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Surfing Beaches of Mancora and into Ecuador, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surfing Beaches of Mancora and into Ecuador

A travel blog entry by joe.southin


... . I've managed to travel over 1600km northwards and over 10 degrees latitude in the last 28 hours by bus alone. Mancora is "Peru's worst kept secret" according to the Lonely Planet, a small beach resort town where surfers flock to catch some truly big ...

Adios a Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Adios a Mancora

A travel blog entry by judasdac


If David Lynch were to ever set a film in a Latin American beach town, Mancora would make the perfect setting.  Better known for being a prime stop on the Peruvian and South American surf circuit, a visit to Mancora during the off season yields a ...

A beach called Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

A beach called Mancora

A travel blog entry by yoni


... have the best beaches in Peru. Our two tickets from Lima to Mancora cost 220 soles. We leave this evening. May 19, 2008 Mancora, Peru We arrived early morning and after checking out some of the cheap places listed in the Lonely Planet we decided to ...

Vamos a la Playa !, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Vamos a la Playa !

A travel blog entry by viajecamillea


         Tout au nord du Pérou, à quelques kilomètres de l'Equateur, il y a Mancora...      Mancora c'est une toute petite ville sur la côte Pacifique, des plages paradisiaques, une eau ...

Road Trip Mancora Peru, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Road Trip Mancora Peru

A travel blog entry by vaughnyb


... hustle and bustle of the big city. Arrived in a city called piura by plane 1 hour and a half hour cab ride to Mancora. Piura is a small city with lots of poverty and high unemployement. So 30 minute there is enough. Since Ive been in Peru I now ...

Almost in Ecuador..., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Almost in Ecuador...

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


... nice to me (and Eva).  I had a great time surfing with Ricardo and hanging out at his house in Chiclayo. Once in Mancora, it took me a little while to find a hostel, but finally found one, a couple blocks from the beach (most were oddly booked) ...

Maniacs in Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Maniacs in Mancora

A travel blog entry by jbs


... on the agenda was an ice cold beer and a decent meal. Our friends from Chicama (Chris, Katrina, Arn, Chantelle) were also staying in Mancora so we organised to have a few drinks and a meal with them. The girls took us to a nice little restaurant on the ...

paradise found ,,,, Mancora, Peru travel blog

paradise found ,,,

A travel blog entry by jameshana


... in Vilcabamba, we thought we deserved to put our feet up with some serious beach bumming, and we have found absolute bliss! Mancora is beautiful, arriving late at night we found the coolest place in town (Del Wawa), right next to the beach, the ...

Mancorageous Acts, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancorageous Acts

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson

... for my turn at Eden's Cuts. As the sun was shining and was pretty much guaranteed to carry on shining we had summer haircuts. Mancora receives sun all year round and so there was no better place for my 7th Eden haircut of the year. Lunch was Lomo ...

Sonne, Strand, Meer!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Sonne, Strand, Meer!

A travel blog entry by senderjung


In Mancora (2h von von der ecuadorianischen Grenze entfernt) erwartete uns nun endlich ein schöner, warmer und sonniger Strandaufenthalt. Mancora ist bekannt als Surferdorf. Die hohen und stetigen Wellen laden auch wirklich dazu ein. Es ist ein Ort zum ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by bugs1983


Basically just a place to relax and serf if i feel up for it , That is exactly what i have been doing these last few days, not too much bant , just relaxing , I met up with my Irish friends again, will have to take a few snaps before i move on .Trying ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by bilinga


... go entirely to plan though, with Leesh managing to lose her credit card and electrocute herself within the space of a few hours. Mancora is more chilled and friendly than Montanita and the beach is kept cleaner. A local tuk-tuk driver was telling us ...

Back back to Talara Town, Talara, Peru travel blog

Back back to Talara Town

A travel blog entry by nathanialwest

... .  It was nice to touch base with the people who were there when my eyes opened in so many ways.  We made our way back to Mancora in time for a cocktail party with some new friends.  Gin and grenadilla soda are a match made in heaven. ...

Mancora - Final Day, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora - Final Day

A travel blog entry by vamosbenhoran


... .  I really have wanted to buy one but for some reason have put it off.  Now that its my last day in Peru I find that in Mancora they _only_ sell touristy Mancora t-shirts.  Really annoying as I doubt I´ll see the t´shirt for sale in any ...

Peru beaches, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Peru beaches

A travel blog entry by ryanislost


... us entertained until the wee hours of the morning. It was also the place where we started our evenings with the beautiful sunset Mancora had to offer. After dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant (five nights in a row)and enough smoothies to last a ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by emmaireland


Eight hours, and happily a smooth border crossing later, we arrived in a small beach town haven called Mancora where surfers travel from all over the world to visit. It was spectacular watching the kite surfers - some of them flew about 6 meters of the ...

