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Back to work.., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Back to work..

A travel blog entry by shaunna

In ...

Al Udeid, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Al Udeid

A travel blog entry by shaunna

In ...

Adventures in Banking, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Adventures in Banking

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

... Land Cruisers and navigating the roundabouts like a professional race car driver I inquire as to the length of time he has been driving in Doha.  "Something like 18 years" is the response.  “I figured” I tell him, “you’re ...

Quality Not Quantity, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Quality Not Quantity

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... stewardess would bring a beer without having to ask.  This made the five hour flight go by quickly.  We touched down in Doha just on midnight and were transferred to our complimentary hotel.  By the time we got there it was 01:00 and even ...

New Years Eve, Doha, Qatar travel blog

New Years Eve

A travel blog entry by travelingdiva


... our small suitcase inside and asked if it was too early to check in. They said "no problem" (nothing is a problem in Qatar) and checked us in. The bellboy even brought us champagne flutes filled with pineapple juice while we checked in. Our hotel room is ...

Une fête dans les airs pour Misael, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Une fête dans les airs pour Misael

A travel blog entry by world_citizens


... au Maroc... Puis Coréen en Chine... Le tout avec une nuit entre 2 vols internationaux à manger de l'indien au Qatar ! Vraiment rien d'ordinaire comme fête ! Let be this year a good year of love, discovery and happiness Yours, Marie ...

Ramadan Mubarak!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Ramadan Mubarak!

A travel blog entry by stevetrautwein


Ramadan Mubarak!  (Happy Ramadan!) Today starts the first day of Ramadan.  In order to get a better understanding of the religion and culture, I decided to fast today.  Fasting is a time to practice self restraint and to become closer to ...

Vuelo de ida, Barcelona-Madrid (España)-Doha (Qatar)-Bangkok (Tailandia), Spain travel blog

Vuelo de ida

A travel blog entry by javiersonia-bcn


  .- Barcelona - Madrid = 01:15 h. (Spanair) .- Madrid (Espana) - Doha (Qatar) = 06:50 h. - Qatar Airways No vimos el circuito de F1.... .- Doha (Qatar) - Bangkok (Tailandia) = 06:20 h. - Qatar ...

Gonna be a fun year.......maybe?, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Gonna be a fun year.......maybe?

A travel blog entry by mikejersey25


1 ...

The exausting part of travelling, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The exausting part of travelling

A travel blog entry by danielfernandez


... to 7 Egyptian pounds. He even ended up paying. He hung out with me at the airport till his dad came to pick him up. Qatar is an amazing airline. The service can't be beat. They keep feeding you. Private screens where i watched "Jonases". The mivie made ...

Postojanka v Dohi, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Postojanka v Dohi

A travel blog entry by sergejs

Po 8 in pol urnem letu, ki nas je pustil razocarane (dobili smo letalo brez individualnih ekranckov, na glavnih monitorjih pa so en film zavrteli 2x zapored....) smo prispeli v Doho in 8 urno cakanje na naslednji let se je pricelo. Spravili smo se v ...

First day in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

First day in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by travelingdiva


We arrived at the airport in Doha at about 2am this morning. We went through immigration where we got our visas. The women behind the desks were all dressed in black, cloaked in veils. The woman helping us was very pleasant and completely avoided looking ...

To Dubai and Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

To Dubai and Doha

A travel blog entry by juicer0


... as a souvenir.    It was nice flying Singapore Airlines again.  This time I was flying to Dubai, then on Qatar to Doha.  The flight was very nice.  There were only four of us in First Class on the B777-300.  ...

Adventures in Personal Banking, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Adventures in Personal Banking

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

... bank than a couple of days ago, to open a personal chequing account.  For this, as with so many other things in Qatar, one needs a "no objection certificate" (NOC)  from their employer.  For a bank account, the NOC basically just states ...

Excited for first vacation, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Excited for first vacation

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

Haven't written anything in ages.  Work is busy and I still don't have internet at my apartment but I'm latching on to a neighnours at the moment.  Ramadan is nearing an end and that means a statutory holiday (Eid Al Fitr) is also coming ...

Qatar...pays de l onyx, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Qatar...pays de l onyx

A travel blog entry by amidlifecrisis


Top 5: Qatar Airways 1-     Menu pour le souper! Un vrai repas comme dans le bon vieux temps et qu'on ne retrouve maintenant qu’en première classe. 2-     Surprises telles que petits bas, pochette a argent, ...

