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Family fun day, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Family fun day

A travel blog entry by danly


Hi everyone! Ly here, well we had a fun filled day with my aunty and two cousins Wendy and Linda. We caught the train to Amsterdam today which was a quick 30 mins. We found Amsterdam to be a very multicultural place with plenty of different races here ...

Meeting up with Chapman, Amserdam, Netherlands travel blog

Meeting up with Chapman

A travel blog entry by wldlndfirefghtr

Take the train to Amsterdam to meet up with Tony, who is arriving by train from ...

Weer thuis op Nederlandse bodem, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Weer thuis op Nederlandse bodem

A travel blog entry by magda.marco


Na het happerende vertrek uit Buenos Aires van gisteren, hebben we na wat geregel een vlucht kunnen nemen met KLM, direct op Amaterdam. Al met al slechts 17uur later in Nederland dan gepland, valt dus ...

Wel of niet?, Doorn, Netherlands travel blog

Wel of niet?

A travel blog entry by micheleen


Steeds meer onduidelijkheid. De varkensgriep gooit roet in het plan! De berichten in de media worden serieuzer....vaccin aanmaken duurt een half jaar....tamiflu vertraagd het proces, maar is niet voldoende voorradig....preventieven maatreglen helpen ...

Le Tour de France On our doorstep, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Le Tour de France On our doorstep

A travel blog entry by nettie.steyn


... of the previous night, flower powers and nukkerige ou mense.Getting off the plane at Eidhoven, we bought a " peperduur treinkaartjie" na Utrecht. Although the electronic board said the train goes to Amsterdam, I knew we had to get off at Utrecht. On ...

Go MTN Qhubeka, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Go MTN Qhubeka

A travel blog entry by nettie.steyn


... out through the sound of the crowd and the commentator. We were proudly South African and we noticed by the crowd and media of the Netherlands.As I made my way back to the team busses after JvanR had finished his time trial, I came face to face with Andre ...

Yes, U Did, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Yes, U Did

A travel blog entry by nick_collins8


... rare on this trip. The sooked a bit about having to speak English but they were cool. Apparently not a lot of tourists go to Utrecht. Strange, considering it really good fun. But yeah our stupid hostel had a 2am curfew, the code to the door changed so you ...

always pack your toothbrush in your carry on., Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands travel blog

always pack your toothbrush in your carry on.

A travel blog entry by nothing

... my toothbrush in my carry on... this coming weekend is Orange Festival, or Queensday... which apparently is a HUGE festival here in the netherlands... its damn near impossible to get a bed or a room in amsterdam.... we have friday nite booked, i hope we ...

R and R, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

R and R

A travel blog entry by wouterb

Back home now...but only for a week or two...then i am off ...

Etappe 2, Utrecht na Geleen, Netherlands travel blog

Etappe 2

A travel blog entry by nettie.steyn


Exploring Utrecht, ons is nou hier!!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Exploring Utrecht, ons is nou hier!!

A travel blog entry by nettie.steyn


... broke in the nick of time. The clothing shops by the million and the summer sales are on. We stumbled upon the university of Utrecht and we discovered a student coffee shop where we each had a Frappe. It did not "knock" us out, but that knock made ...

Try, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by scalab2a2016


Nothing ...

Packing, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by babskamsteeg


It's the day before my departure to New Zealand! I am very excited. I did have to say goodbye to my friends today.. I'll miss them:( But I'll keep in touch with everyone via Facebook and this blogging site. I'm going to bed now, tomorrow the last ...

Visiting Emmy & Pieter in Houten, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Visiting Emmy & Pieter in Houten

A travel blog entry by kkrieg


... to experience a walk which is held each year over 4 nights. This was the last night and bands joined in the procession around Utrecht, approx 5kms. Pe, Emmy's Dad played the bass drum in one of the local marching bands. When asked why they do it, no one ...

AG DUL ABHAILE ..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by chaymus

A ...

Bridge over Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Bridge over Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal

A travel blog entry by scalab2a2016


The End!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The End!

A travel blog entry by thijsyelles


Dear all, Our South American road trip has unfortunately come to an end and we arrived back home again:-) We've had a great time and we have met some great people along the way. South America will stay in our hearts forever and we know that ...

Utrecht for a day, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Utrecht for a day

A travel blog entry by brianc


... August     Utrecht was the last city on our list to visit. We had not even touched the north east of the Netherlands let alone those countries to the north and south of us like  Denmark and Belgium. We had had grand illusions of visiting ...

To Limmen, Limmen, Netherlands travel blog

To Limmen

A travel blog entry by brianc

MONDAY, 24th July   Another wonderful breakfast although they did not have my favourite fruit bread.   We made phone calls to S in Sydney to check out the state of our house and to G, our son, who had moved out and had found accommodation ...

Spinning heads, Lopik, Netherlands travel blog

Spinning heads

A travel blog entry by alexstil


Nog maar twee weken... Opeens komt ie binnen, het besef dat we precies over veertien dagen met onze gehele huisraad in het vliegtuig naar Johannesburg zitten.    En we moeten nog heel wat regelen om dat te kunnen bewerkstelligen! De planten een ...

Vaarwel Larz, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Vaarwel Larz

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


The alarm woke me at 6am – Jase after a shitty nights sleep, was allowed another half hours grace before he had to get up because I needed the sheets and towels. With 3 loads of washing to get through and wanting to grab the machines before anyone ...

Last day of WAO, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Last day of WAO

A travel blog entry by fionaferrar


... the car again. It was great having a car available, but it was pretty tiny. Til had been in contact with a lady from the Netherlands who is keen to emigrate to NZ. Saskia and her husband Martin took us out for a lovely Panakokein dinner which was ...

Hanging by a thread, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Hanging by a thread

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


... , and desperate for lunch, we headed back onto the motorway, stopping for toasted sammies roadside, before carrying on back to Utrecht (our last rest area lunch). We arrived at our first choice of campground to find they weren’t open and headed for ...

Welcome to the new member of the family, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Welcome to the new member of the family

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


... station, buy tickets and get on a train heading in vaguely the right direction, without knowing a word of Dutch. Arriving in Utrecht we jumped in a cab bound for Turner Cars and Campers to finally see what our deposit had reserved for us. We ...

Amersfoort, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by fionaferrar


Well Deb has a great long sleep, and it would have been unfriendly to wake her up so we both woke at 9.15am! Til came to join us at 10am, and we headed into the little town for the walking tour that we had decided to do. It was a bit chilly so we walked ...

Got Gas?, Zeist, Netherlands travel blog

Got Gas?

A travel blog entry by word-a-day

... to Ziest might seem quite extreme for gas, but most countries operate on a bottle swap system and ours being from the Netherlands, and for some reason slightly different to other bottles, with valve’s and gauges, were not swappable, or fillable. ...

Dinner in Abcoude, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Dinner in Abcoude

A travel blog entry by brianc

... . L left to go to work in the local cinema ( but returned before we left at 11pm ). She was on leave from Utrecht University where she was studying psychology. D, on holiday from high school, was doing an essay for the International Baccalaureate exams on ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

This transportation hub in the middle of The Netherlands is where we went shopping almost every weekend during my year in ...

Discovery of Dutchness, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Discovery of Dutchness

A travel blog entry by peteandrea


... by catholic Spaniards who were chased southwards in the 80 year war with the Dutch. The protestant dutch remained in nowadays Netherlands and given granddads protestant past, there is no other conclusion other than that Pete is part Dutch. This explains ...

Breukelen, Breukelen, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

This is where I spent the year studying during my junior year ...

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