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Amsterdam - Day 3, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam - Day 3

A travel blog entry by savagestewart


... are celebrating his 400 year anniversary since his Birth this year. Matthew and DJ Fuzz Pop stood outside his house in Amsterdam beside the Rembrandts musuem. We walked for a good 35 mins before finding the city Zoo. There were hundreds of ...

Stroopwafels, Stamppot and Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Stroopwafels, Stamppot and Hoofddorp

A travel blog entry by tonyinghana


... new sights and places and make it as cool as it can be. One day at a time. On Tuesday, Marissa and I headed to Amsterdam. I cringed a little bit when a bus ticket and a train ticket into town were collectively 8 euros. Would have been 60 cents in Ghana. ...

Visiting the town hall in St. Maartensdijk, St. Maartensdijk, Netherlands travel blog

Visiting the town hall in St. Maartensdijk

A travel blog entry by ccbridge


Here are some pictures from our lunchtime visit on Monday to the town hall in the nearby town of St. Maartensdijk. We all rode our bikes there and back, from Poortvliet. We were given a tour of the building (which dates back to 1628), plus learned a ...

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by unbound


... the week off luckily so he met us at the train station.  They have a great little apartment close to everything. Amsterdam has a lot to offer besides the Red Light District and the coffeeshops - although, that's what most people look forward to ...

Homeland of the Tall & Beautiful, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Homeland of the Tall & Beautiful

A travel blog entry by toniandrachel


... that are very Dutch, such as cheese, wooden shoes, ect. I got a nice wooden shoe keychain! Today, Rachel showed me around Amsterdam. We traveled by bike mostly which was quite nice. I think it's awesome that so many people here get around on a bike, ...

Good Girls go to heaven,bad girls go to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Good Girls go to heaven,bad girls go to Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by laheart


... I was asking him a ton of random questions.  My favorite response to a question was that his favorite place to travel was Amsterdam....for the coffee bars.  Then I asked if by coffee bars, he meant pot bars and he said YES!  We both ...

Daar gaat ie dan vijf maanden op reis baan ..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Daar gaat ie dan vijf maanden op reis baan ...

A travel blog entry by borisalberda


Daar gaat ie dan. Vijf maanden op reis. Baan opgezegd, geld bij elkaar gesprokkeld, gas uit gedaan en we kunnen. 30 jaar nog maar en nu al een mid-life crisis. Of is het gewoon de niet te remmen nieuwsgierigheid naar het onbekende. Het niet kunnen ...

Vurije Tongen at Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Vurije Tongen at Ruigoord

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


(Amsterdam, Monday, May 28, 2007)-The Monday following the last weekend in May is a national holiday in The Netherlands, a celebration of the Christian Pentecost when the Holy Ghost is alleged to have descended from above in the guise of a tongue of ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by blatherwick

Amsterdam ...

Wakie wakie... off to Europe!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Wakie wakie... off to Europe!

A travel blog entry by stevewashere

... around the ferry and before we knew it we were back on the bus, hurtling through the French countryside on our way to Amsterdam! The the trip had begun! The evening in Amsterdam started off with a drive around the city, pointing out various interesting ...

Day 6 (Tuesday)

Day 6 (Tuesday) "Are we Dutch yet?"

A travel blog entry by ccbridge


Day 6: (Tuesday): "Are we Dutch yet?" As Kirsten and I continue trying to master the language (we already know quite a few sayings), we all began the day meeting at Calvin College (This is a Christian school like our junior high schools/ like Indian ...

Smooth flying, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Smooth flying

A travel blog entry by calmyourjets

No visa issues, no luggage issues, no point continuing this entry! Classic case of "no news is good news"! Last leg to home next up ...

There is a first time for EVERYTHING !, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

There is a first time for EVERYTHING !

A travel blog entry by amazingone


... the extra kilo it deposited to my hips ! The learning experience was a profound one and the result …. a very nice friendship with my roomie that was made possible by an unusual (albeit challenging) encounter and experience in the city of Amsterdam. ...

Galleons and Dutch Masters, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Galleons and Dutch Masters

A travel blog entry by kurtmills


... Europe in the first part of the 17th century. Amsterdam eclipsed it in trade after the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) went to war with the Spanish king, who ruled the region at the time. After the Dutch Revolt, Belgium failed to ...

