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Malaysia (Borneo) - Kuching & Bako National Park, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Malaysia (Borneo) - Kuching & Bako National Park

A travel blog entry by tereza-gonzalo


... Museum which tells the story of famous Malaysian women and itīs free of charge. The rest of the day we walked around Kuching visiting different attractions that the city had to offer. Kuchingīs old city center is pretty small, so itīs possible to walk ...

The Bare Necessities, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The Bare Necessities

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... to say the least. 72 bites and counting! So we feel we have earned the relaxing and comfortable environment of Kuching, a very pleasant city with great eateries and friendly locals, none more so than the Orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation ...

Aug 23, 2011, Semenggoh National Park, Malaysia travel blog

Aug 23, 2011

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


The year of the cat..., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The year of the cat...

A travel blog entry by fourloves


... I went to the Mandarin service, so I pretty much went for the show, understanding little, but picking up on a few oft-repeated words. Kuching is nice and small for a city, with lots of smelly, dirty, cheap markets which are clean by all other SE Asian ...

Semenggok Orang Utan sanctuary, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Semenggok Orang Utan sanctuary

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


Early up today.....7am breakfast and then walked to the Tourist Info office to catch a minibus to the Orang Utan Sanctuary. Always wonder about these sort of places and how much they are just there for the tourists but we were pleasantly surprised. We ...

Cute Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Cute Kuching

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... than its body part!) - a shiny brown lizard - a weird crab in a bright green/yellow shell Wednesday 8 February 2012 Given Kuching's obsession with cats, it seems fitting that they have a cat museum! I love cats, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to go ...

The City of Cats, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The City of Cats

A travel blog entry by dolly_would...


... not sure my depleted memory cells can remember back that far I'll give it a go!  I arrived just before Ju into Kuching airport & did a rubbish job of meeting her coming through customs, no welcome board or anything - although at least I was ...

borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by minhee

dddddddddd ...

Which one is the monkey?, Bako National Park, Malaysia travel blog

Which one is the monkey?

A travel blog entry by callmejoseph

We met strolling along a protected rainforest north of here, a lovely South African couple,an annoying Australian Michael Moore fanatic, Nathan, and good ol' cynical "I." After a while we decided to head back towards camp. Listening to yet another ...

Drunk at the Long House, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Drunk at the Long House

A travel blog entry by andyjunaidy


... of searching our quest was about to happen. There were five of us on the 3 day trip to the Long House, Harris from Malaysia, Jill from America and Darren from the UK. The boat trip to Sarikei took nearly four hours we were glad to get ourselves ...

On hunt for Orangutans, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

On hunt for Orangutans

A travel blog entry by henrik.caesar


... own while walking in the forest! He could easily kill you if he wanted to. The park was closing so we left and drove back to Kuching where we had dinner and then later went for some drinks at the bar next to the hostel. It is a really nice bar. The ...

More driving on the bikes and getting lost!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

More driving on the bikes and getting lost!

A travel blog entry by henrik.caesar


... through Kuching again which we wanted to avoid but with our sense of directions it seemed to be the best way after all. After Kuching it was pretty straight forward but we still managed to take the wrong road one time but soon figured it out and turned ...

Accommodation, Carbon Footprints and Dogs, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Accommodation, Carbon Footprints and Dogs

A travel blog entry by fatsomoo


... layer. I do believe I shall take a flight in the next 14 days, in fact why not make that at least 8 flights in Borneo alone… Kuching to Miri, Miri to Mulu, Mulu to Miri, Miri to Bario, Bario to Miri, Miri to KK, KK to Sandakan and Sandakan to Tawau. ...

Longhouse trip with Peter, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Longhouse trip with Peter

A travel blog entry by henrik.caesar


... . I told the leader that I want just that one because it is from Sweden and he sad that he guessed that. On the way back to Kuching we all sat back in the trunk of the pickup drinking our rice wine. When we got to town me and Kai stood up and Peter ...

Early start to the day!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Early start to the day!

A travel blog entry by carolineandkent


Awoken at 6.45 am by a loud speaker. Looked out the window to find by the river there was a Guinness world record attempt for walking backwards! China are the current leaders with 1039 participants. We caught a shuttle from the hotel to Sarawak ...

Kuching!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by callis


... I ended up finding tons of great stuff!  I stumbled upon an Indian festival in the middle of the city.  Kuching doesn't have a very large Indian population so it was really interesting that they were having this festival.  I guess they ...

