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Madaba / Mt. Nebo / Dead Sea, Dead Sea, Jordan travel blog

Madaba / Mt. Nebo / Dead Sea

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... exhibited less than complete faith, he was not allowed to enter. We reach Mt. Nebo, and marvel at the amazing views into Israel in the distance. A sign points out the direction of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho, etc. There is an ancient church on the site ...

Israel, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by weixiao

It's certainly been a long time since I was in Israel, the first of my exciting travelling experiences, but I shall never forget it. I believe this country touches everyone who visits it, no matter their religion and culture. For me, a Christian, all the ...

Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City

A travel blog entry by sharemore


Tensions in Jerusalem's Old City Jerusalem's Old City is a one square kilometer piece of real estate with more than 3,000 years of history. Since 1967, after the Six Day War, the Muslim, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish quarters of the city have been ...

Israel is a Small Village, Ashkelon, Israel travel blog

Israel is a Small Village

A travel blog entry by liliens

... despite the overwhelming obstacles and challenges it has faced and still faces today, now this is something remarkable. Yes, I can see Israel as a small village, in that a small village is a community, a tight-knit group of individuals with common purpose ...

Eine Hochzeit und kein Todesfall (puh!), Nazareth, Israel travel blog

Eine Hochzeit und kein Todesfall (puh!)

A travel blog entry by brisko

Einige Personen in meinem Umfeld hier waren geschockt, als ich offenbart habe, dass ich noch nie auf einer Hochzeit war. Was daran so schlimm sein soll, weiss ich nicht, jedenfalls hat sich das letzten Sonntag geaendaert, denn eine Freundin von meiner ...

Dead Sea, Dead Sea Region, Israel travel blog

Dead Sea

A travel blog entry by billandsara


Most of the day was spent on the bus, but we had two interesting stops.  Our first was at Masada where the last hold out of the Jews (those known as the zealots) remained until killing themselves just before the Romans managed to scale the high ...

Technical difficulties, Tiberius, Israel travel blog

Technical difficulties

A travel blog entry by spnalameda

Sorry for the delay but we've had 2 very long days and the internet connections have been difficult and scarce + the pictures are too large to post.  We'll re-post our last 2 days when we get a chance to resize the ...

More animals and other things too, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

More animals and other things too

A travel blog entry by tisch


... then headed to Gival Sorfateet for a pleasant supper with Peter and Rut Slyomovics, while the boys had their first experience of watching Israel TV. Their shloof on the way back to Jerusalem energized them, in their wild and crazy way. Hence, the TV was ...

Partay!! (#1), Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

Partay!! (#1)

A travel blog entry by spsadventures


I landed at TLV early, but there was no doubt in my mind that my ride would still be there.  My cousin who was picking me up was known for being early.  Since it was so late when I got in, I mostly just greeted everybody and went to bed.  ...

Excursions, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by evonanda


... the flowers are blooming and the vegetation is glowing green, especially with all the welcomed rain we have seen this year in Israel... A few weeks later Rachel and I joined many of my classmates and the Israeli Rabbinic program for a Shabbat get-away ...

Sea of Galilee-ing, Tiberius, Israel travel blog

Sea of Galilee-ing

A travel blog entry by kristenmckersie


... when I get home. Saunders- You win the prize for being the first person to post on my website since I have been in Israel. I'm bring you back something extra special. Maybe some dirt that I shake off from my socks...but it came from the Late Bronze ...

Mechane Yehuda:  The Jerusalem Market, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

Mechane Yehuda: The Jerusalem Market

A travel blog entry by sharemore


There was standing room only in the articulated bus that took us to the Machane Yehuda market in downtown Jerusalem.  Usually the bus is that crowded only on Friday, but schools were out and everyone was preparing for Passover. Produce at the ...

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by arlash

My last visit to Jerusalem. I'll be ...

Sobering, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by bigdriver222


... I took a few pictures. Next we were across town to the Holocaust Remembrance Museum. This place was tough. Being in Israel and walking through this place surrounded by Israelis was surreal. It told the story of the Holocaust from the beginnings of ...

3.12.07, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by jannelle.dawn

3.12.07 ok, its has been way too long. I wish I could discipline myself to write every night like before I go to bed but its really hard. I would give a thousand excuses, because I feel like I do have plenty, but that wont be right. School is going ...

