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Ende - endlich angekommen ;), Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Ende - endlich angekommen ;)

A travel blog entry by thoooo


Nach einem weiteren Klasse Fruehstueck habe ich mich mit Backpack an die Strasse gestellt und auf den oeffentlichen Bus Richtung Ende gewartet. Habe mich aufgrund des Bilderverlusts entschieden (und auch aufgrund Gespraechen mit anderen Touris) nicht bis ...

What have we got ourselves into?, Maumere, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

What have we got ourselves into?

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


The flight from Bali (delayed by an hour) first stopped in Sumbawa (the island between Lombok and Flores) before landing in Flores. After having a gorgeous views of Java and Bali when I flew in from Singapore, I was looking forward to some more fabulous ...

A month in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

A month in Indonesia

A travel blog entry by christine_n_den


... ’ve been spending time in the amazing country of Indonesia.  We spent the first couple days on what is probably Indonesia’s most famous island, Bali.  After making the mistake of spending more than one night in the party city of ...

Last few days in paradise, Labuhanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Last few days in paradise

A travel blog entry by philandley


Today was sadly our last day on the boat trip. We left Komodo National Park and headed for Labuan Bajo, stopping by at Rinca on the way for a second chance to see the mighty Komodo Dragon. As usual we were delivered a desert style breakfast by the crew ...

East Java - Volcano Trekking and Suphur poisoning!, East Java, Indonesia travel blog

East Java - Volcano Trekking and Suphur poisoning!

A travel blog entry by hcleighton


... of Bali and transport companies will only go when there is at least two people so that made me travel slightly earlier than hoped. I moved east onto the island of Java. Which can I say is bloody massive, with about 100 million people living on it. As a ...

Twisting Our Way to Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Twisting Our Way to Ruteng

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


We're getting a little behind on the blog, as it is now the 28th and we are no longer in Ruteng, and we have seen SO much since we left Labuan Bajo. As a result, this may not be the most comprehensive travelogue, but I'll do my best. Our driver, whose ...

På dragejakt med fotokamera, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

På dragejakt med fotokamera

A travel blog entry by hjalmar


... lever, så langt fra andre og selvforsynte hva mat og mest nødvendige remedier angår. Europeiske fotball er uberpopulært i Indonesia, til og med på de minste og mest avsidesliggende steder, og brorarten av alle guttebarn har en Mancherster United, ...

Bis ans

Bis ans "Ende" und noch etwas weiter...

A travel blog entry by darioundsara


Mit dem Boot fuhr ich die kurze Strecke von Gili Trawangan nach Gili Air, wo ich Chantal und ihre vier Reisepartnerinnen aus der Schweiz traf. Wir sahen uns in einer Bar den Fussballmatch Schweiz gegen Argentinien um Mitternacht an. Wir fieberten an ...

Gunung Kelimutu, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Gunung Kelimutu

A travel blog entry by thoooo


Nach dem Frusttag in Bajawa habe ich am naechsten Morgen um 06.00 (hier ist nichts mit ausschlafen...) den oeffentlichen Bus Richtung Moni genommen. Die Fahrt lief voellig entspannt (entgegen den Erwartungen und Erfahrungen aus Sumbawa) und dauerte nicht ...

Happy Birthday Daddy and Eid Mubarak!, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Happy Birthday Daddy and Eid Mubarak!

A travel blog entry by snsgowest

... the day that EId was celebrated in India. Unfortunately, my father was all by himself in the state of Mizoram located in the north east of India. Being the committed worker that he is, nothing will take him away from his students and his work, as long ...

On the trail to Sumba, Waingapu, Indonesia travel blog

On the trail to Sumba

A travel blog entry by mo_mike


... local bus on rough roads that takes hours to get around but it wasn't so.  Our next adventure out of Waingapu was to south east coast to Mr. David's beach resort. Same thing happens, we walk to the street wher the minibus leaves from. We ask if the ...

Suske en Wiske en de Komodovaraan... In het echt!, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Suske en Wiske en de Komodovaraan... In het echt!

A travel blog entry by wijzijnhier


... voor het eerst waren wij zelf de bezienswaardigheid. Overal hoorden we achter ons 'Bula! Bula!' (letterlijke betekenis: Harige! Harige! Indonesi''rs hebben geen haar op hun armen en wij vreemdelingen wel. Grappig dat dat fysieke kenmerk kennelijk het ...

Nick Linda et caetera, Komodo hunting trip, Indonesia travel blog

Nick Linda et caetera

A travel blog entry by duriandurian


....bref nous revoila apres quelques jours loin de la vie moderne...Une semaine complete sans connection qu'est-ce que c'est affreux !!!!! enfin bref je disais dans mon dernier message que nous aurions certainement les photos a Bali, donc tenez vous ...

Schnorcheln, Komodo Drachen, Vulkanseen, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Schnorcheln, Komodo Drachen, Vulkanseen

A travel blog entry by petra_karlaut


... come with shower and breakfast for 60.000,- Rp. We rent a motobike for 50.000 per day (those things get more expensive the further east you go) and check out town. Later on the same day we drive ca. 50km up to Moni, a small village in the mountains from ...

