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Fascinante Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan travel blog

Fascinante Peshawar

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... moi ! Peshawar est la capitale de la province de Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa et le centre administratif et économique des Régions Tribales du Pakistan. La ville est située dans une large vallée près de l'extrême est de la Passe (Défilé) de Khyber, entre ...

Bienvenue en l´an 1433 !, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

Bienvenue en l´an 1433 !

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


Le Pakistan utilise le calendrier hégirien (islamique). Contrairement au Calendrier Grégorien qui est solaire, celui de l'islam est, pour sa part, fondé sur le cycle lunaire. La grande différence, c’est que les années lunaires sont plus courtes ...

Hunza, heaven on earth!, Hunza, Pakistan travel blog

Hunza, heaven on earth!

A travel blog entry by danialw


... , who was originally from Hunza but is studying in Gilgit. We, along with a few others, discussed various issues, from Pakistan's involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict, to the situation of Gilgit-Baltistan not being treated equally as a province of ...

Karimabad - Adventures on a motorbike!, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog

Karimabad - Adventures on a motorbike!

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... finally made it to Gilgit about 9pm, cold wet and not a single penny on me. Believe it or not though even this in Pakistan turned into a good experience, the guy a Mandina guess house sensed my frustration and gave me dry clothes, food and a bed for ...

Fairy Meadows Trek, Gilgit, Pakistan travel blog

Fairy Meadows Trek

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... was so much amazing stuff to see) so I decided to join the trek and try and sweat this thing out. As treks in Pakistan go it was relatively easy but when carrying your own bag, sleeping bag and tent nothing at this altitude seemed easy, especially when ...

World's highest Polo - Shandur Pass, Shandur Pass, Pakistan travel blog

World's highest Polo - Shandur Pass

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... so close to the Afghanistan border the Taliban had threatened to make an attack due to the high amount of Westerners and Pakistan diplomats attending the game, luckily its wasn't, they just got half the Pakistan army to create check points and set up ...

I'm a Tuktuk, not a Ferrari., Kirqin, Pakistan travel blog

I'm a Tuktuk, not a Ferrari.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


I spent the early hours of altitude insomnia trying to remember the words to Swinging on a Star.  I got half way there, but couldn't remember the verse about the mule. We packed up and left by about 9.15. The others rapidly vanished into the ...

Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... 'e sur la rivière Ravi, affluent de l'Indus. Elle compte plus de 7 millions d'habitants, faisant d'elle la deuxième ville du Pakistan après Karachi et la 45e du monde. Bien que Lahore ne soit pas la capitale du Pakistan, elle est de loin son principal ...

Farewell India - hello Pakistan, Rawalpindi, Pakistan travel blog

Farewell India - hello Pakistan

A travel blog entry by queenietord


... to know what we thought of Pakistan compared to India. Ever the diplomat I told them what they wanted to hear chanted a few Pakistan zindabad which almost caused a riot they were so pleased. They used up most of the film in their camera taking photos of ...

Pakistan Border, Pakistan Border, India travel blog

Pakistan Border

A travel blog entry by judith.boudreau

Please excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes. <<< These keyboards are difficult to manoeuvre around, and it's tough to keep all my thoughts in order. Romeo and I had to get some serious antibiotics to stem the food born illness and tonight ...

Busy day, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

Busy day

A travel blog entry by jtw000


... the border. Marcin is grinning and ready to drive faster but I reckon this is going to be a tough crossing. India does not like Pakistan, they’re not going to make this any easier for us. In fact the only way we might get through quicker is to say ...

Karimabad, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by koaclarck


. ...

Jammu, Jammu, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by reisender

x ...

Quetta to Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

Quetta to Lahore

A travel blog entry by steveandwill

... to opt out of both the country's capital, Islamabad, and the famously beautiful mountains that clothe the Northern heights of Pakistan. We accepted the 40-hour roof-top ride - on a typically beautifully ornamented Pakistani truck - in a flash. We are ...

Le Khunjerab Pass, porte du Pakistan, Sost, Pakistan travel blog

Le Khunjerab Pass, porte du Pakistan

A travel blog entry by z00b


... la main. Autant dire que dans un sac bourré comme le notre ils n'ont rien controlé du tout. Ca y est nous sommes au Pakistan.  Et l'ambiance change tout de suite : les Pakistanais dans le bus sont euphoriques de rentrer chez eux après 2 ans à ...

