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Battling to Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Battling to Bologna

A travel blog entry by ezandtreggas


... , checked in with a pleasant lady from BA. We were finally going to be on our way to the continent. We arrived in Bologna to discover Erin's sleeping bag spread across the baggage carousel. We caught the local bus into the central train station hoping to ...

Eating our way to good health, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Eating our way to good health

A travel blog entry by ourgrandtour


... to recover from an English flu is to seek warmer climes.  So we decided that we would go to Italy - surely it's warmer there...  Bologna was chosen based on the Lonely Planet claim that it is the gastronomic capital of Italy, a hotel was booked ...

Alla bolognese!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Alla bolognese!

A travel blog entry by wagonmaker


... . Venice was an understandable adventure, we spent about four hours walking all over the whole city, it was incredible. Now we are in Bologna, and we are basically spending our time here relaxing, since there aren't really alot of sites to see. So, we are ...

Tomorrow...... diet, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Tomorrow...... diet

A travel blog entry by wouterb


I have always loved Italian food....but a couple of days in Bologna has sealed the deal. Italian food is now officially the best food in the world (until i find something better :-) If you are ever in should try the lasagna and the ...

Friend #1, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Friend #1

A travel blog entry by bsuarez


... first day Erik had to study so I just went around Bologna and saw the architecture. There's actually a quite of history in Bologna, especially in terms of university studies. It was interesting to see the early anatomy theatre and the old archives from a ...

Foodie Pilgrimage to Parma, Modena and Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Foodie Pilgrimage to Parma, Modena and Bologna

A travel blog entry by spo_rt


... come from his shop in future! Last stop, Bologna. Our mission here is to try the original bolognaise sauce (ragu) and bologna sausage (Mortadella) and a lasagne. I really want to know how ours at home compares to the original stuff. While driving, we ...

Bologna......the fat one, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna......the fat one

A travel blog entry by spo_rt


... Garisenda. We moved on up the street to the Piazza Maggiore and parked the bikes. The piazza is the heart of Bologna, surrounded by medieval buildings. Apparently the town hall has inside a 16th century staircase that was designed to enable horse drawn ...

Dreaming of Bolognaise, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Dreaming of Bolognaise

A travel blog entry by allysonlewin

passing ...

Florence to Bologna via Vinci, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Florence to Bologna via Vinci

A travel blog entry by dadndean2012


... edge off the trip and put us in Bologna at 5pm. Checked in to our hotel, showered and headed off to find a meal. Bologna is considered a university town and has in excess of 80,000 students as residents. Thus there was no shortage of cheap and cheerful ...

Ducati Day!!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Ducati Day!!

A travel blog entry by turkey_to_tt


Tuesday 19.04.2011 - Today we visited the Ducati Factory & Museum - yeah!! To arrange a tour of the Ducati Factory and Museum you are required to book on line, you can't just front up and buy a ticket. So we booked on line. The problem was, and it ...

Herbstferien - Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Herbstferien - Italy

A travel blog entry by beckygooch


... looking around Bologna instead, which was lots of fun! We went shopping and bought new clothes, and then found the tallest tower in Bologna called Torre Asinello and decided to climb to the top - TERRIFYING doesn't cover it! But it was all worth it when ...

Spag Bol, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Spag Bol

A travel blog entry by lauraandmikey


... at Eataly – very nice, but not a patch on Rome’s Eataly! We enjoyed several days walking around Bologna’s arcaded streets, piazzas and university buildings. The main Piazza Maggiore is very impressive with the stock exchange, several ...

My Bologna has a First Name..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

My Bologna has a First Name...

A travel blog entry by jennil507


... , it's home to the oldest university, which is still functioning and one of the best in the country. There's a lot of students in Bologna which gives the city a really young and hip feel. It's a very cool place. We also saw the famous towers in Bologna ...

Ring ring....hello we are in Bologna!!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Ring ring....hello we are in Bologna!!

A travel blog entry by jamhev270708


Hello again from the heat wave that is Bologna, Yep it is boiling here in the heart of Italy - somewhat too hot round 35 degrees.  But never mind as more adventures has finally seen Heather claim her ring!  (Finally she whispers in my ...

Bologna Baby!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Baby!

A travel blog entry by sophieparker91


So here is entry 2 of my major updating session! On Friday I went to Bologna with Beth, Helen, Lea (a French girl) and Stacey. We went as Lea's sister was flying in to visit and so we thought we'd make a little trip of it.  On Friday we arrived in ...

