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Let me out of here., Manila, Philippines travel blog

Let me out of here.

A travel blog entry by andremaheux


... bit of a disappointment for me. There's not much to see or to do from a touristic point of view. I arrived in Manila around noon and covered all the main attractions walking that afternoon. I had planned on staying for three nights but I went to the ...

Passing Manila, Again, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Passing Manila, Again

A travel blog entry by schwate


... Moloch. Eine Mischung aus Jarkarta (Klima, Menschen, Essen), Kuba (verfallende Haeuser) und Indien (meiner Einschaetzung nach schlaegt Manila Indien noch was Schmutz betrifft, bettelnde Kinder gibt es hier auch, wird aber nicht so ernst genommen, die ...

prison break, Manila, Philippines travel blog

prison break

A travel blog entry by aimlesswanderer


... on the beautiful island of palawan (thanks to the coaxing of my friend brian), about an hour flight west of manila (the capital of the philippines)... the adventure started off regularily enuff, with me trying to see what i could sneak past customs, ...

A Gridlock brick city!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

A Gridlock brick city!

A travel blog entry by vaughnyb


Gridlock, gridlock, gridlock. Dirt, dirt, dirt! Your average metropolis in south america but in the location of asia, complete with beggars and all. I'm gettin the hell outta here! Go south young man! Iswhat they tell me bye ...

A taxi ride between airports.., Manila, Philippines travel blog

A taxi ride between airports..

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


So my "crazy" travel day started alright... Really well, actually, since my Air Asia arrived in Manila some 25 minutes early (yay Air Asia).  I then asked the bus/shuttle service into town how long it would take, and it was 2 hours, which was pushing ...

Fake goods and food, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Fake goods and food

A travel blog entry by charliek85

... being sold. I had always thought the UAE led the way in a national love of shopping, but it would appear the Philippines isn't that far behind. The market was huge - and heaving with shoppers snapping up bargains. Everything conceivable was being sold ...

Rice Terraces, Caves and Hanging Coffins, Oh My !, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Rice Terraces, Caves and Hanging Coffins, Oh My !

A travel blog entry by nickolt


... mountains. At one point I saw a sign saying that we were at the highest point of the highway system in the Philippines. The trip was spectacular. The landscape was beautiful, with towns and rice terraces, and planting terraces all blending in together. ...

Manila Map Pin, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Manila Map Pin

A travel blog entry by trentrollings

Manila Map ...

manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by jordanblair100

...  and got absolutely ripped off in the process. i then flew to kuala lumpur in malaysia for my 24 hour lay over to manila, phillipenes. because im tryin to be a scrupulous backpacker and save wenever possible i decided to spend the 24 hours or so ...

Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by ksuter


... first arrived.  There are several busts of other National Heros there, as well as the burial monument for Jose Rizal, the Philippines National Hero.  We walked back to the hotel, and had dinner at McDonald's...We had fried chicken, rice, ...

Back in San Antonio Valley, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Back in San Antonio Valley

A travel blog entry by lucy_and_adele

... to climb onto our boat under cover of a massive beach umbrella! Ha Ha. Checked back into the same hostel as last time in Manila and headed straight to the doc to get some pain killers for Lucy for the oncoming flights. Doctor was really nice and there ...

Happy Birthday to me (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Happy Birthday to me (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... like 69 might be appropriate.  Good thing they have cheap cosmetic surgery at the mall. Unfortunately my birthday followed me to Manila and people wouldn't let me forget.  On the morning ride to work I got a call from my brother John ...

Twister, Manila, Philippines travel blog


A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... about tornados. I did not witness the tornado since I was attending Mark's MBA graduation at the very elegant and historic Manila Hotel.  I was probably stuffing my face with merienda snacks at the time.  The only tornado I witnessed was the ...

Law and Order???  (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Law and Order??? (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

My commute to work started off with a bang - literally.  We came to a stop on the EDSA and a truck 2 cars back did not.  The result was a nice dent in the back of our brand new car and a long wait in the rain for assistance to show up.  ...

Amassador's cocktail party (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Amassador's cocktail party (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... of ours and we weren't there to advise her on world affairs.  Every year she has a party for all newcomer's to the Philippines in conjunction with the American Women's Club.  We never met anyone this high up the food chain before so we made sure ...

