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Visit to Fatima, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Visit to Fatima

A travel blog entry by mamafeathers


Today we took a bus two hours north of Lisbon to the town of Fatima.  When we got to Lisbon it was socked in with fog just like at home.  We got on our bus and left and most of the way there the area was foggy.  So I napped a little.  ...

Lisboa - Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisboa - Portugal

A travel blog entry by coolyback


... it meant a lot to the locals and the performers in this intimate atmosphere. A great way to finish our time in Portugal, a difficult city at times - language and finding your way around but a great experience again. A city where the police cruise ...

The Hills of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

The Hills of Lisbon

A travel blog entry by pjmartin


... ) and it seemed quite run down (although they have rebuilt it since it was "really run down") but it was on the highest hill in Lisbon (which we also walked up) so it was a beautiful overlook of the city. But let me tell you, our calfs are huge ...

Swimming with da fishies, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Swimming with da fishies

A travel blog entry by gaplyf


... to buy, with cork being a hot topic. With three fully packed day trips ahead to Belem, Sintra and Rosio and in hunt of Portugal best Custard tarts (16000 are made in an elusive bakery and are rated as Europes best!) ...

vive le portugal!!!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

vive le portugal!!!

A travel blog entry by jfquebec


Ola tout le monde!! ce sejour au portugal est tellement bien que jai pas le gout de revenir en france ou il fais laitte tout le temps et que toute est cher... ici cest el cheapos mon bigmacometre me disait 4.95€ au lieu de 6.95€ en france... le ...

Landing in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Landing in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... aren't heading back for the guaranteed sunshine and warm weather in Costa Rica, we are off on another adventure - starting in Lisbon, Portugal. The flight over was great, it seems to get shorter and shorter each time and we had a beautiful ...

European, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by 50odd

... it within view like in a shower block where we can see into it, or, in Spain the electricity blocks that the caravans use. In Portugal they lock up their boxes so it's not possible to do that here. What we have been doing is going to the bar and ...

In another bar!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

In another bar!

A travel blog entry by 50odd

... and is very well kept. Having said that, the pitch we have is horrible. We have a theory about the Municipal sites in Portugal, they must keep a certain percentage of the site for tents and other temporary users, but the rest of the site they can let ...

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by lancastersgapyr


We arrived at Lisbon and went to some flea markets it was a bunch of little stores.  And walked around to get to know our surroundings.    The second day we went to the shopping centre, it was so much fun for the first ...

Lisbon – 21st April 2013, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon – 21st April 2013

A travel blog entry by jilliancarr


... Caroline – hope you had a good day. Lots of love Jill and Ivor Mum and Dad Grandma and Grandad X X XX X X Sail Away Lisbon – next stop Southampton Just a couple of photos of the final Sail Away on this long voyage; pleased to say, Sophie, ...

Here in Lisbon.., Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Here in Lisbon..

A travel blog entry by theskinners


... . We have the tiniest hotel room with a tombstone for a bed. The redeeming factor is maize and blue tiles in the bathroom. Lisbon is more hilly than you can imagine. No wonder they have funniculars (public transport that takes you up the hills). We ...

Beizer Journey Part 8: Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Beizer Journey Part 8: Lisbon

A travel blog entry by elijahjatovsky


Late April 1940 The Beizers spent a week or so in Portugal, where Boris remembers his parents being very tense and anxious. At the end of the month they boarded the American export ship, the SS Siboney, for America. This trip was one of the last passenger ...

90 cents of joy, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

90 cents of joy

A travel blog entry by joelkat


Lisbon was our first stop in Portugal and we found it to be a little odd. We arrived in Lisbon at around 10am on a Sunday morning and there was absolutely nothing open or anyone about. We went straight to the hostel to dump our bags so that we could have ...

Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by patdes

on our way to the ...

