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Wandering through Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Wandering through Krakow

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... 3 or 4 hours at least to see all of Wawel Castle so we just did a walk around.  It overlooks the longest river in Poland which starts in Slovakia and ends up in Gdansk into the Baltic Sea (Sea of Gdansk really).  As it was Sunday, there were ...

Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by srb013


... in the middle of some ceremony celebrating 750 years of liberation.  Liberation from what we're not sure, seeing as Poland didn't even exist between 1795 and 1918.  It was divided between Germany, Austria and Russia. To escape the parade of ...

74 Trouble-Free Miles On A New Back Wheel, Pyskowice, Poland travel blog

74 Trouble-Free Miles On A New Back Wheel

A travel blog entry by istanbultoparis


Hi Everyone, After a very restful rest day in Krakow we covered 74 miles today to reach Pyskowice. We all enjoyed Krakow which is a beautiful city and it was good to have a day out of the the saddle. It is good to know that we are over half way there in ...

sleep, jobs, Kraków, Poland travel blog

sleep, jobs

A travel blog entry by hannah_and_greg


... 50,000 people about 1.5 hours east of Kraków by train. It is near the Bieszczady mountains, supposedly the wildest in Poland. Our travel guide claims that hikers return from the mountains with stories of encounters with wolves and brown bears and ...

Overnight train from Warsaw to Moscow, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Overnight train from Warsaw to Moscow

A travel blog entry by richardlodge


... service on the train. Not long after we left Warsaw I was asleep and the next time I woke up we were at the Poland-Belarus border. We got through the Poland side relatively quickly but the Belarus side took a little longer. I had my passport taken off ...

Disintergrating Soles, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Disintergrating Soles

A travel blog entry by fourwego


We woke up pretty excited to see loads of snow outside the train. We wrapped up warm and set about breakfast and spent hours hunting down a lovely baige pair of walking shoes for kellie as hers were disintergrating with the snow but luckily for ...

Rainy day in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Rainy day in Warsaw

A travel blog entry by posullivan09

After leaving our hostel in Krakow this morning, we got on a train to Warsaw. We picked the local train because then we didn't need a reservation and it was PACKED. we ended up sittin on the floor outside of a compartment made for 8 people with 6 guys ...

Kinga, Gdansk, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by thorgal67


After visiting Gdansk we went to Kinga's mother, Krystyna. Krystyna is a wonderful person, and it is easy to see where Kinga gets here love for travelling from. For those who don't know it yet : Kinga is a young Polish woman who has been ...

Beloved Place, Wroclaw, Poland travel blog

Beloved Place

A travel blog entry by magmagdalena


The bison of Białowieża, Białowieża, Poland travel blog

The bison of Białowieża

A travel blog entry by lostalready


Getting used to Japanese trains is not good for setting expectations for Polish trains. Some sign language and a few train changes later we arrive in Bialowieza, a small town of 2000 people and 2 churches - Russian Orthodox and Catholic, ...

another collection!, Krakow, Poland travel blog

another collection!

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


I think I have another photo collection! If you are reading my blogs, you might remember that I am collecting tectonic plates, or rather photos of them and the ability to stand where two or more of them meet. I've done this now in Iceland and in ...

The Old Gentleman on the Bus, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

The Old Gentleman on the Bus

A travel blog entry by krosell

... rule. He lived through the decades of shortages and only in the end of his life was he seeing the wall come down and a different Poland emerge. I had enough time to wonder about the gentleman as we rode to the center of Warsaw. He got off the bus at the ...

Tourists in Turek, Turek, Poland travel blog

Tourists in Turek

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


This morning we went back to another Art Fair, this time in an old converted brewery in the centre of Poznan. We are not pretending that we have suddenly become art experts, but it was very interesting and impressive. There was even a Polish gallery ...

Warsaw calling, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Warsaw calling

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


Before leaving Turek we received a private concert from Ulisses. After that we left for Warsaw, and the trip went surprisingly fast, so we had some time to walk around town and eat a traditional Zapiekanka, a sandwich covered with mushrooms, cheese, ...

Destruction and Construction, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Destruction and Construction

A travel blog entry by melepua

... my purchase.  Don’t know what it was except that it looked like a volcano and tasted yummy. Another bit of Poland eeriness, resulting from World War II destruction, is that 95% of people here are Polish, white, Polish speaking.  ...

One day in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

One day in Warsaw

A travel blog entry by katevoss


... on the wings instead.  Anyway, after the short hour long flight that I slept mostly through, I arrived in Warsaw, Poland.  Unfortunatly the terminal with the luggage storage spot was under construction, so that plan went down the drain.  I ...

