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Visit to the Roman Forum on Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy travel blog

Visit to the Roman Forum on Palatine Hill

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... excited today because you see, this evening at 6:00pm, we were getting to meet the people who were joining us on our tour around Italy.  I was anxious to see who was going to be on it and "Get the show going", meaning start our escapade around the ...

Southern Rome the Roman coliseum and more!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Southern Rome the Roman coliseum and more!

A travel blog entry by allansineurope


... of the plaza. After we walked through we walked down toward the 'wedding cake' which is the monument of the first king of united Italy Victor Emmanuel. It was quite a long walk to get there but not to much of a challenge. The hard part was climbing the ...

Throughout Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Throughout Rome

A travel blog entry by cattieatu


Those Truscans, Rome, Italy travel blog

Those Truscans

A travel blog entry by kwdestinations


... the street outside the port area, when out of the side of my eye, down below me was Chuck, AKA Charles (David's nephew who lives in Rome).  I looked down to his waves and gestures to get off the bus and come with him.  We did.  It is a rare ...

Rome not sure what day it is, maybe Thursdays, Roma, Italy travel blog

Rome not sure what day it is, maybe Thursdays

A travel blog entry by dmckinnon


Ok, I have arrived safe and sound. Before I start let me say that they fuāked the keyboard up and that I think a liter of wine is a little more than one person should drink. Now that I have made my excuses lets continue. The first issue that must be ...

Religious afternoon, Rome, Italy travel blog

Religious afternoon

A travel blog entry by chaletaria


... with some contributions from Bernini and completed after Savi’s death by Pannini (1760). It’s the largest foutain in Rome and very beautiful. M thought it odd because it wasn’t free standing, but up against a building (the Palazzo ...

Fountains and Ruins, Rome, Italy travel blog

Fountains and Ruins

A travel blog entry by travellingross


... villa was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century as a ‘get away’ from the Roman Forum in Rome centre. It is unbelievably massive and impressive – just imagine how impressive it would have been covered with marble and in ...

Rome(ing), Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by collanya


... we went to the baths of Diocletian, which are a series of ruins, which were once a magnificient baths for the people of Rome and was quite expansive. Then we passed through the Piazza delle Repubblica which is very close to our hostel. On our way to the ...

Ode to the Masters and Dead Men's Tunnels, Rome, Italy travel blog

Ode to the Masters and Dead Men's Tunnels

A travel blog entry by swdsull


... and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe anyone trying to argue that greater works of art exist outside of Southern Renaissance Rome would be wasting their breath and mind power.   But the real shebang came after the tour at the museum. Fr. ...

Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome, Italy

A travel blog entry by ameehan


Well, we are finally in Rome!!  God, were we gald to get off that plane! Whwn we arrived at our B & B in Rome, we met our 3 American friends we met on, they are staying at the same place and our going on the ship also.  ...

Buongiorno tutti, Rome, Italy travel blog

Buongiorno tutti

A travel blog entry by promking22


... ; The coolest thing though was crossing our first national border by foot, and taking photos with one foot in each the Vatican and Italy. Across the other days we've had plenty of walking around, and much more public transport.  We checked out ...

Rome - Pantheon, Fountains and Stairs, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome - Pantheon, Fountains and Stairs

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... we walked ….casually… to the Pantheon….then the Spanish steps ….then the Trevi Fountain. So many people today - Rome was just bursting everywhere…and it's not even close to summer yet. The girls will have a good time when ...

Some photos, Rome, Italy travel blog

Some photos

A travel blog entry by josiezim


Let's see how this works. ...

Amazing Time!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Amazing Time!

A travel blog entry by flyingfinn

... to meet some very wonderful people, make friends and enjoy spectacular coffee! Can't wait to share all about our time together and be back with our church family. You are missed and loved all the way from Rome! God bless! Todd, Cindy, McKenna and ...

Church in Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Church in Rome

A travel blog entry by flyingfinn


We got up in our final day in Rome and got to go to church. The kids both said, "Church was nice but we'd rather be at our church." They took the words right out of my mouth. We met brothers and sisters from all over the world who love our Savior which ...

Rome - Such an interesting City, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome - Such an interesting City

A travel blog entry by sewtersojourns


... would have to part with well earned money. Spanish Steps were beautiful and exhibited on them were slabs of the Berlin wall.  Italy was joining Germany is celebrating 20 years since it came down.  Amazing as it does not seem like that long ago, ...

