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Philippines - Actually..., like that!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Philippines - Actually..., like that!

A travel blog entry by amyblundell


... , I had given up my grand plan of stewardessing on a private yacht before venturing on through South America to backpack through the Philippines with a guy I barely knew! Very un-Amy like – but that is what felt so good about the decision! And while ...

Went Home to Philippines, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Went Home to Philippines

A travel blog entry by cdacobb

went home to ...

Modern Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Modern Manila

A travel blog entry by wilsonheng


... that I incurred a AUD$ 4.50 at the HSBC ATM..slimy bank! - Ed) Makati City being the financial hub of the Philippines, eludes this soulless empty atmosphere much like the CBDs of most major cities. Maybe it was the weekend. It was clean though.  ...

The Philippines - Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

The Philippines - Manila

A travel blog entry by clare_mills


After a few weeks of hasty planning, Christine and I headed to Incheon airport for our summer holidays in the Philippines with much excitement. I managed to pack my backpack with only 9.5kgs of luggage which was a good start. In the check-in queue we met ...

Mabuhay Pilipinas!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

A travel blog entry by chlara23


... this update brief, i'ce finally found some time to do this as i have about an hour and a half to kill, When Anna & I arrive Philippines weather was jus crap, it was cloudy, and jus started to piss down as soon as we went out! We arrived @ Clarke Airport ...

Trip Update, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Trip Update

A travel blog entry by aaronkdean


... clear customs and change terminals in Shanghai, so a lot of walking.    5 hours later I caught a China Eastern flight to Manila, landing at 4 am, about 36 hours after leaving. Rey Evasco picked me up, only 11 hours after I was supposed to ...

A Philippine Odyssey, Manila, Philippines travel blog

A Philippine Odyssey

A travel blog entry by benjielayug


... and Taal in Batangas), old cemeteries (Paco Park in Manila and the Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan), old fortresses (Intramuros in Manila, Corregidor and Fort San Pedro in Cebu), museums (Villa Escudero's AERA Museum and San Agustin Museum) and ...

Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by serku77


... wollten wir natürlich noch ein bisschen eintauchen in das wunderbare, laute, dreckige, überlaufene, verstopfte, faszinierende Manila. So entschieden wir uns, einen ganz speziellen Ort zu besuchen - den chinesischen Friedhof. Auf den ersten ...

Dirty Old Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Dirty Old Manila

A travel blog entry by domh


... Harbour then landed at Luzon island and drove the Filipino and US troops to the Batan Peninsula, opposite Manila, where 75,000 troops from US and Philippines surrendered to the  Japanese. From 1942-1945 a brutal Japanese rule followed and by the ...

Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by kfsandiego


... of history to the city. The old Manila Hotel housed General MacArthur on the top floor during his time in the Philippines. The five-story Manila Hotel has been replicated, including the "MacArthur" floor-and a 15-story wing has been added to accommodate ...

Manila: Terminal 2,3 & 4, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila: Terminal 2,3 & 4

A travel blog entry by noha.elhakeem


... country who REALLY rip people off, Egypt and India for example, and how it's mostly seen in third world countries and that the Philippines is no exception to that rule. But it doesn't remove that fact that in my experience, I love Phillipinos and that ...

Discovering The Historical Past Of Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Discovering The Historical Past Of Manila

A travel blog entry by venoth


... to do. There was also so bicycle race happening on the same street. From Rizal Park, our next destination was the Manila Cathedral, the main church in the city. Such a beautiful architecture. Hope I did do some justice here by ...

Wikipedia Has Failed Me, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Wikipedia Has Failed Me

A travel blog entry by aconthego


... better from here I'm sure. Moral of the story is don't ever underinterpret the statement "With a population of 1,660,714 and a land area of 38.55 km², Manila has the highest population density of any major city in the world with 43,079 ...

Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by meli.goksu


... 305;yorum açıkçası. Her gittiğimiz ülkede aşşağı yukarı 24 saat kalıyoruz ama nedense Manila'da 18 saat kalmıştık bunun da 2 saati trafikte geçmişti! O kısmı çok iyi ...

