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Day 8, Oporto, Portugal travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by lkjr77


Day 8 Oporto Portugal There really isn't much of anything here to talk about that's exciting. The most exciting thing in this town is the heritage of the wine (Port wine comes from here) and the restaraunts on the river. One restraunt is a modular ...

Looking eastward over Europe, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Looking eastward over Europe

A travel blog entry by sarakmills


As you know, I decided to leave Dakar a few days early in order to spend a couple of days in Lisbon on my way home.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 2am and was delayed until 3am, but I had an entire row of seats to myself and slept fabulously ...

Amazonian Caribbean, Alter do Chão, Brazil travel blog

Amazonian Caribbean

A travel blog entry by witek

What an amazing place! I`m not using a guide book on my travels and there seems to be very little info on the net about many of the areas I`m visiting so from now on I`m gonna try to include some useful stuff that I come across. Buses between Alter do ...

Surprise!!!!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by natecropp


The bus to the airport was running late. Very late, in fact. Kelly and I were feeling bad because our friend Neill, whom we were going to pick up, was going to be standing around in the airport by himself after a 10 hour flight. Could we be any more ...

Besuch bei Lauren und Kiran in den Bergen, Monchique, Portugal travel blog

Besuch bei Lauren und Kiran in den Bergen

A travel blog entry by haseundfuchs


Sonnenaufgang vom Bett aus, von dort aus ebenso Beobachtung von early morning Surfern und Morgenyoga (diesmal mit Martin) auf einer Plattform in irrer Klippenlage bestätigen unsere Idee vom Vortag: hier wollen wir ein paar Tage bleiben, Surfer vom ...

Magica Sintra, Portugal., Sintra, Portugal travel blog

Magica Sintra, Portugal.

A travel blog entry by somanyroads


... y magica que es, con sus castillos y jardines que son de cuento, y la ciudad misma es un encanto, si alguna vez van a Portugal, no deben dejar de visitar Sintra, a solo una hora de Lisboa en tren. Visitamos el Palacio da Pena, castillo de colores con una ...

Bem-vindo a Lisboa!, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Bem-vindo a Lisboa!

A travel blog entry by iainabroad


- Wandered around the Castelo de Sao Jorge and admired the views from the 11th-century Moorish castle and the highest point in Lisbon. - Caught the tale end of the chaos created by the Festival of Santo Antonio, an annual celebration in Lisbon and one of ...

Evora, Évora, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by danielaube


Bonjour d´Evora, le centre touristique de la région d´Alentejo. Evora: Une chance que c´est le centre touristique, car a part moi et le groupe de Chinois qui  s´est arreté en ville samedi dernier, il y avait que des touristes portugais et ...

Lagos welcome young travellers, Lagos, Portugal travel blog

Lagos welcome young travellers

A travel blog entry by kescott


Sea, sand and Sagres, Tavira, Portugal travel blog

Sea, sand and Sagres

A travel blog entry by warm


No trip to Portugal would be complete without a trip to the Algarve. Its reputation as Portugal's Costa Del Sol does it no favours and we've been deliberating for ages to see if we can get some beach time without the socks and sandals brigade, Sky Sports, ...

Once in a lifetime magic happens!, Coimbra, Portugal travel blog

Once in a lifetime magic happens!

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


The day started slow, after having a cold from day one I left really sick, and my first response when I opened my eyes was that Johan and the other had to do sightseeing without me, I will meet up with them for dinner. Luckily they did not give up on me, ...

Do they all taste the same, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Do they all taste the same

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


Day 2: Highlights - Venicular, Torel Vista, Rua Agusta, Arco da Rua Augusta, Monsteiro Dos Jeronimos, Museu Nacional dos Coches, Dinner Resturante Domjardin, Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, ideal for sight seeing. After 12 hours of sleep, we felt ...

Riding High and Riding Low, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Riding High and Riding Low

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


The weather looked promising, and Mark and I were feeling much better, so we ventured out to the streets of Lisbon. The main square we were headed for was a couple of kilometers away, and having been pretty sedentary for two days, we were glad to walk ...

Camino de Santiago 3er Dia, Barcelos, Portugal travel blog

Camino de Santiago 3er Dia

A travel blog entry by veroyjorge


Day 18, The Atlantic Ocean, Portugal travel blog

Day 18

A travel blog entry by randiandersen

Today we had more classes. Unfortunately none of which warrant any sort of elaboration. I'm pretty disappointed that my classes are so dull, but I figure I didn't sign up for this because of the classes, not really. I'm getting twelve credits out of the ...