Kerching from Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kerching from Kuching

A travel blog entry by comfortsontour


... Air Asia) but neither of us were sat next to anyone horrible so the 2 hour flight passed without incident :) Our hotel in Kuching is really cool, only 3 star but feels like more. Our room is pretty big with decent views and it came with 2 complimentary ...

Singapour -> Borneo (Kuching), Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Singapour -> Borneo (Kuching)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


... 2 douannes dans la meme journee pour le meme pays????????? Reprenons le bus et attendons 30 min dans le bus, avant de partir pour Kuching. Chauffeur en pause cafe. Humm! On est arrive a 16:00 et on a trouver un "guest house" sympatique. On a ...

Borneo Baby!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo Baby!

A travel blog entry by 2totango


... couchsurfers in Kuching. Alex and Lucy are an interesting couple who have lived in many countries (Kenya, Japan, Costa Rica, Philippeans, Malaysia) and travelled to many, many more! How inspiring!  We were very pleased  to stay with them for ...

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

A travel blog entry by venoth


...   Day 3  Woke up early again. Here, unlike peninsular malaysia, sunrise is much earlier. At 6 am, it is equivalent to 8 am in peninsular. After breakfast at the hotel, we met our cab driver again. This time, we headed towards Mount Santubong and ...

From flash Singapore to a squat in Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

From flash Singapore to a squat in Borneo

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


I have a touch screen phone... And...the touch screen function on the alarm does not work!! Basically what this means is that when my alarm goes off the whole room wakes up, whilst I struggle to remove the back of the bloody thing and then somehow take ...

First glimpse of Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

First glimpse of Borneo

A travel blog entry by bernie-s


... purposefully not work out the price of things we were buying (this is quite hard to do because it's almost exactly half), but in Malaysia you review the English price of things every time, so you can smile about how lucky you were to be born in England. ...

Back to Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Back to Kuching

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... some are empty. Apparently the younger people have to leave the village to search for work in towns and cities in Malaysia, but their houses stay available and their families use them at times of Harvest festivals and Easter and Christmas. At these times ...

It's raining, it's pouring..., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

It's raining, it's pouring...

A travel blog entry by 3girlsinasia


... , that serves Illy coffee and really does a mean Cafe Latte. It has an amazing collage photo of the different peoples of Malaysia, all wearing modern clothes or variations there-of, applying make-up from either their cultural arts, tribal ceremonies or ...

Don't feed the crabs!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Don't feed the crabs!

A travel blog entry by 3girlsinasia

... had a lovely time. Cait and I swam around holding hands under water as PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) are frowned upon in Malaysia. After a while it became apparent that the tide was coming in and so we all clambered back on to the boat and went ...

Broodje-aap-verhalen, Bako National Park, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by claraklaver


... geeft thuis. een beetje bedremmeld sta ik even later de bus op te wachten die me terug zal brengen naar Kuching, Gelukkig heeft de gruwelgroep eigen vervoer. Uitendelijk wint tevredenheid het van mijn teleurstelling: de apen hebben geen mensen nodig en ...

Flying to Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Flying to Kuching

A travel blog entry by chris74


... book so you have to get their first to avoid having to stand for the whole flight? The flight was pretty uneventful. I arrived in Kuching (Capital of Sarawak) just has it started to rain (a lot). I headed for the hostel, checked in and had a quick ...

First travel blog from Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

First travel blog from Kuching

A travel blog entry by mikajfb

... Borneoon eilen illalla Singaporesta Sirjen kanssa. Kaupunki on kompakti ja helppo, vaikka asukkaita on Helsingin verran. Kuching on myos Sarawakin paakaupunki ja siis reissun Borneon osuuden alkupiste. Singaporesta viela sen verran, etta siella ...

Cat City, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Cat City

A travel blog entry by evanlinda


Kuching a very beautiful city with a nice river front to stroll along. It's name means cat in Malay which is why there are a lot of statues of common house cats. Here we had fun in the Sarawak Museum. In the new wing there were many interactive puzzles ...

Pollution...ahhh...finally in a city, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Pollution...ahhh...finally in a city

A travel blog entry by ania23

... a Cat Museum and several cat statues scattered around this city. I should really ask what thats all about. I really like Kuching. Its a mix of all different cultures...chinese, indian, malay, and colonial. The buildings, despite almost falling down and ...

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