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Walking for the 7 Lucky Gods, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Walking for the 7 Lucky Gods

A travel blog entry by jp2005

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... rice bales and carries a mallet that he uses to scatter money around. Both gods are very cheerful and extremely popular in Japan. Now we have our 7 gods and we even have the boat, their treasure craft, that they sail into the harbor every ...

Kichijoji, Inokashira Park, and Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Kichijoji, Inokashira Park, and Asakusa

A travel blog entry by jp2005

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... productions of Studio Ghibli. Leaving the park it's a short stroll over to the eclectic town of Kichijouji. Kichijouji is outside Tokyo's 23 wards, but is still well located and easy to get to from almost anywhere in Tokoy. Its an interesting ...

From old emperors  to young Goths., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

From old emperors to young Goths.

A travel blog entry by nikolasdm

... werd het klassensysteem van de samoerai afgeschaft en begon, vanwege de keizer zijn interesse voor het Westen, de modernisering van Japan. Met die geschiedenis in het achterhoofd was het dan ook niet al te verbazingwekkend om een enorme drukte aan de ...

The Day we watched some more views, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

The Day we watched some more views

A travel blog entry by mitsukishiroi


... -- a smaller station directly in the Yamanote line's path. It's particularly well known because two of the most prestigious universities in Japan (Keio and Waseda) are close to the station. As such, a lot of ramen bars can be found along the Meiji dori, ...

Where the toilets talk!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Where the toilets talk!

A travel blog entry by ollieandlaura


... that was catching a Frisbee and playing football with its owner. It had talent! Justin Lee Colins did a series on Channel 5 about Japan and Tokyo before we left home. He portrayed it as a mad city but with socially inept people. From what we've ...

Back to Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Back to Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jcbeep


Japan ...

Niks bijzonders, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Niks bijzonders

A travel blog entry by jorrr

Tjah, we hadden het al een beetje gezien op het weerbericht, maar als we wakker worden is het toch echt waar. Nog steeds donkere wolken en dus geen goede dag voor Kamakura, waar lange wandeltochten op het programma staan. We stellen het nog een dagje ...

Konichiwa!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by momijigari


Endlich wieder bin ich heute in Japan angekommen, genauer im Stadtteil Asakusa in Tokyo. Als Reisebegleiterin ist S. dabei - das erste Mal in Japan. Trotz guter Reise waren wir beide recht müde und so sind wir 'nur' im Quartier durch die Gassen und ...

Last Day in Tokyo  :-(, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Last Day in Tokyo :-(

A travel blog entry by virtualshan


Well, spent my last day seeing as much of the city as possible - Tsujiki...Roppongi...various other areas I'm too jetlagged to spell properly.... More detailed entry to ...

Een druk dagje, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Een druk dagje

A travel blog entry by jorrr


... De Denker in het midden bovenaan. De rest is nog even zoeken, maar misschien vind iemand er meer!? Daarna ging onze reis naar Tokyo station, wat vlakbij Ueno ligt. Ons doel daar is het Imperial Palace. (Tussen  haakjes; mij is verteld dat 1 hectare ...

It's kind of different here!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

It's kind of different here!

A travel blog entry by fxdacat


Somewhere after the International Date Line, it's already day two of my Japan adventure.  I arrived in Narita Airport at approximately 4:15pm Tokyo time (that's 2:15am EST).  I was a little nervous coming out of the arrival gate.  My ...

The Rain Never Bothered Me Anyway!, Shibuya, Japan travel blog

The Rain Never Bothered Me Anyway!

A travel blog entry by kiyomiran


Like I've mentioned before, although I grew up in many different cities in many different countries, I consider Tokyo as my primary home because I was born there and I've spent a longer time there than in any other cities. I got back on Sunday night, and ...

Back to Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan travel blog

Back to Tokyo

A travel blog entry by vincethepince


... much sooner but we had reserved seats together on our scheduled train. They have trains leaving every few minutes from Osaka with Tokyo as a final destination. We took advantage of the break to have lunch in the terminal. Gina got a combo that came ...

Crazy Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Crazy Tokyo

A travel blog entry by sabinekim

I am now in Tokyo, well, at bit outside of busy downtown which is really good. After hard work at Nikko Park lodge I need to relaxe and feel that I am on holliday, I kind of forgot being around other travellers - being the receptionist again !! I think ...

Flight Status, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Flight Status

A travel blog entry by fhsjapan2010


... for our flight status. We're on flight 8 and once we leave about 2:30 AM your time, short of storms in Newark, whatever they post should be accurate (you can even watch our flight on the world map). Our flight to O'Hare is 1187. Good bye from Tokyo ...

