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Essaouira - first touch of the Atlantic Ocean!, Essaouira, Morocco travel blog

Essaouira - first touch of the Atlantic Ocean!

A travel blog entry by richlum

... stalls and see which one has the best looking fish and then choose the fish or seafood that you want and like everything in Morocco start bargaining on the price for your lunch. Walked up onto the ramparts which had some good views and then checkout out ...

Group entry: Medina in Morocco!!, Tetouan, Morocco travel blog

Group entry: Medina in Morocco!!

A travel blog entry by mswood


... remedies for various ailments.  One of the oils was helpful in preventing boat sickness on the way back to mainland Spain from Morocco.  Several people bought items, and several also tried out the henna. We went to a rug shop where we saw many ...

El Jadid,  Morocco, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

El Jadid, Morocco

A travel blog entry by amazingone


... to unusual conversations in 1/3 Arabic 1/3 English and 1/3 mime  . They were part of a large group visiting Marakesh in Morocco for a weeks holiday. (Wives obviously at home looking after the kids I guess).  As I have travelled  around ...

Moroccan highlands, Chefchaouen, Morocco travel blog

Moroccan highlands

A travel blog entry by jbaxter


After our overnight in Tangier we got a 3 hour bus south to a mountain town named Chefchaouen. It's only 40-odd thousand people but doesn't lack the intensity of Tangier. Again the medina was crammed full of shops and people. Most buildings in the medina ...

Morocco Surf and Tagines!, Taghazout, Morocco travel blog

Morocco Surf and Tagines!

A travel blog entry by steveandjenna


. ...

Marrakesh, Marrakesh, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... restored and was very impressive how the rich used to live. These type of places are now being restored all over Morocco by investors buying them and renovating them for luxury tourist accommodation. Winding our way back through the souqs, we again ...

It was a long week, Rabat, Morocco travel blog

It was a long week

A travel blog entry by thenewlyweds


Tuesday was more laying around though we were beginning to feel better. Guillaume found a super market and we got ourselves some food to make in the apartment. We really did nothing all day, but we changed from drinking the tap water to only bottled ...

Chefchouen, Chefchouen, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by hippler


I met a young backpacking couple on the bus to the border.  They were from York, England and were part of a university program that encouraged students to hitchhike their way to Marrakesh once a year as part of a fundraiser.  Sponsors pay ...

The Fes Market, Fes, Morocco travel blog

The Fes Market

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


After breakfast, our guide came to meet us. His name is Falid (pronounced "fa-leed"), and he is a very nice man who has two young children and a wife who comes from Fes. Falid says, despite having grown up there, his wife couldn't find her way in ...

Pass the Sheesha, Merzouga, Morocco travel blog

Pass the Sheesha

A travel blog entry by pwong


Mary did a smart thing last night - nothing terribly ingenious, but something very simple. She took a shower. What's so smart about that? Well, because last night, the hotel still had hot water. This morning? It was frigid!  But one good thing about ...

Back to Africa!!!!, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

Back to Africa!!!!

A travel blog entry by kusa


Samaleikum! Ich habs geschafft und bin endlich angekommen. Also ich sage euch, ich kenne jetzt bestimmt 50 Positionen, wie man in einem Bus nicht schlafen kann. Schlussendlich hat mich die holprige Strasse, dann aber doch noch in das Land der Traeume ...

Merhaban, Casablanca!, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

Merhaban, Casablanca!

A travel blog entry by isy_


Recommendations La Squala Restaurant - beautiful setting and good food Ricks Cafe - classy restaurant with jazz band and great ...

Merhaban, Marrakech!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Merhaban, Marrakech!

A travel blog entry by isy_


Busy and crazy but beautiful city! Lots of markets, sweet medina and crazy people! Recommendations: Atay Cafe Restaurant - great view over city and Atlas Mountains Le Jardon Restaurant - cute garden and good food Dromedar ride in palm tree gardens - cute ...

One hump or two?, Merzouga, Morocco travel blog

One hump or two?

A travel blog entry by roamingfree


  Having ridden an elephant in Nepal, a pony in Lesotho, a camel in Oman and an ostrich in South Africa and not counting the yak that Mark involuntarily rode (also in Nepal), we finally got to ride a dromedary!   The road from Ouarzazate to ...

Marrakech - Hectic!, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Marrakech - Hectic!