Bologna, Rimini & Milano, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, Rimini & Milano

A travel blog entry by everardt


... for home, and they invite me to a farewell party given for them by a friend, so next morning I catch the train to Bologna. Karen's sister, Laura, is also visiting and Karen takes us for a walk around Bologna, the highlight being the Church of Santa Maria ...

Tortellini and other stuff, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Tortellini and other stuff

A travel blog entry by dreamcatcherkk


... a stroll to the Piazza Maggiore, the historic centre. Tasted Tortellini al Bolognese for dinner. On the 22nd, visited: 1. Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna 2. Pallazzo Comunale 3. Basilica di San Petronio 4. Fontana del Nettuno Afternoon left for Verona ...

Let me at the Bolognese, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Let me at the Bolognese

A travel blog entry by taniap


... and the church was huge. We also saw the twin towers of Bologna. Bologna has it's very own leaning tower. We learnt that Bologna used to have canals like Venice, hundred of years ago, and there was a canal with rushing water down in the University ...

Kingdom in the clouds, San Marino, Italy travel blog

Kingdom in the clouds

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


Keen to explore the centre of San Marino before carrying on our journey south to Rome, we started early, parking Larz as close as we could to the town walls, before carrying on, on foot into the hilltop city (the whole city is built at the top of Mount ...

Stowaway, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by ksunderhill

Entering the train station this morning was like walking through a ghost town. At first I didn't think anything of it. I wasn't in a very big city and I knew how to get my ticket at the 'Fast Ticket' machine, so the teller not being there didn't ...

The Streets Are Alive..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

The Streets Are Alive...

A travel blog entry by ksunderhill

The streets are alive in Bologna. Nothing stops the ongoing bustle of this moderately sized city, not even the heat. The people are beautiful, the architecture fantastic, and the cafés are plentiful. Today was full on museum mode before everything ...

Melting in Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Melting in Italy

A travel blog entry by ksunderhill

... cold shower, and a slight nap, then plunged back out into the heat to get a better look at the city of Bologna. Small winding streets, wonderful hues of mustard yellow and burnt sienna buildings, gelato stands and cafes covered every corner. I made my ...

Ciao Bologna, you didnt surprise, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Ciao Bologna, you didnt surprise

A travel blog entry by jacci_rudling


... off on such a good note, more about that in the next post. This one is for why I definately wouldnt return. In 3 words - Bologna's a rippoff !!!! Really to pay through your nose for a good cappachino, thats fine, you know how much I love my coffee. To ...

Bologna without a bike, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna without a bike

A travel blog entry by jacci_rudling


Well what to be said for Bologna, busy, bicycles and for us South African's EXPENSIVE. R34 for a coffee…. Hells bells!!! Seems, to fit in and get around - you gotta have a bike, everyone has a bike. Ancient, olds, not so old and a couple of kids - ...

Will I Ever Get There??, Bolgona, Italy travel blog

Will I Ever Get There??

A travel blog entry by ksunderhill

... in Bologna. Home to the University of Bologna, a great academia resides here and makes for interesting museum choices. Unfortunately, Bologna makes things tricky. All museums close by 1pm and the rest of the city; like churches and shops, close down ...

Wonderful Venice, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Wonderful Venice

A travel blog entry by jacci_rudling


... to do more sight seeing - Not!!!! we were so pooped and in hindsight should have taken something earlier. The train journey to Bologna was fairly uneventful - only mistake was we had in error booked our seat 3 boothes away from each other.  Conductor ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pitchinwoo

Jean-Paul sent me off on the train. I was miserable. I didn't want to leave France at all. I arrived to Bologna late at night. No signs anywhere saying this was the correct station. Luckily a very nice guy asked around many times before someone would ...

Awesome intro to Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Awesome intro to Italy

A travel blog entry by paulandbre2014

... , crazy dancers, guitarists and an American Indian band). The town had so much history and the buildings were amazing. Bologna's food was the highlight, with a night of gourmet seafood pasta, lobster, muscles, traditional bolognese and the coffee. The ...

Passing Thru, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Passing Thru

A travel blog entry by amy_goes

Nothing to see here ...

Ducati and Via Borgho Panigale, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Ducati and Via Borgho Panigale

A travel blog entry by hotchic


... home, have some lunch and then a little nap. We have decided after checking out train itineraries that getting a train from he in Bologna to Lyon in France is actually quite difficult and time consuming, so we decide to book a plane from here to Bordeaux ...

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