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Headmaster, Menstruater, Fasting Lunch Guest, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Headmaster, Menstruater, Fasting Lunch Guest

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


So I'm still teaching English on Lombok Island in Indonesia. Just a quick note before I head back to Praya High School-- I didn't think I would be going back there, but I was free today and the Headmaster took me to lunch yesterday and wooed me a ...

Anon Bay to Sengiggi, Lombok, West Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Anon Bay to Sengiggi, Lombok

A travel blog entry by itsagas


... the ferry with said touts in hot pursuit offering further inducements. Ferry fare was 52,000rp for the three hour crossing. Arrived in Lombok about 1.30 and rode the 22ks to Mataram, road was busy but good surface, a strong wind was blowing off the ...

Real Travelling again, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Real Travelling again

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... and knew everything. Although we were travelling with Perama Travel Services, we had to take the 7am local boat across to Bangsal, Lombok. Our Hippy told us that we would not go till there were at least twenty passengers and usually the boat left about ...

Tropical times, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

Tropical times

A travel blog entry by paddykumar


Hi again, On the 9th March we set off to spend 6 days at 3 Islands called Gili Islands. We travelled by speed boat an it took 2 hours. During the journey myself and Miss Rich were on the top deck enjoying the sun and the view. We saw crystal sea and ...

mont Rinjani! ça c'est du trek!, gunung rinjani, Indonesia travel blog

mont Rinjani! ça c'est du trek!

A travel blog entry by marco-2010


Après deux jours relax à Gili Trawalgam je me lance dans l'ascension du mont Rinjani ! Pour cela je passe par un tour pour prendre un guide et des porteurs puis c’est parti pour trois jours de marche et deux nuit sur place ! J’en avais ...

New friends! Nice family!, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

New friends! Nice family!

A travel blog entry by babsworld


I arrived in the afternoon with the slow ferry from Padang Bai (Bali). My new couchsurfing hosts Ms. Nurul and Mr. Iwan picked me up at the ferry with one of their daughters and brought me to their house. They wanted to show me around, but it got a ...

Wandering down Gunung Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Wandering down Gunung Rinjani

A travel blog entry by myslowtravel


Dagens rygnings-liste - at starte dagen (LÆS: klokken 5.30) med at kravle ud af sin varme sovepose for at tisse ude mellem de våde strå - at høre Anders fortælle, hvordan han kun havde fået en times søvn i løbet af natten (dog havde Mads og ...

Gili T (snorkeling), Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Gili T (snorkeling)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Snorkeling a Gili ...

Water, water everywhere - and all of it drinkable!, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Water, water everywhere - and all of it drinkable!

A travel blog entry by juliasussams


... had to say goodbye to Mike, who had planned to climb Gunung Rinjani, the second highest, and second most important, volcano in Indonesia.  Orion and I had already decided to move on out of Indonesia for monetary reasons - it is so spread out we were ...

Krvodajalska akcija, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Krvodajalska akcija

A travel blog entry by ursaklemen


... , do jutranjega presenečenja - urša popikana po dolgem in počez. Še isti dan sva se s čolnom odpeljala na Lombok in naslednji dve noči preživela v kraju Senggigi. Soba je OK, je pa hecna - imava TV in DVD predvajalnik s ...

Let`s move on to Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Let`s move on to Lombok

A travel blog entry by andga


Heute stand bereits die Weiterreise nach Lombok an. Die Malariattabletten haben wir geschluckt, und so geht es mit Sack und Pack Richtung Faehrhafen. Als erstes muessen wir ein Ticket fuer die Faehre loesen, was sich als ziemlich nervtoetend ...

Rural Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Rural Lombok

A travel blog entry by globalfootprint


From Gili Air we traveled to Sengiggi on the coast of Lombok. The coast around Sengiggi was nice, but as we had just spent so much time on Gili Air we decided we should visit elsewhere on the island. The following day we booked ourselves onto a tour, ...

Tooth City, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Tooth City

A travel blog entry by trent


... ! Then, on the way back, another guy comes out of nowhere and starts talking me up...again, definitely, Sengiggi must be the gay hotspot of Lombok! So, I maintained my masculine virginity and head back to the hotel for a nice quiet ...

Climbing Gunung Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Climbing Gunung Rinjani

A travel blog entry by myslowtravel


Dagens tågede liste - at vågne op til 3 stankelben i hjørnet ved siden af hovedpuden og en terasse dækket med døde insekter (se billedet) - det er om muligt det mest ulækre, jeg endnu har set på den her tur når det kommer til kryb og kravl - ...

Our First Dive...Shark!, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Our First Dive...Shark!

A travel blog entry by gascon


Our little bungalow was delightful, even more so was the introduction of Lombok coffee with our 'pancakes' at breakfast overlooking the water. Lombok coffee is like a sludge of extremely fine coffee grounds, but it feels hearty and it’s better than ...