Nachtmusik, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gadelle

... also royal tombs (not as creepy as I'd hoped) and I climbed up narrow stairs to the Sigismund Bell, the largest in Poland. To my surprise, the little restaurant across the courtyard was not an overpriced place with bland food. It was quite good and ...

Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Wawel Castle

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... ; We also got some history of the kings and how they became elected officials from the aristocracy, of which there were a lot in Poland.  That explains how Augustus II of Dresden was able to come in and get elected king.  We’d heard his ...

Walking the Jewish  Trails, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Walking the Jewish Trails

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... and tolerant king. While the rest of Europe were prosecuting Jews, King Kazimierz invited the Jews to come and live in Poland. He also granted special privilege to the Jews including commerce and trade. A city was even established for the Jewish ...

Zakopane, Murzaschicle, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by longwalktour


... 15 minutes later we were on the bus heading south to Zakopane. Zakopane sits at the base of the Tatra Mountains in Southern Poland. Mike said to expect something like a small Breckenridge; just a little more run down. Tiago asked us if the house that ...

Kazimierz Dolny, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland travel blog

Kazimierz Dolny

A travel blog entry by translucent


The aim of the trip was to bring my grandparents to a sanatory in Nałęczów, so I took a day off, called my brother and soon the seven of us were travelling south-east to see some stuff on our way. We stopped for lunch in Kazimierz Dolny, a ...

Week 10. Polish wedding: Changing beer for wódka., Wroclaw / Zielona Gora / Poznan / Czestochowa / Cracow, Poland travel blog

Week 10. Polish wedding: Changing beer for wódka.

A travel blog entry by bermudez


... so insistent... the guy thought he was among freaks until he saw my face, and then helped me get away from there...   Poland is a very Catholic country, but at the same time communism made everything a bit strange... and today there's a lot of ...

Getting to Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Getting to Warsaw

A travel blog entry by jramsden271


... reminds me of Scotland oddly enough. Also a bit unusual for the frequent British rail traveller to see that most of the land in Poland isn't actually doing anything - it's neither a town, a farm or someone's back garden - just lots of grass and trees. ...

Day 1. Travel and our first impressions of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Day 1. Travel and our first impressions of Warsaw

A travel blog entry by lamotl2014


... 1940, the ghetto, surrounded by a wall, confined nearly 500,000 Jews awaiting shipment to the death camps in eastern Poland. Approximately 45,000 Jews died in the ghetto due to overcrowding, forced labor, filthy living conditions, harsh weather, lack of ...

Plany plany plany, Lublin, Poland travel blog

Plany plany plany

A travel blog entry by camer

Tu opisze w chwili wolnego czasu dokladny plan co i gdzie chcemy robic (na razie tego czasu brakuje nam na mase) :) ... Generalnie w skorcie to obecnie robimy (ja i moja kolezanka Olka) nasza podroz dookola swiata. Wstepnie umowilismy sie tak, ze ja tu ...

Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... had also called Zosia (a Polish lady who he worked with before leaving for the trip) to share that he was in Poland, although he had some trouble getting a line through to her (something about telemarketers calling around that time... heehhe Tony!!!) She ...

The City of Copernicus, Torun, Poland travel blog

The City of Copernicus

A travel blog entry by translucent


... countless art galleries, restaurants and bars. It's worth mentioning at this stage that Toruń is one of the cheapest bigger cities of Poland, and there are pubs right in the Old Town, in which a pint of beer will cost you less than 1€. A ...

Warsaw town / Train  to Zakopane, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Warsaw town / Train to Zakopane

A travel blog entry by finntopson


Nick and Iza feeling a bit better, so we head down to warsaw on the bus after some breakfast. Bus journey took about 40 minutes, we then walked around and had a look around some shops. We asked at the train station about reserving seats for the train ...

Capital of the Crusaders, Malbork, Poland travel blog

Capital of the Crusaders

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... Knights back in the 13th century. The Teutonic Knights conquested lots of territories around central Europe including most of Northern Poland. The castle was badly damaged, however, during WWII and reconstructed over the years. Its was placed into the ...

Good bye Zlotys..., Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Good bye Zlotys...

A travel blog entry by redhive

... in the world are!). I've spent my last zlotys on cherry-juice. It's amazingly delicious! I've never had this at home and don't even know if you can get this in Switzerland. So this would be a reason to come back to Poland, among many others of ...

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