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Puebla, ciudad de los ángeles, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Puebla, ciudad de los ángeles

A travel blog entry by celinetjavier


... recuperados al cien por cien, nos dedicamos por la mañana a decidir sobre el futuro de nuestro viaje: de Puebla iremos a Oaxaca (pronunciado Guajaca) y después al estado de Veracruz. De ahí seguramente nos dirigiremos hacia Chiapas y finalmente los ...

McDonalds B-day party & sleeping, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

McDonalds B-day party & sleeping

A travel blog entry by kimbutterfly15

We were out very late last night after the Palanka (enrty to come soon) and i had been feeling myself starting to get sick...I think the late night and lack of sleep got me...i finally admitted to being sick today and got some medicine...with it and rest ...

Puebla, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Puebla, Cholula

A travel blog entry by jackyna


... it very fast. Crowds of people, cars and smell of old buses. Well, but it is worth to go, because 8 km from Puebla, in a village Cholula, there is the second largest pyramide in the world. It does not look like a pyramide, since there is a ...

Just give the cops a lil' something something, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Just give the cops a lil' something something

A travel blog entry by sg2oo3

First we roll into Puebla "the city of angels" in our big van, right when we enter we get pulled over by a motorcycle cop we weren't doing anything wrong except having Alaskan license plates. The two girls that were giving us a ride did purchase insurance ...

Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by timanddiana


... makes the driving easier. Loaded up Google Maps on the iphone and off we went! The drive down to Puebla (2hrs) was very beautiful in parts. The outskirts of Mexico City aren't pretty, but we were soon climbing up into the hills. Mexico City itself lies at ...

Semana Santa in Southern Mexico, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, and Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Semana Santa in Southern Mexico

A travel blog entry by cwaldron


... and didn't get back until last night.  I went with a group of just 20 people and we travelled all throughout southern Mexico.  The first night was an overnight bus trip to Oaxaca and it ended up taking about 15 hours, which was pretty ...

Kratka zastavka v Pueble, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Kratka zastavka v Pueble

A travel blog entry by kaci

6.5.2011 Dnes rano jsme se na chvilku s Anci rozdelily, Anicka si musela posunout let o jeden den, takze jede do Mexico City, ja se jeste stavim v Pueble. Chtely jsme navstivit i oblast Mixtecy - takovy to klasicky Mexiko s kaktusy, ale tak snad priste... ...

Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by frawldog


... I could not go to any places that she wanted to go.  There were certain places that she had been and I had not in Mexico including Puebla, Palenque, Oaxaca and Mexico City, so those are the cities that I settled on to go to.   This was hardly a ...

Entrada 2 : Semana de nuevas experiencias, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Entrada 2 : Semana de nuevas experiencias

A travel blog entry by joelem


... volcanes y hacer parapente por encima de la ciudad, pero eso es si tengo el presupuesto para hacerlo. Joëlle en Puebla :) *************** Cette semaine a été très chargée mais très intéressante. Dans le cadre de mon stage, chaque semaine, je dois ...

Poo and Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Poo and Puebla

A travel blog entry by netballliz


... -instate prince phillip?! answers on a postcard please! nodded off at the end and got to Puebla about 1pm Puebla is lovely! much more rural that mexico city (altho its the 4th largest city or something?) all the buildings are covered in tiles or ...

ArtSpot Day, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

ArtSpot Day

A travel blog entry by esmeralda4790


... ground up pumpkin seeds called Esmeralda!! I also bought a coffee liqueur that was quite tasty. Then, we made our way back from Puebla to Mexico City to the original hotel we stayed at. Elaine and I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the way back! IT'S ...

Talavera pottery, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Talavera pottery

A travel blog entry by joanna.rath


... we are staying in, Hotel del Portal, is in a fabulous location facing the main square in the Historical Centre. The Cathedral (Mexico's tallest) occupies an entire block of the main square. The other three blocks of the square are lined with cafes and ...

