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Valletta adventures, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Valletta adventures

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... were really well preserved, and you could see a real jump of improvement in tools from the previous era. We also learnt about Malta’s mysterious cart ruts, a complex network of tracks gouged in the rock. The purpose of these ruts is still a mystery, ...

Island Fever!, Malta, Malta travel blog

Island Fever!

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... location, it was bombed like crazy during World War II, when it was still a British territory. They even have a church in Malta that memorializes a 'miracle' where two bombs fell through the roof during a service, but by chance didn't go off. The ...

Detox, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... hopefully we can find some nice, less-touristed spots in the next few days. One thing we were looking forward to in Malta was a good detox and loosening our belts slightly, after all the rich and delicious dining in Sicily - having fallen under British ...

travelling to malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

travelling to malta

A travel blog entry by sydneyalicat

... when they opened for buisness. Wandered around and found a cafe for breakfast, honestly the french make the worst cappachino, hope malta is better. caught up on my blog at the internet terminal, Franchesca found a free playstation terminal so she was ...

28-29 Valletta-Dinner-Marsaskala beach, Valletta, Malta travel blog

28-29 Valletta-Dinner-Marsaskala beach

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21


... for a bus! FUN! Any hoo.. we went and saw the war memorial at Fort St. Elmo and then went to see the amazing "Malta experience". It was a movie about Malta which was informative but not very engaging (both Mum and Nana fell asleep!!). We also saw The ...

Just a stone's throw away..., Gżira, Malta travel blog

Just a stone's throw away...

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


I read the book my Mum gave me on the roof this morning. It's a compilation of short stories called Women’s Travel Writing, and it’s absolutely inspiring. The experiences people have – wow!   I decided the roof was so nice that I ...

Back in US. Tomorrow Glacier NP, Malta, United States travel blog

Back in US. Tomorrow Glacier NP

A travel blog entry by lettinggo


Dusty border town but good place to regroup and wash van and clothes before being without again in Glacier NP. Will try to find remote and cheap NP sites with no electricity, so no wireless or phones either... amazing how we rely on technology ...

Ancient Ruins, Rock Formations and Cities, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Ancient Ruins, Rock Formations and Cities

A travel blog entry by onedude


... of Malta is connected by a bus system where you can go anywhere on the island within about an hour. Took a trip to the southwest of Malta to see the blue grotto, the stone age temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra and the towns of Rabat and Mdina. For such a ...

Malta and Gozo, Valetta, Malta travel blog

Malta and Gozo

A travel blog entry by gracielastanley


... so-called civilized world, or Europe anyway, and I am vomiting violently. A nice flight into Valetta from Casablanca on Air Malta. The islands were beautiful from the air and the flight was pleasant. Arrived and went through our usual rituals of ...

Malta - I am home!, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Malta - I am home!

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... was born in Australia, love the country and possess a deep sense of pride in my nationality I also enjoy a similar connection with Malta. I guess that is an advantage of being born of migrant parents after they migrated! Beyond this I also gain a certain ...

Monday in Mdina, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Monday in Mdina

A travel blog entry by astrix7


... you go in Malta you run into Fortified Towns or Cities. The fortified city of Mdina is tiny but like the island of Malta it packs a punch historically. This was the very first capital of Malta from about the 8th century BC until the Knights landed in ...

Spoilt rotten in Malta, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Spoilt rotten in Malta

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson

... ! My Scandinavian friends were making me choose sides for the ice hockey semi-finals, and I was definitely torn, because I came to Malta because of a Swede, but am staying with two Finnish people! Which side should I chose?! Spoilt for choice! Boris was ...

Gaining one job and losing another, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Gaining one job and losing another

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


This morning I received an email from the Department of Environment saying they aren't able to extend my leave. I am expected back at work on the 12th of February, so I will have to resign if I want to keep travelling the world. It’s a shame I ...

With a spring in my step!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

With a spring in my step!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


My parents received the traditional Maltese prickly pear liqueur that I sent them, so they did shots via Skype for me! It was hilarious. I paraded down the Strand towards Sliema feeling really happy. The sun was out, the boats were bobbing up and down on ...

Day spent with the knights., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Day spent with the knights.