"Rome"-mantic beginnings...

A travel blog entry by karaandmatt


... in Campo di Fiori. We strolled through various stores on our way home and will call it an early night to catch up on our sleep! Matt and I are already floored by the beauty and historical charm of Rome!! The colosseum and Roman Forum tomorrow!! ...

ROMAN HOLIDAY, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by cc_world_tour


... to Santorini in the Greek Islands. That story up next... Until then, stay safe. Love, Chris and Caroline xx ITALY GELATO COUNT: Chris: 5 double scoop cups, 3 double scoop cones. Favourite flavour: lemon Caroline: 6 double scoop ...

Mmmmmmm...Pizza!, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by winston


... we had photographed and thought might be part of the Piazza but did not seem quite right was Il Vittoriano, a monument commemorating Italy's first king. The Piazza is just behind Il Vittoriano so hopefully we can find it tomorrow. By this time the light ...

Tour 5271 / 0820  Day 8, Rome, Italy travel blog

Tour 5271 / 0820 Day 8

A travel blog entry by warwicksoption

... flat agricultural land with a varied list of crops. We also passed a number of quarries which produced slate and marble for Italy. This also exported by them. We continued through Tuscany and the other provinces en route to Rome when the temperature ...

Conquering Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Conquering Rome

A travel blog entry by dawieboy


Well we arrived safely in Rome after a very interesting overnight train with some Intriguing Italians. As I arrived in Rome I was very much impressed - Anywhere you look and you see a building that's well over 400 years old on average.  If you go ...

S.P.Q.R., Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by matt81


... places, which I have again decided that I want to build in my backyard one day. In Pompeii, near Naples in the south of Italy, we saw the massive ruins there.  What is interesting about this place is that it was smothered by a volcanic eruption in ...

When in Rome..., Rome, Italy travel blog

When in Rome...

A travel blog entry by jenshaw


... off Romans of the day. Quite impressive! Day four we visited the Panthenon, the Trevi fountain and several piazzas around Rome. Another beautiful day! Monday Maddi's guest from Ottawa - she will be teaching yoga at Maddi's Italian cooking class - ...

Bruce's Pick of the Day, Rome, Italy travel blog

Bruce's Pick of the Day

A travel blog entry by 5wksineurope


Here are some special pics that Bruce has called 'pick' of the day !! some lovely pics of people picking orifices etc !! charming to be sure ...

Thursday and Friday, Rome, Italy travel blog

Thursday and Friday

A travel blog entry by bruceandpaula


Thursday: The Vatican museums are are truly overwhelming. And then you arrive at the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling is certainly awesome, but I found the Last Judgement on the wall behind the altar -- frescoed by Michaelangelo years after the ceiling ...

Day 4 - Losing ourselves in Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

Day 4 - Losing ourselves in Rome

A travel blog entry by bruce-michele


Today we found ourselves in the Jewish Ghetto, where we had a wonderful lunch - roasted Artichokes, spaghetti (of course) and coffee (of course again).  We found amercing ourselves in another culture, ordering lunch without any English ...

Day 32, Rome: One Afternoon, One Country, Rome, Italy travel blog

Day 32, Rome: One Afternoon, One Country

A travel blog entry by bernie.jess


... Il Colloseo early before all the hawkers line up outside it, the day was beautifully sunny (we've had amazing weather in Italy, apart from the first two days it's been brilliant sunshine most of the time) and everything looked very pretty in the morning ...

Florence for the day, Frienza, Italy travel blog

Florence for the day

A travel blog entry by calmtours

This is the day of art galleries. First the museum of Academia at 11am and then the Uffizi Museum late afternoon. Saw the statue of David and many more Michel Angelo works, paintings and statues. David is stunning to see and we had enough time on the ...

What a Great City!, Rome, Italy travel blog

What a Great City!

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels

  With only two full days planned in Rome, our ambitions for sightseeing were pretty high. Right away, we all loved Rome and felt that this was the greatest city we had ever seen. (OK, we did make this statement in a few other cities before!) We took ...

Monday, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeastty


Gerri's car was unavailable today, so the lake idea was scratched. We wandered around the Valle Auralia area of western Rome and he pointed out shops to us. We hung out at his apartment and his sister made us pesto pasta, which he apparently abhorred and ...

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