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plateau de Dieng, Dieng, Indonesia travel blog

plateau de Dieng

A travel blog entry by marco-2010


Ca y es me voilà parti pour un village paumé à 2000m d'altitude ! Après 10h de transport avec un grand nombre de bus me voilà arrivé dans ce village avec comme consolation de magnifiques paysages en chemin. Petit rencontre avec un guide ...

Not much to write home about..., Surabaya, Java, Indonesia travel blog

Not much to write home about...

A travel blog entry by helz_on_tour

Well the bus here wasnt too bad, managed to get a bit of sleep and eventually found a hotel when we arrived (more exoensive and not as nice as the one in bali) spent yesterday wandering round and went to the cinema in this big shopping mall, then today ...

A full moon and an early morning, Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

A full moon and an early morning

A travel blog entry by karen.gironr

... promise of getting there in time for the England game, which was broken about 2 hours later, when they made us change buses (to a local non-aircon one). Of course, we're still in Indonesia, we should've known, plus I'm known for my bad transport mojo. ...

Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta

A travel blog entry by ardhan

This stately national mosque, Southeast Asia's largest, is positioned on the northeast corner of Merdeka Square. About 90 percent of the Indonesian people are Muslims. Amplified chanting from the Istiqlal minaret, echoed by the hundreds of other smaller ...

If I was Brad Pitt I would be jealous..., Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

If I was Brad Pitt I would be jealous...

A travel blog entry by lizandgaz


As breakfast was rather expensive at the hotel, we got a taxi in the morning back into central Jakarta where we found Cinnamon and Coffee.  We were starving when we got there so had hot chocolate croissants which were delicious.  We then looked ...

Sonnenaufgang beim Mt. Bromo, Mt. Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

Sonnenaufgang beim Mt. Bromo

A travel blog entry by clintandjulia


... wurden wir beim Hotel abgeholt und mit weiteren 6 Touristen ( je 2 aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und England) gings los Richtung Ost-Java. Die Fahrt begann ziemlich ruhig, wir hatten ja schon etwas Zeit uns an den Fahrstil hier zu gewohnen. Wir lernten von ...

Indonesian Adventures, Salatiga, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesian Adventures

A travel blog entry by joel_b_king

... relief to us.  We spent the night in a Singapore Hotel before catching an early morning flight to Jakarta, Indonesia on the island of Central Java.  We then spent 6 hours or so in the Jakarta airport before meeting the 4 other SALTers serving ...

Solo, Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wispywanderer


... that they don’t know anything about the people who built it and the style is nothing like any of the other styles used in Indonesia. It definitely had an air of mystery and wonder to it as I wondered through the strange murals up to the foot of what ...

Horseriding on top of a volcano, Malang, Indonesia travel blog

Horseriding on top of a volcano

A travel blog entry by dirkmarta


... y me deje llevar, supongo que porque era mas pequenyito que Bernie, y me enamore, claro de este animal.... De ahi nos fuimos en bus, no me acuerdo, pero supongo todo el dia en autobus hasta la punta este de Java para cruzar a Bali..... Hasta ...

Puncak area, Cisarua - Bogor, Bogor, Indonesia travel blog

Puncak area, Cisarua - Bogor

A travel blog entry by yuan

Puncak Resort area, Cisarua - ...

Bodhidharma and The Shaolin Way of Life In Java, Bandungan, Indonesia travel blog

Bodhidharma and The Shaolin Way of Life In Java

A travel blog entry by venoth


... is the Mahaguru that all Kung Fu students around the world pray to in monasteries.  I wonder how this teachings spread to Indonesia and when exactly. I wanted to enquire more but the monastery was locked and I was told that the monks usually start ...

Tiring City Life, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Tiring City Life

A travel blog entry by thoooo


Nach einer kurzen Nacht (aufstehen um 5.30) in einem maessigen Hotel haben wir denn Zug nach Yogjakarta genommen. Zugfahrt wieder sehr angenehm, aber auch sehr lang (7.5h). Landschaft wieder wahnsinnig schoen! In Yogjakarta dann same procedure as ...

Bromo, Malang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidandamy1

The four of us took a bus to to Mount Bromo (ignore the city description at the top of this entry, Bromo isn't on the map!?) and what a terrifying ride that was! All started off well, with great scenic views but as we ascended higher up the mountain, ...

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien. Nous sommes maintenant a Yogyakarta. Nous avons prit l'avion comme prevue. Un vol o.k. mais comme toujours je mordais le banc d'en face. Rejean comme toujours dormait ou etait poigne dans son livre. 2h15 ...