A Low-key Time in a Not-so-low-key City, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A Low-key Time in a Not-so-low-key City

A travel blog entry by emyandwarren


... . It was still in a good location, only a three minute walk from the train station, and nearby the city's not-so-scandalous attractions. Amsterdam, we read, has a long history of a ''live and let live'' attitude that dates back all the way to the 16 & ...

democracia na america do sul, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

democracia na america do sul

A travel blog entry by betuca


Antes de mais nada, aviso que esse texto nao tem nenhuma relacao com a minha viagem... ou talvez ate tenha, ja que tudo que vejo, leio e aprendo que me levou a decidir a tentar procurar outro caminho. Mas quando digo que nao tem nenhuma relacao, estou ...

Finally... Amsterdam!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Finally... Amsterdam!

A travel blog entry by kandyante


... (If anyone decides to do this - hint - do not indulge in wierd species of funghi before hand... a little overwhelming!!). Most people in Amsterdam get around by bike, and if you lived there you would be mad to own a car because it is a compact place and ...

Amsty., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by therese.bubel


... 's only floating tulip market, french fries served with mayonnaise, torture museums, Red Light District and Van Gough: Amsterdam. The Netherlands were like nothing I have experienced. My travel experiences may have just blossomed, but I have a ...

Amsterdam, you complete me, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam, you complete me

A travel blog entry by emmiekerschen


    I only spent two days in Amsterdam, but I'm already picturing myself living there. I can see it now, me sitting on the porch of my little house boat, drinking hot chocolate and watching the bikers pass by. I honestly don't think it ...

Dam the Amstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Dam the Amstel

A travel blog entry by constantinople


... 5 am and arrive in Amsterdam at 1pm. I caught the bus and train to Frieburg and bought my ticket from the german/netherlands border to Amsterdam - rail passes only go so far :( and hopped on an InterCityExpress (similar to TGV) .. sitting on this piece ...

AmsterdizZzle, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by b-side


Amsterdam was daaaam ...

Coffee Shops, Heineken, rockin the 'Dam!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Coffee Shops, Heineken, rockin the 'Dam!

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... along the streets and canals to various spots of the 'Dam. With a fairly long list of sights i could have witnessed in Amsterdam, inclusing some fine notch culture like the Rembrandt museum and the Van Gogh galleries, of course i wound up at the dodgy as ...

A holiday from travelling, Europe, Netherlands travel blog

A holiday from travelling

A travel blog entry by timtravels

... actually woke up in pain due to my sore muscles.  The night before queensday we went out to a party in the street (somewhere in amsterdam, dont ask me where) and I met up with a cousin of mine which was cool. The next day we went and met up with ...

Beer, History, and History of Beer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands travel blog

Beer, History, and History of Beer

A travel blog entry by hannabrowne


Day 16 Woke up nice and early and started exploring. I walked up and down the beautiful street of Amsterdam. There's so much culture! There are canals that run every block, the houses are spectacular and the churches are gorgeous. In the morning I did a ...

Amsterdammit its C-c-c-cold here!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdammit its C-c-c-cold here!

A travel blog entry by sly.mod


... (although many of them smiled and waved back at me when I waved) and continued Northward. I found "The Bulldog," Which is Amsterdam's first and oldest Brown coffee houses. I stopped in and checked out the menu. Wow. Unparalleled high grade flowertops ...

Dateline Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Dateline Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by cocopilot

Amsterdam is a microcosm of our planet Earth! Not only is it interfaced with "water everywhere" but the cosmopolitan globalized population and especially the art left by master artists are mind ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by yushim

A 1.5 hour flight to New Delhi by Kingfisher airlines. I waited around in-transit at the new international airport for 5 hours. Then I took a red eye flight from New Delhi to Amsterdam. I took KLM airlines for 8 hours. ...

I scored some drugs!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

I scored some drugs!

A travel blog entry by adambrook


... from school. Yesterday when I called Molly must have looked at the caller ID and figured out pretty quick that I was still in Amsterdam....She actually started yelling at me that I was not home and I would miss my upcoming weekend with her and Noah...I ...

Lay Over In Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Lay Over In Amsterdam, Netherlands

A travel blog entry by travelforfun

In Amsterdam, I had NO idea where I was going, felt like a deer in headlights, and again, needed to locate the information display that shows what flight goes where out of which gate. Their system is phenomenal.  It tells you the gate, and then ...

Lessons Learnt, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Lessons Learnt

A travel blog entry by mo0ks


... to the hostel and discovered that we couldn't check in until 2pm.. and the door was locked! So we proceded to take a stroll around Amsterdam. After a few hours, we decided to stop in at a coffeeshop to rest our weary legs ;D We eventually did get to the ...

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