Oct 18, 2012, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Oct 18, 2012

A travel blog entry by thetravelingcae


Los primeros días, ya, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Los primeros días, ya

A travel blog entry by joelem


... mais je n'ai pas eu beaucoup d'heures de sommeil. Mon responsable de stage m'attendait à l'aéroport y ça nous a pris 1h30 pour arriver à Puebla. Il y avait beaucoup de trafic et j'en ai profité pour dormir. Le pays est très différent de tout ce que ...

Oh where are we going!!!!, Izúcar de Matamoros, Mexico travel blog

Oh where are we going!!!!

A travel blog entry by aquest


... it to get a closer look.  Popocatepet At 5,426 m (17,802 ft) it is the second highest peak in Mexico, It is linked to the Iztaccihuatl volcano to the north by the high saddle known as the  Paso de ...

Preparativos, Mexico, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by theennu

En este momento, ya tenemos reservaciones en São Paolo, Rio y Foz de Iguaçu. Sólo nos falta Argentina. 5 de julio, hoy recogimos nuestras visas del consulado brasileiro.   9 de julio, todo listo. A 5 días de partir, y ya está completo todas las ...

Begins, Puebla, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by anderson365

1 ...

Derniers tacos..., Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Derniers tacos...

A travel blog entry by guillamy

Situé en banlieue de Mexico, Puebla est une ville de taille similaire à Montreal, avec 1.5-2.0 millions d'habitants. Possédant des liaisons directes avec l'aéroport de Mexico, c'était une candidate parfaite pour boucler la boucle. Un autobus d'un peu ...

san fransico (daylight) / ruins mall /craft market, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

san fransico (daylight) / ruins mall /craft market

A travel blog entry by kimbutterfly15

... , to be with Angeles as she prepares to have the baby.  Very early...loke 3 a.m. because she was flying out of Mexico City.  Today we went touring around downtown.  We went back to the San Francisco Cathedral (where we attended mass last week) to ...

Mexico City & Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Mexico City & Puebla

A travel blog entry by alix_83


... , it was a 3 hour trip to go 80 kms. We arrived at about 3 and went out exploring, we went to 2 of the main churches in Puebla and then out for dinner. I had a Puebla speciality which was stuffed chilli's with a walnut sauce. It was very nice but ...

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by leslyg

home ...

City of the Angels:  Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

City of the Angels: Puebla

A travel blog entry by helen.hedrick


... city's nickname:  Puebla de Los Angeles. By the time we re-trace our travels back to Mexico City, through Mexico City in a taxi, and south on a bus to Puebla neither of us feels the least bit angelic.   In fact, one of us, not saying which one, ...

Preperations for Honduras, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Preperations for Honduras

A travel blog entry by kimbutterfly15

... they package them for you. I snuck a picture of this...hee-hee. -Angeles' christian church- most of the population and churches in Puebla are Catholic so this was a unique experience. The "campus" of this church is hugh. it is a church and a school, ...

Puebla, Puebla, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by jnn.salsa


Nov 07, 2014, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Nov 07, 2014

A travel blog entry by trivia


So I am a bad blogger, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

So I am a bad blogger

A travel blog entry by jennfleming

... a small summary of the basics from Puebla, and promises to do better on the Bolivian blog..... Well, I will try to do better. Puebla: My family was amazing and just a little shady, so I fell at home immediately. The food was great, and the four ...

Mexico DF to Puebla (by Daniel), Puebla, Mexico travel blog

Mexico DF to Puebla (by Daniel)

A travel blog entry by jim.coates


... a motorcycle in the open air. So, as we moved through a particularly dense patch of fog high up in the hills between Mexico City and Puebla, I found myself realizing that yes, indeed, we were going to do this trip. And soon enough the clouds opened up ...

The Journey Continues, Puebla and Oaxaca, Mexico travel blog

The Journey Continues

A travel blog entry by nicface


Day 5 - Arrive Puebla (Poo-ebla) So we left Mexico City and arrived in Puebla at about lunch time. We headed to a local market to sample some fresh produce.  After lunch we walked around the beautiful city admiring the coblestone streets ...

mexico, Puebla, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by rick.guillaume

mexico ...

The great breakfast, Puebla, Mexico travel blog

The great breakfast

A travel blog entry by cristinalanchar


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