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[Update] Reached Lisbon... cold and wet, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

[Update] Reached Lisbon... cold and wet

A travel blog entry by jwalkntheworld

Feeling exhausted at the moment. 8 hours bus ride from Madrid to Lisbon. Weather is not helping either - wet and cold. They say Lisbon is the sunniest capital city of Europe. Sure doesn't feel like that at the moment. Tomorrow should ease off a ...

Velas, Velas, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by raistlin22384


Today was again an interesting day. We went to another remote location that, but this time at least it wasnt a scary drive in the mountains.  It was still a good 20 minutes on a tiny dirt road though.  When we got to location I didnt really ...

Happy New Year @ Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Happy New Year @ Lisbon

A travel blog entry by superzoom


... on the West side of the city. On this neighbor we can see today impressive old and new monuments dedicated to  Portugal’s history, which will surprise anyone who walks around here. For example, the Monasterio dos Jeronimos (or Gerome’s ...

A holiday from a holiday, Tavira, Portugal travel blog

A holiday from a holiday

A travel blog entry by joelkat


... were not going to be quite so dreary. The sun was shining, the locals were smiling (as much as people do in Portugal) and the streets were a sensible width apart. We were actually staying in a small off shoot of Tavira called Cabanas Tavira which was ...

Day 3- Lisbon and Evora, …vora, Portugal travel blog

Day 3- Lisbon and Evora

A travel blog entry by awilde


... into the city to enjoy our final breakfast in Lisbon. This time tomorrow we would be in Evora; the most important town in Portugal during the renaissance period of the 16th century. With our breakfast crumbs on our lips, and coffee foam moustached on our ...

Cycling stress, Olhao, Portugal travel blog

Cycling stress

A travel blog entry by pybus71


Having discovered that the only decent beaches in the region were essentially situated on the sand islands off Faro, we decided to cycle into Faro before crossing via a bridge onto the island. The weather once more was scorching hot and since there was ...

oink-oink, Ourique, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by notreportugal


... of Pork since 2014. WOW! There's a tradition for you...Anyway, Sean was very happy because he felt like he had been right all along. Portugal produces Pork & he knew it long before we got here..We got back "home" around 8:00. We took Uber to get home ...

Hi there, it's not a pleasure to meet you, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Hi there, it's not a pleasure to meet you

A travel blog entry by roscoe2009


In my quest for warmer March weather I jumped on an overnight train from San Sebastian, travelling 13 hours to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Once again I wasn't really sure what to expect as I had heard that Portugal was one of the least touristed ...

First night in Porto, Lagos, Portugal travel blog

First night in Porto

A travel blog entry by edina.beeby


Made it to the apartment and met up with the Botelho family. Enjoyed a relaxing evening on the amazing patio while the kids played. Looking forward to a couple of days ...

Home away from home!, Sagres, Portugal travel blog

Home away from home!

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


... into Portugal and then hung left almost immediately to avoid ending up on the motorway.  Things were fine apparently until Portugal got in the mire economically but now they have put tolls on all their motorways which is okay...we have done tolls ...

Cascais, Estoril, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jayton

... , but the driver of that bus was a little slower. The Palace is nice but a bit scruffy in parts.  The last Royals of Portugal were shot in the street in 1910 and the place was left to decay.  Now the locals have found heritage is important and ...

Portugal's medieval past, Coimbra, Portugal travel blog

Portugal's medieval past

A travel blog entry by sarahbaulch2014


... , it became a ruin. Restored it in all its former glory now it is a wonder.   ...I think that much of Portugal's medieval past is still with us because they haven't had a vast expanding economy which relentlessly moves into the future. Disregarding ...

Flight to Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Flight to Lisbon

A travel blog entry by royelinda

Emirates flight EK191 Dubai to Lisbon Flew over Saudi Arabia, Egypt. We flew straight over Cairo and saw the Pyramids, (that's one off the bucket list, we have seen them don't have to go to Egypt in the future. Arrived safely in Lisbon, temperature ...

Iberian RAdventure, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Iberian RAdventure

A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope


Iberian Adventageous Hellooooooo partay peoples. Back and better than ever. Did you miss us. Well have we got some tales fro you. Nothing as exciting as the first night in Paris but hell it was still a good time nonetheless. Where do I start. Well ...

Lucky Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lucky Lisbon

A travel blog entry by sophslife


I love Lisbon! It is sunny and airy and bright, with beaches and lots of healthy people (by healthy people I mean we've seen a lot of bikers and walkers here)! And there are ancient buildings everywhere, with beautiful marble statues and awesome ...

Our first trip to Tavira Beach, Tavira, Portugal travel blog

Our first trip to Tavira Beach

A travel blog entry by curtcarlson


It was a week after we arrived in Tavira before we made the first trip to the beach. Not because we didn't want to go there, but our arrival corresponded with storms across Europe that played out here with clouds and rain. We were assured the rain was ...

