Tesim sa na dalsi rok. Nova ...

Prechadzky po Kezmarku, Kezmarok, Slovakia travel blog

Prechadzky po Kezmarku

A travel blog entry by mozi


Z Belianskej jaskyne ideme rovno do Kezmarku. Popri ceste plnej ciganov, ktori predavaju hriby a cucoriedky z narodneho parku v Tatrach. Kezmarok je znamenite vynovene mesto. Cely stred mesta je nedavno obnoveny a je co obzerat. Cele hlavne namestie, ...

From intensive hike to intensive conversation, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

From intensive hike to intensive conversation

A travel blog entry by motravelmo

Totay was a very good day because I got to hike the Tatras Mountainsgy. There were two options for hiking: the intensive hike with Ken where we would hike to the top of the Tatras and back down (a 7 hour journey), the easy hike with Jiri (our field ...

Slovakia for the day, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia for the day

A travel blog entry by pag6


We went for a day trip to Slovakia with a tour bus. We went to see a cave and drove around the countryside. The border patrol stamped our passports wrong (wrong month) and they took them back and crossed out the stamp with a big X. Its actually really ...

Slovakia is beautiful, and it is small., Bardejov, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia is beautiful, and it is small.

A travel blog entry by ludtjes


We entered Slovakia in the  south and in one and a half day, we were at the border with Poland. That's hardly possible in the Netherlands (also because it doesn't border on Poland :=) But on this short trip and in the following 4 days, we have ...

Nov 18, 2009, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia travel blog

Nov 18, 2009

A travel blog entry by senmaster


Caves/castles, Spisske Podhradie, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


We awoke to a magnificent view of the High Tatra Mountains. Made our way into Slovakia which was only a few kilometres away, our first stop was Belianska cave in the Tatra nature reserve. It's the length of 3017m but as tourists we only saw 1370m, it was ...

Up to the Five Polish Lakes, Piec Stawów Polskich, Poland travel blog

Up to the Five Polish Lakes

A travel blog entry by skicabin


(13.06 km; 6 hrs 53 min; 1053m ascent; 631m descent) Today was supposed to be our easy day, and also our day for checking out the bus system. Breakfast was at 7:30 am, so we packed what we would need for the overnight trip and then went down to ...

A grand day out ... hiking all down hill, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia travel blog

A grand day out ... hiking all down hill

A travel blog entry by stupidbunny


We rode up the gondola, then hiked down, like the 'Merican wimps we are. ...

another walk, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

another walk

A travel blog entry by alister.bland


... All of 30km.  Going no where fast!!! Zdiar still in the Tatra mountains, well in the foothills.  Its almost on the Slovakia - Polish border.  Just a small place that runs along the highway - accom places and a few restaurants only.  It ...

Na Havaj!, Havaj, Slovakia travel blog

Na Havaj!

A travel blog entry by mozi


Tak a ideme na Havaj! Odkedy som pred rokom objavil tu obec pri Michalovciach som sa sem chcel vypravit. No nie je to skvele?! Ani nemusite daleko cestovat a prekonavat posun casu a mozte byt na Havaji! To je ...

Middle of nowhere and loving it, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

Middle of nowhere and loving it

A travel blog entry by patrick_viajero

Zdiar is great!  The hostel I'm at has an amazing view of the Tatra Mountains just on the porch!  The effort into getting here was definitely worth it and I can even see myself staying more than the 2 nights I booked.  This is a place to ...

Aug 01, 2011, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Aug 01, 2011

A travel blog entry by jaunt360


Solivarske Ceterne, Soľná Baňa, Slovakia travel blog

Solivarske Ceterne

A travel blog entry by thailon


... bjekt na uskladnenie solanky v drevenych nadrziach. ...

Štrbské Pleso, Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia travel blog

Štrbské Pleso

A travel blog entry by mimiama


Štrbské ...

High Tatras, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia travel blog

High Tatras

A travel blog entry by ahartry


We had to go into town for money and to buy food for our picnic lunch. The kids also rode the "bobsled" a couple of times -- looks like a fun way to come down the hill. From the hotel, we walked to the base of the cable car -- no lines and no waiting ...

Sauerkraut and strudel, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Sauerkraut and strudel

A travel blog entry by mrandmrstopp


Our plans were orginally to do another hike up a different part of the mountain range, but with the weather much the same as yesterday we figured that one trail is much the same as another when you cant see what lies beyond it. Option 2 was to go see a ...

Elite 8 plus Kate, Zdiar, Slovakia travel blog

Elite 8 plus Kate

A travel blog entry by brett-millie


... the two countries. Unfortunately it took us a little while to find the border as we were walking around asking people which way to Slovakia, when they actually call it Slovensko. Zdiar is a small town (population 1300) in a valley at the foot of the ...

V muzeu Andyho Warhola, Medzilaborce, Slovakia travel blog

V muzeu Andyho Warhola

A travel blog entry by mozi


Priamo z Havaja ideme do Medzilaboriec. Pre niekoho v strede sveta a pre niekoho takmer na konci. Ale pre nas hlavne obdarene muzeom moderneho umenia Andyho Warhola. Ked sme prisli k muzeu, tak uz skupinka mladych Ciganom okupovala miestnu fontanu ...

Rysy, Popradské Pleso, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by skicabin


(12.22 km; 8 hrs 28 min; 947m ascent; 999m descent) Last night there had been loud voices and crashing of furniture until 1:30 am, so we had rather a sleepless night. But we got up at 8 am to get ready for our hike up Rysy. For breakfast we ordered ...

Do kupelov, Bardejov, Slovakia travel blog

Do kupelov

A travel blog entry by mozi


Z Presova vyrazame priamo na sever a nasim dnesnym vecernym cielom je Bardejov, kde aj prenocujeme. Vecer sme ale este stihli prehliadku Bardejov a jeho nadherneho zachovaleho stredovekeho hlavneho namestia a nakoniec dna sme si dali prechadzku po ...

Slovensky Raj, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Slovensky Raj

A travel blog entry by andread


Slovensky Raj (Slovak Paradise) is a huge national park just outside of Levoca. We were ready for some time outdoors and the parks hiking trails seemed just the ticket. We started the day with a visit to the Dobsinka Ice Caves. We didn't want to wait ...

Spissky Hrad, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Spissky Hrad

A travel blog entry by andread


... out of town we drove through progressively more dilapidated housing, proving that the line in our guidebook about some of the Roma in Slovakia living in medieval squalor was not an exxageration. It put a bit of a damper on what was otherwise a very good ...

Drevene kostoliky, Korejovce, Slovakia travel blog

Drevene kostoliky

A travel blog entry by mozi


Sme na ceste z Dukly. A pozerajuc na mapu severnejsie dnes uz asi nepojdeme. Zazreli sme tabulu upozornujucu na drevene kostoliky (tu volaju kostoly "Cerkvy") a tak sa vydavam za znackou na objavnu cestu po tychto unikatnych narodnych kulturnych ...

Woke up with sunshine...., Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia travel blog

Woke up with sunshine....

A travel blog entry by volksingmatilda

... have a hot coffee in the warmth and comfort of the flat. We  also decided today that it would be our last day here in Slovakia and we will be heading to Krakow tomorrow. We'll be thre for a couple of days before heading to Auschwitz and to Wroclaw( ...

Sleepy Slovakia pt.2, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

Sleepy Slovakia pt.2

A travel blog entry by markandrews


... actually really good) for a while, I went to sleep, ready for another early start in the morning. Will get photos for the last couple of entries up soon, so check back at some time if you're interested, there was some pretty cool scenery in Slovakia. ...

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