A travel blog entry by sophiatravels


The medina (old town) of Marrakech is one of the least peaceful places we've been to in a while. Getting from A to B is a difficult but fun process of weaving between people, cats, donkey carts, horse-drawn carriages, cars and mopeds. Combined with the ...

Arrivée dans la province de TATA, Tata, Morocco travel blog

Arrivée dans la province de TATA

A travel blog entry by loasis95

province de ...

Last days of Marrakesh, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Last days of Marrakesh

A travel blog entry by beckerworldtrip


... sums up the Moroccan people, as we have gotten to know so well over the past month. Of course there are people in the states who would do this for you, but it is such a normal thing here in Morocco. I wanted to record this in my blog before I forgot ...

What National Park?, Sidi Wassey, Morocco travel blog

What National Park?

A travel blog entry by darrenhough74

This is a top pick!

2nd Sidi Wassay We drove on to Sidi Wassay and found the campground to be on a hill right on the beach front; so we could sit in Scooby and watch the surf. On the way to the camp ground we drove through a green and fertile valley – very unusual for ...

Suffocating, Fes, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... Surprisingly, we managed to find our way around without too much issue; perhaps we are getting slightly used to navigating Morocco's crazy medinas. Of course, the guidebook's walking tour lays everything out very nicely, making it a little harder to ...

Marrakesh, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by steve.brine


... there were snowy mountains on the horizon. Everything was so quiet. And then... Marrakech. Hustle, bustle, tight spaces, Arabic, heat. Morocco is a kick in the butt for the senses as touts are numerous as are people and excitement!! The smells, the ...

Crossing the Mid-Atlas to the Saharan Desert, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Crossing the Mid-Atlas to the Saharan Desert

A travel blog entry by gmscholz


... for work and pleasure, so we prefer to see something different… but as we travelled through the harsh and hot landscape of Morocco we decided as arid ecologists it would be crazy for us not to visit the desert and a chance to see the biggest desert ...

Mar 26, 2009, Sefrou, Morocco travel blog

Mar 26, 2009

A travel blog entry by hmax


Chefchaouen blue, Chefchaouen, Morocco travel blog

Chefchaouen blue

A travel blog entry by richlum

Chefchaouen photos here: Up at 7am on Sunday to catch the 8am bus to Chefchaouen. Been good traveling with Draz over the past week or so but also nice to be off on my own ...

The Souss, High Atlas & Anti Atlas 8-Day Finale, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

The Souss, High Atlas & Anti Atlas 8-Day Finale

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... ; Overnight Stops   ...from Marrakesh Airport to 1) Aït Benhaddou 2) M'Goun, Ouarzazate Province, Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco 3) Gorges du Dadès (Boumaine) 4) Nkob, Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco 5) Tata, Guelmim-Es Semara, Morocco 6) Tafraoute, ...

Morocco's Hollywood, Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco travel blog

Morocco's Hollywood

A travel blog entry by segacs


... is sold by absolutely everyone. We made our way as far as Ouarzazate before stopping for lunch. Ouarzazate is otherwise known as Morocco's Hollywood because of the number of big-budget films that were shot here. Some of the better-known titles include ...

mint tea, carpets, couscous and sheesha...., Chefchaun, Morocco travel blog

mint tea, carpets, couscous and sheesha....

A travel blog entry by salkelely

what an arrival in morocco! a massive mission. we left melilla at 11am and arrived at a petrol station, 10kms from chefchauon ( spelling????? you will have to excuse any spelling mistakes here.........these arabic keyboards a quite confusing)at 3am in ...

A grave mistake, Fes, Morocco travel blog

A grave mistake

A travel blog entry by twovines


We rise late though why we would want to stay in bed is a mystery, it is like sleeping on a brick. We can honestly say its the worst bed we've ever slept on sober. Ian sleeps on regardless though he is not snoring so perhaps I will take him back to the ...

Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by veroyjorge


An amazing birthday, Errachidia, Morocco travel blog

An amazing birthday

A travel blog entry by karyn512


... price that we were quoted was WAAAAY out of our budget so we were all set to call it quits.  It doesn't work that way in Morocco...the seller just keeps after you until you give him a price you're willing to spend.  We gave him a price (about ...

Overnight in Erfoud & beautiful countryside views, Erfoud, Morocco travel blog

Overnight in Erfoud & beautiful countryside views

A travel blog entry by bumihills


Heading in the direction of Erfoud we passed through the cedar woods of the middle Atlas Mountains and a charming "German style" sky resort.  As we departed the city the following morning we continued on to Rissani, where the ancestor of the ...

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