Beach days in Punta Sal, Punta Sal, Peru travel blog

Beach days in Punta Sal

A travel blog entry by ellie_cross

After departing from my beloved parents in Guayaquil, this intrepid explorer ventured down the coast of Ecuador and on into Peru. After 8 hours on a bus, an encounter with a local tuk-tuk and an aggressive Peruvian money changing witch, I arrived on the ...

Chillin' on the beach, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Chillin' on the beach

A travel blog entry by kmtour09


... to another hostel next door, tiredness is kicking in now and patience is wareing thin!!! But there was a bed which we needed!!! Mancora is a pretty but very small seaside town, with just one row of shops and bars along a gorgeous beach, we spend pretty ...

Getting a tan, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Getting a tan

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

Pretty much a nothing day today, sat by the pool all day and got a bit roasted. In the spirit of the pirate themed anniversary party, there was a pirate themed ping pong competition for a t shirt. It basically involved wearing an eye patch and playing a ...

Rest and Relaxation, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Rest and Relaxation

A travel blog entry by livtajim


We woke up to a scorching hot day on the beach - yeah! We hada nice brekkie at the restaurant next door - Green Eggs and Ham.  Nice!  (thanks for the tip Jay). Time for relaxin' on da beach.... Sun lounger, great book... life ...

Winter beach, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Winter beach

A travel blog entry by mrjoe


... to stand up on the board a couple of times. It was great fun and I can see why surfers get hooked on finding the best waves. Mancora is great for lazing around so I didn't do too much else. Surfers party hard so the nightlife is lively for a small town. ...

Eindelijk 'vakantie' in Mancora, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Eindelijk 'vakantie' in Mancora

A travel blog entry by mirjamenmarcia


... en we spreken af om met hen 's avonds wat te gaan eten. Van Christina krijgen we een aantal restaurant tips omdat Mancora als toeristen plek snel groeit zijn er veel restaurantjes nog niet even hygiënisch of voldoen aan de standaard van ons Europeanen. ...

Party on the Pan-Am!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Party on the Pan-Am!

A travel blog entry by soul_surfista


... over on a holiday to name a few. I know jb will be happy to have plenty of English speaking folk around for a change. Mancora is directly on the Pan-am and is quite a busy place, we have our first and last nights drinking on the roadside bars ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by bafreux


... a voir et que c est cher.. mis a part la Patagonie mais beaucoup plus difficile d acces que de par l argentine.. sinon ici a Mancora.. les touristes sont plus roots.. plus routard dans le vrai sens routard du terme.. pas trop lave.. la barbe.. long ...

Little Bastards, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Little Bastards

A travel blog entry by 0234303


The town is alright. The beach is alright but considering that Mancora is considered the best surf spot/beach town in Peru, I was a bit disappointed. I never woke up alone, which would be fine if my sleeping partners weren't cockroaches. The town is ...

Lifes a Beach., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Lifes a Beach.

A travel blog entry by dagstar


We decided to make our last stop in Peru a beach stop. You can find Mancora beach on the far north coast of Peru, it is not only meant to be very picturesque, but also a great surfing beach. Having pitched up at 5am, we found a cheap-ish hostel with a ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by dhruve_anjli


Mancora was our first stop in Peru, located about 3 hours by bus south of the Ecuadorian border, Mancora is the water sport capital of Peru. The guidebooks describe the beach as the best in Peru, this may well be the case, but when compared to the beaches ...

ceviche and cerveza, Mancora, Peru travel blog

ceviche and cerveza

A travel blog entry by christina_lam


in mancora today, a surfer dude town with cheap seafood, booze and surfing activities. chris wants to try kiteboarding but it costs 270 usd for a 3 day course. it looks really hard to control that crazy huge kite. we are going to try taking some surf ...

Beach Bums, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Beach Bums

A travel blog entry by lucky


... out. 3 nights quickly turned to 5, then before we knew it, we had decided to skip seeing a few cities in Ecuador to make more time for Mancora and to staid here as long as we could before going to Quito for our flight to the Galapagos. Beach ...

I went through the desert on a horse with no name , Talara, Peru travel blog

I went through the desert on a horse with no name

A travel blog entry by 50odd

30th September 2009 Hostal Iberia, Talara, Peru just right Mancora - Talara (80 kms) This morning we ate a big bowl of porridge and reluctantly waved bye bye to Mancora and the sunshine.  We met a bunch of really nice people there and had a great few ...

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