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Le Tour De Medan Begins, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Le Tour De Medan Begins

A travel blog entry by venoth


... of Parapat which lies on the shore of Lake Toba.  The journey was long and it was a culture shock for the others seeing Indonesia the way it is, especially the roads and traffic. As for me, I am very used to this already. Taking up the winding ...

to Lake Toba, Tuk Tuk, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

to Lake Toba

A travel blog entry by carson_nicki


... to snorkel as well. Ready for some ocean time! By the way, if anyone reading this is thinking about traveling to Indonesia, I would highly reccommend it. Its gorgeous, the people are really friendly, so many different cultures. We've only been in ...

banda aceh, banda aceh, Indonesia travel blog

banda aceh

A travel blog entry by toubi-anscha


... und was s westliche herz sust no so begehrt. mir sind grad en avocado schoggi shake & suesse gurkesaft (2 must haves in sumatra & au wenns komisch doent, sie sind mega fein) am schluerfe xi, da het sich en local naeb eus gsetzt und es ...

At The Northernmost Tip Of Sumatra, Banda Aceh, Indonesia travel blog

At The Northernmost Tip Of Sumatra

A travel blog entry by venoth


It was a long drive that we had to take to reach the very end of the mega island of Sumatra. Previously, before the tsunami, this place was still land and the sea was another two kilometers from here. However, after the tsunami, the sea had moved in ...

Satay Matang...A New Variation Of Satay Tried, Banda Aceh, Indonesia travel blog

Satay Matang...A New Variation Of Satay Tried

A travel blog entry by venoth


... area to try some stall food. The menu tonight is Satay Matang, another variation of satay from a city called Matang  in Indonesia.  To those that have been following my blogs, you would surely know that I have already highlighted a few genres ...

Good Bye Darling....An Interesting Legend, Rumah Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Good Bye Darling....An Interesting Legend

A travel blog entry by venoth


... one is applied butter on it and the barbecued one, chilly paste is applied on it making it very spicy. The stop here was brief. Within 15 minutes, we continued our journey to Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia.        ...

Todo azul. Everything blue., Ambarita, Indonesia travel blog

Todo azul. Everything blue.

A travel blog entry by karen.gironr


** A short story to fly, while listening to whatever your heart desires** The first thing I felt was cold. Cold in my arms and a feeling of drunkenness, of my mind wanting to fly away but still being anchored to the conversation around me. The ...

Lake Toba: The largest volcanic lake in the world, Parapat, Indonesia travel blog

Lake Toba: The largest volcanic lake in the world

A travel blog entry by ardhan


... in the world. At 100 km long and 30 km wide, measuring 505 m at its deepest point, it is situated in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Surrounded by tall mountains, it cradles the large island of Samosir in its ...

A great big Crater!, Lawang, Indonesia travel blog

A great big Crater!

A travel blog entry by aliandbryan


... winding road to Mount Penanjakan where you would watch sun rise over the volcanic terrain. This is how we began day 13 of Indonesia! The crowds at the top of Penanjakan were huge and all vying for space aiming towards the sun. Bryan and I noticed they ...

view from Parapat, Parapat, North Sumatera, Indonesia travel blog

view from Parapat

A travel blog entry by verasblog


gosh.... what a beautiful view. Just stand on the edge of Parapat, you can see this view... toba ...

Welcome to the Jungle, Kepulauan Mentawai, Indonesia travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle

A travel blog entry by aolander


Matka Ketambeen kesti noin 7 tuntia minibussilla, jonka aikana sai kokea uskomattomat maisemat vuorten huipuilta, mutaan juuttumisen ja kuskin tekemässä ristinmerkkiä yhtä "siltaa" ylitettäessä. Selvittiin kuitenkin ...

Lomaa reissaamisesta Toballa, Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Indonesia travel blog

Lomaa reissaamisesta Toballa

A travel blog entry by aolander


Ei tarvitse varmaan erikseen mainita, että matka Ketambesta Tobajärvelle oli pitkä ja tiet oli huonoja, kun se nyt on enemmänkin sääntö kuin poikkeus Sumatralla. Tällä kertaa pienen lisämausteen ...

Beneath the pavement lies sunshine!, Bukittinggi, Indonesia travel blog

Beneath the pavement lies sunshine!

A travel blog entry by johnnynomad

... my last minute decision to head South and my lack of planning I ended up in the sleazy boarder town/island of Singapore and Indonesia clueless. All boarder towns for the most part all over the world are the same. They are infested with low lives that ...

Barbed wire and Orangutans!, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Barbed wire and Orangutans!

