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Tours to Bergen, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Tours to Bergen

A travel blog entry by katemc55


... railway stations and airports full of holiday makers on the go, it was also fantastic to cover the journey to Norway in less than 2 hours. It is raining in Bergen, and as the evening comes it is heavier. Pete arrives about 7, and I manage to meet him at ...

Norway in brief, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Norway in brief

A travel blog entry by katemc55


... Bergen was rainy..apparently typically so...we stayed in our hostel as late as we could..midday then ventured out to the obligatory Bergen sights: 1. The Fish Markets: which sold seafood to tourists: we had a sampler plate of salmon, shrimp, And a giant ...

Norway, Bergen, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by bfadventure

Fun city after fjord ...

Norway completed-in time!, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Norway completed-in time!

A travel blog entry by bronjack


... .  But I just felt it wouldn't be right if we didn't cycle the final victorious leg into Bergen, after all the sweat and tears we'd put into Norway.  We packed up in the morning to another perfect sunny day-full of excitement of our official ...

Best train ride in the world, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Best train ride in the world

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

... spent the entire train ride with my eyes glues to the outside. It was worth every minute of that train ride. We arrived in Bergen and found our hostel about a 5 minute walk from the train station. They have an elevator that was certified in 1934. You ...

Jan 07, 2010, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Jan 07, 2010

A travel blog entry by opzoeknaardekou


$30 what?!, Bergen, Norway travel blog

$30 what?!

A travel blog entry by jess06


Oh boy. Talk about a random weekend. Christy, Lauren and I packed our bags and headed to the west coast of Norway to see Bergen. The second largest city in Norway. It was so much fun. We started our day by going to school with the group and listening to ...

Bergen, Bergen, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by jiriz


We are going back down south-west along the coast of Norway and this morning our ship is slowly coasting to Bergen. I will give you only minimal "statistics" on this second largest city. You can always Google it. Oslo, the capital, is twice as big and ...

One more day, Bergen, Norway travel blog

One more day

A travel blog entry by mike.brewer.727


Well the plan was to arrive in Bergen at 1230p today and start the Norwegian portion of our trip but no such luck. We are still in Denmark at the posh Hotel Hirtshalls, it looks great out side, very sunny but also very windy! Overnight the wind blew ...

Indre Arna Norway, Indre Arna, Norway travel blog

Indre Arna Norway

A travel blog entry by sigche.asvang


We traveled 6,916 km (4297 miles) from start to ...

scandinavia, Bergen, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by jordanblair100

from munich i shot straight up to norway via denmark and sweden. didnt stop in them spots but i am on the way back cos they seem pretty cool. i came up to bergen because iv got friemds here from past travels and it was really good to hook up with em ...

going to Bregen, Bergen, Norway travel blog

going to Bregen

A travel blog entry by abc123jon

cooking our own breakfast the cabin in myrland bicycle tour in flåm good lunch (Guy ate hamburger, John had Chicken) nærofjord in Godvangen, bad try going to the Finse glacier and we couldn't find an hotel room ...

Bergen, Norway, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Bergen, Norway

A travel blog entry by tigereye


Rainy city.  Successfully got drugs to kill ...

Big Little Town, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Big Little Town

A travel blog entry by melepua

... at least once while in Scandinavia.  Two goods make a better!).  While walking through town I noticed that Bergen was a completely different city when not raining.  People milled about everywhere, strolling the shops, eating in sidewalk ...

Hotel Augustin, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Hotel Augustin

A travel blog entry by sonia72


... want.  How sweet is that!  I just had one for my dinner.  Despite the huge lunch I had, I have walked around Bergen for 4 hours, up and down steep hills, so basically I deserve it.  And....the waffle was really nice, way better than ...

Norwegian Coastal Cruise, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Norwegian Coastal Cruise

A travel blog entry by c.i.222


... is about US$10.  . . . . . . . . . .. . September 24 & 25, 2010; BERGEN: Although most on the west coast of Norway are natural ports where its cities and villages were established, it also helps that the Gulf Stream keeps its climate warmer ...

The most spectacular city I have seen this trip, Bergen, Norway travel blog

The most spectacular city I have seen this trip

A travel blog entry by sonia72


... would challenge my love for Helsinki but this place has definetely given it a run for it's money. Bergen is truly spectacular.  The second biggest city in Norway it is surrounded by fjords to the west and mountains to the north, east and ...