How would you like your fried rice?, Mangsit, Indonesia travel blog

How would you like your fried rice?

A travel blog entry by pilgrim143


... & our internet sourced car, guide (Eko) & driver are there (in a brand new car) & we catch our 1st spectacular Lombok sunset as we arrive at our twee huts in a lush garden setting leading down to the sea. All is well & we are ferried into ...

Chilling after diving..., Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Chilling after diving...

A travel blog entry by indoadventure


... also with most activity on the east beach; we quickly found Freedom Bar that made a killer Arak Attack (Arak (a spirit made in a village on Lombok, this one based on rice), lime, honey and ice mixed in a shaker) for 15.000 Rp. This was also where the best ...

Gili Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Air

A travel blog entry by tanja92


Gili-Air: Sonne, Strand und Chillen! Die Insel umrundet man zu Fuß in 90min und es gibt keine motorisierten Fahrzeuge. Es fahren nur kleine Pferdekutschen. Wir haben ein Zimmer direkt am Strand mit toller Aussicht! Doch leider funktioniert in unserem ...

Day 8 - Lombok - Finding Nemo, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Day 8 - Lombok - Finding Nemo

A travel blog entry by dru_tim


After starting the day with another scrumptious smorgasboard breakfast, we hired some snorkels to explore the reef off the beach of the hotel. After sometime in finding fins to fit Tim, we set out and saw heaps of fish - probably at least 20 different ...

Rinjani trek contratado, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Rinjani trek contratado

A travel blog entry by nettuareg


Al final nos hemos decantado por compartir el trek con otras dos personas, asi sale más barato. Precio final 286 eur los dos. Salimos el sábado 11 y serán 4 días+3 noches. Si no volvemos a dar señales de vida después preguntad por la agencia Ali ...

Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanandchris


Flew to Maturin in Lombok by Trigana Air. We were a little concerned when we saw the notice on all the seat backs saying something like "Life jacket under your seat. Please leave it on the aircraft when you leave. Thank You"  We travelled ...

The White Sands of Gili Trawangan, Teluknarat, Indonesia travel blog

The White Sands of Gili Trawangan

A travel blog entry by viajesyvinedos


Our arrival to Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three car-less Gili islands, was met with turquoise tinted waters, a long stretch of white sand and a barrage of people laying on the sand, frolicking in the surf or lounging on the many beach front sun ...

Gilli T, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Gilli T

A travel blog entry by joanna.means

... that we had to catch the slow boat… and boy the slow boat was slow!  We were taken to a cargo ship which took us to Lombok.  Once at Lombok we were held on the boat for three hours until we were taken into the harbor and allowed ...

We komen midden in de nacht aan in bali ..., Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

We komen midden in de nacht aan in bali ...

A travel blog entry by borisalberda


... van het eiland en gaan Bali een nieuwe kennismaking gunnen, nu echter niet meer naar het meest toeristische gedeelte, maar we beginnen in Ubud. Van onlusten op Lombok is overigens niets te merken dus iedereen kan er met een gerust hart naar toe! ...

Tiny Island Life, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Tiny Island Life

A travel blog entry by robandnorma


... morning yesterday to catch our flight, we would have dearly loved a lay in, but unfortunately there was only one cheap ticket to Lombok available (a large Island 30 miles east of Bali) and that meant getting up at 5.15am! So like a pair of walking ...

Faulsein auf Gili Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Faulsein auf Gili Air

A travel blog entry by msod


The Gili Islands., Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

The Gili Islands.

A travel blog entry by cal_ipi


The gili islands north of Lombok was our only stop on this island and for a couple of days it was paradise. After suffering a 26 hour journey from Flores that involved a ferry, local mini bus, air con coach, another ferry, bus again, bemo(local van ...

Lazing in the Lovely Lombok!, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Lazing in the Lovely Lombok!

A travel blog entry by kaydeetravels


... ; website when we booked it, we decided to dump our luggage at Perama (they are one of the main tour-operators in Indonesia), and explore the town before checking-in. Senggigi is a small village and resort known for its beautiful west facing beaches, with ...

Onward to Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

Onward to Lombok

A travel blog entry by schragdeal


... me what was there and roughly how to get there and let do the rest. Ampenan was originally the port town of Lombok, but now it's a meeting place for families and friends to have chicken sate from the local vendors along the promenade and watch the ...

Finding Paradise in Gili Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Finding Paradise in Gili Air

A travel blog entry by wispywanderer


... of the most impressive sunsets i have ever seen. Culminating with the sunbeams breaking out inbetween two volcanos, over the ocean, on Lombok. The biggest of which, i later found out to be called Rinjani. What a beautiful way to end two amazing nights. ...

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