Lodging Review-Metro Guest House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Lodging Review-Metro Guest House

A travel blog entry by wandering_man

... at 12:15, followed by a cannon ball contest and feigned loud arguing. It is good that an emerging middle class in Indonesia can afford leisure travel and accommodation at this price.  WM would not stay at Metro Guest House again because, at this ...

Borobudur et ses environs, Borobudur, Indonesia travel blog

Borobudur et ses environs

A travel blog entry by marco-2010


 Suite logique de la visite, je m'attaque maintenant à l’un des plus importants temples bouddhistes du sud-ouest asiatique. 2 millions de blocs de pierres composent Borobudur ! Le tout encerclé de rizière, de montagne et de quelques ...

A couple of days in Jo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

A couple of days in Jo

A travel blog entry by chrismcg


... back to narrow, pot-holed, two lanes, even though the traffice is very heavy.   Because there are very few train lines in Indonesia, most transport of goods is by road, so there is a lot of traffic and lots of trucks.  The main load seems ...

Edy the Chicken Killer, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Edy the Chicken Killer

A travel blog entry by mendekie


Dat klinkt niet goed, als Chicken Killer je bijnaam is. Gelukkig was het een klein, dik mannetje, met een kalend hoofd en een vierkant brilletje. Hij wachte ons op voor Wisma Ary's om vier uur in de ochtend. Gapend wilde we de poort uit lopen, maar deze ...

Temples, Volcans, Ramayana et ramadan, Jogjakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Temples, Volcans, Ramayana et ramadan

A travel blog entry by sebchant


Coming ...

Jakarta, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Jakarta, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by ybslob

Jakarta, ...

Rice Paddies galore, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Rice Paddies galore

A travel blog entry by seasia2011


March 24 Today we woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel before heading to the train station. We had an 8:45am train to Yogyakarta that would take about 8 hours. We are flying in between all our other cities so Dan wanted to make sure we had a ...

On the way to Bali, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

On the way to Bali

A travel blog entry by bclapp

Just a ...

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by n-p


Na Mariborski ...

Bye Bye sweet Bali  / fotos :), Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Bye Bye sweet Bali / fotos :)

A travel blog entry by somanyroads


Al fin hemos dado con una buena conexion a internet para poder compartir algunas imagenes de Bali con ustedes, veran las hermosas plantaciones de arroz en terrazas (en el pueblito de Sidemen y tambien de los alrededores de Tirta Gangga), las plantaciones ...

Samen in Solo, Solo, Indonesia travel blog

Samen in Solo

A travel blog entry by romyalejandro


In Yogyakarta kochten we 'ekonomi' kaartjes naar Surakarta, oftewel Solo. We moesten een half uurtje in de rij staan, want er was (natuurlijk) maar één loket open en ze schoten niet op. Uiteindelijk hadden we de kaartjes voor 1 euro per stuk en ...

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


Dev and I had a few business meetings in Jakarta.  So we flew out of Bali on Garuda air to Jakarta.  I used to fly Garuda 15 years ago from Jakarta to Balikpapan on business and it was ranked at that time one of the worst air lines and most ...

Bubbling Geysers and Volcano Craters!, Bandung, Indonesia travel blog

Bubbling Geysers and Volcano Craters!

A travel blog entry by kimthevagabond


... to Lesley (she headed back to the U.S.) and took a three-hour train ride to Bandung, a relatively large city in Java. The train snaked its way through mountains filled with cascading rice paddies reminiscent of northern Vietnam and past little villages ...

Last Day...Impressions of Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Last Day...Impressions of Indonesia

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


The last day of this Indonesian interlude. Thamrin was closed for a run - so definitely no jam this morning. I will remember this holiday for many things - the Jakarta jams (not as bad as I'd expected!), the super food, the security checks at the hotels ...

Moto to Beach Today, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Moto to Beach Today

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


Rented a moto for 50,000 rp today.  Manual was 30,000, but I splurged for the simplicity of a motorized bicycle. Surf was wild--warning signs "Unsafe to Swim" everywhere.  I know my friend Randy Dominic will call this little Honda a ...

Jeans Street, Bandung, Indonesia travel blog

Jeans Street

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

We can no longer afford to be in the Savoy but we still need to be in Bandung so we are moving to a hostel across town. It's not cheap but in comparison to here it's pence. You often hear conflicting opinions about cities/countrys but with Jakarta all ...

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