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Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by richie-ruth


Melaka ...

A Funeral, an Iguana, and an Extra Blanket!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

A Funeral, an Iguana, and an Extra Blanket!

A travel blog entry by kittierar


I started writing this post whilst sheltering from a torrential rainstorm in Melaka, almost a week ago.  Since then I have traveled several hundred kilometers north, through the towering skyscapers of Kuala Lumpur, skirting the edges of the ...

Leaving Malaysia, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Leaving Malaysia

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson

... morning. After finding some digs, we were surprised to find a really fancy shopping mall and just generally began to discover that Melaka was a nice place. It isn't really on a route....and I don't think many travellers stay here...they just pass through ...

Melaka and Port Dickson, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Melaka and Port Dickson

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


Mmmmm.... a one day trip to what is suppose to be a historical town... Locals did tell me that going to museums was not worth it but I didn't believe them and therefore still went to see for myself... The town itself is ok... with a few pretty ...

Hu Jintao the Chinese President comes to town!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Hu Jintao the Chinese President comes to town!

A travel blog entry by daveandnat


We stayed an extra day in Melaka because we heard Hu Jintao the current Chinese President was going to be in town on the 11th. We waited in a crowd near the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum and were moved on several times by the police and their "tight ...

Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidandclare

... & I have told Clare we will not be attending another until Sunderland qualify for the Champions league. The highlight of our time in Melaka was an evening spent wondering China town. The food was so cheap we bought lots of little bits from different food ...

Festive Cheer, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Festive Cheer

A travel blog entry by vanessaanddan


... boxing day. The place was strange as it was clearly very catholic and the people looked very different from other people in Malaysia they have a mix of western and oriental features, but over all it was not the most interesing. On our way ...

Last stop in Malaysia, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Last stop in Malaysia

A travel blog entry by neale_-_lou


... would have been a riot! Anyway, back to it........Just as we thought we weren't really enjoying Malaysia, we get here and our minds have changed - slightly. Melaka is only a small town comparatively, but it feels like there's a bit more to do in ...

Malaysia, truely Asia, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Malaysia, truely Asia

A travel blog entry by tonyandsara_rtw


We were up to get the 8am bus to Melaka in Malaysia.  It's pleasant enough in the morning before the sun gets high and the oppressive heat of the day sets in.  Thankfully our bus had big seats, lots of leg room and air-con so the 4 1/2 hour trip ...

Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by cal_ipi

... back up north we decided to stop off at Melaka for a couple of days as grossly over timed how long we needed to do Malaysia. The things to do ratio in comparison to other countries is somewhat less here and could had saved a few days before Borneo. ...

Crazy karaoke..., Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Crazy karaoke...

A travel blog entry by amyandmark


But not us this time. Malaysia has a huge Indian population but an even bigger Chinese one, needless to say it wouldn't be long before we came accross some karaoke again. Melaka is a beautiful town of Chinese/Portuguese/Indian/British architecture, but ...

Windmühlen, Super-Inder, China Town und Oettinger, Malakka, Malaysia travel blog

Windmühlen, Super-Inder, China Town und Oettinger

A travel blog entry by zwanzigdreizehn


... christlichen Kirche, einer Windmühle und dem Eingangstor zu China Town. Auf dem Weg dorthin überqueren wir den überschaubaren Sungai Melaka Fluss, der die Stadt entzweit. Und schon sind wir mitten drin in China Town. Anders als man vielleicht meinen ...

Family ties in food heaven, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Family ties in food heaven

A travel blog entry by tomandhayley


... trees as far as the eye could see, rolling hills and deep gorges filled with raging rivers. I don’t know what I thought Malaysia would look like, but it certainly wasn’t like this! The jungle canopy spread out like a blanket across the ...

High Tea, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

High Tea

A travel blog entry by sbar1303


... taking pictures underwater is damn difficult as you can see by my paltry efforts!! I then left Thailand and travelled down to Malaysia where i have done some walking and drunk loads of tea in the Cameron Highlands and seen some of the capital city ...

Selamat Tinggal, Malaysia!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Selamat Tinggal, Malaysia!

A travel blog entry by shaanandkate

Our stats for our time in Malaysia: 4: cities visited 8: rooms slept in 12: new foods tried (Laksa, ABC, cendol, pineapple tarts, kaya, roti canai,  banana pancake, jalebi, chicken rice, rice balls, honey pancake) 22: hours spent on inter-city ...