8 Days of Captivity..., Manila, Philippines travel blog

8 Days of Captivity...

A travel blog entry by jayandbri


... Stephen and his family. Long story short, we ended up arranging for an emergency ambulance flight transfer out of Bohol to Manila since the Bohol hospital wasn't able to provide the necessary medical services to meet my needs and situation. Stephen's mom ...

Welcome To My Blog, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Welcome To My Blog

A travel blog entry by monhenderson

I know a few of you were somewhat dubious of my ability to undertake a blog (the major hurdle for me being the need to embrace technology to navigate through the actual set up requirements...embracing the ipad, sourcing wifi, downloading photos and ...

Food and flattery, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Food and flattery

A travel blog entry by charliek85

... Jolibee and Chowking, to fusion restaurants serving a mix of Japanese, Western and Filipino tastes. Max's is apparently famed in the Philippines for its chicken, and the girls took charge of the ordering (and I happily let them). The table was soon ...

Great Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Great Mall of Asia

A travel blog entry by big_d


... and we got some pretty amazing shots of the area, the people and of course the bay. Looking for pictures of the Sunset? Look for the next Blog Entry called "Manila Sunset!" It was just too good not to give it, it's own entry... God Bless ...

Manila Day 1, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila Day 1

A travel blog entry by cam_and_leah


... not smiley faces, they are left over colons and close brackets left over from another post that had to go somewhere Head for Manila bay to see sunset. This involves at least 5 crazy 4 lane road crossings and a 15 min wander past the Philippino American ...

Not Ready to Merge, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Not Ready to Merge

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... full of banks and insurance companies and high rise hotels and mega malls.  I have landed in the midst of downtown Manila with the expensive shops and hotels and businesses.  And there is still traffic everywhere.  We have to circle the ...

homesick, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by carpefeline

Homesick            It's such a small thing that tips you over the edge to missing home and being totally ready to chuck everything and go home.  Of course too much money is invested in tickets and ...

Thriller in Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Thriller in Manila

A travel blog entry by annikaandpaul


... spent many a journey on windy roads, rough seas and turbulent planes we decided to spend our last week in the Philippines in Manila not travelling too far. Unfortunately this meant being unable to see the Banaue rice terraces or hanging coffins in the ...

A Drummer Girl's Wedding, Manila, Philippines travel blog

A Drummer Girl's Wedding

A travel blog entry by bluesummit


... significant roles in the body of Christ both nationally and internationally, has been part of recording some Christian albums in the Philippines, her humble and sweet spirit is so evident once you meet her. I'm describing no other than Jerilyn Viray, the ...

So it begins...again, Manila, Philippines travel blog

So it begins...again

A travel blog entry by hungyhungyhippo


Restarting this Travel Blog b/c Trip Tracker site UI was slow and clumsy. Had Jolibee meal # 1 - Fried Chicken + Spaghetti. Courtesy of cousin Chicken ...

Villa Escuedero, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Villa Escuedero

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


to ...

Welcome Back to Southeast Asia!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Welcome Back to Southeast Asia!

A travel blog entry by kimthevagabond


If you happened to read my last blog entry you can probably imagine that I arrived in Manila extremely tired. I fought the urge to sleep on the plane because I was determined to adjust to my new time zone. After a hot ride through a lot of traffic with a ...

Corregidor Island, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Corregidor Island

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


To get to coregidor Island is an all day event with bus and boat ride, located about 20 miles from Manila, in the bay, but so close to Battan. We had a humorous Filipino guide that made the tour of the ww2 memorial very informative; this island was ...

Christmas Eve Manila Style, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Christmas Eve Manila Style

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... nbsp;          If there is an economic downturn, it is not reflected in this part of Manila where the shopping is going on still, very heavy and fast and furious.  I headed out of the hotel today around 11 ...

Orientation week close, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Orientation week close

A travel blog entry by monhenderson


... had change from AU$10? Foods and beer is so cheap here! Jeepneys: the main form of public transport here in the Philippines. Intricately painted to create vibrant designs, combined with light shows. No stops, you just flag one down, pay the 8p (5cents) ...

Let me out of here., Manila, Philippines travel blog

Let me out of here.

A travel blog entry by andremaheux


... bit of a disappointment for me. There's not much to see or to do from a touristic point of view. I arrived in Manila around noon and covered all the main attractions walking that afternoon. I had planned on staying for three nights but I went to the ...

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