A false start, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

A false start

A travel blog entry by itsagas


A restless sleep was the order of the night as we had to set off at 5.30 to catch the ferry. The hotel mama had told us she would have breakfast ready for us at 5.00. True to her word she had packaged up a couple of toasted sandwiches, some coffee and ...

Someone open a hostel here for gods sake!, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Someone open a hostel here for gods sake!

A travel blog entry by richierich33


The bus to Bondowoso took 3 hours so i didn't arrive there until 5pm. Went to the Palm Hotel (one of the only two hotels listed in Lonely Planet) which was very nice but had no cheap rooms. It just so happened that a group of 5 Dutch girls and a French ...

Christmas in Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas in Ruteng

A travel blog entry by nickpalfreyman


... (dinner). People were so kind. I don't think I've ever shaken as many hands. You have to shake hands with everybody, in Indonesia, and photographs are also much loved. I can still remember asking Jo if she would take a photo of me and four other vols ...

Dragons and Diving in Komodo National Park, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Dragons and Diving in Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by myriam_123


... canadian "awesome"!) Anyway, all these places that I can't describe and to which photos can't do justice have convinced me that Indonesia is my favorite place I have been so far. the best!!!! On the second night the boat had to keep sailing through ...

delfine, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


11.2.2013 auf dem heutigen ausflug zur vorgelagerten inselgruppe begleiteten uns eine gruppe delfine, die neben und unter dem boot durchschwammen. faszinierende tiere, die sich so leicht und elegant im wasser bewegen. etwa einhundert meter vor der insel ...

No whale hunting for me (thank god)., Lamalera, Indonesia travel blog

No whale hunting for me (thank god).

A travel blog entry by richierich33


Caught the midday public bus from Loweleba to Lamalera for 30,000IDR. The journey took under three hours and the road was paved about half of the way. Got dropped off at the Abel Beding homestay in the centre of 'town' although the place only ...

The divers paradise..., Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

The divers paradise...

A travel blog entry by chibisimo

If only there was a diving trip this week...we just missed a good one for a day!!  (O_O;) And later I found out that Peter was on that beautiful ...

Riung, Riung, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tactical


... . We were also promised on the way some hot springs to refresh us. Well our bemo was much like any other in Indonesia - completely run down, old with no springs, seating that was the usual ripped decorative pattern, and the compulsory "get out and push ...

Boats, Dragons and Bintang, Oh My!, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Boats, Dragons and Bintang, Oh My!

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


Here we are again, in a cafe sitting on bean bag chairs. Nice that there is free Wi-Fi. That is going to change tomorrow when we head out on our 3 night overland adventure. Meanwhile, thought I'd resume where I left off last night. Our new German friend, ...

Labuanbajo To Ende, Ende, Indonesia travel blog

Labuanbajo To Ende

A travel blog entry by scrapiron


... the back of their motorbike,this way everyone stays employed! Checked into Hotel Eidelveis for 70,000=the most i'd paid so far in Indonesia around 3.50pounds but didn't have a choice.Nothing in Bajawa and really cold,went to get some food in one of only ...

3 Tage mit dem Bus zum Bromo und Vulkankratern, Nganjuk, Indonesia travel blog

3 Tage mit dem Bus zum Bromo und Vulkankratern

A travel blog entry by marlene1


The Wild East, Waingapu and Pulupanjang, Indonesia travel blog

The Wild East

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... horseback riders that flank the entrance to Waingapu. We've heard Sumba described as the "wild west" of Indonesia (even though it's in the east), and it does feel that way. Rolling grasslands, more livestock than people - and an interesting culture of ...

Pasola, Waikabubak, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marmotexpress


Sumba, one of the lesser known islands in Indonesia, lies about 500 kilometers southeast of Bali. Unlike the island chain stretching from Sumatra to Timor, Sumba is not actively volcanic. Instead, undulating hills cover its full length, and as both of ...

Tre colori, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Tre colori

A travel blog entry by planetvale


... fino a qui, sul Kelimutu: un vulcano nel bel mezzo dell'isola di Flores, uno dei posti piu' remoti, e spettacolari, dell'Indonesia. Non molte persone arrivano fino a qui; in questa stagione, praticamente nessuno. Non sono proprio solo, a dire il vero; al ...

Flores l'ile aux Fleurs, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Flores l'ile aux Fleurs

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


En route pour Flores Island Nous quittons le tumulte Australien de Kuta pour l'ile de Flores. Elle est située a environ 250 km a l’Est de Bali. Elle fut autrefois occupée par les portugais qui lui donnèrent son nom, l’ile aux fleurs. Elle ...

kanawa island, Flores - kanawa island, Indonesia travel blog

kanawa island

A travel blog entry by toubi-anscha


... ?! (e absoluti fraechheit!) trurig und enttuescht hemer eus dezue ueberwunde, zrugg as festland, dh labuan bajo z gah. will das isch indonesia und wenns scho so larifari afangt ischs gar keis guets zeiche.  d hollaender (wo scho sit 2 jahr  dur ...

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