Culture Shock, Rishon Lezion, Israel travel blog

Culture Shock

A travel blog entry by vivalavaldez


... welcomed with many open arms of the Pinchas family. Tears and smiles inundated us. We were overwhelmed. Our first Shabbat in Israel was a very emotional one because it was the first Sabbath dinner Moshe spent with his family after four years of not ...

Gamla, Katzrin, Golan Heights, Caesarea Philippi, Qiryat Shemona, Israel travel blog

Gamla, Katzrin, Golan Heights, Caesarea Philippi

A travel blog entry by abarnes


... , it was the site of one of the largest tank battles in history.  I love Mediterranean food! Everything I ate in Israel was fresh and simply delectable. One of the best food experiences I had during our tour was at a ...

The End, maybe?, Ein Harod, Israel travel blog

The End, maybe?

A travel blog entry by yam_cina


... a month from the day I landed back in Israel. Yes it took me that much to right this end to the travel blog. I'm back in Israel, but I'm not really back home. I wonder when I will be. The first days in Israel were weird and it took me time to understand ...

All around town, Around town, Caesarea, and Haifa, Israel travel blog

All around town

A travel blog entry by aarika


... ; There are STILL archaeological excavations taking place.  It was incredible!  Caesarea is one of the oldest settlements in Israel...much like Jerusalem.  The difference is that Caesarea is really in no way a "religious" area so they have ...

Laid Back Day, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Laid Back Day

A travel blog entry by johnacac


... a 40-minute drive up to Tel Dan Nature Preserve.  This area is a beautiful area so different from the rest of Israel, complete with thick forest where the headwaters of the Jordan River are found.  The sound of running creek water was refreshing ...

End of Israel, Tiberius, Israel travel blog

End of Israel

A travel blog entry by americanincairo


More pictures from the last leg of our ...

Day 2: New Jerusalem, Neve Ilan, Israel travel blog

Day 2: New Jerusalem

A travel blog entry by segacs


... had fun bargaining. This was followed by a *LONG* brainwashing session back at the hotel, trying to convince everyone to make Aliyah to Israel.  Boring, to be sure, and not a message I entirely agree with, then or now.  But then, it's kind ...

we made it!, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

we made it!

A travel blog entry by babamissesyou


We are finally in the Holy Land!  We left 32 hours ago, and for the most part had a relatively easy travel.  Mom got chosen for finger swab to check for explosive residue...We did come in crooked when we landed in Chicago, which made for a ...

Jordan, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteballard


... no idea about what Jordan was all about. I'm pretty ignorant to a lot of things in the Middle East, like issues between Palestine and Israel, I guess I just don't watch much news and focus on whats in front of me. Not sure if that's good or bad, but my ...

Dead Sea , Arad, Israel travel blog

Dead Sea

A travel blog entry by martartu


Отдых на Мёртвом ...

A very hot and tiring day, Jerusalem, Israel travel blog

A very hot and tiring day

A travel blog entry by salmorton01


... on the way, a city where Israeli citizens are apparently not allowed as it is in Palestine. At the border re-entering Israel we saw the first Israeli soldiers, young boys and girls who were presumably doing their compulsory military service after leaving ...

Tras los pasos de 20 meses de Jesus en 1 dia, Nazareth y Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Tras los pasos de 20 meses de Jesus en 1 dia

A travel blog entry by cpodesta


Haifa! 9 hours of beach time., Haifa, Israel travel blog

Haifa! 9 hours of beach time.

A travel blog entry by davidandamy


The apartment that we are staying at in Neve Sh'anan belongs to my Grandmothers good friend Ceda, who kindly is letting us stay there for free. Ceda's brother Nachum, who also lives in the building, told us yesterday that he would drive us ...

Shalom, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by aarika


Shalom everyone!  We have landed in Israel and we are knocked out!  We will update more later (and add the pictures tomorrow) but Leon's family is wonderful and they all had signs waiting for us at the airport - it was a really nice ...

Traveling to Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel travel blog

Traveling to Tel Aviv

A travel blog entry by ohryan


... in the "cradle of civilization", a "war zone", the "holy land", the "promised land", the "middle east"; we were in Israel. I hopped off the plane a little dizzy and sleep deprived awaiting the comfort of my beach front hotel and a hot shower only to ...

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