Back in Manila (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Back in Manila (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... in Manila I turned on my blackberry and the first message I saw was from a friend who told me she was leaving Manila that very day for personal reasons.  Another friend gone!  We keep meeting people we like and they keep disappearing.  ...

I am a Lucky Bugger - Russ, Manila, Philippines travel blog

I am a Lucky Bugger - Russ

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... country of which I have little to contribute.  Further complicating my new role, I quickly found out that, as far as the Philippines were concerned, if I wasn’t bringing in a pay check, nothing could be put in my name.  Want a post-paid ...

Kaboom!!!  A blast at Serendra, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Kaboom!!! A blast at Serendra

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... ; The gas system was shut down and we are now using only electric.  Here's a story from  MANILA, Philippines (9th UPDATE) – Taguig police on Friday evening, May 31, confirmed that a strong explosion rocked the posh Serendra ...

Happy New Year!, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Happy New Year!

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


It was another spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks show in Manila.  The celebration began in the early evening and built to a crescendo of sights and sounds by midnight.  A haze of smoke still hung over the city the next morning.  The ...

Super Bowl Monday (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Super Bowl Monday (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... haven't been keeping up with American football this year.  American football is just too American for most countries and living in Manila means the timing is all wrong even if you can find it televised.  But being the Superbowl we just had ...

Letting Nature Take It's Course, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Letting Nature Take It's Course

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

Our first thought on finding the kittens in the air con room was "Akkkk!!!" The second thought was “do we have their mom recuperating in our bathroom?”  No momma cat materialized to take care of the kittens which made that possibility ...

Rubbing Elbows - (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Rubbing Elbows - (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... .  Fernando Zobel de Ayala and several family members were there.  They are one of the richest families in the Philippines and they ooze of good taste and breeding.  Unlike me, they were impeccably dressed.  Then we spotted celebrity ...

Corazon Aquino dies, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Corazon Aquino dies

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

Former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino died of cancer early this morning.  A 10 day period of mourning has been declared.  Her "People Power" movement pushed out dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, 3 years after her husband ...

staying with cousin Eddie, Manila, Philippines travel blog

staying with cousin Eddie

A travel blog entry by suokkotravels


Eddie and his niece Annie, picked us up at the airport and took us to his favorite restaurant, and i intercepted the bill and paid, just to find out from the waiter the bill was already paid by Eddie, i am certainly at a disadvatage not knowing the ...

The SM Experience (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

The SM Experience (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


... We had alerted them before leaving the US that we were moving out of the country and would be using our card in the Philippines.  But this alert has an expiration and since we were making big purchases for our condo they flagged us for potential ...

Narita to Manila, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Narita to Manila

A travel blog entry by reds_adventure


A nice daytime flight from Narita to Manila. It was raining pretty hard in Manila and we had to wait 30 minutes for the weather to clear enough for us to get ...

Car delivery and driver interviews (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Car delivery and driver interviews (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... ; But I think we handled it ok.  We got a list of potential drivers that other expats had to let go when they left Manila or their circumstances changed.  Russ texted four of them to see if they were still looking for work.  This took him a ...

Aftermath of Tropical Storm Ondoy, Manila, Philippines travel blog

Aftermath of Tropical Storm Ondoy

A travel blog entry by rjdemp


It's now Wednesday and 4 days after the flooding.  We spent most of Monday trying to contact everyobody to make sure they are ok. By the end of Monday many were still not accounted for including some of the people I work with directly.  Our ...

A Sunday Drive to the Mall of Asia (Russ and Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

A Sunday Drive to the Mall of Asia (Russ and Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

... around actually using a u-turn slot in the middle of the road (a special traffic control system unique to the Philippines).Again using some "filipino" driving skills we get turned around in the right direction and finally make it to the ...

Toilet Paper (Jane), Manila, Philippines travel blog

Toilet Paper (Jane)

A travel blog entry by rjdemp

I must belong here now because I got my toilet paper allowance at the office today.  The guy came by with a big box and gave me three rolls.  Toilet paper is not available in many restrooms unless you are in an upscale mall or restaurant.  ...

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