Loving Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Loving Tokyo

A travel blog entry by karenkost


... to upload photos before we left.  This was to be photo night, hopped up on chocolate we were good to go; oh well next trip.  We leave for Kyoto in the morning. We have had a great time in Tokyo.  The people were all so friendly and kind. ...

Lay over in Tokyo on the way home to Penang, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Lay over in Tokyo on the way home to Penang

A travel blog entry by alexapril604


... would setup our flights to and from with long lay overs in countries we had not seen before. This trip is was Germany on the way and Tokyo, Japan on the way back. We had little time in Japan, but it was so nice to see this country and all that you hear ...

Back in Tokyo - Sumo, plastic food & fish markets, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Back in Tokyo - Sumo, plastic food & fish markets

A travel blog entry by sophiatravels


... I really wish you could get live prawns in Australia; they taste so much better. Other highlights of our last days in Tokyo included the beautiful imperial gardens, a shrine (the Yasukuni shrine) that was dangerously supportive of some of the most dubious ...

New York, Rio, Tokyooooooo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

New York, Rio, Tokyooooooo

A travel blog entry by arodin


...   From Nagoya we took the Willer Express bus to Tokyo. Only 6,5 hours to go.... It was already dark by the time we got there - just perfect for visiting Roppongi, the Tokyo Tower and enjoy the evening ...

Our first steps to becoming travelling geniuses!, Akihabara, Japan travel blog

Our first steps to becoming travelling geniuses!

A travel blog entry by delsanders


... all were very weird and wonderful! There was one shop that sold solely punk clothes (apparently there' s a big punk scene in Tokyo). The clothes in there were pretty awesome, especially the leather jackets, I got chatting to a nice Japanese girl who ...

kav 11 tokyo, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

kav 11 tokyo

A travel blog entry by shirbil


... a great time, it was such a nice day! but we kept walking and walking - it is so annoying that there are no street names in japan! after getting lost for a bit, we got to what we thought was the place, but it looked more like a junk room then a museum, ...

DISNEYLAND TOKYO!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by nemo_s


... ut kunde man genast se hotellen (för de som stannar flera dagar) och spåret där Disneyparkens eget tåg går därifrån till Tokyo. Solen sken och det var så mycket människor överallt! Först när man kommer in är det som en liten gågata ...

Well-fed Zombies on a Geisha Hunt, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Well-fed Zombies on a Geisha Hunt

A travel blog entry by jhenley87


... language! Back at the apartment, Brittany promptly zonked out and I began planning the next day. Before going to sleep I discovered Japan's most startling and greatest innovation: the toilet. Ah the toilets! What back home is a humdrum symbol of a banal ...

Maid Café, Fish Market..., Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Maid Café, Fish Market...

A travel blog entry by jasmins_world

... them and (if you pay for it) you get to play games with them or take pictures. My next stop was at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings which have a free viewing deck in their twin towers. I was there just before sunset and the views were amazing ...

Kamakura!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mmdillho


... is! It even looks pretty, green and purple. Next, we took a bus to Daibutsu, which is the second largest Buddha statue in Japan. The Daibutsu was very impressive, although there isn't much else in the temple grounds aside from the Buddha. I did go ...

Tommy, Tokyo, Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tommy, Tokyo, Kyoto

A travel blog entry by myrri

... last day we went to Harajuku, which really lives up for its name of place for alternative fashion - the shops were cool alright. After Tokyo Tommy got really sick and was in bed with fever for about three days, so on New Year's Eve we couldn't do much ...

Narita Goodness, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Narita Goodness

A travel blog entry by gildo

Mike and I arrived at Narita International Airport in good order and after getting through security, we managed to rest up for the nine hour flight to San ...

Just Ah Waiting, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Just Ah Waiting

A travel blog entry by gildo


Just a little bit of waiting at Narita, thankfully, I did not have to go from one terminal to another for this round of travel. ...

10 ways to do Tokyo on a Budget, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

10 ways to do Tokyo on a Budget

A travel blog entry by whichwaynow2011


... sign up here, both you and I will get a bonus :-) ) Nodding off with all this talk of currency charges?? Sorry - back to Tokyo. Well here's the point - leave your credit card in your hotel room because the shopping in Tokyo is amazing. Retail is like ...

Saiyonara Nihon!, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Saiyonara Nihon!

A travel blog entry by joshandlauren

... when Josh can grab a microphone. Lauren as expected faired better. On the 21st we went to Harajuku the stylish section of Tokyo, which is certainly different to our stylish. After that we visted Josh's Japanese teacher at her Friends house in the Tokyo ...

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