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A Not-So-Restful Shabbat, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

A Not-So-Restful Shabbat

A travel blog entry by turner72


... , and get downstairs to the lecture room for 2 1/2 hours of lecture preparing us for the upcoming trip to the northern regions of Israel.  I'm an excited boy for that, but more on that when it gets a little closer to time.  After class I wrote a ...

Hamat Gader, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Hamat Gader

A travel blog entry by martartu


Отдых в Хамат ...

Trip to Gaza, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Trip to Gaza

A travel blog entry by danp

... for tourists and go line themselves up in a queue for control. This appears to be standard practice at most Israel's borders, where the Palestinians are treated separately from other Israelis and tourists.   Two bored Israeli soldiers glance briefly ...

Schlussetappe, Nazareth, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by brisko

Heute war mein letzter Tag im Fauzi. Wieder einmal unfassbar, wie die Zeit vergeht! Heute vor genau sechs Wochen bin ich hier angekommen und hab von da an die vielleicht beste Zeit meiner Reise gehabt, auf jeden Fall den besten Job. Zum Abschluss habe ...

First Tastes, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

First Tastes

A travel blog entry by lenjorge


...  over was uneventful via Paris.   It did however take me two hours to get through immigration and the car rental line in Israel.  They just have their own time table here.  I decided to stay at a hotel a little off the beaten ...

hangıng where jesus hung..., Nazareth, Israel travel blog

hangıng where jesus hung...

A travel blog entry by salkelely

more relıgıous sıte seeıng to be fılld ın soon also saw the wall!!!! cant beleıve how close ı was to west ...

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by alicegismonti

The Holy ...

Haifa, Haifa, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by alicegismonti

Mount ...

In Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

In Jerusalem

A travel blog entry by kaisersnuggle


... they charged to get in, and on principal I am no longer paying to go into churches, mosques etc. Everything in Israel is more expensive than the Arab countries, but probably American prices. Videos: ...

Last Days, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Last Days

A travel blog entry by tisch


... and the Lunnie Tunes characters. Which Ezra enthusiastically proclaimed – and Adin as always agreed - was THE highlight of our Israel trip. Go figure. F Thursday, October 10, 2009, Though intent on a very early start to the nature reserve at Ein ...

Tag 1, Sde Boker, Israel travel blog

Tag 1

A travel blog entry by romankr

... dann aber doch das erste Problem, meine Tasche mit meinem Tauchequipment (18kg) wollten sie nicht als Sportgepäck aufnehmen, da Israel kein ausgewiesenes Tauchziel ist.....und bei der LH kostet jeder Kilo extra 20€!!!! Also zurück zum Wagen, ...

playıng in the mud, Dead sea, Israel travel blog

playıng in the mud

A travel blog entry by salkelely

so ıve now been to the lowest poınt on earth at 400 odd metres below sea level.  nıkı, rıvka, ylva (frıend of nıkıs) and ı headed to the dead sea for the day.  was absolutely amazıng floatıng around..... ı cant decrıbe how weırd ...

Cool sights and hot springs, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Cool sights and hot springs

A travel blog entry by oz8118

Itinerary: Thursday, June 23 We depart Bethlehem for a 2 day tour of northern Israel. We travel over to Tel Aviv and up the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Caesarea (where Donna and Pr. Paul did archeology many years ago).  From there we go to ...

Nazareth and Cana, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Nazareth and Cana

A travel blog entry by godura


... that while it does its job of navigating very well, it does a terrible job of helping you look for places to go. In Israel, for whatever reason, they simply cannot standardize on the correct spelling of a place or street name. It could be spelt Ha-Kishon ...

Dealing with my parents, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

Dealing with my parents

A travel blog entry by yorron

My mother spends most of her waking hours sitting in front of the TV watching Spanish soap operas. In between episodes she would cook a meal for my father (who is lying in a bed in the next room) and give orders to their Indian live-in aid (which they ...

Hangin w/ the Pope, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Hangin w/ the Pope

A travel blog entry by beccaboyer


... to say. Her 2 best points where: 1. That there is an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness after Israel's recent incursion in Gaza. Everything that people had been working for their entire lives (peace process, coexistence, ...