A travel blog entry by yurgo56


... of large churches and there are a lot of saints in the place and street names. I have come to the conclusion that I have seen Malta and that is about the end of my association. I think if I had been a military commander I would have let the invaders have ...

Lazy day in Sliema, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Lazy day in Sliema

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... to the internet café as I was keen to catch a few family and friends online before they left work (Australia is 8 hours ahead of Malta by the way). I spent an hour or so chatting to some of my work colleagues, my brother Jeff's girlfriend Kirsty and my ...

'Not all those who wander are lost.' ~ Tolkien, Gżira, Malta travel blog

'Not all those who wander are lost.' ~ Tolkien

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


Today I took it easy, catching up on a lot of photos and blogging, Skyping my parents and talking to some friends back home. Halfway through the day I stepped out with Ippy to get fresh fruit from a store up the road, and admired the view (and the sun) ...

I’m such a mess!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

I’m such a mess!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... and I would make a good working team because we’re all good at different things. It's a shame I can't stay longer on Malta to help with the Charlotte Louise project, but at least I can make the video of our journey which will hopefully help with ...

Nite in Montana before Canada, Malta, United States travel blog

Nite in Montana before Canada

A travel blog entry by lettinggo

Heading out to Canada ...

A Day to Relax, Valletta, Malta travel blog

A Day to Relax

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


Today was mostly a resting day. I've been walking all over Malta and Gozo with an annoying cold and its really wearing me down. The nice weather has mostly gone and left hot weather with a very light breeze. It seems harder to escape the sun in the ...

Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by wardtrip


... travelled by ferry from Sicily to Malta on the 4/6/14. Malta is an Island in the Mediterranean just 2 hours south-east of Sicily. Malta has recently become an Independent State of the EU.  Malta is so hot! It reaches above 31 degrees nearly every ...

30. Maltese Magic, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

30. Maltese Magic

A travel blog entry by sarahandblairnz


... it to my list of places you must visit in your lifetime. Rating out of 10: 9.5 In a word: Garigue (used throughout Malta travel guides - I had to that one) Something interesting: If using public transport, be sure to cover your shoulders ...

The Australia Day aftermath, Gżira, Malta travel blog

The Australia Day aftermath

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


This day blended into the one before. I got to sleep at 7.30am after an epic Australia Day party and woke up again at 10.30am. I Skyped Mum and Dad and told them about the party, and then made myself a good old Aussie breakfast of bacon and eggs (adding ...

Visiting Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Visiting Valletta

A travel blog entry by allie.boler


... to have another dry day and visit Mdina in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon.  Depends on the wind.  So pleased to say that Daisy has very much fallen in love with Malta.  Have never heard her so enthusiastic about a ...

A road less travelled, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog

A road less travelled

A travel blog entry by travelmonster


... his selection from and I order the rabbit. We share a pudding, which the lady suggested and said it was very traditional for Malta - it was a bit like cheesecake but without the biscuit base and wrapped in cake instead. After this we go back to the ...

I'm a strong man..., Marsalforn, Malta travel blog

I'm a strong man...

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


I rose around midday and Nicole made us bacon and eggs. Jules had caught an earlier ferry back to Malta to work, but the rest of us went to the Candy Store, where you can shovel your favourite selection of candy into a paper bag. I got novelty candy in ...

Change of Plans., Gzira, Malta travel blog

Change of Plans.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... and meander through your journey at your own pace. I decided to push my Sicily trip back a few days today. The weather in Malta has been absolutely perfect these last few days and I am just loving spending so much time by the water. Olga leaves for ...

Dad's family., Bugibba, Malta travel blog

Dad's family.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... Well the rest of the afternoon went by with everyone telling stories of the past including some incredibly interesting aspects of life in Malta when they (and my parents) were young. They talked about dad when he was at school, when his family had decided ...

Shopping, Sakura and a shoe collection, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Shopping, Sakura and a shoe collection

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


The morning held a lovely Skype session with my crazy parents, and then a large uploading of photos to Instagram. I know you're supposed to upload directly to Instagram 'as the action happens’, but there are just too many social media sites to keep ...

Wow! Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Wow! Malta

A travel blog entry by petkatravels


... the masses of colour from the geraniums give Valletta great charm and character.We were in for a walk through a varied history, as Malta has an archaeological site which dates back pre pyramids, and has been inhabited for thousands of years by different ...

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