Bergen city, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Bergen city

A travel blog entry by simandrob


Bergen, founded in 1070, is Norway's second largest city with a population of over 250,000. It's the fjord capital of Norway, as if we haven't had enough of fjords by now! It was designated as a European City of Culture in year 2000. Bergen has one of the ...

Dramatic fjord scenery., Bergen, Norway travel blog

Dramatic fjord scenery.

A travel blog entry by startrailers


... ;   They did actually move.       Just down the road from the site there is a supermarket and a stop on the Bergen light Railway/ tram  which takes you into the city centre in 30mins,         It started to rain ...

A dry day in Bergen!!!, Bergen, Norway travel blog

A dry day in Bergen!!!

A travel blog entry by startrailers


... my phone so took a few with that, but the wifi is so weak I can't send attatchments to the laptop! We liked Bergen very much.  It is Norway's 2nd city, but quite small.   It is surrounded by 7 mountains (hills?)   with a funicular up to ...

Last day... At sea, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Last day... At sea

A travel blog entry by simandrob


Such a glorious sunny day, flat sea, sitting out on deck, shuffleboard competition with our lovely dining table friends! And a sunset to die for .... A magnificent end to a wonderful ...

Loveliness, Bergen, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by amanda_escapes


... beautiful and had a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I would never live there though, as it has a few major  flaws. It's in Norway, so it is still ridiculously expensive, and it  gets 2m of rain per year with an average temperature that is far too ...

We Bid Norway Good-bye, Bergen, Norway travel blog

We Bid Norway Good-bye

A travel blog entry by lmccall


... de fruit and a smattering of candied walnuts. I opted for the cheese which was Munkeby --a soft aged cows milk from Trondelag, Norway with a cherry compote. Scattered about the plate were several pieces of baby, baby lettuce and a drizzle of honey. I did ...

Cruisin' fjords, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Cruisin' fjords

A travel blog entry by brianc


SATURDAY. 19th August   BUT...breakfast was extraordinary. Just the two of us. Upstairs in milady's chamber or living room a veritable feast was laid out. From cereals to cold meats to smoked salmon to eggs to juice, coffee and tea and it kept ...

Wilderness Travel Trip-Day One, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Wilderness Travel Trip-Day One

A travel blog entry by lmccall


... ) are now a World Heritage Site. The buildings are used for shops and restaurants but the restoration of the buildings is exceptional. Bergen during its history has fallen to many fires, some so devastating the city was reduced to ashes. You guessed it, ...

Hunger strike, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Hunger strike

A travel blog entry by pwong


... ; If only Spanish women were so crazy about Chinese-Canadian men with bad Spanish accents ... Did a tour of the Bergen and Hanseatic museums - the tour included admission to both museums and surprisingly, it was the same price as going to ...

All Aboard at 5:45pm, Bergen, Norway travel blog

All Aboard at 5:45pm

A travel blog entry by maddogtj


... 1070AD...a wee bit older than Houston! We enjoyed the city and its rich heritage, but now we are making our way to Flåm, Norway which is situated on the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord. Note: We picked up a marine pilot after we turned into the ...

Final day in Bergen, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Final day in Bergen

A travel blog entry by larzstarz


Our last day in Bergen - mixed emotions about this. We are sad to see our family vacation come to an end, but we are definitely getting homesick and looking foward to getting back to the states. I'm sure you all are getting ready for the big weekend, so ...

Day 13 - Revised plan to Oslo, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Day 13 - Revised plan to Oslo

A travel blog entry by sydandval


... of the mountain and took the highway back through the tunnel and then wanded our way more sedately to Voss. Although this "Norway in a nutshell" tour has become very popular with tourists its fame is justified and is well worth doing. However we would ...

Tour 3: Bergen & Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway travel blog

Tour 3: Bergen & Mount Ulriken

A travel blog entry by maddogtj


We started seeing land again around 6:00am this morning and pulled into port at 8:00am. It was very foggy and drizzly this morning. Our tour started at 9:00am. We almost missed it because I thought it started at 9:30am! Close call! We boarded a bus ...

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