Popping into Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Popping into Portugal

A travel blog entry by grant_julie


... blue sky and a sun warming a small praça where one can sip a coffee and eat a tiny, fantastically delicious, custard tart. Portugal is lovely and laid back. The cost of living is more expensive than in Spain, but the people are friendly, the ...

Lisbon, Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon, Sintra, Cabo da Roca

A travel blog entry by keljeron


This trip was actually Nov. 5-8. Yeah, I've neglected this travelogue like none other. We spent time in Lisboa and then went to the westernmost point of the European continent (Cabo da Roca) and to Belem (Bethlehem) to see the monastery and eat some ...

Tin Tin and the Song of the Santorini, Terceira, Portugal travel blog

Tin Tin and the Song of the Santorini

A travel blog entry by horizon_chaser


oh my god, will this guy ever shut up? †granted, it was novel and even beautiful at first but at hour 5 is a bit annoying especially as i had just drifted off in what had to be one of the most uncomfortable positions i have yet to be in. †the waves ...

Thanks Kate!, Burgau, Portugal travel blog

Thanks Kate!

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


... ; A beautiful new highway, a great sportscar and a dry and sunny day were the perfect ingredients for a roadtrip.  Drivers in Portugal are similar to those in Spain - wannabee Formula 1 drivers.  We were cruising along nicely at 160 kmh and ...

On a Lisbon mission, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

On a Lisbon mission

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


... meal to celebrate, and to teach the kids which knife and fork to use when. With sad faces we are saying farewell to Portugal, the people were friendly the cities great, the food fantastic, and hubby, well hubby, Ben and Veronica were great fun... It is ...

Day 8, Oporto, Portugal travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by lkjr77


Day 8 Oporto Portugal There really isn't much of anything here to talk about that's exciting. The most exciting thing in this town is the heritage of the wine (Port wine comes from here) and the restaraunts on the river. One restraunt is a modular ...

Surf's up!, Carcavelos beach Portugal, Portugal travel blog

Surf's up!

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


The Lodge hooked us up with some local surf guides (SolFun) based in Macen and they took us to Carcavelos beach (very famous spot for super tubes!). Our guides (Luis and Diogo) picked us up at "The Lodge" and took us in their surf van to ...

Somehow This Entire Country is Uphill, Coimbra, Portugal travel blog

Somehow This Entire Country is Uphill

A travel blog entry by awesomed


... trip classified as one giant workout.  On the upside, I felt better about eating and drinking so much.  But seriously Portugal - ever heard of a plain? We wandered (read: climbed, painfully and slowly but with wide open eyes, ears, and nose to ...

Looking eastward over Europe, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Looking eastward over Europe

A travel blog entry by sarakmills


As you know, I decided to leave Dakar a few days early in order to spend a couple of days in Lisbon on my way home.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 2am and was delayed until 3am, but I had an entire row of seats to myself and slept fabulously ...

Amazonian Caribbean, Alter do Ch„o, Brazil travel blog

Amazonian Caribbean

A travel blog entry by witek

What an amazing place! I`m not using a guide book on my travels and there seems to be very little info on the net about many of the areas I`m visiting so from now on I`m gonna try to include some useful stuff that I come across. Buses between Alter do ...

Surprise!!!!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by natecropp


The bus to the airport was running late. Very late, in fact. Kelly and I were feeling bad because our friend Neill, whom we were going to pick up, was going to be standing around in the airport by himself after a 10 hour flight. Could we be any more ...

Besuch bei Lauren und Kiran in den Bergen, Monchique, Portugal travel blog

Besuch bei Lauren und Kiran in den Bergen

A travel blog entry by haseundfuchs


Sonnenaufgang vom Bett aus, von dort aus ebenso Beobachtung von early morning Surfern und Morgenyoga (diesmal mit Martin) auf einer Plattform in irrer Klippenlage bestštigen unsere Idee vom Vortag: hier wollen wir ein paar Tage bleiben, Surfer vom ...

Magica Sintra, Portugal., Sintra, Portugal travel blog

Magica Sintra, Portugal.

A travel blog entry by somanyroads


... y magica que es, con sus castillos y jardines que son de cuento, y la ciudad misma es un encanto, si alguna vez van a Portugal, no deben dejar de visitar Sintra, a solo una hora de Lisboa en tren. Visitamos el Palacio da Pena, castillo de colores con una ...

Porto - Labruge, Labruge, Portugal travel blog

Porto - Labruge

A travel blog entry by ssilva


Sempre acompanhado pelo mar e com chuva de parte da tarde. 26 km desde a Sé Catedral do Porto até ...

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