Surfer's night out, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Surfer's night out

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

... 8217;s grape which was better but I won’t be rushing out to buy my own hookah.  At any rate, shisha is a quintessential Qatar/Middle East experience and I’m sure this won’t be my last time. Our last stop on our big night out was the ...

Officially a Resident, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Officially a Resident

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

... ;s had the same thing happen in Canada where they were determined not to be of any particular concern but, of course, the Qatar officials don’t care what Canadian doctors have said.  After weeks of going from hospitals to clinics seeing various ...

Prihod v Doho, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Prihod v Doho

A travel blog entry by sergejs


Prvo mozno javljanje iz samsungove internet tocke na letaliscu v Dohi. Mukotrpno 6 urno cakanje na mukotrpen 6 urni let :D Slikice sledijo :) Naslednje javljanje ...

Welcome to Steve's Qatar Blog!, Doha Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Welcome to Steve's Qatar Blog!

A travel blog entry by stevetrautwein


... ; More on what I do in a future post. Al Udeid is a Qatari military facility about 20 km west of Doha, the only major city in Qatar.  I don’t know what the actual agreement is, but the Qatari government allows the US and several other ...

Hotter than Hell, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Hotter than Hell

A travel blog entry by kskye1

As some of you may or may not have known, we had a layover in Doha, Qatar. So, since we figured it was probably our only chance to see any part of the middle east, we decided to stay for a day just to see what the city was like...and boy are we glad we ...

Finally!, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by shaunna

... International Airport wondering why I decided to schedule my flight out of here 9 ½ hours after my flight from Kandahar got in.  Qatar Airways doesn't check you in until three hours before the flight.  I knew this.  I sat in the terminal ...

Doha - Light Reading, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha - Light Reading

A travel blog entry by kimande

You know you have lived in the Gulf too long when: - You need a sweater when it's 80 degrees Fahrenheit - Your idea of housework is leaving a list for the houseboy - You send friends a map instead of your address - You believe that ...

Welcome to Doha - The city of construction, Doha - The new home, Qatar travel blog

Welcome to Doha - The city of construction

A travel blog entry by kimande


... attached) ·Dress-up roof party about 80 people on our roof till 4am, ·Shopping at the 6 different shopping centres around Doha, ·B'day dinners ·Night Boat outing to a sand island in the middle of the Gulf swimming, jetskiing and partying till ...

Tonight I am eating an MRE!, Doha Qatar, Qatar travel blog

Tonight I am eating an MRE!

A travel blog entry by stevetrautwein


Tonight I'm eating an MRE!  That's "Meal, Ready to Eat," the bag-o-chow that has been feeding the soldier in the field ever since 1980, according to my online souces  Maybe not the ...

Partying in the Sand, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Partying in the Sand

A travel blog entry by kimande


... interesting place (and also check up that I was looking after myself - I think I'm doing quiet well, hey mum??). After staying in Doha for 4 days, they then headed off to Dubai and had a ball doing all the touristy things, going on a desert safari and ...

The Apartment Saga!!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Apartment Saga!!

A travel blog entry by kimande


... were going to be neighbors which was great. So on the Wednesday night of the first week I arrived we went and picked up our Doha hire car (lovely Green Renault Cleo!!! that will be our life saver for the next 6 month, not a fan of waiting in 40degree ...

Embrace the Heat, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Embrace the Heat

A travel blog entry by orianapacker

I am staying in Qatar with my friend Maria, who is not the same Maria mentioned in previous posts who visited me in France and Spain.  This Maria was in the School of Education with me at Boston University, and now teaches and lives in ...

Spiral mosque (Doha, Qatar), Doha, Qatar travel blog

Spiral mosque (Doha, Qatar)

A travel blog entry by camilo9015


... spiral mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Centre is a recent construction - It has become in a few years one of Doha's most famous landmarks. This is not a traditional Qatari mosque but a replica of the Great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Samarra ...

Coming To America, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Coming To America

A travel blog entry by traveljedi


... sound like now) I've been fortunate enough to travel Business Class a number of times with varying degrees of quality; however, Qatar Airways knocked them all into a cocked hat. The food was exquisite, the cocktails were nice and plentiful and ...

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