First steps into Malaysia - Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

First steps into Malaysia - Melaka

A travel blog entry by barryandemma


... so far.  Everything has suddenly become a lot cheaper (dinner for two was about 1 pound!) Spent the day wandering round Melaka getting a "vibe" for the place.  Melaka is an old colonial port so there's evidence of Dutch influence around the ...

Stalked by a monk, Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog

Stalked by a monk

A travel blog entry by senorbrian

So it seems wherever i go the past couple of days this monk jumps out of nowhere and demands a donation its crazy i was taking a photo and all a sudden hes trying to force into my hand a piece of paper which if i accepted i would have to offer a payment ...

Mr Universe, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Mr Universe

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... back down the street and had chocolate strawberrys and pancakes before reaching another show. The board said this guy was in the (Malaysia) book of records for quickest man to break a coconut with one finger, what an absolute bollocks record. It turned ...

Top destination, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Top destination

A travel blog entry by missg


... Neil Sedaka to Billy Ray Cyrus. In fact, all the songs you`d never want to hear. The evening`s entertainmentwas the Melaka sound and light show, a history extravaganza. The mysterious booming voice of history accompanied by a variety of coloured 40 ...

Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... I like somewhere I'm generally happy to move on to the next place but in this case I'm more than happy to be going onto Melaka despite knowing little about it. I actually woke up at 9:30 and had breakfast with Charlotte! Got the Skytrain to the bus ...

We lika Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

We lika Melaka

A travel blog entry by kevsharon


... might as well have been in the sink so he had to change on the platform , the bus journey was only a couple of hours but Melaka seemed worlds apart , it is a quaint small town with loads of character and history. We got to the guesthouse down one of the ...

Laksamania!!!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by noodlesandrice


... having a peek at temples and waving to passing schoolchildren who were in the tour boats of the canals. A quick round up of Melaka. You can easily survive in Melaka at £10 a day per person including food, accommodation and soft drinks (though ...

Devil Curry.. I think not!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Devil Curry.. I think not!

A travel blog entry by chlara23


... loo, we headed out for dinner, we didnt go far jus a few shops along, but i have had the most greatest meal so far in Malaysia, i dont even know what the dish is called.. but it was fish. LOL The next day, the met up with Gerald, the French-Canadian ...

The Oldest city in Malaysia, Malacca, Malaysia travel blog

The Oldest city in Malaysia

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... until WWII, when the Japanese briefly took over but after the war, it was returned to the British's hand until Malaysia declared independence. Due to the multicultural influence it has architectures influences of European, Chinese, Indian and Malay. We ...

Did someone say Satay..., Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Did someone say Satay...

A travel blog entry by thewjgirls


... to wear jandals! So Melaka has been occupied in the past by the Portugese, the Dutch and finally the English before Malaysia got its independance. Because of this there is an amazing amount of varied architecture and food (did someone say satay?). We ...

Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tenvols


... .  The Dutch took it from the Portuguese and ruled for 154 years.  The British took over in 1824 and ruled Melaka and Malaysia until independence in 1957.  The city itself is interesting, but could use a face lift.  We saw several ...

Money, money, money (of niet), Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Money, money, money (of niet)

A travel blog entry by thomascarlijn


... we ons wel thuis! We hebben het stadje goed bezocht, en hebben delen van de ‘Dutch Heritage Walk’ bezocht. Melaka was eerst van de Portugezen, maar ‘wij’ hebben ze verjaagd om een betere handelspositie in Azië te verkrijgen. Een ...

Melaka: kleines Juwel an der Westkueste, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Melaka: kleines Juwel an der Westkueste

A travel blog entry by pesche


Melaka war unser zweites Reiseziel in Malaysia. Nach ein paar schoenen Tagen an der Sonne und am Meer sind wir in diese kleinere Stadt im Westen gezogen. Highlights von Melaka ist eindeutig sein kleines aber feines Chinatown mit alten Haeusern, gutes ...

Back In Melaka Again, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Back In Melaka Again

A travel blog entry by jameshardy88

One of my more favoured spots in Malaysia, I had absolutely no problem in coming back to Melaka. Although this visit would be a bit more fleeting and more used for some down time between destinations I knew coming here that when it came ...

Enduring Beauty, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Enduring Beauty

A travel blog entry by gayled

Another lie in this morning!  Yippee!!  Getting a bit too used to these at the moment!  I met up with Bex, Hella and the Arlies (ie Charlie and Carly) at 10am and headed off to the Museum of Enduring Beauty.  What a fascinating ...

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