Feliz Natal., Obidos, Portugal travel blog

Feliz Natal.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


... as Mary had had one of her "episodes" so a little backtracking was in order to get to the 'Most romantic castle town in Portugal' :Obidos (or “Obidosh”) It was Christmas eve, and very cold. We made short work of the little town with ...

Lisbon Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Lisbon Portugal

A travel blog entry by milestogo


It was raining, cool and windy as we entered the port of Lisbon and the downpour continued throughout the day. The city is very hilly with cobblestone streets and sidewalks. Slippery too, I found out rather quickly when walking (more like climbing) ...

Busy Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Busy Lisbon

A travel blog entry by kristinj


... two guys from Polland, they were celebrating a birthday and we joined them.  We tried the famous cherry liqure of Portugal called Ginjinha, pronouced zheen zheen tasted like cherry cough medicine to me, Jake loved it.  Then we walked ...

Beautiful beaches, and a torn ligament in Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Beautiful beaches, and a torn ligament in Lisbon

A travel blog entry by carleenrenee


... return to Madrid the night of the 23rd. Scott will be arriving the morning of the 25th. I am practically delirious with excitement. As much as I am enjoying Portugal (or at least was enjoying it before I got confined to the room) I hope the days fly ...

1st day, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

1st day

A travel blog entry by seanandfaye


beautiful city with so much to see. we got the metro in from campo grande station to rossio in the centre. we found our way to the castle(eventually) along all these gorgeous little winding streets. when we reached the castle we had an amazing view ...

Our home in Tavira, Tavira, Portugal travel blog

Our home in Tavira

A travel blog entry by curtcarlson


We thought you might like to see where we are living in Tavira. We looked a long time on www.airbnb, Tripadvisor, and many other websites to try to get an idea of what was available. Although we did find and book our apartment in Lisbon through airbnb, ...

An Afternoon in the Country, Tavira, Portugal travel blog

An Afternoon in the Country

A travel blog entry by curtcarlson


An Afternoon in the Country Marcella needed bamboo for the shop. She had been going to the country on her bicycle to get bamboo, but wanted more than she could carry. Last time, in fact, she had scraped herself climbing back up over a stone wall and ...

Beginning of a great summer..., Porto, Portugal travel blog

Beginning of a great summer...

A travel blog entry by courtneycostas


... brandy and then aged for years.  It's made exclusively here and can be red, tan, or white. It was valued during Portugal's golden years of sea exploration because it lasts longer than regular wine. Kind of interesting, I guess, but it doesn't taste ...

Ticket unforeseen., Fátima, Portugal travel blog

Ticket unforeseen.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


Boxing day started with a bit of a kick in the crotch because as we drove out to Fatima we incurred a 33.50€ fine for not getting a toll ticket… ouch. No food for us this week! Fatima was another interesting experience. We had been drawn to ...

The end of Europe, Cascais, Portugal travel blog

The end of Europe

A travel blog entry by translucent


It's a coincidence really that I end up on the Cabo da Rocha, the westernmost point of the continental Europe. As I climb the hill I have a feeling that it's really the end of everything: the wind is blowing, the sun is setting, and as if it wasn't ...

Porto, Porto, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jayton

Sunday The ladies went shopping for an hour or four and I stayed at home wading through flight times and prices.  It's OK getting a cheap deal, but not if you have to sit in an airport for 12 to 15 hours.  We were not sure where to leave from, ...

Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal travel blog


A travel blog entry by jbaxter


... our packs on which sort of sucked. It looked similar to Salamanca, if not a little older and a little more run down, but most of Portugal has been like that so far, compared to Spain anyway. I would say that it's probably not too small to be a small town, ...

Back home [674km], Porto, Portugal travel blog

Back home [674km]

A travel blog entry by

Some numbers (4 persons): - Distance: 3894 km - Diesel: 426 lt - Fuel cost: 556,00 eur - Campings: 468,00 eur Thanks for those we patience to read my journey and see my photos. Fim / The end. Pedro ...

Boat trip around the Lagos rocks, Lagos, Portugal travel blog

Boat trip around the Lagos rocks

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


We had a lovely drive from Evora to Lagos. We really liked the diversity of the countryside – every time you looked out the window, you were passing by something different. We passed eucalyptus, cork, olive and orange groves as well as sheep and ...

Day 7: The last day! - Fatima, Batalha and Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal travel blog

Day 7: The last day! - Fatima, Batalha and Lisbon

A travel blog entry by awilde


... the Avis dynasty, but the workers were called away to build the Jeronimos Monastery. We ate our final meal in Portugal; lunch in Batalha, taking pleasure in indulging in the freshly caught seafood, before buying a few souvenirs and setting off ...

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