Lotem blyskawicy przez Pakistan, Quetta, Pakistan travel blog

Lotem blyskawicy przez Pakistan

A travel blog entry by camer


... zjedlismy sniadanie w przydworcowym fastfoodzie :D. Pozniej wsiedlismy w takse na granice i tam pozegnalismy „przepieknej urody” ;) Pakistan.  Jesli chodzi o wrazenia z przejazdu z tego kraju to widac, ze kraj jest biedny i bardzo brudny, ...

Trek du Rush Phari, Hoper, Pakistan travel blog

Trek du Rush Phari

A travel blog entry by z00b


Après quelques jours de repos à Karimabad, on enchaine sur un deuxième trek, de 5 jours cette fois au Rush Phari. Il a plu la veille mais au moment du départ il fait grand beau et le ciel a été lavé. Du coup on voit les sommets environnants ...

Up the Karakoram Highway, Gilgit, Pakistan travel blog

Up the Karakoram Highway

A travel blog entry by vague-abonding


... in the village. A European climber whose name I forget had been the brains behind it and provided the funding. Northern Pakistan desperately needs more of these schools as thousands of children in the remote mountain villages do not receive an education. ...

Sost, the last bit of Pakistan before China, Sost, Pakistan travel blog

Sost, the last bit of Pakistan before China

A travel blog entry by danialw


... everyone is unique yet has a common theme for all humanity. I was quite intrigued by this and I thanked him by giving him some of my mulberries that I bought from a Wakhi woman on the spillway. So that's Pakistan, off to China! Till next time, ...

through multan to lahore, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

through multan to lahore

A travel blog entry by durgai.nath

On the road through Multan we arrived in Lahore, which compared to what we had seen in Pakistan so far, was a real ...

Christmas in the cold heights of Hunza valley, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog

Christmas in the cold heights of Hunza valley

A travel blog entry by koaclarck


.. ...

city tour, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

city tour

A travel blog entry by aarifhussain

beatiful city in the ...

The long road to Pakistan!, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog

The long road to Pakistan!

A travel blog entry by johnnynomad


... territory of Kashmir. Before leaving for our journey I knew very little about Kashmir or the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan. Even though we never directly felt unsafe, when it comes to traveling in this part of the world there is never any ...

Boring..., Multan, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtw000


... anyway. We took a guy who worked there and were allowed to go to a restaurant for something to eat. We had some traditional Pakistan food which was delicious, really top stuff. After that the escort guy arranged to get us a few beers and he hung around ...

Shit town, Quetta, Pakistan travel blog

Shit town

A travel blog entry by jtw000


10/11/11 We did nothing today but it was still interesting, for me at least. We woke up to the streets of Pakistan. Actually I woke up several times in the night o the drumming sound of heavy rain which made me think that the next day was going to be ...

Peshawar, au coeur de l'intégrisme musulman, Peshawar, Pakistan travel blog

Peshawar, au coeur de l'intégrisme musulman

A travel blog entry by z00b


 continuons vers le sud, le long de la frontière Afghane, jusqu'à Peshawar.  région nord-ouest, est tout spécialement Peshawar, est décidément plus intégriste que le nord-est. Ici, fini les femmes non voilées et la Burka est très ...

Hunza Valley - Karimibad, Karimibad, Pakistan, Pakistan travel blog

Hunza Valley - Karimibad

A travel blog entry by johnkramer


... a 2 day jeep drive with a very experienced driver. I had wanted to go there before. Around Chitral, in the far west of Pakistan, was an interesting minority group called the Kalasha people who are not muslim; the women are very open to outsiders and wear ...

Into the Karakorams, Chitral, Pakistan travel blog

Into the Karakorams

A travel blog entry by radsolv


Bumburet [Kalash Valley] White-water nullah; Fertile fields with walnut trees; Pine flank'd snow top'd hills. Dec 80 Think we got a flight from R'pindi to Chitral definitely got one returning Chitral to Peshawar. My RNAC crew card ...

Day 4: Naran to Gilgit, Gilgit, Pakistan travel blog

Day 4: Naran to Gilgit

A travel blog entry by nawabtanweer


... Indus is 3,200 km long, making it the 3rd longest river in Asia and the 21st longest in the world. It enters Pakistan flowing northwestwards in Baltistan, having already travelled nearly a 1,000 km from its source near Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailas in ...

Lahore-Multan-Quetta, Multan, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by koaclarck


. ...

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