A travel blog entry by guyandvicki


... a bit bored of bronzing the bodies (or not in Guys case - his words not mine) in Thailand, and we noticed that Sumatra (a big island in Indonesia) wasn't too far away so we decided to give it a try. When we booked our flights back in England, our travel ...

Crippled, Padang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by karen.gironr


... at my foot and it was already the size of a tamal. Holy motherfucking shit, that was fast. The plane landed in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia and I could hardly walk. Pain and frustration were pushing me very close to tears, but the friendliness of all the ...

Island of Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Island of Sumatra

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


The Wedding Ceremony of Imelda & Gerard, Pekanbaru, Indonesia travel blog

The Wedding Ceremony of Imelda & Gerard

A travel blog entry by venoth


... As my friend is Bataknese by origin, most of the attendees were also Bataknese people, hailing their origins from the North Sumatra province. I was infomed by my friend that this is the first time in Pekanbaru that a Bataknese wedding reception was held ...

The Hippie Trail continues..., lake toba, Indonesia travel blog

The Hippie Trail continues...

A travel blog entry by hjalmar


... g med, og etter to hele dager fant jeg ut at det var p tide forlate stedet. I og med at flyet mitt ut av Indonesia gikk fra Medan dagen etter, hadde jeg ingen andre valg heller. Helen og Jessica fant ingen grunn nok til bli vrende de heller, ...

Martabak...Fusion Between Indian & Indonesian Food, Palembang, Indonesia travel blog

Martabak...Fusion Between Indian & Indonesian Food

A travel blog entry by venoth


It's time to taste a local dish here in Palembang!      This is a dish called Martabak in Palembang and the brand name is Martabak HAR. HAR stands for the founder Haji Abdul Rahman who migrated from India. Many would think that this is ...

Beautiful Lake Toba, Tuk Tuk, Indonesia travel blog

Beautiful Lake Toba

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


... to identify a number of several ethnic groups of north Sumatra. If you want to know more... There are tale around the islands saying that Batak used to be cannibals!! Scary! ;) Anyways... I share a Batak ...

Jan 09, 2011, Padang, Indonesia travel blog

Jan 09, 2011

A travel blog entry by caribbeankirk


Easy living, Lake Toba, Indonesia travel blog

Easy living

A travel blog entry by daveandnat


Kurzer Abstecher nach Padang ...., Padang, Indonesia travel blog

Kurzer Abstecher nach Padang ....

A travel blog entry by paulbehrendt


Kurzer Abstecher nach Padang Um unsere alten Freunde (Mona und ihre Familie) zu sehen, sind wir mal fr 3 Tage nach Padang geflogen und haben uns angesehen was seit unserem letzten Besuch 2010 ( da haben wir nach dem Erdbeben 2009 geholfen einen ...

Don't ever visit Medan!, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

Don't ever visit Medan!

A travel blog entry by carson_nicki


Wow, it's hard to believe it's only been a week since our last entry. Feels like months! I am backdating this to write about each place we've been. We are actually in Tuk Tuk right now but wanted to blog on our whole last week.v It was SO SO SO nice ...

Jul 27, 2009, Bukit Lewang, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 27, 2009

A travel blog entry by germain


Another World, Dumai, Indonesia travel blog

Another World

A travel blog entry by andiontheroad


... was an older guy leaning back on a leather chair with cigarette on his and and his feet on the table. Welcome to Indonesia.   Either way, we got our Visas and could pass through immigration and Customs.   Outside our friend the tout managed to ...

Arriving in Nias, Nias, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

Arriving in Nias

A travel blog entry by carson_nicki


As soon as we arrived in Nias I was drawn to the amazing world class right wave (Sorake, Nias). I had never seen a wave that breaks like this one. I quickly arraged a a board rental from Sitay, a Nias local I had met in Padang. It cost 30,000 rupias a ...

Diving into the Muslim World., Banda Aceh, Indonesia travel blog

Diving into the Muslim World.

A travel blog entry by curryfrog


... . Worldwide, 230,000 people lost their lives and entire coastal towns were wiped out. The waves were seen in Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius and they even clambered ashore in Africa. ...

The Largest Volcanic Lake in the World, Tuk Tuk, Indonesia travel blog

The Largest Volcanic Lake in the World

A travel blog entry by kimthevagabond


After a miserable 12 hours on two different vans, we found ourselves on a ferry on a huge and beautiful lake, heading towards an island the size of Singapore. Occupying over 1,000 square miles, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. The ...

Indonesia, Bukittinggi, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tone_n_erin


Day 4: Back to the airport again for our next flight to Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.  Padang, at first, in our minds was brutal.  A completely overpopulated sprawling, dirty metropolis.  We finally found our Lonely planet recommended ...

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