Zoo, Haifa, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by martartu


Хайфский ...

Resting, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by bigdriver222

... afternoon I did some studying and then had dinner. After dinner I did laundry and went to a lecture about church planting in Israel. It was interesting. Right now as I am updating my travelblog I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the street. I can ...

Jerusalem Tour, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Jerusalem Tour

A travel blog entry by schaffertrio


Today we were able to go on a tour of Jerusalem. Unfortunately todays guide was not nearly as good as yesterdays and to compound matters there were a group of Spanish people with us. It was unbeknown to me, a bilingual tour. BIG note to self... always ...

Meir Panim charity and central station, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Meir Panim charity and central station

A travel blog entry by schaffertrio


... I thought was a marvelous idea. It was an uplifting experience and I think good for Jaden to see. I would recommend anyone visiting Israel to donate a few hours. After we were done, we said our goodbyes and decided to walk alongside the rail line to our ...

A look at the housing market, Poriya, Israel travel blog

A look at the housing market

A travel blog entry by cddangel


... around if any one is interested in moving I could ask around for you. Ha Ha you have to be a citizen to purchase in Israel. (go figure?) There are only three bomb shelters left here in this village as homes after a certain year are required to have ...

Daily Life in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

Daily Life in Tel Aviv

A travel blog entry by havah


... day. Some are very cute, but I wouldn't touch them. For anyone who has checked my pictures recently, I posted a series from "Mini-Israel." I went there two weeks ago. It is overpriced and hokey and although the pictures may look cool, do avoid it. Its ...

Madaba / Mt. Nebo / Dead Sea, Dead Sea, Jordan travel blog

Madaba / Mt. Nebo / Dead Sea

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... exhibited less than complete faith, he was not allowed to enter. We reach Mt. Nebo, and marvel at the amazing views into Israel in the distance. A sign points out the direction of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho, etc. There is an ancient church on the site ...

Israel, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by weixiao

It's certainly been a long time since I was in Israel, the first of my exciting travelling experiences, but I shall never forget it. I believe this country touches everyone who visits it, no matter their religion and culture. For me, a Christian, all the ...

Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City

A travel blog entry by sharemore


Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City Jerusalem's Old City is a one square kilometer piece of real estate with more than 3,000 years of history. Since 1967, after the Six Day War, the Muslim, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish quarters of the city have been ...

Israel is a Small Village, Ashkelon, Israel travel blog

Israel is a Small Village

A travel blog entry by liliens

... despite the overwhelming obstacles and challenges it has faced and still faces today, now this is something remarkable. Yes, I can see Israel as a small village, in that a small village is a community, a tight-knit group of individuals with common purpose ...

Eine Hochzeit und kein Todesfall (puh!), Nazareth, Israel travel blog

Eine Hochzeit und kein Todesfall (puh!)

A travel blog entry by brisko

Einige Personen in meinem Umfeld hier waren geschockt, als ich offenbart habe, dass ich noch nie auf einer Hochzeit war. Was daran so schlimm sein soll, weiss ich nicht, jedenfalls hat sich das letzten Sonntag geaendaert, denn eine Freundin von meiner ...

Impromptu Tour of Jaffa, Jaffa, Israel travel blog

Impromptu Tour of Jaffa

A travel blog entry by plyc


While waiting for every to arrive those who had come a little early made an excursion into Tel Aviv and Jaffa, passing by the Hall of Independence. Jet lag claimed a few, which is obvious from the photos. Our first real day begins tomorrow. By the the ...

Dead Sea, Dead Sea Region, Israel travel blog

Dead Sea

A travel blog entry by billandsara


Most of the day was spent on the bus, but we had two interesting stops.  Our first was at Masada where the last hold out of the Jews (those known as the zealots) remained until killing themselves just before the Romans managed to scale the high ...

Technical difficulties, Tiberius, Israel travel blog

Technical difficulties

A travel blog entry by spnalameda

Sorry for the delay but we've had 2 very long days and the internet connections have been difficult and scarce + the pictures are too large to post.  We'll re-post our last 2 days when we get a chance to resize the ...

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