Cascais, Lisboa Portugal, Lisbon, Cascais, Portugal travel blog

Cascais, Lisboa Portugal

A travel blog entry by xsplorer


... ..... how delicious they were. I walked almost my entire stay in Cascais.....------------------------------------------------- Ate Bacalhau with potatos (  Portugal is known for the best bacalhau), 3 oysters and 1/2 bottle of ...

Second day in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Second day in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by mdaa


... for our blog and writing it of course. We still need to decide whether we’re going on a day trip to Sintra, Portugal tomorrow then heading on to Seville, Spain tomorrow evening or if we want to spend another day in Lisbon and then push everything ...

conquering castles, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

conquering castles

A travel blog entry by gaplyf


Today We made our way off to the woodland town of Sintra. A day trip well worth it. The town itself was on the side of a hill surrounded by woodlands and castles. After a quick decision We decided to visit Sintra's national palace and Moorish ...

Group entry: Up, up, and away in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Group entry: Up, up, and away in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by mswood


... point of the city and saw the Restoracion – an area of the city that was where the monarchy was restored after Portugal separated from Spain.  In this town square area, we were able to see buildings built in a gothic architectural style. We ...

Worst Travel Day EVER!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Worst Travel Day EVER!

A travel blog entry by john.babinec


After spending a relaxing week by the beach in Southern Portugal, it was now time move on to my next destination. But getting there proved to be quite a challenge. Everything was going well. I was enjoying a nice ride on the high-speed train to Lisbon ...

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaywehrs


... or an idea of what attractions may lie. Upon arrival I jump off the train, give the day a big stretch and a yawn. I give Portugal a big inhale and exhale and it smells like the ocean. I look around and across the street, sure enough there is the bay over ...

Lisboa - Day 1 and 2, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisboa - Day 1 and 2

A travel blog entry by jcharwell


... very nice even though they pack people onto their flights.  I'm not complaining!  My flight was only 40 euro! I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal around 4:15 PM to a bright and sunny day!  After stopping by the tourist information center and buying my ...

Portugal!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnny322

I just got back from Portugal. It's such a beautiful country, people are nicer than in Spain too! First, some pictures of Lisbon. View from the Castelo São Jorge, crazy huh?! Here's one of the bars we ...

Bit Chilly, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Bit Chilly

A travel blog entry by lucinate


Pensao Monumental Lisbon ...

Getting Lost in a Moorish Maze, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Getting Lost in a Moorish Maze

A travel blog entry by jennyandtom


... french fries.  Dessert was rice pudding for Tom, and chocolate mousse for me.  This was the only subpar meal we had in Portugal, the pork was over cooked and the mousse had been sitting for so long it was more skin than mousse.  We also ran ...

Portucool, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by neason


... to the old castle. all that was left of the castle was the huge walls which you could walk all over the top of (portugal obviously has different safety standards to australia!) the gardens were beautiful and had amazing views over the city. there was the ...

Exploration in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Exploration in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


... in the upper part of the city and found a nice little restaurant to eat and listen to Fado, a popular music genre in Portugal, which I would describe as lounge music blues. The crew booked me, Stee and my grandmother into a hotel and then the yacht ...

Portugal 2005, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Portugal 2005

A travel blog entry by paraguayeric

visited with some spanish ...

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by bertaloon


... As the title of the journal entry implies, I wrote it after the fact. I didnt do any writing in Lisbon. (oops.) I listed the entry as the 19th because that was the actual date that we went. Switzerland -> Portugal -> Spain. Just like that. Im out! ...

Day  14, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Day 14

A travel blog entry by randiandersen


This was our last academic day. It was another loosely paced day with a late start, so I slept a little later and still got up early to write. Christina was our guide again, and we visited two museums, each with a short tour and some free time to wander. ...

first steps!!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

first steps!!

A travel blog entry by abacaxirlanda

... me that i wasnt going to board the flight without buying a return ticket. With the prospect of my year away quickly turning into a Lisbon weekend break I went in search of someone who wasnt relishing my bad luck! i found a real helpful guy(her superior) ...

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