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Jul 02, 2009, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Jul 02, 2009

A travel blog entry by jetdude


.:balkans:., Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by imohag


another surprise... there was no train that was supposed to be... so we stayed in skopje 2 days instead of ...

Bringing the Spoils Back Home, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Bringing the Spoils Back Home

A travel blog entry by gogan

Tourists are mainly warned about what they can bring to a country. Rarely they are told what may they take out from it. But then, what is "bringing out" on one side of the border, only 20-30 meters further is "bringing in". When crossing Balkan borders ...

APPARENTLY A VERY DEEP CAVE LAKE, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... dismissive, noting he was an Albanian. Seems there a fair amount to explore re the tensions between Muslim Albania and Christian Orthodox Macedonia. We were headed back to town by 1215. Lake Ohrid days were given as an overview rather than a more in ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tritt-around

... lack of seatbelts is concerning.  In the city centre we walked past Mother Theresa's Memorial home - she was born in Skopje, the  Orthodox Cathedral, into the  square with  the statue to Alexander the Great- complete with a huge ...

Skopje the Great, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Skopje the Great

A travel blog entry by kodatravels


... , you guessed it. Alexander the greater. Anecdotes and photo stops came from him, and soon enough we were in countryside Macedonia, beautifully green, pleasant and charming. At Matka we learnt that the Nazis built the large dam with much precision ...

Skopje den druhý, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Skopje den druhý

A travel blog entry by jkalbanie2014


... 345;íjemnil. Při loučení nám řekl, že jsme jeho real friends a že pokud se znovu vrátíme do Skopje, tak se na něj musíme znovu obrátit, jako na přítele :) Canyon Matka Canyon matka leží asi 20 km od Skopje. ...

Music is the best language of all, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Music is the best language of all

A travel blog entry by ievka


... ! It seemed that they spent all of the money for the center when they could have probably helped to fix many accomodations for people in Skopje! We met Tome, who helped us to find a hostel even though he was on the way to gym! We found out that people of ...

Skopje Old Town Turkish Quarter, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Skopje Old Town Turkish Quarter

A travel blog entry by londone7


... was the same design with two levels but was actually a madressa (school) and not a stable and inn.    We think of Macedonia as being 'Greek' but the Turks have really left their mark in the old town with two bath houses, two caravan hans, a ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by travellingchick

... soccer sure made my flight go a lot quicker, hehehe. The weather here is lovely....its not overly hot but warm....i haven't seen sunshine in over 2 weeks so im glad i can wear my shorts here. Macedonia is cheap as loving ...

I'm a Work in Progress, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

I'm a Work in Progress

A travel blog entry by devante


... him instead. Jevy is a cool ass dude to put it bluntly. His English is the best I've heard since arriving in Macedonia. This is partly because he attends The American University of Kosova (AUK) where the students are taught and tested in English. ...

skop-yay, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by msgee

... Memorial House of Mother Teresa, which was nothing special. A lovely tribute, though. She was born in Skopje in 1910. Walked to Macedonia Square, taking a back alley way because the main road is under construction. Ended up cutting through an ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) travel blog


A travel blog entry by kata.geoff


... to take pictures in there to help describe what it looked like. It was very visual, with wax statues of the important figures in Macedonia and sciences set up with them in actual settings they would have been in. Every room was different, one had grass as ...

Great day in Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Great day in Skopje

A travel blog entry by ericjon97


... see how many wedding dress shops there were.  I never saw that many in Turkey, but for some reason in the Turkish quarter of Skopje, they loved them. From there I headed up to Kale Fortress.  It’s an old fort in the north side of the city ...

Petite fierté (course 4 km), Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Petite fierté (course 4 km)

A travel blog entry by julie.tetovo


... Et c’était pas plus mal, vu le beau temps c’était plutôt agréable de marcher le long du Vardar, qui traverse Skopje. Vous remarquerez que mes joues sont légčrement plus rouges aprčs la course ! Le soleil en plus de la ...

Exploring Skopje (Skopia), Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) travel blog

Exploring Skopje (Skopia)

A travel blog entry by milliputt


... our hotel in Amman at 4:30 am to catch a 7am flight to Istanbul where we had a 9 hour layover before flying on to Skopje, Macedonia to meet B, who has worked with the Roma people to improve their lives. Because the ground is so hard and full of noxious ...

FYROMia, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevenwag

whatever ...

To Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

To Skopje

A travel blog entry by sfynxx


The way back somehow felt like it went a hell of a lot ...

Arrival in Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Arrival in Skopje

A travel blog entry by ~cat~

I spent a week in Skopje to do a fieldwork for my Master Thesis. More details about the trip will ...

Capital of Macedonia...crumbling but great, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Capital of Macedonia...crumbling but great

A travel blog entry by aviva

... ladies, we found hordes of Albanian nationalistic paraphernalia which rivaled downtown Tirana. At night we managed to locate some local indie bars...finally offering some relief from the constant pumping of euro-pop-dance. Skopje: crumbling with ...

SKOPIYA, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloturc


... Şehri keşfe çıktım . Üsküp (Makedonca: Скопје, /ˈskopje/, {Skopye}), Makedonya'nın başkenti ve en büyük şehridir.   Vardar Nehri'nin iki ...

Don't you FYROM with me!, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Don't you FYROM with me!

A travel blog entry by cariverga

Ну что ж, вся бывшая Югославия объезжена. ...

SKOPJE - MACEDONIA, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sheppa80


DAY 256 – 12/09/13 – PRISTINA – SKOPJE (MACEDONIA) A few days ago Besnik had told us that the border between Kosovo and Macedonia had closed. This sent a few alarm bells ringing in our heads because Macedonia was our next destination. ...

Back home: Skopje versus Africa, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Back home: Skopje versus Africa

A travel blog entry by gogan

... , Skopje cannot, even if it wished so very much, to compare with many a place in Africa, like Cairo to begin with, but I am positive that Skopje would not wish to compare with places like Ndjamena, or Kinshasa or Conakry or many other. (to be ...

PIVOFEST!, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lindsey-canada


... I don't know how anyone can live apparently thats pretty much what everyone makes I guess we wont be moving to Macedonia! Also Sinisa said in the last 4 years that all the prices have doubled since he'd been there but the wages have ...

MAC, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandesande

- ...

Macedonia/FYROM report, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Macedonia/FYROM report

A travel blog entry by texasdoug

... nice restaurant there City Museum in old train station where clock stopped at earthquake Kaj Marshalot, old Tito-remembering restaurant in Skopje center I took time for a two day break up to Skopje to eat burek, visit markets and old churches, ...

2 days in Skojpe, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

2 days in Skojpe

A travel blog entry by anaearthrowl

The owner picked me up from the airport and he likes to talk to his guests.  There were two people in the hostel the first day, Valerie and Rooney, and we had lunch in local place.  The salads are pickled cabbage, tomatoes and cucumber in ...

Nesten hviledag, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Nesten hviledag

A travel blog entry by fatherandson


Det ble en kald natt. Temperaturfřleren pĺ aircondition'en er nok ikke helt til ĺ stole pĺ. Nĺ er vi sĺ kjent at vi bruker de smĺ smugene for ĺ komme dit vi vil. Siden alle stort sett skal til gĺgaten og den mest sentrale plassen sĺ er det jo ...

Jun 18, 2010, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Jun 18, 2010

A travel blog entry by tjornelas


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